Yeedi Mop Station test: a robot mop finally up to the task?

Our opinion on the Yeedi Mop Station

Yeedi Mop Station

yeedi mop station, 2 in 1 robot cleaner and vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning station, 2500Pa suction, visual mapping, carpet detection

Price as of: August 10, 2022 16 h 29 min

After thirty tests of robot vacuum cleaners Over the past couple of years, we had come to the conclusion that while many robots were excellent vacuum cleaners, none really shone their scrubbing qualities. Until a ray of hope appears at the beginning of the year with the astonishing Deebot N9 + from Ecovacs. A device truly designed to wash our floors, which arrives this summer in Europe under the name of Yeedi Mop Station.

New brand of global 2 number sector, Yeedi had already made a strong impression on us with his Yeedi 2 hybrid and this time goes further by proposing a model still without equal on the European market since it is able to maintain its two rotary mops on its own… Let’s test it!

Yeedi Mop Station: a real robot mop!


This is without a doubt the biggest package we have received this year! The robot vacuum cleaner and mop Yeedi Mop Station is indeed delivered in a huge box containing both the imposing wash station and the essential 2-in-1 robot associate. We might as well say that our bicycle courier was well loaded ...

When opening, you immediately recognize the Ecovacs brand. Everything is perfectly organized and exudes quality. Yeedi is worthy of its parent company and seems to have a very particular appetite for design, as evidenced by the upper part covered with a very elegant glass surface.

“It's beautiful, it's clean, it makes you want to go further. "

In the center, a discreet multifunction button uses the brand's logo. It allows you to start the robot, of course, but also to pause it or send it back to its station without even having to open its smartphone. Because, of course, this robot is connected as we will see below.

Without a laser rangefinder, it measures 33 cm in diameter For about 8 cm high. This is much less than the 9.7 cm of a Roborock S7.

It responds to a new trend towards compactness, with either rangefinders integrated into the body of the device as we could see during the 360 S10 test, either 3D cameras as iRobot has done for a long time on its Roomba. This makes it possible to considerably lower the height of the devices and make them more able to explore every nook and cranny of our homes.


This camera will allow the robot to perform its mapping. This digital eye is associated with a VSLAM algorithm (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) which allows him to constantly build and improve your cartography while locating there.

Rest assured, this is not a cctv camera, it does not generate sharp images but a kind of 3D matrix of your home. It is the same technology as that of the iRobot Roomba i7, and we will see that in use, it is rather effective. Most of the time anyway ...

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, LiDAR is not everything, a robot also locating itself thanks to numerous infrared or ultrasonic placed under its perimeter and behind its bumpers.

The former allow the robot to detect voids or to determine the nature of the ground, the second to appreciate the distances and avoid the shocks while approaching them as much as possible.

Le Yeedi Mop Station moreover has a not so common infrared sensor which it uses to detect the type of ground on which it is moving.

How? 'Or' What? Simply by measuring the refraction of light. Each surface having different characteristics, the robot deduces whether it is on a hard floor, in which case it allows itself to mop it ... If necessary, it will be satisfied to play the role of vacuum cleaner.

This sensor can also be used to assess the cleanliness of the floor, or rather dirt. If Yeedi has not yet confirmed this point to us, it is in any case this type of device that the latest Roomba use to detect the presence of dust ...

Washing and vacuuming

Although the brand mainly emphasizes the washing qualities of its device, the Yeedi Mop is nonetheless a powerful vacuum cleaner since it develops up to 2500 Pa in max mode. Even if some now display more, it is because we find on best robot vacuums from the moment. A very good point.

Dust collection is ensured by a rather compact central brush which only measures 14 cm long. This is half the length of the 28 cm of the brush of a Neato D8, but keep in mind this is a robot first and foremost washer and not a pure vacuum cleaner.

Benefiting from a silicone design, it also has the merit of being easier to maintain, which allows it to better recover wet waste, but also not to get stuck with animal hair ... In short , it is ideal for a washer and the option increasingly chosen by manufacturers in recent months.

A three-branch side brush allows you to sweep the floor and push the dirt down to the center of the appliance. This is quite sufficient and its long hairs will be able to lick the baseboards.

