Yeedi Vac Max review: a complete 2-in-1 robot vacuum

Our test and opinion on the Yeedi vac max robot vacuum

Yeedi vac max robot vacuum

yeedi vac max Robot vacuum and floor mop, Suction 3000Pa, Carpet detection, Intelligent visual mapping and navigation, Control With Alexa/ App

Price as of: May 14, 2022 18 h 40 min

Yeedi, brand that we recently presented to you with the Yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner and the very astonishing Yeedi Mop Station specifically dedicated to washing floors, back to school with a new 2-in-1 robot vacuum which has the particularity of being compatible with a automatic station dust collection. The robot is sold on its own for around € 350, the collection station not yet being available at the time of our test. So let's take this new butler through our lab '!

Yeedi is a recent brand, created in early 2020, which actually belongs to a heavyweight in the sector, the company Ecovacs Robotics. Number one in the Asia-Pacific market, the Chinese manufacturer offers models at the cutting edge of technology with a particularly qualitative design ...

Yeedi Vac Max: an all-beautiful, all-white robot


The box of this Yeedi Vac Max is as clean as the Hybrid 2 was. Just a logo, branding and functions. More simplistic would be difficult. A very small breakthrough marks the carton, but the robot has nothing, thank you for him.

Inside, everything is well wedged in molded recycled cellulose shells and preserved by being individually bagged. The robot is entitled to a resistant non-woven envelope. To ensure the material safety of the vacuum cleaner during transport, a foam strip blocks the hood and the hood on each side. bumper. We find the Ecovacs touch in the care taken to protect the device!

The robot, white as snow, measures 34.5 cm in diameter for 7.4 cm high only and displays a weight of 4.7 kg on our scale. A low height which is explained by the absence of LiDAR, a sort of turret which overhangs certain robot vacuum cleaners to allow mapping as are equipped for example the Roborock models. Yeedi has chosen to equip his device with technology SLAM visual that is to say that he embeds a camera, not intended for filming, but which will carry out maps of the floors. But it does not do it alone, various sensors distributed all around the robot also serving to ensure efficient movements.

On the top, a cover divides into two thirds / one third the surface at camera level. The latter is nicely surrounded by the same gray as the Yeedi logo placed in all sobriety on the front. Basically the On / Off button circled with a border of the same tone.

The latter indicates the state of the robot:

  • Solid white : cleaning in progress / cleaning paused.
  • Blinking white : recharging / the robot starts or restarts.
  • Steady red: Low battery.
  • Blinking red : the robot has a problem (a sock that hangs out?).

Hood open, the Yeedi Vac Max reveals its dust bin with a capacity of 450 ml.

There are two buttons:

  • Red:  for general food
  • Grey : for reset

You also have a QR Code which refers to the Android store to download the Yeedi application. Rest assured, if you have an iPhone, the application is also available.

Finally, a housing dedicated to the wire cutter makes it easy to have it available to clean the central and side brush if necessary.

Above the gray button for reset, the LED indicator for Wi-Fi operation. *

According to the state it indicates:

  • Slow blinking : disconnected / waiting for connection to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Rapid blinking : connection to the Wi-Fi network in progress.
  • Fixed : connected.

The LED goes through the cover to display the status, but is only really visible in a dim situation.

Let's take out the dustbin! Its cover has an extra fine nylon grid in which the filters are housed:  black sponge and white HEPA. They will retain the finest particles. Everything is cleaned with clear water and it must be dried well, in the sun if possible, or wait 24 hours before putting it back in place and especially in service.

Below the dust bin, two hatches suggest the extraction of these into the future waste collector. Indeed, we will come back to it in the coming weeks, this robot will soon be offered with a automatic dump station, which is great news!

At the rear of the robot, a water tank of 240ml. It is average in terms of capacity. He withdraws by lowering the wide tongue.

A soft rubber stopper closes this translucent tank, the water level of which can be monitored and managed. The peristaltic pump placed in the corner sends the flow of water into the lower part of the 2-in-1 robot where the perforated mop support is placed.

On each side, grids. One is the one necessary for aeration and ventilation of the engine, the other is for its speaker, because our Yeedi Vac Max speaks French in the event of a call for help, if you question him to find out where he is, or to inform him of various parameters ...

At the front, the "bumper" or bumper, contains anti-collision sensors masked by a plexiglass visor. It is slightly set back because it is protected by a silicone band which hangs it.

