Ultenic T10 test: an almost complete robot vacuum cleaner

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner with dust collector

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum

Ultenic T10 - Robot vacuum cleaner and mop with dust collector

Price as of: May 16, 2022 6 h 06 min

Ultenic continues to launch new robot vacuum cleaners (or aspibots for close friends) on the European market. Still at mid-range or even entry-level prices, for quality and services close to the top of the range. A good choice for people wanting equip yourself seriously without breaking the bank and, with his new Ultenic T10, the brand intends to offer you what it does best: 3000 Pa, vacuum cleaner and washer, precise LDS navigation, multi-map, packed with sensor but also equipped with a automatic dust collector, all for less than 600 €. We will see what he has in his stomach.

Ultenic T10: robot unboxing

The brand has dozens of patented technologies to his credit and develops devices to perform a wide range of household chores. In addition to quality, it also relies on a design clean, stylish and pleasant to look at. Present in more than 30 countries, the company is committed to offering products of a Very good value for money, we will see what it is with this Ultenic T10.

Be careful, you will receive a big, very big box! Indeed, your robot comes with a base that collects dust, and it takes up space. Count 40 x 40 x 36 cm and almost 9 kg. The packaging is quite simple, bearing the name and a design of the robot. Nothing more.

By opening from the top, we see that our robot is well protected and well wedged under foam sheets and relatively hard pieces of recycled cardboard for a better hold during transport. All the elements are also independently packaged in recyclable plastic bags.

Indeed, the brand's packaging is neither the most colorful nor the most attractive, but the Chinese company focuses above all on utility and practicality. And there, we must recognize that this is the case. Your Ultenic T10 robot is not likely to suffer from transport, and that is the most important.

By unpacking everything, we do not come across magnetic strips used to delimit the parts. The robot is therefore equipped with a mapping system (and it shows with its turret). On the other hand, there are batteries, a remote control… And that's great! We'll take a look at the accessories in a while.

When it comes out of the box, the Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner is coated with a tracing sheet showing the main characteristics of the product: multi-stage mapping, adaptive vacuum system, washing and vacuuming, laser navigation, automatic dust collector and works with the app Alexa (normally) and Google Assistant . You also have the QR-Code to download the app.

The colour ivory white is rather nice and goes everywhere in an interior. The design is quite standard as well as its dimensions with its 35 cm in diameter and 9,8 cm high (with lidar). He weighs 3,6 Kg which makes it one of the heaviest of the brand.

In terms of materials, it is plastic on the whole of its structure (ABS and polycarbonate) and a little brushed metallic coating on the top of the Lidar. The whole is the most beautiful effect with this cream color and its silver touches. We did not find any finishing problems on the tested product. It is really of very good quality!

The front panel of the robot consists of a bumper in a semicircle. It includes a protective strip of silicone material but also three different sensors:

  • An infrared frontal anti-collision and base detection sensor,
  • Lateral sensors (right and left) for detecting the base.
  • A pressure sensor that will activate if the robot hits an object.

On the sides, you also see two "grilles" on either side of the rear facade. These are used for one for ventilation and for the other to hide a speaker. There is also a button reset if needed.

In terms of sensors, we have of course the Lidar. It is the latest generation of the brand, the LODS for Laser Obstacle Detection System also equipped with their ultimate software ILNS 8.0 for Intelligent Laser Navigation System. What a long way from the use of a Lidar system to map the moon in 1971 and today to allow your robot to find its way around your apartment! Thanks to him, you will be able to have a multi-sector mapping, with division of zones, prohibited zones... This will also allow a much better navigation than the previous version (33% more efficient). In any case, nothing to do with the robot Ultenic D5S Pro tested recently.

On the top you have a double button to let you pilot the T10. We are on to something very simple.

The button " Home »Will be used for:

  • Return robot to base when cleaning

The button " Power " will allow :

  • Switch on the T10 with a long press,
  • To turn it off, with a short press.
  • Start a cleaning cycle with a short press.
  • Pause cleaning and resume it when in operation

The double button also goes act as an LED indicator (same color throughout)

- Flashing blue light: power on / network setup / firmware upgrade
- Steady blue light: on / normal operating state
- Flashing yellow light: low battery / recharging
- Flashing green light: charging
- Solid green light: fully charged
- Flashing red light: error
- Lights off: off / standby

To enter the robot into pairing mode, you will only have to press the home and power button for 5 seconds.

