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Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In, HD Security Camera with Two-Way Audio System, White, Works with Alexa

Price as of: June 28, 2022 20 h 08 min

We no longer present the Ring solution, belonging to Amazon, integrated monitoring system ranging from sensors to alarms, through doorbells and cameras. The brand has just launched its third generation surveillance camera, the Stick-up Cam. The latter exists in 2 versions: the plug-in, that is to say connected to the sector, and the “battery”, autonomous with a rechargeable battery.

The characteristics remain the same in both cases: two-way audio, 1080p, "color" night vision, integration into the eponymous ecosystem… From € 99 excluding promotion, is it worth the cost?

Ring Alarm V2 test: a versatile and adaptive security kit

Ring Stick up cam:


Ring keeps the same color code for all of its products, as well as the premium rating for its packaging. The cardboard as such is placed in a blue and white glossy print sleeve with a visual of the device and its main features on the back. Operation with Alexa and its Ring Protect compatibility are also highlighted.

The camera is stored in a box opening on the top, in a cellulose slot. The various accessories are in a blue cardboard box which will also be used to protect the whole.

No plastic, everything is 100% recyclable, which is a good point ... quickly qualified by the incredible amount of guaranteed guides and declaration of conformity, each numbering around ten. Not to mention the “mandatory” stickers if you decide to film outside your home. Come on Ring… some restraint please… It's a shame to cut a tree for each conditioning after having avoided transforming a barrel of oil… On the other hand, there is only one installation guide, phew.

The test focused on the Plug-in version (Baby, yeah!) Which comes with:

  • Un charging cable with an AC adapter. You have an EU plug without earth but provided with a transformer 5V, 2,5 A, 12,5 W.
  • There is also An extension very useful if you decide to place the camera in an inaccessible place or outdoors without a direct connection. This extension will clip onto the power adapter. You will thus have more than 5 m of cable.
  • A bag of screws to hang your device on a wall. There is also a silicone cap to close one of the rear openings.

The camera as such is a cylinder 6 cm in diameter and 9,7 cm high (without the foot). With the support, it will be 12 cm and 195 grams. The underside of this foot is equipped with a non-slip coating if you put it on a piece of furniture for example, but also with 2 holes to make it stand on a wall.

You can see that there is also a screw under the bracket. Indeed, the Stick Up Cam (or SUC of its small name) can be fixed in several different ways. Either vertically or horizontally, on a wall. To do this, simply come and fix the foot on the back of the camera. It's really your choice depending on the desired use. It should be noted that'' it is suitable for outdoor use because it is weather resistant (just like the power adapter).

The foot allows articulation of the SUC in order to make it take the desired position: straight or anti-gravity step type of Mickaël Jackson. It also turns 360 °, leans forward, backward, to the sides ...

On the front, the lens is housed in a round "central panel" accompanied by Infra-red LED. There is also a bright LED on the top giving the status of the camera.

  • Solid blue: online
  • Slow blinking blue: Wi-Fi connection or pairing
  • Red: disconnected

Also on the underside of the center panel is the microphone and speaker system for two-way audio.

The connection will be made on the back, at the top (if placed vertically) by removing the small protective cap. However, no micro-SD card slot, everything happens online. We will come back to this later.

Whether it is the Plug-In or the Battery, the camera has a double power supply possibility. This means you can buy a battery later to insert it into your wired camera and thus make it autonomous. To do this, unscrew the bottom. You will have to do it anyway to come and scan the QR-Code necessary for the installation.

In the end, the finishes are very good, the quality excellent (ABS and PC) and the design rather nice even if it is a little big. But its multiple positioning possibilities and its indoor and outdoor use are quite attractive.