Let's turn the vacuum cleaner over and see what's under his stomach:

  • 6 anti-fall sensors. They are distributed around the perimeter of the robot. He will therefore be able to stop his path in front of a staircase without running down it.
  • 1 omnidirectional wheel black and white. Housed in its 360 ° swivel compartment, it allows the vacuum cleaner to easily move around and bypass chair or table legs.
  • 2 contactors. Placed on either side of the front wheel, they allow the robot to recharge its battery. 5200 mAh when these come to be placed on those of the recharging dock. Power that is currently the highest on the market. She will give him a autonomy up to 3h20 ou for 180 square meters.
  • 1 carpet detection sensor ! Yes, the Yeedi Vac Max is equipped with a sensor and will prevent your precious carpets from being soaked when the washing mode is activated and that's great! We can't wait to put it to the test.
  • 2 wheels driving. Mounted on "articulated arms", they will be able to cross unevenness like threshold bars without difficulty. The rubber of the tires which cover them is slightly malleable allowing the wheels to be even more “flexible” on the various surfaces traveled.
  • 1 side brush. Unlike its predecessor, here the Yeedi Vac Max has only one brush head. It is on the right side of the robot to run along the walls and can be fixed very simply by clipping it on its red support. Synthetic fiber strands are 7 cm and initially protected by a 3 cm sheath. Set up, they go exceed robot from 5.5 cm. An important length which will ensure the passage along the baseboards without the vacuum cleaner coming into direct contact. Note thatonly one is provided. Its replacement is recommended between 3 and 6 months following wear.
  • 1 central brush. Two rows of three wide silicone strips alternate with two other rows of synthetic fibers, the whole being placed in a V-shape for better dirt collection before directing them towards the suction mouth. It should be replaced every 6 to 12 months following use.

It is kept in place by a anti-obstruction grid for "big pieces" like socks or cables. Finally, a row of rubber slats allows nothing to be left and a ruler will scrape the ground in order to send back to the brush what would have been forgotten. Four small velvet pads prevent friction on hard floors.

Let's see the accessories now. If Yeedi does not provide a side brush in advance, the brand delivers with its vacuum robot:

  • 5 wipes disposable microfiber.
  • 1 dishcloth, which is recommended to be replaced after 50 uses.

They are attached to the scratchs of the perforated retaining plate to soak the mop.

The charging dock :

It is compact and does not take up space with its 17 cm x 13.2 cm x 8.6 cm . On the other hand, as with any connected vacuum cleaner, it will have to be placed while leaving an empty space around in order to allow the robot to perform its approach maneuvers to place itself on the reloading pads. On the back, the socket for the power cord and two supports to wind up any excess cable that there may be. More aesthetic, it will also avoid Yeedi Vac Max an obstacle little appreciated by robots. Underneath, a non-slip foam strip ensures the stability of the docking station.

The power cable. It measures 1.80 m and ends with a male plug without earth.

Also included are: the user manual (en anglais), safety instructions (French included), declaration of conformity and the multi-lingual quick start guide including French.

The inspection tour of Yeedi Vac Max being finished, let's move on to the traditional technical sheet before putting it into service.


  • Name : Yeedi
  • Model : Vac max
  • Colour : White
  • Size : 34.5 cm in diameter x 7.4 in height
  • Engime : 3000Pa max
  • Dust container : 450 ml
  • Water tank tray : 240 ml
  • Number of suction levels : 4
    • Standard
    • Max
    • Max+
    • Automatic
  • Number of water flow level : 4
    • Low
    • Average
    • High
    • Very high
  • Voice assistant compatible : Yes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Carpet detection : Yes
  • Cartography : Yes but only 1
  • Autonomy : until 3:20 a.m.
  • Sound level : 67dB
  • Battery : Li-ion 5200mAh
  • Accessories : Main brush x1, side brush x1, mop x1, disposable wipes x 5, electric cable x1, foam filter x1, HEPA filter x1, mop holder x1, thread cutting tool x1
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
  • Operating temperature : -5 ° - 40 °

The materials are of very good quality and still inspire us as much confidence. No design flaw was found. This Yeedi Vac Max is promising in addition to being aesthetically pretty. Let's see if this is confirmed in practice.


Installation and use of the Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum

Yeedi has developed his own app. It can be downloaded from the stores Android ou iOS.

If you are using the app for the first time, we refer you to our Yeedi 2 Hybrid review for the grip.

Once on the home page, click on the "+" central then one of the two installation options. We chose the integration mode with QR Code, a very simple procedure.