The floor washing system, located at the rear, consists of several elements:

  • A block with two engines : they take up most of the space, but allow the mops to turn 180 rpm. by printing a force of 10N, which is the equivalent of what a mass of 10 kg produces on Earth. This is unheard of on this type of device and we will see that it makes a real difference ...
  • A 200 mL water tank : it is small, but it is only used to add water during cleaning. The mops being already well soaked in water, it is sufficient to cover comfortable surfaces, especially since the robot makes several trips to and from the station to rinse its cloths and re-moisten them.
  • A little dust bin finally comes to lodge behind the engines. Here too, the capacity of 200 mL is low, it will therefore have to be emptied regularly. It is equipped with a HEPA filter and gaskets for a good seal. On top of the bin, Yeedi had the good idea to provide a place for a maintenance brush, this allows you to always have it on hand when emptying it.

This system will make it possible to receive two circular “buffers” which can be fixed very simply on the tank thanks to the magnets.

Very different from traditional microfiber cloths, here we have real mops provided with "hairs" and thick enough to deserve this name. Yeedi delivers four in total. The difference is obvious compared to 2-in-1 robots that we used to see and gives us hope for a much better performance ...

Yeedi Mop station

Now let's come to what you've all been waiting for: the famous Yeedi Mop Station !

Difficult to miss it with its imposing dimensions (30cm deep x 38.5cm wide x 43cm high). Yes, clearly, you have to reserve a lot of space for it, especially since its wheelbase reaches the 40 cm deep and that the brand recommends leaving it 50 cm on each side… In practice, we have not encountered any particular difficulties in a more confined space.

This bulky format can be explained very quickly when we see that the station contains two large 3.5 liter tanks each. One is intended to contain a reserve of clean water, the other to recover this same water once it has been used to clean the mops.

Indeed, it is a automatic car wash, a complete mop maintenance system that will prevent you from having to clean the pads yourself after each pass.

Contrary to what we initially expected, the Yeedi Mop Station is unable to fill up with water and empty the dust container, it must therefore be done manually.

The 3.5L of clear water will only be used to clean and moisten the robot's mops, but the system is nonetheless interesting ...

How does it work? It's very simple and quite ingenious ...

  1. The station pours water at the bottom of his baccalaureate,
  2. The robot cleans its mops there by rotating them, small pins allowing to clean the dirt well,
  3. Dirty water is pumped and sucked into the dirty water tank,
  4. If the cleaning cycle is complete, a ventilation system allows the drying mops in order to avoid bad odors.
The robot makes several round trips to its station during a cleaning cycle, this allows it to always have clean and sufficiently damp cloths.

The object is really well designed and also contains a storage space where we find a brush (no, it's not a toilet broom!) and spare mops. You can possibly place a bottle of cleaning products there.

It remains to be seen what this gives in practice ...


  • Brand : Yeedi
  • Model : Mop Station
  • Type : 2-in-1 robot
  • Dimensions :
    • Robot : 33 33 x x 9 cm
    • Station : 38 40 x x 42 cm
  • Aspiration :
    • Engime : 2500 Pa
    • Dust bin : 200 mL
  • Laundry :
    • Double rotary motor : 180 rpm with a force of 10N,
    • Water reservoir : 200 mL
  • Wash station : 2 x 3,5 L tanks
  • Cleaning modes : auto or personalized (zones, rooms, virtual barriers, etc.)
  • Sound volume : from 58 to 74 dB (sound level meter at 1 meter)
  • Capteurs : optical camera, anti-fall, anti-collision, detection of floors (hard / carpets / rugs)
  • Wash station : cleaning and drying of the mops
  • Connectivity : 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Application : Android / iOS
  • Voice assistants : Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Yandex Alic

An easy-to-use robot mop

An excellent application

As usual, the brand has placed several QR Codes on the robot as well as on its station in order to make our lives easier. These allow you to quickly download theAndroid application ou iOS that it then suffices to launch.

After creating an account, all you have to do is select Yeedi Mop Station to proceed with the installation. Fill in your Wi-Fi credentials (2.4 GHz required), Push the button reset for one second, then scan the QR code with the robot's camera and that's it! That's it !

Installation is as quick as it is easy, frictionless, well done Yeedi!


The application is a real success. Much attention has been paid to UX design, and it shows, the user experience is quite simply one of the best on the market...