However, the issue of alerts relating to the application is still relevant. You will have visual and audio alerts, but there will be no no app pop-up message. So if your robot has a problem when you are not at home, you will find out when you return or you will have to go to the settings of the app.

If we look at the underside of our robot, we discover two tires mounted on a cushioning system allowing it to manage height differences of up to 2,5 cm. Sufficient to make the connections between parquet and tiling for example, or the doorsteps.

It also has a single location for the side brush. The latter is screwed. In practice, one or two brushes will not greatly change the quality of the cleaning. Especially since given its location, on the left, so the right when it cleans, this will allow it to clean the corners and edges of walls without problem. Especially since on this model, the main brush is 17 cm wide, so relatively large for better cleaning.

You will also notice the 360 ° roulette on the front, between two loading blocks that will not be used. You also have 4 vacuum sensors which will be used so that the robot does not fall if it is at the top of a staircase for example or that it calls you for help when it climbs the curtains.

We are on a relatively standard underside with a protective grid to avoid sucking up large parts and blocking the air inlet and the main brush. There is also a small squeegee to avoid leaving dust on the floor, especially when you are in low suction power.



The brush is similar to that of other products of the brand, namely that it is made flexible plastic strips to hit the ground and take off the dirt and soft bristles to bring them back to the suction area. No specific treatment or special technology to prevent the hairs from wrapping around. Remember to change it every 6 to 12 months depending on your use.


It is of course possible to remove the 2 in 1 dust bin because it is also a water reservoir. Regarding capacities, we are sure 280 ml of dust and 300 ml of water. This may not seem like much for the dirt capacity, but remember that you have an automatic collector that will empty the bin when the robot returns to base. It is very easy to remove with a pull button.

It is of course equipped with a plastic mesh prefilter, for an sponge filter and HEPA filter. This triple protection is very practical in use because the HEPA filter will saturate much less quickly. The assembly can be removed completely to wash with clean water (dry well to avoid burning the engine when restarting).

But this bac has a specificity that leaves us a little dubious. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the charging connectors are located ... on the tray. And to be more complete, on the water reserve as well. Even though safety seems to be guaranteed, it is quite strange to fill it with water, wipe it down and put it back in place before the robot recharges itself by sticking its pads on the loading doc. We don't really like water and electricity. Why this choice ? Especially since there are studs on the underside, but which is not used with the collector.

Regarding the accessories, you will have a filter HEPA, retaining 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3 µm, and a black foam in advance. The brand recommends changing them every 2 months, so having at least one in advance is always a good idea.


You will also have a spare side brush. They do not clip but are screwed. You will need to have a Phillips screwdriver for officers. Here again, the recommended frequency of change is 3 to 6 months.

You also have a tool for removing bristles and hair wrapped around the main brush.

In order to use the vacuum cleaner in washing mode, it is necessary to switch on the mop stand meant for that purpose. Attention, so that the installation is taken into account by the T10, remove the 2 in 1 tray, clip the support on it and put the assembly back in place at the back of the robot.. You have a mop already attached to it and a second to help.


Ultenic is very fond of remote controls (and it is true that it is practical) then they give you one also with two AAA batteries.. You can therefore use the T10 either manually using the buttons, or via the application or by the remote control, without an internet connection. The latter will make it possible to:

o Trigger a automatic cleaning (the "Play / pause" button in the middle of the directional pad),
o Return to base (the home button at the top),
o drive directly with the arrows,
o Make a targeted cleaning (the button with the broom in a target)
o Laver (the button with the raining cloud or something related to it)
o Put the vacuum cleaner in mute button (the button with the crossed out bell)
o Choose the cleaning power (the horizontal volume button)
o Put in max power (button with fan)


But now let's move on to the main accessory: the base! The latter acts both as a charging base but also as an automatic dust collector. As soon as your robot has finished cleaning, it will take charge and the emptying will start.

