Blink & Home Assistant tutorial: integrate your cameras

A few days ago, we presented the new Blink XT2 cameras, today we will integrate Blink à Home Assistant in order to view images from our cameras. No matter the model, it will be available and we can also extract the motion sensor events cameras.

You will need your Blink login details (username, which is usually your email address and password) to use this module.

Configuration in Home Assistant

As in our previous integration and most non-automatic integrations, you will need to access the file configuration.yaml from File editorialr.

Configuration.yaml - Blink
Configuration.yaml - Blink

To activate devices linked to your account Blink, add the following to your file :

blink: username: your_Blink_identifier password: your_Blink_password

Integration information

Mandatory for proper operation:

  • username:  your Blink account ID (usually your email address)
  • password: your Blink account password


  • scan_interval : Frequency of search for new data. Default 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • offset : How long in minutes to search for a new movement. Default is 1 minute.

Once the file has been saved from the small red diskette at the top right, restart your server from the gear:

Restart Home Assistant
Restart Home Assistant

Congratulations on adding your Blink cameras!

Different Blink sensors

Once home assistant is restarted, the Blink integration will create the different sensors following :

  • alarm_control_panel : Allows you to arm and disarm all Blink cameras
  • chamber : A "camera" sensor for each camera linked to your Blink synchronization module
  • monitored_conditions : A sensor for each camera to extract the temperature, the wifi connection and the battery
  • monitored_conditions : A binary sensor (ON / OFF) for each camera to extract the temperature, the wifi connection and the battery

Since most cameras run on battery power, the setting scan_interval must be done with care in order to do not drain the battery too quickly or flooding Blink's servers with too many requests.

Blink Services

  • BLINK.TRIGGER_CAMERA : Will allow you to trigger the selected camera to take a photo
  • BLINK.SAVE_VIDEO : Allows you to save the last recorded video from a camera to a local folder.

Blink Scenario in Home Assistant

We are now going create our first automation with Blink cameras!

Automation Home Assistant
Automation Home Assistant

From Configuration> Automations then click on the " + »Orange to create a new automation.

Our automation will allow video to be saved when motion is detected locally, rather than relying on Blink's servers to back up your data.

Press skip (next):

Name of your automation

Let's start our automation by giving it a name to recognize it among your different scenarios:

Home Assistant Automation
Home Assistant Automation

Trigger your automation

We are now going add trigger (trigger) of our scenario:

Trigger automation
Trigger automation


Le trigger of our scenario is simply the detector of our camera (here, for the example, the camera is the living room camera blink). As soon as it detects movement (turns ON) then ..

Action of your automation

so .. we record the video using the blink.save_video service:

Automation action
Automation action

The data of the service make it possible to indicate the camera name as well as the path to the folder in which to save the video in mp4 format.

data_template: name: "Living room camera" filename: "/ tmp / videos / blink_salon _ {{now (). strftime ('% Y% m% d_% H% M% S')}}. mp4"

Service data information

  • name : The name of your camera in the Blink application, here it would be "Living Room Camera"
  • filename : The path to the folder where the video must be saved, the video will be named for example: blink_salon_2019-04-13_23-12-27.mp4 (time and date the video was recorded)

Load your automation

For your scenario to work, it needs to be loaded on your server.

Reload the home assistant automations
Reload the home assistant automations


To do this, go to configuration> server control :

  1. Check your configuration from the "Check configuration" button
  2. Reload automations

Congratulations you have created your first automation!


Blink cameras are available at Amazon. Fr


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