Ultenic U10 review: the featherweight of stick vacuum cleaners

Our opinion on the Ultenic U10 stick vacuum cleaner

Ultenic U10

Ultenic U10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful 23KPa Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 250W Brushless Motor, 4 Brushes, 40min Autonomy, Auto-detection of Dust, Lightweight and Silent, Animal Hair, Floor, Handheld

Price as of: August 9, 2022 13 h 45 min

It's raining lots of vacuums right now. Confinement requires, the chore of household is more than necessary. Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are simple and increasingly efficient products. But which one to choose? The most powerful ? The most beautiful ? the most expensive ? The lightest ? Don't worry, we are here.

We have tested the U10, the youngest of the Ultenic brand. Sold to less than 190 €, light and versatile with relatively interesting characteristics, it is a product that could stand out in this very competitive market.

Ultenic U10: unboxing of the stick vacuum cleaner

The U10 comes in a fairly simple 68,5 x 28 x 12cm cardboard box, with just a drawing of the vacuum cleaner and drip-like specifications. The brand therefore does not rely on the packaging, but as usual, once opened, the different parts are tidy and protected. Everything is 100% recyclable, which is always appreciable.

We take a certain pleasure in opening all the bags to discover the different accessories. You will thus find:

  • The main motorized brush. While the U11 of the mark was green, Ultenic chose red for his U10. We find this color in touches in the brush but also in different places such as the unclipping buttons or decorative metal parts. But there again, contrary to what is being done more and more, Ultenic did not opt ​​for a “fluffy” type roller but for a in-house design for its two interchangeable brushes.


The head is also based on the same design as that of the U11, i.e. you have LEDs on the front, 2 in number to illuminate dust, but also casters to facilitate cleaning. And frankly once you've tasted it, you can't do without it. The rotation is done via two 90 and 180 ° hinge joints in order to pass easily under furniture.


This main brush also has a specificity specific to this reference: with the help of infrared sensors, the amount of dust will be quantified and the vacuum cleaner will automatically choose the appropriate suction mode. It is very practical and really well seen.

The underside of the head is very basic. There is a single strip of felt to push dust well in front of the roller and two small rollers on the front corners for better passage. On the other hand, the opening mode for changing the rollers is very easy to use. No more systems that eat the skin of the fingers!


  • Ultenic supplies two rollers with this model.
    • The first is a bi-material roller with two types of bristles: hard bristles and soft bristles. It is rather dedicated to hard floors such as tiling or parquet.


o The second consists of a central plastic element on which are twisted 2 rows of hard fibers. It will be used for rugs and carpets. On the other hand, hair and hair wrap around very easily and Ultenic has not provided a dedicated tool to remove them.


Finally, after several tests, it turns out that the two rollers are quite versatile and that the use of one or the other will be a personal choice.

  • A crevice tool. This time, Ultenic provided a real crevice tool, with a removable row of bristles, in order to brush in the corners. It is suitable for passing between cushions but also in the corners of walls for example. The quality is quite good and it is quite simple to use, unlike other brand like Jimmy.



  • Sofa and furniture brush. So here we are on excessive minimalism. It's more of a scraper than a brush besides with the only embellishment a strip of electrostatic red textile to remove hair and fibers. For the canapes, OK. For furniture, if they are fragile, you will scratch them. We are not at all convinced by this accessory.



  • A fixed aluminized metal tube metallic red, with a length of 63 cm. Rather pretty.



  • A "support" to come and fix the two accessories (nozzle and furniture brush) on the tube.


On the other hand, it will not hold in place, when you put the vacuum in the upright position, the bracket will slide down to the base of the hose. It is a simple storage tool and cannot remain permanently during cleaning ...


  • AC adapter with DC plug. It is always an advantage not to have an owner's plug and to be blocked in the event of breakage… No earth connection. And an 2200 mAh removable Li-ion battery.
  • Un wall mounting bracket and a hardware kit. You can come and hang your U10 on the wall with this small support which will be inserted below the handle of the body of the vacuum cleaner. But since the battery is removable, you can also remove it and charge it on its own, without having to make holes in the wall. Especially since it is a simple support and not a charging base.


