Amazon Echo : which connected speaker Alexa to choose in 2021?

Family Amazon Echo starts to count a lot of people, between the old and the new generations. Some have also passed from life to death and have been withdrawn from the market, such as Echo 2 or Echo Spot. And let's not talk about the very first models, the grandparents of the current models, which now have their place in the Alexiens museum (Echo 1, Show 1, etc.). Fortunately, the next generation is not stingy with innovations and new models such as Echo 4 or Echo Show 10 have nothing to envy their ancestors.  

Let's take a little tour of the galaxy echo sold in France to help you find the one that will become yours. Please note, we are only talking about appliances Amazon Echo with Alexa integrated, we will therefore not mention either Echo Clock or Echo Sub ...

Article updated on 30/11/2021

  1. Quel Amazon Echo Choose?


  2. Amazon Echo in one look…

We could put away the speakers Amazon Echo in 3 families: Show, Echo and various.

Echo Show family: the differences

Echo Show are Echo devices with a screen. The first to arrive in France is Echo Show 2, with very good specs and great sound. Then came Echo Show 5, with less specs, but perfect for a bedroom or small office. Then Echo Show 8, a compromise between the two. the new Echo Show 10 (or Show 3) presents arguments similar to Show 2 but with a motorized rotating screen. All have a touch screen.

Echo Show 15: the one everyone is waiting for!

Among the most frequent wishes expressed by home automation users with Alexa, the wall shelf wins all the votes. Amazon Understood this and gave us, at the end of September 2021, a brand new Echo Show 15.

With its screen 15,6 ″ Full HD, the new Echo Show 15 should meet these needs. Designed to be mounted on the wall or placed on a compatible stand, in portrait or landscape orientation, Echo Show 15 aims to help us stay organized, connected and entertained. Equipped with a new processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge, it brings together everything families need on a beautiful display.

Beyond the new format, it's a complete overhaul of the mode Alexa Show that has been carried out and it will now customize the home screen using a library of widgets that will allow you to choose and add the most useful information to each user. Widgets that it will be possible to organize according to the needs and preferences of each one, Echo Show 15 implementing a facial identity capable of offering an experience adapted to each member of the family.

While waiting to present it to you for testing, we invite you to consult our dedicated article:

Echo Show 15: the wall shelf Alexa becomes reality!

Discover Echo Show 15 | 15,6 "Full HD connected display for home organization with Alexa

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July 6, 2022 12:17 a.m.


  • Alexa still has a lot to show you: optimize the organization of your home and enjoy your entertainment thanks to the connected Full HD (1080p) 15,6 "screen and the 5 MP camera. You can position your device in portrait or countryside.
  • Organization at a glance: use widgets Alexa to keep your home organized with calendars, personal reminders, to-do and shopping lists, and reminders.
  • Keep an eye on everything: With Picture-in-Picture, view video from compatible cameras even when you're doing other things, such as looking at the front door camera while watching the news.
  • Entertainment galore: Watch your favorite content with Prime Video, Netflix, and more. You can also listen to radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks with Amazon Music, Spotify and Audible.
  • Your memories in full screen: With the Photo Frame feature, you can use Echo Show 15 to display your albums Amazon Photos.

Echo family: the differences

The Echo family has shrunk for some time. The Echo 2, 3 and Plus no longer exist. These have been replaced by the new Amazon Echo 4, which took the best of previous generations. Only Echo Studio is the ultimate representative of cylindrical-shaped speakers. It is also the most powerful of all, dedicated to sound and Home Cinema with Fire TV. At the level of the Dots, the 3 is still present for some time but its replacement, EchoDot 4 is already there. We are more on a facelift than a real overhaul. There is also a version with a clock.

Echo Divers: the unclassifiable

As in all families, there are cases. Individuals on the fringes who do what they want. There are even two at Amazon Echo : Auto Echo, dedicated to in-car use to connect the car, and Echo Flex, a scalable device. The latter will be able to turn into a night light, a detector or a clock.

In the family Amazon Echo, I want…

Let's see together which offspring of the family is right for you, depending on your main criteria. For that, let's follow the arrows ...

“I want a screen! "

The type to watch series all the time or to need a visual for various and varied reasons (handicap, karaoke fan, making video calls while in confinement, or just because it's fun)?

See how to make your choice:

The first question is undoubtedly the size of the screen and then the sound. Echo Show 5 is the successor of the Spot, with much better sound. Echo Show 2 has long been the top, with a large screen, Dolby sound and its integrated ZigBee hub, but Echo Show 10, the latest arrival is even more successful, with a better motorized screen, but rather similar characteristics. Echo Show 8 is a good compromise.

“I want sound! "

Follower of real music and not stuff for spotty midinettes? You need good sound!

Listen to this :

There is sound and sound. If you want premium sound, Dolby Atmos compatible, this is Echo Studio you need. It is also perfectly suited to the design of a home theater. But maybe you have other wishes like a screen (for karaoke…)? Then Show 2 is for you with its Dolby sound. The Show 10 and its motorized screen is also a very good candidate. If you want more high quality sound to ambience a room, Echo 4 is the one for you. The newcomer also has Dolby sound, but with slightly smaller speakers. All of them have a ZigBee bridge.

“I want to do home automation! "

Do you have a bit of home automation or do you want to go all out? Do you plan to put connected everywhere, but really everywhere? So you need something tough, which takes care of the ZigBee protocol. Why ? Because this protocol will make it possible not to saturate your Wi-Fi. If you plan to stay on lighter home automation (socket and bulb), Wi-Fi may be sufficient, provided you have a good network.

Follow the geek:

First thing to take into account, the presence of a ZigBee Hub for the connected home. This is indeed the best in order to avoid saturating your Wi-Fi. In addition, this Hub is compatible with Philips Hue (but you will not be able to use the Philips application), Ikea, Gledopto ... Then, it's up to you. if you want a premium screen and / or sound (Atmos compatible). Echo Show 2 will meet your first expectation, Echo Studio to the second and echo 4 will be a compromise at a lower cost. Devices without a ZigBee hub are more accessible and smaller in size.

“I want it everywhere !!! "

OK, let's calm down. In principle, we can put all devices Amazon Echo that we want everywhere, but apart from the problem of chronic constipation, an Echo Show in the toilets is of no interest. It is therefore necessary to start, for the connected auxiliary speakers, on simpler models.

We have something for you:

If you want to put speakers Alexa in all rooms, you will certainly go for the most accessible: Echo Flex and Echo Dot. From there, you have to know if you want to listen to music with it. If so, go on Echo Dot, with or without a time display. If it's just for news or replies fromAlexa, Echo Flex can do the trick. Echo Auto is, as its name suggests, dedicated to be used in the car, by connecting to your phone and to your car's Bluetooth. So you can use Alexa even on the go.

"But I don't know! "

Of the undecided type? Or rather like “I want it all, I want it now! " ? We understand, there are so many. So here is a general diagram:

The choice is not easy, eh? You have the possibility to use our decision trees to find the shoe to your feet or to buy everything. One thing is certain, it is very difficult to be disappointed with the quality of the range Amazon Echo ! And do not hesitate to go and see our home automation tutorials to find out what it is possible to do with it!

Amazon Echo : make your choice !

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!