No extended menus, everything can be found quickly and easily in just three movements.

The main options are accessible on the main screen and a simple swipe up gives access to the most essential functions: number of passages, suction power, water flow, robot language and programming.

Always placed at the top right, the famous "three small dots" provide access to advanced settings : change the name of the device, consult the cleaning log, see the state of wear of accessories, or carry out updates.

Getting started is very quick and the use of the application is a real pleasure. It remains to be seen if this robot is efficient ...

“The Yeedi application is a real success. "

Good news, this robot is also controllable by voice! Like his little brothers, the Yeedi Mop Station is compatible with Amazon Alexa et Google Home or the Russian assistant Alice from Yandex.

Convenient voice control

With Amazon Alexa

With Alexa, it is obviously necessary to activate the skill yeedi, then link your accounts, select the robot, and finally leave Alexa find out.

It is well recognized as a vacuum cleaner and two options are offered:

  • charge = return to the charging station
  • delicate = we have no certainty on this mode which, at the time of our tests, simply launched the robot in automatic cleaning mode.

Creating routines is possible and works well, but functionality still boils down to hard work. walk / pause / return to station. We are impatiently awaiting the possibility of sending the robot to a particular room, like at iRobot for example ...

My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

With Google Assistant

Here you must also activate the Yeedi add-on in the Google Home application by going to " + "Then" Configure a device " and "  Works with Google". This done, fill in your Yeedi credentials and, it's good, you can control your robot by voice with the Assistant.

Just say:

  • « Ok Google, turn on / start Yeedi Or whatever name you gave it to launch it.
  • « Turn off [name] To pause it.
  • « Return [name] to the base. "
  • « Hey Google, send [name] to clean the kitchen »Or the name of a part recorded in the map

For once, Yeedi has taken care of its integration with Google Home more than with Alexa since it is possible to send the device to a specific location. A feature yet also offered by Alexa… We are waiting for the update!

Google Assistant / Google Home commands

Yeedi Mop Station: an efficient and autonomous system

Now that we have made the tour of the owner, we will deliver to you our opinion on the Yeedi Mop Station after an internship of almost a month in our apartment.

Rather precise mapping

Equipped with a camera, the robot finds its way pretty well in space. Although smoothed on the application (it's prettier!), its mapping is quite precise and its movements are relatively efficient. Relatively, because if he navigates easily to the designated room and returns just as easily to his station, he unfortunately sometimes forgets certain areas without our being able to explain it to ourselves.

Indeed, although in suction, the robot behaves completely normally and is methodical, its movements sometimes become erratic in washing mode and we have not really managed to understand his method.

He seems to cut each room into smaller areas and treat them randomly, but he sometimes leaves them behind with slight changes in the configuration of the premises (a displaced chair, for example). It's a bit of a shame, but probably due to our test model which arrived long before its official release. The last update seems to us to have improved the thing a little, but it remains perfectible.

Moreover, if this Yeedi leaves only one or two centimeters of margin in simple vacuum mode, it keeps some three to four in wash mode. It's a bit of a shame, but this is undoubtedly explained by its protruding mops. Indeed, by approaching too close, it would therefore risk blocking them under a plinth or even under a door, which is obviously not desirable.

Very efficient suction

Aspiration level, although it is primarily a scrubber, we have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. The 2500 Pa of depression are there and the Yeedi Mop is quite effective in the matter.

Able to detect rugs and carpets, it automatically increases its suction power and avoids them if it is equipped with its mops. An excellent point, which can turn out to be a problem if your robot has to cross a carpet. Unable to allow it to do so, it will remain blocked if it cannot find another path. This is a "defect" that we noticed on the last Deebot Ecovacs and the relationship is there.

We particularly regretted the really small size of its dust bin. This is frankly a shame because it requires emptying it frequently, its station not having the vocation to ensure this task. But the brand had warned us: the Yeedi Mop is a washer !

A convincing mop wash at last!

Unsurprisingly, this Yeedi differs from his fellows once he puts on his Mops. Indeed, its rotating mops are much more efficient than traditional microfibers, even with the sonic system of the Roborock S7 or the Ozmo Pro technology of its Deebot cousins. Forget the mediocre too Bissell Spin Wave or the too slow Braava jet m6 who is nevertheless a pure scrubber.