The quality of the accessories is excellent, even for the suckers who are sometimes the poor relatives of this type of product. The materials (ABS, Polycarbonate) and the finishes are of very good quality.

Now let's look at the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Ultenic chooses engine technology vertical cyclonic with 4 stages (cyclone, HEPA filter, sponge and grid), saving space compared to horizontal cyclones. But above all, the air flow is direct and not in Z (or worse with horizontal motors). Thanks to this, the air path does not cause turbulence and therefore much more efficient suction. Thus, thanks to its brushless digital motor of only 250 W, the U10 will have a suction force of 23.000 Pa. If you want a comparison, the JV65, with its 450W, has 23.000 Pa of power. So it seems to work well!


Gray in color with hints of red, it has a design all round. We really have the impression that everything has been done to have a straight air inlet. It really surprises by its appearance but it is quite successful. He does 36 cm long, 23 cm high and 10 cm wide for a weight of 1,350 kg. He is very light compared to the competition and even compared to the U11. The 500 ml dust container is located on the front of the vacuum cleaner and the hose goes directly into it, something that is rarely seen. On the other hand, it is 500 ml with the filtration system, so much less in reality.

The handle is located underneath and this allows good grip. Especially, unlike the U11, there is a protection to avoid coming to switch off the vacuum cleaner without paying attention by pressing the ON / OFF button which is located as a trigger.

The 2200mAh battery will provide you with 40 min maximum autonomy in Eco mode and 15 min in Max mode. It is necessary to count About 3 hours for a full charge.


Its insertion is very simple thanks to a clips at the base of the battery. You can also see on the sides of the main body air outlets, once filtered.


The 4-stage cyclone system Includes motor, HEPA filter to filter 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3 µm, sponge to protect larger debris and curved grille. All of the components, except the engine, can be disassembled and washed with water.

Considering the technology, the system is very compact. Inside the dust container, there is a plastic return in the continuity of the inlet of the pipe. It is on this support that the head of the cyclone will be placed. Thanks to this, the dust will not be able to come out.

You will understand that there is no quick drain system. It is necessary that remove the entire tank to empty it, but also the cyclone and the filter. At first glance, this could be a weak point. But in use, and with several tests to our credit, it turns out that the quick drain systems work very poorly because there are always fibers, hair and the like in the cyclone screens. And so finally, it is necessary to disassemble everything and it is rarely easy. There, Ultenic thought of this by allowing easy disassembly and very easy cleaning. We are not going to highlight this, but it is clearly not a fault. To remove the entire block, simply pull the small hoop on the side of the HEPA filter, towards the 3 small connectors.

Ultenic U10: Features

Here's what Ultenic has cooked up for us:

  • Brand : Ultenic
  • Model : U10
  • Battery : Li-ion, 2200 mAh. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy. Removable battery.
  • Engine power : 250 W
  • Dimensions : 360x 220 x 100 mm, for the body
  • Suction force : 23.000 Pa in Max mode and 10.000 Pa in Eco mode.
  • Power modes : 2. Eco and Max. But there is IR monitoring of the dust level to adjust the suction automatically.
  • Weight : 1,330 kg without accessories.
  • Autonomy : up to 40 minutes in brushless Eco mode and 15 min in Max mode (with motorized brush).
  • Loading time : 2,5 to 3 hours, depending on the remaining battery.
  • Sound level : 60 dB announced but during our tests, at 1 m, we measured 72 dB in Max mode to the maximum and 67 dB in Eco.
  • Charging station : no, directly by cable
  • Dust bin : 500 ml, but greatly reduced by the cyclone.
  • Accessories : HEPA filters x1, brush x1, crevice tool x 1, sofa brush x 1, rollers x 2.
  • Other : Power supply x1, support x 1, user manual x 1

The characteristics are really very interesting on paper and worthy of much more expensive vacuum cleaners. Its 23 KPa maximum are impressive for this 250W motor. Autonomy is standard for this type of product as is the noise level (even if higher than advertised). Its removable battery is also a highlight because you can have two in advance if you wish or simply avoid having to replace the vacuum cleaner when it starts to fail. Moreover, all the accessories are individually.