Click on the left at the bottom of the page on " QR code to add it". Place the smartphone on the QR Code under the cover. Give the agreement to search for Wi-Fi networks and activate the GPS. Enter your Wi-Fi password if necessary. If you have not already done so, turn on the robot. In the next step, confirm by checking that you have heard the robot (still in English at this step) tell you that it is ready for the network configuration. A QR code will be displayed. He is to pass in front of the robot's camera 8-10 cm from the lens. It's ok when you hear it say to you (still in English QR Code scanned, network setup). There it's finished !

Once integrated, the robot appears in full page on the application. Two shortcut buttons allow you to either launch the automatic mode or access the robot's logbook. Clicking on a statement opens the detail and the corresponding map is displayed. By clicking on the three small dots at the top you can rename the robot or delete it from the application ...

The presentation of the application remains identical to the one we presented to you with the model Yeedi 2 hybrid. You find all the functionalities by sliding the management panel upwards. Go to " Voice alert »To switch it to French and adjust the volume at the same time.

Logically, some items will only be unlocked when the vacuum robot has already made several passages. This is the case for functions " areas"," custom " and " Card management" page (in French). As soon as the floor map is ready you are notified, the sections are unlocked and you have access to:

  • areas : Select the order of passage in the rooms and the number of times it will pass there (between 1 and 2). If you select twice, it will perform cleaning consecutively before moving on to the next room.
  • Card management:

    • Rename the rooms for clarity. On the other hand, it is not possible to perform a partition. The robot included our entrance hall with the dining room. It is true that the double door was open which could suggest a single room. The only solution is to erase the card and have it reconnect by closing a leaf.
    • Create virtual limits for “Vacuum and Mop” modes. Useful to avoid the area of ​​toys or dragging cables or "Mop only" to avoid a floored room for example.
  • Custom: a zone (minimum of 1m x 1m) stretchable in rectangle, but not in another shape, can be defined to send the robot there. If the surface is too small, the robot will notify you and return to its base.
Do not hesitate to use your thumb to lower the “programming” page. It is floating and is positioned over the cartography.

The main functions of the robot:

  • 4 levels water flow : Low, Medium, High and Very high. The section for adjusting the water flow only appears when the mop support is attached to the robot. The carpet detector will bypass the robot if it detects such a presence in its path.
  • 4 suction modes: Standard, Max and Max + and 1 automatic mode. The sound levels measured at a distance of 1 meter are respectively 52 dB, 58dB and 61dB. In automatic mode, it adapts its power according to the soil on which it is working. So when he arrives on a mat, he will increase his power. The announced 67dB therefore seem to be respected.

It is possible to pass the vacuum cleaner only, the mop only (to be activated in "Mop mode preference »Because it is not immediately the function when the plate is put) or a mixed mode aspi + washing (default function with the washing plate).

The menu Cleaning preference allows as the small logos indicate:

  • To program it so that it is necessary to resume the unfinished task if it had to go to reload.
  • Define a time slot " do not disturb Or it will not activate and will mute its speaker. Convenient not to be disturbed at night.
  • Auto power suction. When the robot detects a carpet, it activates the max mode to suck deep into the fibers.
  • Automatic emptying. The function is planned. The Yeedi vac max robot can be coupled with a dust collector station and that's great. We hope to be able to present it to you soon.
  • Cleaning sequence. It is possible to program a passage order in the rooms for automatic mode. Select on the map the order of parts cleaning when the vacuum cleaner is operating in automatic mode. Be careful in this mode, only the order of passage in each one is configurable, not the number of passages. In the event that the card does not automatically appear, go back to the previous page and come back to the section.

Yeedi has done things very well and when a function is activated the corresponding pictogram is displayed in blue. A very easy and quick reference to find out what is going on. And that we like.

By clicking at the top right on the three small dots, you can access the management of accessories and their wear.

With Amazon Alexa

The vacuum robot can be started or stopped by voice with Alexa. To do this, the Yeedi skill must be installed and accounts linked. It is necessary to search for new devices then you will see the Yeedi appear. He is well recognized as a vacuum cleaner.

Via the application, it is possible with the virtual button:

  • The le set in motion. Note that it will start up in the last mode / power activated in the application: if the power mode was standard, this mode will also be used.
  • The le stop on the spot.

The power supply is said to be "offline" because the device is not in service, but as soon as this is done, it appears to be "powered on".

Clicking on To define, we access two functions, finally normally:

  • Charge : to send it back to its base
  • Delicates : the function is present again but still not active as we had seen on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid whether the vacuum cleaner is on its base or in use. We don't know what it is supposed to do.

