Teckin Cam TC100 test: the click-clack camera

The field of video surveillance has recently been enriched by a new player with Echo Show which offers the possibility of displaying its cameras in the app Alexa, transforming itself into a CCTV camera. Nevertheless, their orientation is not really idea now. While this will be of countless service, there will always be situations where the use of a smaller and therefore more discreet device will be welcome. It is in this context that we will test the camera Teckin Cam TC100 or Click . Small, malleable and discreet, Teckin offers an indoor camera operating in Wi-Fi on the network 2.4GHz which detects movements and noises. Let's take a closer look.

Teckin is a Chinese company founded in 2017 which is present on the North American and European continents. Its key words are: quality, affordable and design! Let's see if these criteria are met.

Tecking Cam TC100: a small cube on foot


The packaging is as understated as the camera is. It is a very small box in glossy and white cardboard that we discover. Small, it measures only 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 6.4 cm and everything fits in! On the upper face, a visual of the camera with its references, with the main characteristics in the form of pictograms (resolution, storage, etc.). As for the dimensions, they reassure us about the compatibility with voice assistants Amazon Alexa ou Google Assistant and display the QR codes of the application available on the Android and iOS stores. The underside is not to be outdone and tells us about the certifications: FC, CE and RoHS.

Anyway, let's open this box. It is with surprise that we do not immediately discover the camera, but first of all two new small boxes, one notched allowing the dark side of the camera to be seen. As you can see, it is also protected by a plastic bag and a protective film that covers the lens. The other small packaging contains the food, each element of which is also individually wrapped. The concern to protect its products well to satisfy the customer is felt. And it is nice when you open these small packages.

Once everything has been unpacked, we can present the contents to you:

  • La Teckin Cam TC100 1080p, it displays a template of 6 cm side for 10 cm high.
  • THEadapter and its USB cable - microUSB with a length of 1.5 meters.
  • Un 3M double sided adhesive.
  • Le Quick Start Guide in 5 languages ​​including French of course. Very succinct, it is nonetheless very well done.

Let's take a closer look at the camera itself. Square in shape, the Teckin Cam TC100 is two-tone, black on the front and white around. Mounted on a stand, it is articulated and its lens allows you to capture images at an angle up to 108 °. The set is nice to watch and has many similarities to the Blink Mini camera, although it is slightly larger. On the back, at the top left, we find the button for the function reset and in the right angle the loudspeaker. In the lower central part the micro-USB port. 

Let's take a closer look at the face. In the center the objective. The resolution of the image is High Definition in 1080p. Here no adjustment as to the choice of the quality to be broadcast. Six LEDs surround the lens to allow it to capture an image up to 10 meters at night.

Under the lens, there is an operating LED which, depending on the situation, may flash:

  • Steady red: power on, initializing
  • Flashing red: ready for pairing
  • Flashing red and white: Wi-Fi problem (incorrect username or password)
  • Flashing white: current connection
  • Solid white: in service

On the side, a slot offers the possibility of inserting a microSD card up to 128 GB (not supplied) for local storage.

The power supply is provided by a supplied travel adapter which delivers: input 100-240V - 50 / 60Hz 0.15A and in soutlet 5V - 1A, 5W. But it is also possible to connect the camera to a USB port directly if you wish since the cable and the adapter are in two parts. One less constraint, or one more advantage, as desired. The cable plugged directly into a USB extension cable undeniably gives more ease for its installation in terms of the distance from an electrical point.

The base is a square in which the foot of the device is embedded. The articulation thus created is the only possibility of orienting the Teckin Cam TC100 in the position you want. It can be placed on a shelf, placed perpendicular to a wall or upside down on the ceiling and fixed with the double-sided adhesive supplied. It is very light and does not need a fixing by screw… Which is not envisaged besides. Below are CE and RoHS certifications.

Technical sheet :

  • Brand: TECKIN
  • Model: Cam or Click is the same!
  • Dimension: 6 cm x 6 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Color: White and Black
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Login: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Vertical rotation: No
  • Horizontal rotation: No
  • Field of view : 108°
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Night vision : IR by 6 LEDs
  • Night vision range : 10 meters
  • Audio communication: Bi-directional
  • Storage mode: On SD licro card (not supplied) or on the cloud (with subscription)
  • Compatibility of voice assistants:  Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Teckin Cam TC100:

Installation and use:

Teckin has its in-house version of the well-known application Tuya / Smart Life, available on the stores Android ou iOS for the management of its camera.

