X-Sense SC07-W test: double safety against smoke and carbon monoxide

Our opinion on the X-Sense SC07 detector

X-Sense, brand that we recently presented to you with their connected smoke detector X-Sense XS01-WT working with app Smart Life, returns to the front of the stage with a double detector this time: smoke and carbon monoxide. A very good point, CO being very dangerous since, colorless and odorless, it can quickly lead to death. To avoid this, a double detector like the X-Sense SC07-W can be a valuable ally.

Sold 46.99€ per unit excluding promotion or 125.99€ the pack of 3 as we are going to present to you, the device communicates radio-frequency (RF) only and therefore not compatible with voice assistants.

X-Sense SC07-W: a smoke and carbon monoxide detector


It is in an almost perfect cube of 16 cm x 16 cm x 15.5 cm that the 3 smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. A pretty white sleeve surrounds the cardboard and presents a visual of the X-Sense SC07-W.

On the back, the functionalities are indicated (in English). On the top, maintenance instructions encourage you to carry out a test weekly and to clean the exterior of the device monthly. Wise advice that we can only encourage you to follow to keep a detector in good working order.

The box opens from the front and we discover the three X-Sense SC07-W wedged vertically between strips of cardboard and foam. A business card accompanies the user manual. This one includes French of course and is Very full particularly at the level of the different types of alerts (beep and/or visual).


Let's take the devices out of their box. They are big, it must be admitted, with already 12.5 cm in diameter x 4.7 cm thick and without their support base. The body is all in ABS plastic and white PC to be as discreet as possible in our interiors, while the grille is tinted gray and slices slightly, without swearing. The detectors are equipped with several alarm modes which can be combined together depending on the situation:

  • Visual with LEDs
  • Sound with the alarm of 85 dB
  • Vibration: in the event of a CO and/or smoke alarm + test mode + malfunction.

Now let's zoom in on the X-Sense SC07-W detector. The front panel offers an LCD screen for monitoring carbon monoxide at all times. Depending on the rates read, the alarm will sound.

It is programmed to respond to the following rates:

  • 30ppm* for more than 120 minutes
  • 50ppm* between 60-90 minutes
  • 100ppm* between 10-40 minutes
  • 300ppm* less of 3 minutes

*ppm = Parts per Million.

The first symptoms are visible from 100ppm with a slight headache, nausea and fatigue. Symptoms that we encounter in many other situations and which, unfortunately, make it easy to forget the possibility of a carbon monoxide emanation.

Under the LCD screen, you find an LED bar which, depending on its state, indicates:

  • On/ OFF: 8 cycles (yellow/green/red) +1 beep
  • Standby: green LED flashes once every minute

Depending on the situation, it is accompanied or not by the siren.

In mode Alarm :

  • Smoke:

    • On the detector causing the alarm: Red LED flashes 3 times every 1.5 seconds + 3 long beeps every 1.5 seconds.
    • On the other interconnected detectors : Red and green LED flashes 3 times in succession every 1.5 seconds + 3 long beeps every 1.5 seconds.
  • CO detected between 30 to 999 ppm and corresponding to the criteria in the table above:
    • On the detector causing the alarm : Red LED flashes 4 times every 5.8 seconds + 4 quick beeps every 5.8 seconds. The LCD screen simultaneously displays the corresponding concentration.
    • On the other interconnected detectors : Red LED flashes 4 times then green once every 1 seconds + 5.8 rapid beeps every 4 seconds.

If you are used to being vigilant with a red LED, However, particular attention should be paid with a Green LED. Indeed, if it can tell you the end of an alarm it can also inform you of an upcoming alert:

  • CO: flashing once every minute when the detected concentration is between 1 and 30 ppm but less than the time threshold defined above for the alarm to be triggered.
  • Smoke and CO: flashes once every second for 1 seconds when the smoke or CO concentration returns to normal.

Test mode :

  • If you have only one detector:
    • 2 sequences of 3 flashes red followed by 2 series of 4 + 2 sequences of 3 long beeps followed by 2 series of 4 fast.
  • If several detectors are interconnected:
    • On the one you pressed, the LED flashes red quickly + continuous beeps. To stop it, release the test/silence button. During this time on the other detectors, the LED flashes sequentially in red and green. You still have to press a little for the other detectors to show up. Wait 7 beeps and then you will hear and see the other detectors react.

Silent Mode :

  • Smoke : The Red LED flashes 3 times every 1.5 seconds during the 9 minutes of the mode and exits automatically.
  • CO : The red LED flashes 4 times every 5.8 seconds during the 9 minutes of the mode and automatically exits it.