Here are the characteristics of the SUC:

  • Brand :Ring
  • Model : Stick-Up Cam
  • Video : 1080p FHD,
  • Motion detection : yes, intelligent "human only" detection and privacy zone. Possibility of varying the sensitivity as well.
  • Audio detection : no
  • Food : mains, 5V, 2,5A, 12,5 W connected to mains or battery (specific model)
  • Night vision : Infra-red LED. "Color" mode
  • Audio : Built-in bi-directional microphone
  • Field of view : 130 ° (diagonal), 110 ° (horizontal) and 57 ° (vertical)
  • Conditions of use - temperature : from -20 to 50 ° C. Can be used outdoors. Weather resistant.
  • Wi-Fi : 802.11 b / g / n (2.4Ghz)
  • Ethernet : no
  • Warehousing images and video in the cloud (for a fee)
  • Motion tracking : No
  • Privacy mode : No
  • The camera is compatible with the Ring Protect solution but can work without. If you have other Ring devices (on the same network), you can create scenarios to start a recording if a motion detector is activated in an adjacent room for example. It's a very interesting integrated system.

The camera will allow you to constantly monitor your home with receipt of notifications in the event of presence detection (with photo and recordings), live viewing, archiving in the Cloud ... But this will only be possible with a Ring Protect subscription. For a single device, it will cost you 3 € / month or 30 € / year. For an unlimited number of devices, the subscription is 10 € / month or 100 € / year. Without this type of subscription, your camera will send you notifications and you will be able to watch live motion detection, but without being able to record them.. That's a shame…

Ring Stick up cam: installation and use

Along with the installation via the application, set up your Ring where you want (without finalizing the fixing if you want to put it on the wall for example) in order to see if you are getting the network. The further away you are from your Box, the more latency you will have ... IF necessary, you will have to invest in a Chime Pro (a Wi-Fi Ring amplifier). Then do the installation via the Ring app while looking at your Wi-Fi reception. For the physical setup, other than that, we let you do. Licensed handyman, we opted to put it on a piece of furniture. Which is done quite easily.

For software installation, you need to use the Ring app, available at Android et iOS, and follow the instructions. If you haven't, start by creating an account.
1. In devices, press “+” at the bottom right;
2. Select “Surveillance cameras”;
3. Scan the QR Code of the camera (open your product as seen above).
4. Select or create a location by entering your address, this will make it easier for you to find it if you have several accommodations,
5. Come and find out the installation method: indoor or outdoor? View on the outside or on the inside?
6. Choose the name of your camera from an attached list or by creating it from scratch,
7. Then select the power mode: wired or battery.
8. plug in the camera and wait for it to flash blue.
9. Connect your smartphone to the Ring-XXXXX Wi-Fi network created by the device if necessary,
10. Go back to the application but leave the Wi-Fi linked to the doorbell by choosing "Keep Wi-Fi connection" if necessary,
11. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials.
12. Continue with the settings (you can change it later); The camera is installed. If you already have the Skill Ring activated, your camera goes up directly under Alexa.
13. Let the update take its course, there will be one and it takes a good 10 minutes
14. The configuration is complete!

In 5 to 10 minutes, excluding installation on a wall, it's done. Simple, fast and effective. However, a strange thing appeared during our test: even though the camera is installed in the room where the internet box is located, the network is considered weak (whereas it is the fiber…). Quite astonishing ...

Let's take a closer look at the application itself. On the home page, you can select your camera by clicking on it. Then, by selecting the small cogwheel at the top right, you will enter the parameters:

First of all, next to your camera image, you have 2 selectable options:

  • Motion detection : you can come and activate the detection or not.
  • Movement notifications : decide whether or not you receive a notification in case of detection.

You then have, in a blue border, the “Live video”. As the name suggests, tapping on it will take you directly to what's going on in your home. Automatically, the recording will start (if you have subscribed to the subscription).

