Tefal Goodvibes Health test: a 14-in-1 connected scale

Our opinion on the Tefal BM966x Godvibes Health scale

Tefal Goodvibes Health - BM966x

Tefal Goodvibes Health Connected scale, 14 body indicators, Connected application, Easy to use, Unlimited number of users, Capacity 180 kg, Graduation 50 g BM9661S1

Price as of: June 29, 2022 22 h 16 min

On this first day of the year, make way for good resolutions! After taking care of your teeth with connected toothbrushes, we are now going to take care of your weight, so that you can finally have the body that goes with that movie teething. Whether you want to monitor your figure after the end of year feasts or simply have more precise data on various representative indicators of your health within the framework of a more specific diet or a sporting activity, there is a connected scale for you.

We tested the latest French novelty of its kind, the new Tefal Goodvibes Health, a rather high-end segment with its price €119,99. Based on impedancemetry technology, the Goodvibes Health will measure 14 parameters ranging from protein level to the perceived age of your body through ... weight. Is this a worthwhile purchase?

Tefal Goodvibes Health: monitor your weight with your smartphone


Tefal was created in Sarcelles in 1956 and its core business is non-stick kitchen utensils. Moreover, its name is a contraction of TEFlon ALuminium. Part of the Société d'Emboutissage de Bourgogne group (SEB) since 1968, the brand has always been in the culinary sector except for bathroom scales, evolution of kitchen scales, one might say.

La Tefal Goodvibes Health (positive waves) is delivered in a box-type packaging of chocolates (cover removable from the top) of 36,5 cm side and 4,5 cm thick for almost 4 kg. Colorful and highlighting a visual of the product, the connectivity of the scale is well highlighted with the application of the brand, the number of indicators monitored and an explicit diagram on the link smartphone - balance.

The rear shows for its part the main characteristics such as the size of the display and the plate, its precision… As well as a QR-code to download the application and its Bluetooth operation. Inside, our model BM966x is well wedged between pieces of dense foam and does not move an inch, to avoid breaking its tempered glass top. You will also find there a micro USB cable of one meter to charge it as well as a fairly brief user manual.

From the start, there are two things that stand out: its quality and its weight. She is indeed quite heavy with more than 3,2 kg. The materials used are of very good quality with its 32 cm x 32 cm glass top and thick plastic body. Black in color, the high-end aspect is really present. She is also very thin with 2 cm.


On the back edge, you will find a reset button in case of blockage of the scale and the USB plug for charging. Allow around 1h30 to 2 hours for a full charge. The scale does not turn on until you step on it, it will last for several weeks.

The general design of the Tefal Goodvibes Health is rather nice and, to say the least, is that it reminds us of one of the references of the sector: the Withings Body +.

There is no visible electrode like on most scales of this type. This is because the brand decided to use the ITO technology (indium-tin oxide) as a surface treatment, more precise than steel electrodes and easier to use because it is all the treated areas that will make the measurement. This coating is deposited on the glass surface and will be in contact with your arch. We can also see a separation into 4 areas of the surface with in the center a metallized sensor labeled TEFAL. On the bottom, “Goodvibes Health” is highlighted in a darker insert because it is untreated.

The LED display is quite large because it is 2,3 cm high, which allows see the numbers. The underside is fitted with gripping pads to prevent the scale from slipping on sometimes wet floors, such as that in a bathroom.

The first experience of the Tefal Goodvibes Health is excellent. She exudes quality. Now let's see what she can do.


  • Brand : TEFAL
  • Model : Goodvibes Health, BM966x
  • Dimensions : 32 cm square (perfect for big feet) and 2 cm thick
  • Weight : 3,2 kg
  • Available colors : black
  • Food : Li-ion battery, rechargeable
  • Impedance technology : ITO coating.
  • Measuring range : from 8 to 180 Kg
  • Echelon : 0,05 kg
  • Number of users : unlimited
  • Functionalities :
    • 14 measures:
      • Weight,
      • Weight excluding fat,
      • BMI,
      • Body fat,
      • Muscular mass,
      • Bone mass,
      • Body water,
      • Visceral fat,
      • Subcutaneous fat,
      • Skeletal muscles,
      • Basal metabolic rate,
      • Metabolic age,
      • Protein level
      • Cardiac frequency
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth
  • Application : Good vibes

Like most connected scales, the Tefal Goodvibes Health works by impedancemetry.