Ultenic U10: daily use

The theory is over, let's move on to practice. No touch screen for the U10 but LEDs to know the operating mode of your vacuum cleaner. These LEDs are directly on the battery pack.

  • The load: you have 3 LED in line which symbolizes the charge level of the battery. 3 points when it is full and 1 only when it is dry.
  • The suction mode: it is represented by a fourth LED, the highest on row of 4. In green, you are in Eco mode, in blue, you are in Max.
  • When for his loading, the 3 charge LEDs will light up in succession over time.

And that's not all, we were talking to you earlier about IR sensors that will manage the suction power of the U10. This will result in a colored indicator oval with a symbol of a grain of dust (maybe).

  • En Green, it's clean, move to another place
  • En red, stay put, there is still work to be done.

This is the theory because in practice, it is not very precise. You really have to go there to make it turn red and even green there can still be dirt on the floor. However, the most important thing is the fact that the suction power will adapt according to the measured dust flow. And it works pretty well. But also shows its limits.



Indeed, it turns out quite quickly that Eco mode quickly shows its limits. 10 KPa are not sufficient for efficient aspiration and auto-boost is not enough either. It is very suitable for a very light soil but as soon as you have heavy, coarse or wet dust, it will not pass. It is therefore necessary to switch to max mode fairly regularly. Of course, on a carpet, it will tend towards the maximum power while on a tiled floor, it will be more towards the Eco. The battery usage time will therefore vary greatly because of, or thanks to, this. Our tests have shown a autonomy of about 22 min because we juggle between Eco and boost mode and Max mode.


We tested the U10 for several days. During this period, he sucked a bit of everything: cat hair, hair, dust, fiber, pieces of plastic and candy wrappers ... But as announced, the Eco mode should however be kept for a very little soiled floor, for everyday use. It will be necessary to prefer the Max mode or to juggle between the two for a deep cleaning. But finally, the suction is really very good. Not really much to complain about. You may need to iron over an area in case of large particles to be vacuumed, but otherwise, no noticeable problem.

On the other hand, hair and hair tend to wrap around the carpet and rug roller, this is somewhat less the case with the hard floor roller. However, no tool to remove them provided at present. Contacted, the brand announced to us that such an accessory has been added in the following batches the one we tested.


We did not use the wall mounting system but it is possible to store the vacuum cleaner in a corner. Be careful, however, because it does not stand alone because there is no blocking system for the brush head in vertical position unlike other brand. It would have been appreciated ...

In terms of maneuverability, the two wheels on the main brush work wonders. It goes on very easily, really glides without any problem. With its lightness, you have a product that is suitable for all types of users and all types of uses (as a stick or hand vacuum cleaner (its light weight is suitable)). It really is a pleasure! Emptying is also very easy, see simpler than that of vacuum cleaners with a rapid emptying system.

You can find the U10 in action in our video test. Do not hesitate to Like and subscribe to our channel.



In conclusion, Ultenic offers us yet another high quality product. We saw a vacuum cleaner that admittedly has flaws, but also a lot of quality and good ideas, like his big brother the U11. In terms of faults the brushes tend to fall in love with hair and bristles, it does not stand up on its own and the Eco mode is not very powerful. On the other hand, he is very handy thanks to its wheels, its 23 KPa are used in Max mode, the auto-boost system is also very practical as well as the removable battery ... The brand has really implemented interesting innovations such as the measurement of the dust load or its direct air flow system that despite its fairly average power (250W) its suction is very good. It is more very light and iI is also very easy to use. At 189 € excluding promotion, it will delight the majority of users with its versatility.
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