Woox R9077 test: a good ZigBee bulb

Our opinion on the ZigBee 3.0 Woox R9077 bulb

Woox R9077 bulb

WOOX - Zigbee E27 RGB + CCT connected bulb (compatible Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

Woox offers products that can be installed either directly on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, or via a ZigBee hub. But where some have locked themselves in a home ecosystem, Woox also allows its products to be used on the bridges of many other brands. A philosophy very much in tune with the new Matter home automation standard ... Let's see if the same will be true for this Woox R9077 bulb !

Woox R9077: Smart Bulb Fullcolor and white


Woox is a Shenzhen-based Chinese company founded in 2018 that manufactures products in three distinct worlds: socket, lighting and security. Its ZigBee connected objects operate in a Tuya environment, but can also be installed directly on gateways for home automation boxes, or on the ZigBee bridge of a device. Amazon Echo, etc ... This notably enabled us to install the woox Smart Garden on a Zemi hubsmart, then on a ZigBee gateway for Jeedom, but also on a Echo Show 10.


Green is Woox's color, so it is only natural that the packaging of the bulb takes it up. The bulb is highlighted and contains its characteristics: RGB, dimmable, compatible with vocals Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Elements which are repeated on the back.

Inside, theWoox R9077 bulb is wedged between two boxes. A quick start guide accompanies it. On the body of the bulb the words: " not dimmable by switch »Warns that it cannot be adjusted via a dimmer switch, but that you can, on the other hand, vary the temperature of the blanks from 2700 K to 6500 K via an app. Its IP 20 recommends indoor use only.

Bulb Woox R9077 is of type A60 because the bulb is 6 cm in diameter x 12 cm long. Standard dimensions for this type of bulb which weighs 48 grams. The opalescent globe part is one third of the length of the bulb.


  • Brand : Woox
  • Model : R9077
  • Type : E27
  • Size 6 cm 6 cm x 12 cm
  • Materials : Polycarbonate
  • Luminous flow : 806lm
  • Engime : 10 W equivalent to 60 W incandescent
  • Colors : yes RGB
  • White temperature : 2700 K - 6500 K
  • Operating temperature : -20 ° - 40 °
  • Beam angle : NC
  • Connectivity : Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4
  • Connection distance : 10 - 30 meters
  • IP : 20
  • Voice assistant compatible : Yes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant:
  • Durée de vie : 30 hours
  • Food : AC 220V-240V (50/60Hz)

Installation of the ZigBee Woox R9077 bulb

The installation of a bulb using the ZigBee communication protocol requires pairing with a device of the same type: a ZigBee gateway. Woox offers its own, under Tuya environment, but we don't have it and will simply use a Echo Show 2.

To install the bulb Woox R9077, nothing's easier :

  1. Plug in the bulb, it will start to flash slowly indicating that it is ready to be paired. If this is not the case, do a reset: switch it off for 2 seconds and switch it on again for 1 second. Repeat the manipulation 3 times. It will blink rapidly.
  2. On the device Amazon Echo boarding the ZigBee deck, placed next to the bulb, just ask Alexa to discover your new devices….
  3. A few seconds later, it's done! Alexa displays on its screen a "Second light" (or third, etc.) corresponding to the Woox bulb.

Returning to the application Alexa, the Woox / second light bulb is present. By clicking on it, we find the virtual button allowing to turn it on and off, the brightness adjustment. As for the colors, this is where we were surprised. Indeed, if the 5 shades of white are perfectly available, it is not the colors. Via the ZigBee bridge of an Echo device you will not be able to access the choice of colors. They are present, but do not work. It is regrettable, this limit of use.

The routines Alexa are possible, but there again, (and it was by doing the test that we realized the problem of the non-integration of colors) only the 5 shades of white are programmable. Click on a color, it will be registered but it is the cold white that will be displayed on the bulb.

Via a ZigBee gateway

If you have a gateway under Smart Life it is also possible to manage the bulb in this way. But for this, it must be reset before as we have indicated above.

From the home page of Smart Life, go to the one on your bridge. In our case, we used a generic bridge.

