Ultenic K10 review: the connected fryer that wants you good

Our opinion on the Ultenic K10 fryer

Ultenic K10 deep fryer

Ultenic K10 Oil-less Fryer 5L, Wi-Fi Air Fryer XL, 11 Programs with 100+ Recipes, Touch Screen, Compatible with Google and Alexa, for 3-5 People, Non-Stick Ceramic, 1500W

Price on: July 6, 2022 12 h 41 min

The end of the year festivities are over, you may want to rebalance your diet a little. If your scale shows worrying numbers, you might want to consider eating healthier. In this, an air fryer can be of great use to you. Allowing you to continue to have fun by drastically reducing the amount of fat used for cooking, these kitchen appliances are becoming essential in our kitchens and, in addition, connect to our voice assistants! This is particularly the case of the deep fryer Ultenic K10 which comes under our magnifying glass today.

Announced compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Ultenic K10 fryer is sold for € 129 excluding promotion. Let's take a closer look at its capabilities.

Ultenic K10: a connected hot air fryer


We received our Ultenic K10 connected fryer.

On both sides, front and back, a large visual of the fryer is accompanied by six pictograms showing the main functions: multiple cooking mode, power 1500W, preset programs, application, large capacity (5 Liters), smart Touch.

On the side, photos to make you salivate quickly invite us not to linger.

Extracted from its last box, the Ultenic K10 fryer is revealed all in black plastic. Well no, not really, because an ergonomic handle in brown and ocher tones cuts through the monotony of black.

La connected fryer QUOTE 30 cm x 26.49 cm for 30.5 cm high and weighs only 4.09 kg. A very light weight for an equally compact device whose storage will be easy and which you can easily slide on the worktop or under a tall cabinet.

At the back, a handle prevents the obstruction of the aeration grid. What is evacuated is indeed hot, so it is necessary to respect the safety distances between the fryer and any other object / wall / furniture of 10 cm on the sides and 20 cm in terms of height. Finally, a 1 meter long power cord, with earth connection of course, allows it to be kept away from an electrical outlet.

It's on top that everything happens. The Ultenic K10 fryer control panel offers "+" or "-" buttons for temperature or heating time settings, as well as 11 preset programs for the main foods that we are used to preparing with such a machine. :

  • Frites
  • Chicken wings
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Onions
  • Pizza
  • Bacon
  • Baking
  • Bread (= pastry)
  • Vegetable

In the lower part, you also have four buttons:

  • Preheat for Preheat. By default, in manual mode, it is programmed to 205 ° for 5 min, modifiable of course. Choose the desired temperature and the time will automatically adjust.
  • Keep Warm for Keep warm, handy if your guests are late in arriving. The temperature is 75 ° and you can select a timer between 1 and 60 minutes.
  • Start / Pause
  • On / Off

The Ultenic K10 fryer is already configured for temperature display in ° C, but it is possible to switch to ° F by pressing simultaneously on + et - of the function for more than 5 seconds. A beep will confirm that your request has been taken into account. Repeat the operation to return to ° C.

The basket has a good capacity of 5 liters, which allows you to easily cook a small whole chicken or a large batch of fries for 4 people.

The basket and the grid have a non-stick coating. The food does not adhere, this makes cleaning easier, but you can still put it in the dishwasher. Note that the coating is BPA and BFOA free (Bisphenol A and the substance that fixes it).

On the handle, a button allows you to remove the basket from the fryer. Its bottom has four studs on which the grid is placed. Practical the plate is equipped with a small handle that you can grip delicately with the tines of a fork to avoid burning yourself.

Once the basket is removed, the interior of our Ultenic K10 opens up to our eyes. You can easily see 1500W resistor in the form of a spiral that makes up the Dual-Air Technology system. It makes it possible to obtain cooks 4 times faster than an oven classic with 90% less oil for an equally enticing result.

The heating range allows the air fryer to cook at low temperature from 75 ° and go up to 205 °, which will allow us to cook most foods.

Below, four silicone pads provide good support for the Ultenic K10 fryer. The bottom is largely drilled to allow ventilation of the system.

Regarding the documentation you will find:

  • A business card with the contact details of the support.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Multilingual user manual including French.
  • The user guide for the multilingual application including French.
  • un recipe book, which Ultenic has at your disposal to make your mouth water. So yes, currently it is not yet translated into French but remains perfectly understandable (the necessary is in progress for the translation). This is a real book of 100 recipes.


  • Brand : Ultenic
  • Model : K10
  • Food : sAC 220V-240V, 50 Hz plug-in via an EU plug with earth.
  • Size : 30.5 x 26.49 x 30 cm (H, W, P)
  • Weight 4,09 kg
  • Engime : 1500 W
  • Capacity : 5 liters
  • Number of presets : 11
  • Control modes : touch and via app
  • type of heating : 1500W resistance
  • Connectivity : 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi,
  • Application : Ultenic
  • Compatibility of voice assistants: very limited in France, whether with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Installation and use of the Ultenic K10 fryer

Ultenic app

First of all, place your Ultenic K10 fryer while respecting the safety instructions, namely leaving it a space of 10 cm on the sides and 20 cm in height if you place it under a high cabinet.

Press the On / Off button for 5 sec until you hear a beep, then again to see the control panel appear with the Wi-Fi symbol blinking.