To switch to Test or Silence mode, it is a single button which, depending on the situation, will activate one or the other function. Thus, the silence mode is only accessible if the alarm is triggered.

Low battery:

  • The yellow LED flashes once every minute + 1 beep also every minute. This can be temporarily disabled for 1 hours by pressing the silence/test button.

End of life device.  Remember that this type of device has a lifespan of 10 years. When due, the detector should be replaced since the batteries are not replaceable.

  • The yellow LED flashes and beeps 3 times every minute and 3 beeps sound every minute. Pressing test/silence deactivates the alert for 22 hours. It will automatically exit expiry mode.

When the device comes out of Silence mode, it notifies you by flashing green 3 times.

Finally, if you have the yellow LED flashing twice with 2 beeps every minute and the screen displaying ERR, it may be time to dust it off a bit.

Do not panic, do not bother to learn this by heart, the manual takes up all the situations in the form of a table. Just remember that the CO alarm, since it cannot be felt and seen, is given by 4 rapid beeps and 4 red flashes every 5.8 seconds.

In the lower part, the button to enter Test or Silence mode. It is very visible and cannot be missed.


On the back, information showing the CO alert rates and the various alarms. The idea is interesting, but the device being designed to be fixed, these will no longer appear.

In the box under the detectors are the accessories. Indeed, each device is to be clipped on a support which is to be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling. For this purpose, you will find three bags of three screws and three dowels.

Once the base is positioned, the device measures: 14.6cm diameter x 5.1cm thick.

The sound of the alarm diffuses all around the detector. It is strident, you can't be indifferent to it and that's where all its efficiency and a power of 85dB are.


  • Brand : X-Sense
  • Reference : SC07-W
  • Size : 14.6 cm x 5.1 cm
  • Material : ABS and PC
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 320g
  • Durée de vie : 10 years
  • Food : non-replaceable 3V CR123A lithium battery
  • Sensor type :
    • Smoke : photoelectric
    • CO monoxide : electrochemical
  • Standby consumption : < 6µA on average
  • Consumption in alarm state : < 60 mA on average
  • Operating temperature : 4.4 ° - 37.8 °
  • Operating humidity : 10% – 85% (not condensed)
  • Alarm intensity : ≥ 85dB at 3 meters
  • Silence phase duration :
    • Smoke : ≤ 9 mins
    • CO : ≤ 6 mins
  • Maximum number of detectors that can be connected : 24
  • Frequency of operation : 868Mhz
  • transmission range : 250 m in open space

Using the X-Sense SC07-W detector

Le X-Sense SC07-W is unfortunately not connected such as XS01-WT which can be paired with the application Smart Life of Tuya. However, it is interconnectable in RF and able to communicate with 23 other detectors. It will therefore be ideal for large surfaces and, we hope soon, detectable by Alexa Guard! If one detects smoke or monoxide, the relay operates on each of the devices, thus reducing the reaction or evacuation time.

Once the SC07-W detector is placed on its support and locked by turning a quarter turn, the LED lights up, the LCD screen lights up and a single (fortunately) strident beep sounds. Then the dial displays the CO concentration. Oh, everything is fine. After a few seconds the screen turns off.

But where to place the smoke and carbon monoxide detector to be effective?

Mainly in the bedrooms or at least the corridor(s) leading to them. Moreover, if this one or your room is higher than 9 meters, it is recommended to install more than one device then firstly on the ceiling, as we are taught for smoke detectors since it rises by spreading. Whether it is placed on a wall or on the ceiling, specific distances must be respected.

If your home is on several levels and you have the pack of 3 devices, the ideal is to distribute them on each floor.

Knowing that the screen lights up when there is a silent alert, so before the alarm, it is good despite everything to place it where the eyes will rest on it, easily and regularly in case of display of the Green LED with the display glowing blue to indicate concentration becoming abnormal and warranting attention.

A piece of advice before putting them in place, carry out a test to make sure that they react well. We were thus able to observe the effectiveness of the audible and visual alarm which is carried out on the three detectors, however we did not feel the vibratory effect.

Now you and your home are safer, the X-Sense SC07 double detector watches over everyday risks for you.

Until March 31, 2022 enjoy a 15% discount applied to your cart when ordering 
In conclusion, the dX-Sense SC07-W sensor single-handedly supports dual detection smoke and carbon monoxide, while allowing to have only one device to manage instead of several. We regret, however, theno Wi-Fi connection as could be its little brother, the previous model in our lab, but we applaud the number of devices that can be interconnected: 24! It is certainly much more than necessary for the vast majority of homes, but can be very interesting for companies wishing to secure their premises. For €46.99 per unit or €125.99 for a three-pack, you are doubly secure at a very reasonable price.
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