Able to run his mops at 180 tours per minute by giving them a force of 10N, the Yeedi Mop takes on a lot of tasks and none will have withstood a double pass during our tests. This is the first in this case.

In addition, its circular movements make it possible to leave no trace and three levels of water flow allow it to wet the ground abundantly, which no robot on the market really does and which seems to us to be a condition sine qua non effective washing on a dirty and / or oily surface.

This is undoubtedly the strong point of this robot and we expected no less, but we can say that, on this point, the mission is accomplished.

The Yeedi Mop Station is above all a real mop and, in this game, no 2-in-1 robot has come close to it!

A surprising station!

The greatest originality of this robot nevertheless lies in its station. The Yeedi Mop Station is one of the major innovations of the year in the sector. It is indeed, in Europe in any case, the first and only device capable of washing its mops on its own! And, besides, he does it well ...

Moreover, as you can see, the color of the water also testifies to its effectiveness in washing ... Of course, we had voluntarily forgotten to mop our Roborocks for a week in order to validate the effectiveness of the Yeedi Mop , but the result is unequivocal. We let you judge the result?

Trois control buttons are present: one for the return to the station, the central to start or pause the cleaning of the robot, the last being dedicated to the drying system. If the latter is rather discreet, the Yeedi Mop Station nevertheless develops more 70 dB in wash mode. It is definitely not a discreet device, but we forgive him for this point because it is so practical!

Note, drying lasts up to 7 hours, which sounds like a lot to us, but you can stop it at any time. Although it is not the most powerful, such a duration seems exaggerated to us, especially since the mops were dry long before ...

Noise and autonomy

Let us come to the noise! Equipped with two more motors than its congeners, this vacuum cleaner is obviously not the quietest of the market.

Indeed, our measurements with the sound level meter placed at 1 meter revealed up to 76 dB in max + mode, more of 71 dB in max mode, an average around 64 dB in standard mode and a minimum of 58 dB in silent mode.

This puts the Yeedi Mop Station in the mid-high of the sector, but its two-motor system is ultimately not much noisier than that of its cousins ​​with Ozmo Pro or the vibrating and sonic mop of the Roborock S7… But so much more efficient!

Autonomy level, again the Yeedi Mop Station is in the sector average with a 5200mAh battery and an announced autonomy of 180 minutes. It should of course be kept in mind that it is in silent mode. In fact, we only measured approximately 150 minutes in normal mode and a little less than 120 minutes in Max mode. In Max + mode, the autonomy drops again, but everything obviously depends on the mode used. Of course, the washing and vacuuming mode consumes more than the simple vacuuming.


In short, the Yeedi Mop Station is quite simply the best robot mop on the market ! Finally offering a efficient mop washing, it is more than convincing in this practice and augurs a much awaited renewal in terms of cleaning floors with water. On this point, it clearly has no equal in the market right now and is undermining all of its competitors, including iRobot's Braava.

From an aspiration point of view, it does not demerit either and proves to be powerful enough to perform quality work. He even surprised us from this point of view because we did not expect so much. Still the 200 mL from its dust container are just too tight and require almost daily emptying, a habit that we had lost by using robots with automatic dump stations.

La automatic car wash makes sense, but is it better than a “classic” automatic dump station? It's up to you to decide according to your priorities and the nature of your soils. Indeed, if your floor is mostly tiled or laminate and you hate mopping, The Yeedi Mop Station may just be the device for you. If, on the contrary, your home gives pride of place to parquet as with us, then the interest is less obvious and you will surely prefer a robot with station as we now see many.

The ideal would therefore be to have two devices: a Mop Station and a Vac-Station ! There, we would have the perfect combo… But, beyond the financial consideration, the space necessary for such a device becomes somewhat problematic for many users…

Anyway, with his Yeedi Mop Station, the Chinese brand is shaking up the market and making an excellent copy. Imperfect, certainly, but so promising that we warmly recommend this novelty to anyone looking for a robot mop. Unless we have to wait another year or two to see the robot of our dreams arrive?

The robot mop Yeedi Mop Station is available at price of 729.98 € on AliExpress. A rather reasonable price in view of the very innovative features offered.
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