Ultenic has developed a second application, similar to that intended for its vacuum cleaners, which supports its air fryer: Ultenic (the one on an orange background, like cardboard). We invite you to refer to the one presented with the Ultenic D5S Pro vacuum cleaner which uses the application with the logo on a blue background and which does not differ in any way.

It is neither more nor less than a Tuya application, so you can consider using the latter or the famous one. Smart Life.

The installation is done very simply from the home page:

  • Click on "+" At the top right or simply on "Add a device" in the center.
  • In the kitchen choose "K10"
  • Turn on the device, if you haven't already done so, the control panel will light up and the Wi-Fi symbol should flash. Otherwise, keep the button pressed for 5 seconds to put the device in pairing mode.
  • Fill in the password for your network 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Select the temporary Ultenic network in the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone
  • Return to the application, the search starts immediately and in a few seconds the device is registered on the app.
Well done ! Here it is now registered on the home page. When you click on it, you find the 11 predefined programs which can be modified both in time and in temperature, depending on the quantities to be cooked. The functions: Preheat and Keep warm are to be activated as required.

During the various stages of preparation, such as halfway through cooking if the need to stir the food is foreseen, the fryer not only beeps but you also receive a push notification. Very convenient.

If the word "Shake" appears above the cooking temperature, it means that a beep will invite you to stir the food halfway through cooking. This is particularly useful for fries, so that they do not stick together and brown well on all sides.

The function is available on 4 programs : fries, chicken wings, vegetables, onion rings,

By clicking on "See more" you access the recipes of the book translated into French. You then have three distinct sections:

  • My Favorites : select one of the suggested recipes by putting a heart in it, it will be added to your favorites
  • my Recipes : you are the cook! enter cooking information, comments and even add a photo from your gallery or taken live.
  • Cooking Sheet : it is the logbook of your fryer.


By clicking on the star wheel, you access the settings and the possibility of renaming the fryer if you wish.

By returning to the main page and clicking on "Profile", you can check among other things system notifications via "Message Center".

With Amazon Alexa

The Ultenic K10 fryer is compatible Alexa and go up in the application once the skill Ultenic activated and your linked accounts. Corn, don't expect to be able to totally control it with Alexa, because at present, you can just vocally ask to turn on / off the control panel. No manual control via the app. It is kind of a shame.

If you have a US account, you can nevertheless obtain additional functions such as: activate one of the programs, ask for the temperature. Functions that we hope to see arrive quickly on the French version.

With Google Assistant

If the Ultenic add-on is also installed and the accounts linked, no problem, your Ultenic K10 is Google Assistant compatible and appears in the category of switches. UnlikeAlexa, a little extra is available in the app Google Home, and you have a virtual button on the app to turn the fryer on or off. Unfortunately, Google doesn't take more voice commands than it does.Alexa. On that side, therefore, the status quo.

Our opinion on the Ultenic K10 fryer

In use, if we ignore the very relative compatibility with voice assistants, in France in any case, the possibilities offered by the Ultenic K10 fryer are numerous. 11 programs help you achieve the fairest and healthiest cooking possible. Learning is easy.

Being a deep fryer, we obviously started by making fries. If you take “classic” fries, don't hesitate to add a spoonful of oil to them to see them brown, just like for the chips offered on page 74 of the recipe book provided… Frankly, a treat! 😋

Chocolate muffins (page 91) are also excellent. You are hungry ? U.S. too. We even froze some and they became perfect again using the function Keep Warm 2 times 5 minutes in order to bring them back to room temperature. Perfect with a little coffee for a gourmet break!

We also tested sweet potato fries, zucchini fritters and found the results to be very satisfactory. All the foods tested were perfect and were not at all fatty, necessarily, since cooked without oil or with barely a spoon.

The mode " Keep warm Is ideal for defrosting, it is very practical on a daily basis. Planning a launch delayed works very well, three beeps notifying you when the Ultenic K10 fryer starts. This programming also makes it possible to place certain foods in the bowl beforehand and to find them cooked when you return home. Perfect if you come home for lunch for lunch, for example. You can also use the keep warm function and add up to an hour to the schedule to deal with a possible delay.

Enjoy a reduction of 10 €  on your order valid until January 12, 2022 with the exclusive code that Ultenic offers to Alexiens


Updated: July 6, 2022 12:41 a.m.
In conclusion, lThe Ultenic K10 air fryer is a convincing kitchen appliance. The cooking is fair and it is rich in possibilities with no less 11 preset programs. The brand also offers a real recipe book which, although in English in its paper version, is also available in French in the application. The power of 1500W is much less than a conventional oven and therefore more economical, but quite powerful enough to consider cooking just about anything. The large capacity tank allows you to place a small whole chicken or a good quantity of fries for about 4 people. We will only regret the lack of real compatibility with voice assistants in France, but it was also somewhat the case with the BlitzHome BH-AF2 or Proscenic T21.

Proposed 129 € except promo on Amazon. Fr, the discreet Ultenic K10 is both an air fryer and a small auxiliary oven very practical on a daily basis which will suit the large kitchen of a family home as well as a student's studio. With functions for fry, bake, broil, roast and even to dehydrate is a product complete and convincing !

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.