It is quite consistent because it makes 282 x 361 x 202 mm for 3,8 Kg! Inside, you will come to put vacuum bags. You have 1 already in place and 2 others in advance. The collector also has IF sensors to be recognized by the robot and two charging connectors. The suction mouth comes to stick to an opening of the dust container of the T10, like Adriana K. giving first aid courses and everything is sucked in a hellish noise (80 dB). It also has an LED display. There are indeed 3 pictograms available: state of the dust bag, load and fan.

Indicatorfan status (logo: a fan, practical not?):

• Steady green light: dust collection
• Flashing red light: fan overheating / fan error / cover not closed

Indicator charge (logo: one battery):
• Flashing green light: charging
• Steady green light: fully charged / standby

Indicator relating to vacuum bag (logo: a trash can)
• Steady green light: the vacuum bag is full / dust duct blocked
• Flashing red light: the vacuum bag is not installed / the vacuum bag is not installed correctly

It should be placed approximately 6 cm from the wall to allow good ventilation. Likewise, leave the 50 cm on each side free so that the robot can find its way around without difficulty.

This is clearly the strongest weight of this product. Knowing that in addition capacity of the bag can hold 2 months! Also note that the underside of the collector is coated with non-slip puppets for not having the robot push him against the wall when he comes home.

So we are on a great first impression : a lidar vacuum cleaner, remote controlled, washing and cleaning at the same time, dust collector… In short, that's good!
But let's look at the features.

Technical specifications

  • Brand Name : ULTENIC
  • Model : T10
  • Origin : China
  • Suction power : 3000Pa maximum
  • Hybrid tank :
  • Water (ml) : 300 ml
  • Poussière : 280 ml
  • Variable power : yes, silent, low, normal and max for 3000 Pa maximum. Auto system that will adjust the power according to the ground.
  • Variable water flow : Yes. Small / Medium / Normal / Large
  • Dimensions in mm : 350x350x98
  • Weight 3,6 kg
  • Features : Vacuuming, cleaning and washing, vacuuming and washing.
  • Cleaning :
    • automatic (global cleaning in the application),
    • washing (cleaning mode in the app).
    • cleaning of a selected part,
    • area cleaning. Two possibilities :
      • Place the robot where you want and press the remote control (targeted cleaning) to make it make a rectangle around the area,
      • In the application, put the "GPS" logo on the area to be cleaned and press >> to start cleaning
    • cleaning of selected area. It's a little different. The first option allows you to start cleaning on a specific point. There, in the application, come and define (with a rectangle) an area where you want to send the robot and press >> to start cleaning
  • Surface : Approx. 250 m² maximum with one load
  • No-cleaning zone : yes, via the app. You will give them the shape you want.
  • Resume cleaning from the point where the last cleaning was stopped : Yes
  • Virtual card : yes, multi-card. Very practical for two-story houses and castles
  • Filter type : HEPA
  • TurboBrush : Yes, the robot will adapt the power to the type of soil.
  • Navigate : by Lidar, IR and bumper.
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Brushless motor : Yes
  • Cleaning planning : YES
  • Autonomy : 280 min maximum for cleaning.
  • Charging time : About 4 hours
  • Battery : 5200MAH Lithium-ion battery
  • Voice operation : Yes with Alexa and Google Assistant. Attention, at the time of the test, the Skill Alexa was not yet fully functional.
  • Application : Ultenic, Proscenic base.
  • Noise : 60 dB in cleaning mode and 68 dB in suction max. Count 80 dB for the emptying.
  • Charging station : station with contactors in height, acting as an automatic dust collector.
  • Dimensions of the collector in mm : 282x361x202
  • Collector weight : 3,8 kg
  • Collector power : 1050 W
  • Type of collection : 4,3 l vacuum bag.
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Accessories : 2 x HEPA filters, 2 x filter foams, 2 side brushes, 2 cloths, 1 cleaning tool, a remote control, 3 vacuum cleaner bags…

The power mode will be adjusted via the application by choosing between 4 powers (silent, low, normal and max). Same, you have 4 water flows (low, medium, high and very high, depending on soil and soiling). The remote control will allow you to vary the suction power only.