Once downloaded, you must register with an email, indicate if you want your first name (which will then appear in the application settings under owner) and validate the terms of use. As soon as the email address has been entered, you will receive a verification code which must be entered on the following page within the allotted time of 3 minutes. This done, you have to create a password and you will then arrive on the home page.

The suite is very similar to the other apps for recording the device. a click on the "+", we choose in the " video surveillance " choose " Teckin Click ". The next step tells us, if necessary, that the camera must be supplied with electricity. She gets into pairing mode automatically by changing from steady red to flashing red. Don't forget to activate GPS to allow geolocation. This being made a QR code is displayed on the smartphone that you will have to pass in front of the camera lens until the white LED is displayed. Once the recognition is validated, the actual pairing starts. In a few seconds, the camera is recognized and a choice of destination parts is offered. You can leave it blank right away and do it later.

If the light did not flash, pressing the reset button on the back of the camera should remedy this.

What is a bit confusing compared to other Tuya apps is that once the installation is complete, we usually find the camera on the home page. Here, nay! The home page remains blank even suggesting that the recording may not have worked ... But, in fact, it is well recorded, because the first images are visible if we go to the menu " camera " at the bottom of the page.

You can see in the “camera” display the last image of the “live” captured. The three lines at the top right offer the possibility of adding one or more cameras… By clicking on the image presented, you arrive on the live stream under the heading “View”. As this is a commissioning, it is proposed to carry out the firmware update. Once done we discover the functions available on this page:

  • Take a photo and video  : it will be available in "Album" which is in a way a shortcut to the gallery of your smartphone if you have given Teckin access to store the images or videos
  • Album : you will find the photo and video captures there as indicated above if you do not opt ​​for cloud storage. (We took the trial period, but no image / video is accessible in the cloud)
  • Event : this is the log of sound and / or movement detections (in the absence of an inserted SD card or subscription, this is only the reflection of the notifications that can be received on the smartphone if they are enabled.
  • Microphone : press it, it turns blue. You can speak, the person next to the camera will hear you.
  • Shipping is : press it, you will hear the sounds picked up around the camera.

Below a blue cloud, reference to Cloud offers:

  • A 15-day free period for recording over the last 2 days
  • From offers ranging from $ 1.90 (instead of $ 3) for recording available over 15 days at $ 35 (instead of $ 50) for 30 days of recording available for an annual subscription.
  • Offers for registration continuous 24/7 ranging from $ 2.90 to $ 165

Once the subscription has been chosen, the cloud appears at the bottom of the image. We took the free offer for testing for 15 days. But it does not provide access to viewing a video capture, although everything seems activated: detection, sound and video. Whether you go through the event log where it is proposed to access the video, or that you click at the bottom of the image on "today", nothing! We only have access to thumbnails indicating sound and / or movement detections as well as a time scale.

By clicking on the pictogram at the bottom right of the image on "View", you switch to "full screen" mode and the image switches to landscape to display the stream. A click on the image and the commands: talk, photo, video and sound appear on the right border. If you have activated auto-rotate mode on your smartphone tilting it will get the same result.

Since the View page, by clicking on the toothed wheel, you access the parameters with in particular the items:

  • General : your coordinates, that of the camera (or you can choose to name it if not already done) and the firmware version
  • Audio / video : here you determine if you want to record sound and / or invert the image if you attach it to the ceiling. You can also configure the night vision mode.
  • Camera activation / deactivation : Once deactivated, the "camera" page displays a reactivation button and the "View" page is black.
  • LED indicator : if you wish to deactivate the indicator LED under the lens for more discretion. Lit and placed in a room to watch baby for example, it should not annoy him and disturb his sleep because its intensity is really low.
  • Detection notifications : activated, you receive on your smartphone alerts for requested detections: sound and / or movement.
  • Motion detection and sound detection : you can activate / deactivate one or the other, adjust sensitivity according to three levels (low / medium / high) and perform up to three schedules (activation / deactivation) in each of the two items, but not adjust the sensitivity level for each of the ON settings.
  • Camera sharing : you can share the feed with a third party. This can be useful when the camera is installed in an elderly person in the event of a fall, and therefore receive a sound detection notification.
  • Warehousing : as shown in the photo above, you will find the status of your subscription and the expiration date (in Anglo-Saxon format)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant : a click on the logos provides information on how to connect the camera to the desired voice assistant (in English). But nothing very complicated and different from other compatible devices.

