Thomson Diane LED E27 test: a bulb especially for Alexa...

At a time when the days are getting shorter and therefore the nights are getting longer, we need light. Anxious to present you always more new models, we found during our peregrinations in a Bricomarché store a connected bulb still not passed in our Lab ': the Thomson Diane LED RGBW.

With an E27 type base, it is advertised on the packaging as being compatible with Amazon Alexa et Google Home. Thomson is marketed in France by Avidsen, whose Avidsen test Smart Bulb Wi-Fi a few months ago. Operating in Wi-Fi on the 2.4GHz network, we will see that this little sister of 600 lumens (compared to the 900 lm of the Avidsen) is also interesting and efficient.

Thomson Diane LED: E27, RGBW, Wi-Fi, 7W, 600lm ...


The Thomson Diane LED bulb is available in a very nice little box but nevertheless much larger than necessary. With on the front a visual showing the bulb in service and information on the characteristics, we will retain at the bottom right the pictograms specifying that the two main voice assistants Google Assistant et Amazon Alexa are supported. On one side of the packaging, the At Home application is highlighted. We will therefore install it on one of the stores (Apple or Google Play) when the time comes.

Once out of its content in which it is well wedged, we discover the bulb of 600 lumens to the power of 7W. This one is RGBW, dimmable, and offers a temperature of the blanks ranging from 3000 to 6000 Kelvins. Finally, a short installation guide in seven languages ​​is attached.

Let's take a closer look. With an opalescent part that will not blind, a plastic body on which is printed the electrical data and the CE standard, this connected bulb E27 makes 12 cm long by 6 cm wide, which places it in the middle of the genre. It is rather light and displays 52 grams.


DIANE-LED 520023
E27 base
12 6 cm x cm
52 grams
Energy class
Luminous flow
100 - 240 Vac 50Hz
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
White color temperature
3000 - 6000k
Protection sign

At Home: the home app that's not all good ...

Once is not customary, we will use the home application of Thomson, At Home, which we downloaded, as far as we are concerned, on the Google Play Store, but which is of course also available on iOS.

Once the app is downloaded, an account needs to be created, not too surprisingly. For information, the password must contain at least one upper case, one lower case and one number. An activation code is sent to the address indicated which must be entered to complete the registration.

 This being done we arrive on the home page where we will come to save our bulb. Clicking on "Add a product", the next page asks us for permission to access the GPS position, then if it has not yet been done, turn on the bulb which must go into pairing mode by flashing for 5 seconds. If this is not the case, a "On / off" three times in a row in less than two seconds will switch it to pairing mode. Without you having a confirmation flash.

We will then indicate which product we are going to add, in this case Thomson Diane LED smart bulb. The next step is to indicate the identifiers of the Wi-Fi network on which it will be installed.

The search begins and, if all is well, a message indicating that the procedure is complete is displayed. It is then time to give this bulb a little name Thomson Diane LED. We chose to call it simply Thomson. Original, isn't it?

By clicking on "Finish" the light bulb dashboard appears. With an easy-to-use visual, it is pleasant to look at but not to use, far from it! Indeed, when you click for any modification: color, white or intensity, for the request to be taken into account, you have to wait until the previous request is validated and the hourglass has finished milling ... when it wants to react well! Count a good ten seconds of grinding the hourglass. Frankly it's not pleasant and after a few tries the application no longer responded to our requests.

In the application Amazon Alexa...

To allow our favorite voice assistant to answer us "ok" when we request interactions, we must first install the Skill At Home available on store Alexa France.

Our bulb does not go directly into the application, we must carry out a search via the menu " More " and "Lights" et " Others ". After a few seconds, Alexa indicates that she has found this new object with the name given in the At Home application. No need to rename the bulb to match it with the application, so much the better. Finally, the bulb can be integrated into a group for common management with other devices in the same room, for example. The routine creation Alexa is just as possible.

Voice control with Alexa is no problem. The number of colors available is 20, including 5 for white tones.

And in Google Home?

In the application Google Home, must go link your account to the At Home application by entering the email and password that were used during its creation. Once this is done, the bulb goes back up without difficulty.

But this is where it gets spoiled! It's the big surprise, unexpected and the huge disappointment of the day because, apart from switching on / off, it is not possible to manage neither the intensity nor the colors! Well, it's always better than nothing, but it's a big disappointment for Google Home users and the indication "Works with the Google Assistant" seems a little presumptuous to us.

To conclude:

Although the flow ofThomson Diane LED smart bulb is only 600lm, the lighting is correct as an auxiliary lamp, especially in cold white where the brightness is really optimal. If you have the voice assistant Alexa, this bulb is interesting although slightly more expensive than some white brands Tuya / Smart Life. Google Home user, on the other hand, go your way if you want to take advantage of full functionality. Although mentioned on the packaging, the Google Assistant is not fully operational and the compatibility is a bit overused.

Otherwise, its proportion makes it a pleasant connected light bulb. The illuminating part is quite large compared to other models, the colors are clear even if in the photos below the two shades of white do not differ too much. On the other hand, the application Thomson At Home is a calamity if you want to use it manually. Fortunately, as Alexiens, we prefer the vocal and we won't have to go back too much, but it's a disappointment ...

Finally, here is a small photo gallery of the renderings of the Thomson Diane LED bulb:



NS. 20 €









Price quality



  • Harmonious shape
  • Fairly good color rendering
  • Full consideration by Alexa

The lessers

  • Ineffective application: too much latency
  • Consideration of Google Home very limited
  • A bit expensive
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.