Add to this different types of sensors:

  • Stuck wheel,
  • Brush stuck,
  • And the sensors seen previously

Ultenic gives the user the possibility of really determining the suitable use with 4 suction powers and 4 in water flow. You can indeed combine the suction and water flow rates (max and max, or min and max ...) or wash in almost absolute silence with the "cleaning mode" mode (just a sweep without suction) ... In addition, the fact of having equipped the T10 withan automatic dust collector is a very big highlight. So he has everything on paper to please.


Ultenic T10: home installation and application

Ultenic has developed its own application, based on that of Proscenic. You will first need create an account using your email and a password (numbers and letters) .. Then give the requested access and voila. Activate of course the GPS of your smartphone and switch to the Wi-Fi network that will be connected to the robot.

To install the robot, start by pressing the " + " Or on " Add Device ". Select the Ultenic T10 robot and put the vacuum cleaner in pairing mode by pressing the double button for 5 seconds then enter your Wi-Fi credentials. The application will ask you to come and connect to your ULTENIC vacuum cleaner network. Do it and don't touch anything afterwards. The robot appears on the home page as if by magic.

It will then be able to be used by voice with simple commands as « Alexa, turn on the vacuum cleaner " ou « Alexa, stop the vacuum cleaner ". However, it is not possible to ask him to return to base. Note that this function was unlocked by Ultenic shortly after our first tests, following our feedback to the brand. Proof of their great responsiveness!

Regarding the T10, the application is fairly extensive, both in terms of robot passage modes and parameters. Let's start with the settings.

Let's take a closer look at the game programming. You will not only be able to come select the type of cleaning (washing, vacuuming), the part but also the power of fashions. It really is a very good tool.

Concerning dust collector, you can choose to turn it on at each cleaning cycle (when the robot returns to the base), after 2 or 3 cleanings or never. In this case, press the bottom button (with its strange translation) to start a suction.

As announced, the Ultenic T10 is a vacuum cleaner that will map your interior and keep several maps in memory. Each card is flexible. You will be able to cut into pieces, merge zones ... To create zones, go through "partition management" and come and partition the card. Conversely, you can merge them. Also give them names (like rooms, kitchen…) or reset everything. By going to Zone management, you can create zones in partitions to do specific cleaning for example.

If, on the other hand, you want to come and create areas where the robot will not pass, once on the main screen, press the four squares at the bottom right and go to « delimitation of the cleaning area ». You will be able to create around ten areas to which the robot will not have access. The great thing is that you can shape them however you want, and that's great! Very practical for round rugs, trinkets on the floor ...

In the same control panel, you can come and activate the dust collector, call your vacuum cleaner if it is stuck out of sight, manage its sound volume and the lights (the status LEDs). You can also come and define water flow rates and suction power.

On the main page, at the top, you can select the robot's action modes:

  • Global cleaning. It is in fact the automatic mode. Then by going to the parameters of the main page, you will come to choose the water flow and the suction power. Attention, it is necessary to remove the dust container, fill it with water and detergent if necessary and above all put the accessory to the mop before replacing so that the washing mode is taken into account. It goes all over the map.
  • Cleaning mode. It is a very hazardous translation of the wash mode. In this mode, the robot washes but does not vacuum. He's just going to sweep. On the other hand, it will wash the floor with a pattern of passage in Y. Very practical because this mode of washing cleans much better than a washing in S. It is found especially on the high-end
  • Cleaning the selected room. On the map, click on the part you created and start the robot (washing and / or vacuuming).
  • Area cleaning. If you have selected an area as explained before, you can have it cleaned, exclusively.
  • Cleaning the selected area. Come and place the “GPS” symbol on your map and launch your robot to the attack!


During use (and before restarting another cleaning), you also have a visual cleaned surface, cleaning time et the remaining battery. The map will also show the robot's path, its waypoints and the place where it is at time t.

However, the application has some flaws. Sometimes she switches to English for no reason. In this case, it must be restarted. Conversely, it is possible that certain modes (this happened to us with the auto mode) are not available or not entirely. Pass the application in English (from the home page of the application and not that of the robot) and then switch back to French. However, an update seems to have fixed this last bug.

