Tapo L900-5 Wi-Fi review: TP-Link's new LED strip

Our opinion on the TP-Link Tapo L900-5 ribbon

TP-Link Tapo L900-5 ribbon

TP-Link Tapo LED Strip 5m, WiFi Connected LED Strip, Multicolor RGB Bedroom LED, Very Durable Light Strip, App Control, Voice Control Alexa, Google Home and Siri (Tapo L900-5)

Price on: July 4, 2022 14 h 51 min

TP-Link, a Chinese brand founded in 1996 by two brothers, sells its home automation products under two entities: Kasa and Tapo. Today, it is the TP-Link Tapo range that we find and a Tapo Wi-Fi L900-5 LED strip review that we offer you. Sold 34.90€ excluding promotion, will it light up our eyes?


Royal blue is the symbol color of TP-Link's Tapo brand. It is logically in a nice little box with the color that the LED ribbon is presented Tapo L900-5 WiFi. A sticker mentioning the synchronization with the music highlights this very nice function which becomes present almost systematically. Below, the logos "Works with Alexa " and " Works with Hey Google » are affixed and confirms the support.

On the back, there is a scenario of the Tapo L900-5 Wi-Fi while the sides take up the functionalities of the ribbon and the application.

LED strip

Presented rolled up on a spool, the Tapo L900-5 Wi-Fi LED strip is very long with 5 meters long by 1 centimeter wide. A comfortable size that allows you to consider installing it everywhere. At its end, a 4-pin socket allows it to be connected to the control box.

If necessary, the Tapo L900-5 Wi-Fi ribbon can be cut to the desired size, provided this is done in the dedicated places on the orange marks. A cutting area is available every 10 cm.


RGB (Red, Green, Blue) multicolor LEDs can display up to 16 millions of colors. They are of the type SMD 5050, that is to say that they are 5 mm square and that they are mounted on their support on the surface. You have some one every 3 cm, i.e. 30 meters and therefore 150 LEDs for the 5 meters of ribbon.


  • THE100-240v power adapter, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A, without earth connection. It must be admitted that it slices a little being black. The cord measures 1.5 meter and ends with a DC socket. The socket is RoHS, CE and EAC certified.
  • Le start guide fast multilingual including French.


  • Le control box is white and therefore rather inconspicuous. It has a single button which, in addition to the classic On/Off, also allows you to change the colors of the ribbon by making a double click on it. You will be able to scroll through one of the 7 pads noted as a favorite. But be careful, do not leave your finger pressed for between 5 and 10 seconds on the button, otherwise the reset is guaranteed. On the other hand, it is not possible to vary the intensity of the lighting with it. On the back, two very slightly hollowed areas are provided to place the two 3M adhesives provided. The cord is 1 meter long and terminates in a 4 pin plug.

Technical sheet :

  • Brand : TP-Link
  • Model : Tapo L900-5
  • Form : LED Strip 5050
  • LED type :RGB
  • Color : 16 million
  • dimmable : 1% -100%
  • Size : 5m x 1cm x 1.6mm
  • Weight : 57 grams
  • Engime : 13.5 Watts
  • Voltage : 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Durée de vie approximate : 25 hours
  • Standby consumption : 0.4 W
  • Wi-Fi : 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Operating temperature : -15 ° - 40 °
  • Operating humidity : 10% – 90% RH – non-condensing
  • Compatible with voice assistants : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The ribbon is very flexible, being able to bend up to 90° concavely or convexly, and even an angled LED does not scare it. We look forward to putting it into service.

TP-Link has two apps Kasa and Tapo. It is the latter, of course, which will manage the ribbon in the same way as the cameras or bulbs of the range. The app is available on Android or iOS.

To get started with the application, we refer you to our TP-Link Tapo L530E bulb test.

Before adding the ribbon, make the connections correctly. We draw your attention on respecting the direction of the arrow on the tip when connecting the tape to the control box. If you did well, it will immediately light up and flash green/orange.

Back to the app. From the home page, click on " + »Then on Light Strips and Tapo L900. A guide to the direction of connection is presented to you, and if your ribbon is not flashing, do not look, it is just plugged in backwards!

Authorize GPS access to your position to allow the realization of scenarios according to your place of residence, connect to the temporary network " Tapo_Light_Strip… » then return to the Tapo application… The search starts. All you have to do is enter your Wi-Fi password corresponding to your 2.4 GHz network.