Click on "Add a sub-device" then " Light source ". In a few seconds the bulb is detected and even recognized by Alexa which sends a notification for information.

The bulb thus integrated takes place on the home page. A quick On / Off button allows this location to turn it on / off. But let's see what offers Smart Life as a possibility. To do this, a click on the bulb opens up multiple setting proposals. At the top of the page, the pencil allows you to rename it. Below are the different menus:

  • White : for adjusting the temperature of the whites with a large panel from white to cold and adjusting the light intensity.
  • Colour : click on the color you like. The bulb in the center will take on the hue and you can also modulate the intensity and saturation.
  • Scene : 8 in number, these are presets allowing you to use them all at the ready according to your current activities. You have: Night, Read, Working, Leisure, Soft, Colorful, Dazzling, Gorgeous. By clicking on "Edit" you can modify them at will: name, color, fixed or static state and speed.
  • Music : Give the agreement to Smart Life to record audio and the bulb will come alive to the rhythm of the perceived ambient sounds. For the function to be operational, the smartphone remains open on this program.

At the bottom of the page, we find on either side of the On / OFF button, a " Countdown "In other words a timer and a" Schedule »Or more simply in French, a time-stamped programmer for an On / Off but without selection of a color. On the other hand, it is possible to have a push notification during the execution of this one.

Let's go back to the app Alexa if this time the bulb is able to offer the colors.

With Amazon Alexa

This time the skill Smart Life is installed and the linked accounts for the bulb to be recognized. This was already so since when integrating the bulb on the ZigBee bridge, Alexa notified us of the assumption of responsibility for it. If you renamed the bulb in the app Smart Life, you will find her under her new name in Alexa.

We find the basic functions but, this time, the possibility of choosing a color is operational. You thus have at your disposal the 5 whites and 15 colors. The routines are also available here and you will be able to obtain the selected color.

Voice commands now allow you to get all the colors you want.

With Google Assistant

You also need to activate the add-on Smart Life that you find by clicking on " + "Then" Configure a device " and " Works with Google". Link the accounts as well and you will see the light bulb appear. Management is the same as with Alexa and routines are also possible.

Daily use

In use, the Woox R9077 bulb certainly integrates very well with the ZigBee bridge of a device. Amazon Echo, but its use remains much too restricted for the price of this bulb if one does not have an external bridge to integrate it. With a Tuya gateway, the use immediately becomes much more interesting and allows you to take advantage of the full capacities of the bulb through the application Smart Life.

If you have a home automation box like Jeedom atlas, Home Assistant ou Homey Pro, you can obviously go even further in the settings, but we will surely not teach you anything if this is the case. Note, however, that it is currently not compatible with Homey Bridge.

Voice management is not a problem, whether at Amazon or Google. We just note a slightly higher reaction time with Google Assistant, but nothing unusual.

Woox test Smart Garden: a ZigBee 3.0 connected irrigation controller for your irrigation

Issuing 806 lumens, this connected bulb is in the average of the sector with, also, a fairly common power of 10W equivalent to 60W of a filament bulb. This is enough to comfortably illuminate a medium-sized room in white tones. In color, of course, the wavelength causes the light output to drop, but this is hardly surprising.

Here is the rendering of the five shades of white via an Echo Show:

Although this is not obvious in our photos, there is a difference between “daylight white” and “cold white”.

Some sweet colors:

Green and red are deep. The shade between blue and cyan is clearly visible, but the yellow is clearly green.

In conclusion, the bulb Woox R9077 interesting provided you have a ZigBee 3.0 gateway. Forget about hubs Amazon Echo for the moment, the restrictions of use are too important here for the price of this connected bulb. Associated with a gateway or home automation box, on the other hand, you will be able to take full advantage of its capabilities. At 19.95 €, it's not the cheapest, but we liked the five well-managed and nuanced shades of white, which is not always the case. We also like its deep and crisp colors, apart from its yellow / orange, but it must be recognized that many others also fish in these tones. In short, it's a good product with good value for money.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.