With Amazon Alexa

Activate the Skill Ultenic Home available in the store Alexa French.

Two possibilities to recognize the T10:

  • Go through the Ultenic application and in the settings, choose "Activate Alexa ". Enter your login details Amazon and, if you have already activated the skill, the robot will go directly back to your application. Otherwise, go to the second method.


  • Activate the skill on the app Amazon and then do a search. Your Ultenic T10 robot should appear in your application.

Be careful, the robot may not go up. If so, change your robot's name in the Ultenic app and it will magically appear. But will it work? No not yet. The T10 is indeed powered up, but it does not respond ... And that whether you make the request to see or in the application. The brand is working on the case right now and We can bet that an OTA will come to solve the problem.

With Google Home

For use the Ultenic T10 robot on Google Home, activate the Ultenic add-on in « Works with Google«  and search "Ultenic Home". Once done, enter the credentials of the Ultenic account created with the app.

From there, your T10 vacuum cleaner will go up automatically and you can decide to associate it with a room. You can also control it directly from the application, but in a fairly limited way : start a cleanup (the one selected in the Ultenic app), pause it et bring it back to the base. It works very well.

By voice, these are the same Google Assistant voice commands:

  • "Ok Google, start X",
  • "Ok Google, send X to the base",
  • “Hey Google stop X”.

The app has improved greatly from what was available with the D5S Pro. It is now very complete and very precise. The maps created are excellent and can be modified at will. We love ! Voice operation adds a plus, but remains quite limited for extensive use.

Daily use of the Ultenic T10 robot

The problems of use by voice have not yet been resolved on the side of the brand, it remains use by application and / or with the remote control. We have seen that the application suffers from a few bugs, but ultimately proves to be very useful and quite interesting when we have managed to get started. The remote control is a little limited in its possibilities but the essentials are there. Use the voice is still limited but she has the merit of avoiding taking out her smartphone or the remote control.

After several days of use, we share our findings with you to give you a clear idea of ​​its capabilities, advantages and drawbacks.

First of all, we were very impressed with the reliability of the maps produced. They are really precise and detailed. The robot's progress is well transcribed and we can clearly see the cleaning cycle. Thanks to Lidar and ILNS 8.0, the Ultenic T10 robot can be found without any problem and returns to his base with disconcerting ease. Indeed, where some robots get stuck in a corner to “cry” so that they can be picked up because they no longer know where they are, or even pass 43 times in the same place, this one makes a logical progression, without get lost and thus gains in efficiency and in working time.

Le Y wash is also really effective, although of course the lack of real mechanical action means that the final quality is not at the level of an elbow grease wash.

About the cleaning quality, this new reference from Ultenic is rrelatively efficient and provides very good suction power. Note that the best results are obtained with suction levels 2 and 3 (normal and maximum), even if of course this will generate more noise. It will also act on autonomy. In normal suction, it is about 2h30. Which is huge. You will be able to vacuum and wash your house or apartment in one go!

We have nevertheless observed that the suction and washing mode leaves dirt on the floor, which “stick” to your moistened soil. The best way to use it therefore seems to be to vacuum and then put the robot in wash mode. It is also the only way to have a Y wash.

It goes smoothly on rugs and carpets. The auto mode also allows it to adapt its power automatically and it is very practical. However, if you have not determined a prohibited zone, the robot will wash the mop over these same surfaces ...

Of course, the automatic dust collector is a real asset. Even if noisy, it will save you the chore of emptying the dust container (but it will still be necessary to put water in the tank for washing).

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In conclusion, the Ultenic T10 robot vacuum is very close to the full box. Even if a little more complex to use than the D5S Pro, it is much more efficient and precise in its actions. It locates itself with ease, cleans efficiently and returns to its base on its own to empty itself via the automatic collector. The autonomy is also relatively substantial and allows you to wash and vacuum large areas at the same time. The brand's youthfulness means that there are still application failures (translation, change of language), but we can forgive them. For 599 € on Amazon. Fr, it is a robot which is not given, it is true, but it is the best of the brand and really a product Premium. So we are on A very good value for money !

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!