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Mon Amazon Echo don't do what i want:


Q: My Echo hears me (the blue ring turns) but does not respond… yet the sound is loud. What's going on?
A: He is in Mute. Let your finger press the "+" button until the sound returns.

Q: The weather forecast for my Echo is not that of my city. How to change it?
A: Make sure you have correctly configured the geographic location of your Echo in the app. There are sometimes errors at this level (location not filled in automatically).

Q: My Echo is in French, but I only have access to English skills… Why?
A: Your account Amazon or Kindle was created and linked to a US or UK account. This is the case when you have activated your account on Amazon.com. Go to your account Amazon.com and make the transfer to an FR account. In the event of a problem, contact customer service Amazon. You can also find help here https: // www.amazon.com / gp / help / customer / display.html?nodeId = 201248840

Q: I know there is an update for my Echo, but it doesn't arrive… What should I do?
A: Updates are being rolled out gradually on the part ofAmazon for different reasons (including saturation of servers, anticipation of unforeseen problems on machines updated first…) and it can take time, a lot of time. In some cases, updates will not go through to completion if issues are found. We can therefore only advise you to wait, all things coming in due time. If you really want to force the update, you can press the microphone button (a red ring appears) and wait at least 30 min. When put back into service, the update can be done. But it doesn't always work.

Q: I did a routine in which Alexa must play me a music or a playlist, but it does not work… What is the solution?
A: There is a simple way around the problem. If your Playlist already exists, in the routine, note “my playlist X”. If you want to play a piece of music, you have to write it down verbatim and completely in the routine, without fail. The easiest way is to create a playlist specific to it and apply the same trick.


My connected objects are causing me problems:


Q: My lamps and connected sockets do not work by voice. Alexa tells me "ok" but nothing happens. What should I do?
A: It happens from time to time if the servers Amazon are saturated (update deployment, Black Friday ...) in particular with the most used skills such as Smart Life for example. There isn't much to do except wait. To make sure the problem isAmazon, open the application controlling your devices and switch them on / off with. If it works, you have your confirmation. Otherwise, we are more of a local network type problem.

Q: I have uninstalled connected lamps or sockets from the app Alexa in the connected home part, but they keep reappearing. How to do?
A: In this case, it is because the devices were not deleted from the application of the smartphone. Alexa therefore redetects them each time. Another possibility, duplicates in different applications. In this case, it is therefore necessary to change the name of the various devices in the applications of their sellers.

Q: When I ask Alexa to turn on or off a device, she tells me that there are several devices with this name or on the contrary, that there are none with this name. Can you help me?
A: The problem may come from the fact that you have named devices with names that are too close (socket one and socket two) or even with a number. Alexa doesn't like numbers, she prefers words. It is therefore necessary to note two and not 2, three and not 3… Be careful also if you put first names with particular spellings. For example, "Klément's room" may not be recognized while "Clément's room" does not pose a problem.