Finally, returning to the home page, by clicking on "Me", you access again some sections already presented but also:

  • Inbox and system messages where you will also find the type of cloud subscription chosen (free for us and which was not included in the settings section) and its end of validity.
  • Use help: it is an FAQ but in English. If you master the language of Shakespeare….
  • Feedback : if you need to reach Teckin this is where you can do it.

With Alexa :

To use the camera with a Echo Show device and display the live camera feed there, you must first activate the skill: TECKIN CAM available on the store Amazon or via the app Alexa Skill section.

Once activated, the camera appears in the list of devices and in the "camera" menu She came back up with the generic name that we had not changed in the TECKIN application. And very badly took us, because Alexa never understood the names: View then Teckin that we had given to start the flow. We ended up giving it the name of its location and there no more worries with our favorite assistant.

Here are voice commands Alexa :

  • « Alexa displays [camera name] " opens the stream of the Teckin application
  • « Alexa stop " to stop the broadcast

We regret the fact that it cannot be integrated into routines, like many others ...

The views are correct as far as the colors are concerned, but the white backgrounds generate pixelation (on the right edge in particular). We can also note a slight swerve fisheye with the canopy. However, the image remains perfectly identifiable.

With Google Assistant

Here too, the TECKIN CAM add-on must be installed via the "+" and "Configure a device » and finally "Works with Google » for the camera to be installed in the device list. Here it is to be noted, Google Home recognizes without problem the term: View. Without difficulty, we obtain the display on the screen when calling the voice assistant. Here too, the camera cannot be integrated into routines.

We can see that the pixels stand out a little more than on Echo Show, but the centered image remains easily identifiable.

And to better compare the renderings of each one, here they are side by side. The image is significantly less clear and more pixelated on Google Nest Hub than on Amazon Echo show 8.

But to show what the camera is filming, you must also see the quality of the image that is transmitted in the application. There, no degradation and pixelation on the edge is to be noted. The flow is clearer and clearer - for information the camera is oriented north therefore against the light. Display on voice assistant devices suffers from deterioration in image quality transmission, it is undeniable, but not to the point of not recognizing what we are looking at all the same. The effect fisheye is logically also present, but this is a problem encountered with a lot of CCTV cameras.


In conclusion, the Teckin Cam TC100 is a super compact camera and very easy to use. Its application is very easy to learn. No settings galore, so it will not frighten the neophyte.

Although the image suffers from loss of quality during transmission to the screens of the voice assistants, this is by no means the case on the application where 1080p delivers quality picture, day or night. Sound side, if it is excellent on voice assistants, especially with ambient sounds such as a radio, there is however some crackling on the application and the volume must be pushed to the maximum. As for the human voice, you will hear well when someone speaks to you and they will also hear you well when you answer them with the app. Count only 1 to 2 seconds of latency for the broadcast on the application, 5 seconds on Echo Show, and 8 seconds on Nest Hub which once again does not stand out for its speed ...

Available for € 19.99 excluding promotion, the Teckin Cam TC100 camera is very correct for its price and combines simplicity of installation, ease of use and good image quality on its application. At this price, what more could you ask for?

Enjoy a reduction of 4 € by checking the coupon. The camera then switches to more than reasonable price of 15.99 €. Offer valid until 26/3/2021.

Teckin Cam 1080P - Indoor Wi-Fi HD camera with night vision,










Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • Clear and simple application
  • Correct price
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Sound transmitted correctly to voice assistants

The lessers

  • No possibility to remove timestamp
  • Sizzling ambient sound on the app
  • Pixelization of images on voice assistants
  • No access to images / sounds detected despite cloud subscription (free subscription)
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.