What is that ? It is a relatively "simple" mode of operation. An electric current of a very low intensity (a few tens of µA) will be applied when you put your feet on your scale and will pass through your body. You know that electricity does not circulate as well in all materials or substances and that it propagates more easily through copper than plastic for example (hence a sheathed electric wire so as not to take chestnuts). Well, it's the same with the human body. The current will pass more easily through the tissues rich in water (muscle, cells, etc.) and much less through those which are more insulating like grease. For simplicity, depending on the resistance measured on the current in return, the balance will come to calculate a set of values ​​as hydration, percentage of fat, proteins ...

But is it really accurate? The answer is yes and no. Despite everything, there are biases to this system. In the first place, electricity is a big lazy that takes the shortest route. So, to go from one foot to another, it will certainly not go up to the top of the head but turn around towards the waist. This means that the global values ​​will be extrapolated and are subject to approximations linked to the manufacturer's algorithm. This is why professional impedance systems also have handles that must be held in order to properly measure the upper body.

The other bias is the software we talked about. Each brand will try to develop its own both to extract and interpret the data, but also to edit the typical user profiles. Something quite delicate to put into practice, each body being different and displaying varitations during the day. Especially sincethere is no standard strictly speaking.

So it's more a great tool for tracking your weight and typical values ​​than specific medical equipment. Two brands will thus give you different values ​​and interpretations for the same characteristics (except for the weight and the percentage of water of the body which are the simplest values ​​(the weight not being measured via the impedance). a scale will burst the fat levels between subcutaneous fat, visceral fat or other, this is where the differences occur.

Tefal Goodvibes Health: installation and use

The French brand has created its own application: good vibes. The latter is easy to use but has a very big gap: she is linked to a smarphone. This means that if you change smartphone or uninstall the app, you will lose all your data! Indeed, there is no linked account, no email, no cloud ... Nevertheless, the confidentiality will be delighted.


After downloading the app, you need choose the weight units (Kilogram, pounds or stone) and size (inch or cm) desired then enter your personal information such as your name, date of birth, height and whether or not you are an athlete. This last info will change some of the statistics to adapt them to more specific metabolisms. Even if the notion of athlete begins at 8 hours of sport per week, which can be achieved quite quickly.


To recognize the scale, it's very simple. Activate your GPS and your Bluetooth then when requested by the app, step on the scale after selecting this type of device. The latter will go back under the name of Goodvibes Health. And There you go. It is recognized and will remain so.

Using Tefal Goodvibes Health is just as easy. Open the app, step on the scale and the measurement will be done in about 15 seconds. Which is a bit longer than other scales giving a measurement in 5 seconds. During the measurement, the weight will flash, 5 squares will line up as the data stabilizes. The weight and heart rate will then be displayed. The numbers are really visible, which is welcome for this type of product. Then take your smartphone and you will see that the indicators have been updated live.

The dashboard part presents the indicators of the last measurement. Most of the data is associated with statistical values ​​related to your age and height. You will thus have:

  • Weight (kg) : 4 zones (insufficient, normal, overweight and obese). It is your gross weight, that is to say your mass x gravity (constant on earth at 9,81 N / kg).
  • Heart rate (bpm) : 5 zones (too low (40 bpm), low, normal, high and too high (160 bpm)). This measurement is used to monitor your cardiovascular health. Even if it is not as precise as a watch, it is only indicative because it is rather the pulse wave speed that demonstrates the health of your plumbing.
  • BMI or body mass index. There are 4 zones (underweight (18,5), normal, overweight and obese (30). This is the ratio of weight to height in meters squared and goes estimate your build. The higher the number, the more overweight you are. However, as such, it is not always of interest. A bodybuilder of 130 kg of muscle will have a high BMI but is not necessarily obese.
  • Body fat ou I'M G (fat mass index) in%: 5 zones (low (6% or 14% for men and women), athletic, good, acceptable and obese (25% or 32%)). This represents the gross amount of fat in your body.
  • Weight excluding fat (kg) : it is the total weight minus the weight of fat. Indicative.
  • Subcutaneous fat (%): 3 zones (low (8,6% for men and 18,5% for women), normal and high (16,7 and 26,7%). "visible" fat for love wrists, chest, saddlebags… The values ​​are given by TEFAL but there is no real standard data, except for athletes. If you are into orange or red, then don't get complex.
  • Visceral fat (%) : 4 zones (good (6%), acceptable, high and excessive). This will represent the fat that will surround your organs, so under the muscles. The more there is, the more risk there is to your health such as cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. This is a relatively important indicator to follow.
  • Skeletal muscle (%) : 3 zones (low (49%), normal and high (59%). This is the proportion of muscles attached to the bones, representing your motor skills and therefore your tone.
  • Muscle mass (kg) : 3 zones (low, normal and high). It is the muscle weight of your body. The more, the better.
  • Body water (%) : 3 zones (low (50% for men and 45% for women), normal and high (65 and 60%). all fluids in your body including urine, blood, cell water… If you have too much of it, you are retaining water (or you feel like going to the toilet). Not enough, you are dehydrated. The two cases are not good.
  • Bone mass (Kg) : 3 zones (below average, average and above average. This represents the mass of your skeleton in your total weight. It is the mass of the bones without the red marrow. This is therefore indicative, but a low value may show osteoporosis or a vitamin deficiency.
  • Protein (%) : 3 zones (low (14 (woman) or 16% (man)), normal and high (16 or 18%). percentage calculated from bone and muscle mass, water and weight, sex and height. Proteins are not stored, if you have too much, they will be eliminated if you do not exercise to turn them into muscles. And you risk straining your kidneys. Not enough, you risk deficiencies, problems with oxygenation of the blood or immunity (antibodies are proteins).
  • Basal metabolic rate (kcal) : 2 zones (below average and above, based on your age, gender and height). It is a measurement at rest of how much energy your body needs to function well. This value should be modified according to your physical activity (x 2 if you are athletic, x 1,6 for an active person and x 1,3 for a sedentary person).
  • Metabolic age (years) : This is an estimate of the age of your body based on the various measurements made by the scale. The more active you are, the more it will drop.

On the top of this dashboard you will find the last weight measurement and the variations since the first weigh-in. You can also come set weight and body fat goals. However, this will not provide advice to reach them but just a target that will appear on the charts of the trend part.

By pressing the "+" at the top right, you can make a manual entry, add a scale, share your measurements or even make a data comparison. That is to say select dates and see the evolution of measurements between these two periods.



The "trends" page refers to the graphical data of the various indicators on the week, month, year or even on a particular date.

The my account part is a catch-all allowing to add new users but to go much further with the settings part. You will be able to define the objectives, change the units, manage your devices but also connect your application to Fibit or Google Fit in order to synchronize your donations and integrate them into a more complete ecosystem for the management of physical activity. This is a big highlight if you have a watch of the type Fitbit Versa 3 for example.

After several days of testing, we made cross-comparisons with an electrode impedance balance. The raw results are fairly representative such as weight, body water, total fat… But differences exist for the extrapolated values via the biases that we saw earlier. It is not easy to know which device gives the most accurate results, but in both repeatability and reproducibility are present.

As announced in the preamble, we are therefore more concerned with a tool for measuring and monitoring your parameters over time with consistent data one after the other. Be careful, however, to follow a few rules such as weighing yourself at a fixed time, not necessarily every day, with an empty bladder, in the morning when you wake up for example ... You must not be wet and not be dressed. Indeed, clothing will not only add weight but, since it is insulating, will be considered fat.

In conclusion, the connected scale Tefal Goodvibes Health is a product that won us over with its quality, design and large number of possible measures. Warning, it is not a medical device and it will allow you to monitor your various indicators over time. Do not become the slave of the figures which are for many the averages developed by the brand or very generic or even extrapolations via an algorithm. But it remains a very powerful tool of your health level. It is however a pity that it is so heavy and that the application only remains local. The latter is also quite basic, devoid of nutritional advice or exercises to achieve the goals set. On the other hand, it is possible to synchronize all the data via Fitbit or Google Fit, which is a big plus. Its high price is also a guarantee of quality and durability, in the absence of a clear opinion on reliability.

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