For the rest of the parameters, here is the exhaustive list:

  • History : access to all video recordings of motion detections and live videos (automatic recording of 60 sec minimum)
  • Mode setting : come and define how the camera will behave if you are "at home", "outside" or "disabled". You can choose to activate or not the detections.
  • Associated devices : determine how Ring devices on the same network behave (recording, alarm, etc.).
  • Postponement of notifications : to receive them with a few minutes to a few hours of delay.
  • Chime devices : network repeater management.
  • Device settings : It is a catch-all area where you can manage the video parameters (color night vision, recording time, etc.), snapshots (you can ask the camera to take one photo per minute, 3 minutes or 30 min. between detections), notification, general (to know everything about your camera such as its name, MAC address, available updates, Wi-Fi signal strength ... You can even test your Wi-Fi and check the integrity of your device ...)
  • Detection parameter : detection zones, sensitivity, notifications… Everything is configurable and an assistant helps you make the right settings. You have the possibility of defining an area where you do not wish to make any detection or even completely hide. It will generally be the public road if you film the exterior or an area with moving trees) ... You can also program times during which you do not want to be disturbed.
  • Follow us! : you can of course share access to your Ring by entering an email address.
  • ...

For people with other branded products, you will be on familiar ground. For others, it looks like a junk, but we find our way there. You see that everything is configurable at will, from the non-detection zone, to the postponement of notifications and the name of the product.

If you have an Echo device with display (Echo Show 2, 5, 8 ou 10, see even the Spot) and that you have activated the Skill Ring on your application Alexa, you can ask your favorite assistant a live view of the camera (" Alexa, Kitchen poster ”). It will even be possible to zoom in, activate the microphone and two-way auditing. And it works very well. Useful to see what is happening in a remote room for example. Use with Alexa is really simple!

Via the Ring app, by clicking on the camera from the home page, you will also go live. You can activate or not the audio and the microphone, zoom (with your fingers), switch off, deactivate the direct…. As previously announced, as soon as you go live, the recording begins. If you want to take a screenshot, however, it's much more complicated. It will be necessary to go in the history and then in the parameters in order to make an extraction. Complicated ? Yes… Ring could have done something much more ergonomic. The audio quality is also quite average because it is very metallic.

In use, this SUC supplied a very good image, although it will depend on the quality of your network. 1080 p gives very good results and night vision is also doing very well. Note, however, that you will lose quality with a very dark environment and that the "Color night vision" is more of a gadget than anything else, especially in very low light.

We did detection tests to confirm 2 things:

  • The presence of pets like cats, which tend to climb everywhere, does not trigger detection if you have activated the "People" mode. You can also play with sensitivity if necessary and if your cat looks like your mother-in-law.
  • In the middle of a dark night, the detection works very well, even if the sharpness suffers. You will directly receive the photo of the intruder on your Smartphone and 60 sec of video will be available (with subscription, otherwise, simple notification with photo)

The main strength of the camera is also its flaw: the Ring Protect system. This solution is very powerful and relevant but also almost mandatory to use your camera. 3 € per month is quite inexpensive but to multiply by the number of devices or take the pack at 10 € if you have more than 3. It would be a shame to do without it. And the absence of a local recording system on memory card will push you to invest.

Watch our video test to get an idea of ​​its capacity, and don't forget to subscribe !

In conclusion, Ring's Stick-up camera, existing in plug-in version (connected to the mains) or "Battery" (stand-alone), offers you a substantial field of vision 130 ° (diagonal), 110 ° (horizontal) and 57 ° (vertical). It is possible to place it wherever you want because she can start inside or outside, upright or horizontally, on a wall or a piece of furniture. Its 1080p video, night mode and human-specific detection (handy if you have animals) give excellent results.

Advanced motion detection allows you to define a customizable detection area. You will of course receive real-time notifications, a photo preview and you can also watch your camera live. But beware, Ring Protect subscription is required (3 to 10 € per month) to make full use of it. Otherwise, you'll be limited to live playback and simple notifications. Also note a perfectible ergonomics and disappointing color night mode. If you are a fan of the brand, you also have the option of connecting the various Ring devices for more effective protection. It is a very good mid-range product, the price of which is justified by its quality, its performance and its integration into the brand's ecosystem..

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!