Vocally, with Alexa, only orders : on / off are taken into account. But by saying "turn off", this stop the robot on the spot and does not return it to its charging station. In vocal, it is therefore not possible to make it return to its starting point. It's a shame since as we will see with Google Assistant it works.

Last but not least, the creation of routines is possible and it works very well, to the point of surprising when it sets off.

With Google Assistant

If you already have a Yeedi device, you still have to re-link the accounts to add the second model. As for an initial installation where we will look for the add-on, which we find by clicking on the “+”Then on“Configure a device"And" Works with Google“, All you have to do is enter the email and password used to create the account for the Yeedi application… And presto, it's good. When you come back to the main page the robot appears.

Via the app, the commands are: switch on / off on site / return to base.

In voice it is possible to ask:

  • Hey Google, alight {name of your vacuum cleaner] to turn it on.
  • Hey Google, turn off [name of your vacuum cleaner] to pause it.
  • Hey Google, referrals [not from your vacuum cleaner] at the base.

The three Google Assistant voice commands are fully taken into account. On the other hand, a higher latency is to be noted via Google, as always ...

Unfortunately, sending the robot to a room is not possible at the moment. An advantage that we had seen with the Yeedi 2 Hybrid and which should therefore logically arrive soon for this Yeedi Vac Max.

Our opinion on the Yeedi Vac Max

In use, bumper Yeedi Vac Max is often put to the test, especially in the reconnaissance phase for mapping. It hits, not violently I reassure you - it does not go quickly, the bottom of furniture that it crosses. Subsequently, once the mapping has been carried out, a marked improvement is noted. He took his marks.

On the crossing side, the robot manages to cross good height differences. We made him cross two carpets placed one on top of the other representing 3 cm in height with success. By leaving him only one, he obviously crosses it without difficulty.

The creation of virtual barriers works flawlessly and it's funny to see him trying to get around this "invisible obstacle" as if there was a piece of furniture he would run into. We appreciate the possibility ofsend to a designated room and be able to determine up to two passages.

We also appreciated that it does not stop dead in its tracks in front of a reflection of the sun on the ground as we had seen with the Proscenic 850T. The silly little thing that is more than annoying on a daily basis ...

Aspiration, the photos are telling, it does the job and very well my faith! It collects dust or hair and nothing remains stuck on the central brush. And that's great. It stays clean just like the side brush on which no wire or hair has remained wound. The 3000 Pa of suction are put to good use.

“The 3000 Pa of suction are put to good use. "

In washing, the Yeedi Vac Max is good. We tested it by leaving the mop dry at the start to appreciate the water output. She is doing very well. No obstruction. We filled the tank completely, selected two passages in our two rooms with vinyl floors (kitchen and hallway, so dirty), set the water level very high and the suction max +. For better results we sprayed the floor with cleaning product before starting. The robot made the first pass by going into the two rooms and then took the same route a second time. It therefore does not have the same circulation procedure in suction and in washing. He covered 13 m² in 16 minutes and poured 140 ml of water. What is appreciable is that the quality of the microfiber mop allows it to leave almost no water on the ground after its passage. The ground is therefore passable almost immediately after its passage.

Autonomy level, We noticed 2 hours precisely in aspiration in Max mode then a recharge time of 5 hours. Very good performance!

As for the faults, we just regret lack of partition management as well as a only memorizable map. Moving to another floor leads to the proposal to replace the existing one with the new one. However, these are options available on other models of the brand and which will be soon, no doubt.

La carpet detection has been put to the test and is fully operational. Septic at first when we saw the robot start to step over our carpet, it is clear that only the front of the vacuum cleaner with the sensor crossed it. As soon as the support is recognized, it moves back, thus not wetting it. Bluffing and frankly a very good point, but we expected no less from the brand that was the first to offer this innovation ...


In conclusion, this new Yeedi Vac Max is a success. Aesthetic, its immaculate white dress allows it to be integrated into any interior without mismatching.

Slightly more powerful (3000 Pa vs 2500 Pa) than its little brother, it sucks everything up and ensures that the hair or animal hair is really drawn into the tank and do not stay rolled up on the central brush. Very good in suction, it does not deserve the mop with very good washing with water. In addition, it offers a significant perspective with its dust collector which we will talk to you about shortly and which will undoubtedly bring us comfort in everyday use.

We regret despite everything that he only takes charge of'' a single card as well as the absence of partition management so much we appreciate it and would like it to be multi-storey. On the other hand, Yeedi was able to integrate a carpet detection that runs on the hair.

Sold around 350 € for this vacuum cleaner for almost everything, including a relatively low noise level, it should be noted and appreciated for a very reasonable price.

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.