The recording is done very quickly and you are then offered to rename it, but also to indicate its destination room and possibly to select another icon according to its use such as: under a piece of furniture, behind a television etc…. These small suggestive icons are very practical if you have several ribbons, they will be quickly identifiable. Finally, when the process is complete after checking for a possible firmware update, it takes place on the home page.

If you have the bulb Tp-Link Tapo L530E, you will not be lost and will find, in the upper part, 7 patches which correspond to your favorite colors and which are thus quickly accessible to modify the lighting. They can be modified by clicking on the desired pad, then again, when the pencil appears.

You access the "Lighting settings"

  • Light color : you can determine the desired color and you will find its reference code as here 0000FF. You can also determine the intensity that will be attributed to this “shortcut patch”.
  • Effets: these are predetermined scenes or to be created.

Number of 16, you will be able to select the atmosphere that suits you, as in this festive period " Grandma's Christmas lights where you get red, orange, green, and dark blue. He is possible to modify them at will, either manually by selecting it on the desired color on the disc or by clicking on “random color” (it is the application which then offers you a combination of 4 colors). You can press as many times as you want.

Each of the scenes has a different number of assigned colors from 1 to 4. You can, via the creation of new scenes, make modifications but not add or delete them. You will therefore have to select an already existing scene with the same number of colors as you want, then click on " Create New » to make your personal settings taking into account the flashing speed and the light intensity. One of your creations will take place on the 7th pad for direct access.

Back to the lighting page.

In the lower part, it's not just 3 menus that you have, nay! Stretch and you discover new information/features including:

  • « Sync-to-Sound“(allow Tapo access) the ribbon syncs based on perceived ambient sounds. You can even determine if you want the animation to be in a single color or not. The brightness is also adjustable even if you do not see a "zone" to adjust, slide your finger vertically under the percentage to modulate.
  • Effects : returns you to the scene settings seen above.
  • Programmer : it is a timestamping programmer with choice: sunrise/sunset (hence the need to grant access to the GPS), color or Scene.
  • Away Mode : Create a time slot during which the ribbon will be on/off randomly to simulate a presence.

But you don't just have programs on offer. You will also find information about power consumption of your ribbon and that is very good. If this function is found, on some taken ou bulbs, on a ribbon it must be admitted it is the first of its kind that we see! In this festive period where ribbons are more than put to use, knowing their consumption is a welcome bonus.

You can also activate the classification in the group " Favorites » which is found on the home page (set by default). Finally, you can also share ribbon management with a third person, it is enough that he has a TP-Link Tapo account.

From the home page you also find the menus:

  • Smart actions that allows you to create device-level automations. But only bulbs and ribbons are triggers. One could have imagined a scenario where when the Tapo C200 camera detects movement this activates the ribbon.
  • Me, which includes your personal information and the firmware updates to be made, for example, or the FAQ if necessary.

With Amazon Alexa

The ribbons Tapo L900-5 Wi-Fi from TP-Link is compatible with Alexa as long as the Skill Tapo installed and your accounts linked. You can then turn on/off with the virtual button, modulate the light intensity, or even change to one of the 15 colors available. Routine creation is obviously possible.

With Google Home

The Tapo L900-5 LED strip also goes up in Google Home if the Tapo add-on is installed. You find it by clicking on “+”, "Configure a device" et "Works with Google". Always more color proposals displayed, but again, no possibility of having whites. Neither via the app nor by voice (although Google indicates changing the ribbon to one of the requested blanks) nothing happens. Routine creation is also possible.

In use, the TP-Link Tapo LED strip offers bold primary colors. We regret the absence of a white tone. The Tapo application is still as pleasant and easy to use as ever. In voice, no worries in taking into account executable commands. The Sync to Sound feature lets you animate the tape to the beat of what your smartphone picks up or broadcasts if you put a music app in the background, but Tapo's needs to stay open for it to work.

Here is a small rendering of the different colors with green, red, blue, .

“In use, the TP-Link Tapo LED strip offers bold primary colors. »

White, yellow and cyan. The yellow pulls slightly on the green, but the green being frank, there is no possible confusion

In conclusion, the TP-Link Tapo L900-5 LED strip offers a very good rendering of bright colors, and to a lesser extent on pastel tones. L'absence of blanks is a bit of a shame, but it is true that a tape of this type is generally intended to illuminate and highlight areas in color rather than white. The Tapo application is still just as pleasant to use and even allows you to know the power consumption LED ribbon, a feature that we had not encountered so far on this type of lighting. In short, if you want to color your interior while taking care of your energy expenditure, then the TP-Link Tapo L900-5 is made for you, especially since it will only cost you 35€. It is therefore a good product at a low price.


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