Shark Wandvac review - Cordless hand vacuum cleaner: double battery, double suction force

The Alexiens present to you fairly regularly connected robot vacuum cleaners (Roborock, Proscenic, Ecovacs…). Many of them are excellent, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to get into the corners where it may be necessary to go through tight spaces. We have therefore chosen to present a complementary vacuum cleaner to the range, even if it is not compatible with Alexa. We looked at a hand-held vacuum cleaner from the Shark brand. This brand is well known for the quality of its devices and more particularly the vacuum cleaners in which it specializes. Shark is part of the company Shark Ninja, Ninja making small household appliances. We have set our sights on Shark Wandvac WN251EU. This hand-held vacuum cleaner is one of the most compact on the market, having won the RedDot Design Award 2019 and comes with a charging base, different brushes and an extra battery (there is also a single battery version).

Shark Wandvac WV251EU: a cordless hand vacuum cleaner with an innovative design

Le Shark wandvac (or wand vacuum cleaner) is delivered in a relatively well-illustrated box, in glossy prints. It highlights the characteristics of the product, namely:

  • A exceptional aspiration,
  • Un lightweight,
  • Different accessories supplied with,
  • Suitable for animal hair,
  • Two batteries.

“The vacuum cleaner is made of very good quality plastic, thick and matt. " The Alexians

The vacuum cleaner is in very good quality plastic, thick and mat. Black and gray go very well together. The dust collector's tank is made of smoked PVC, which allows you to see the level of dust but at the same time does not make it too visible. The battery fits into the handle of WV251EU, which is a great idea. The base is also in the same plastic as the Shark wandvac. The utensils are also made of plastic but of a slightly different material, more malleable and therefore resistant to impact.

One thing is certain, the design is really great. Have you ever seen such a slim handheld vacuum cleaner? He does 6,5 cm in diameter at most for 42 cm long. Its total weight is 630 grams. It has a sleek, modern shape that is a change from those overweight table vacuum cleaner species that have had the same face since their inception. There we are on Premium and it can be seen from afar. A hand vacuum cleaner, Yes! but with style please! the Shark logo on stainless steel plate on each east side of the appliance is in the best taste.

“A hand vacuum cleaner, yes! but with style please! " The Alexians

In addition to being design, it is also sober. We only have two buttons on the front panel. The on / off button with LED and the second one which is used to open the dust container.

The LED button will give you the state of charge of your battery or your vacuum cleaner:

  • Blinking blue : low battery,
  • Blue twice and stop : obstruction of the aspiration,
  • Solid blue : under pressure,
  • Weak blue : 100% charged

There are two hidden buttons on the underside:

  • One to remove the dust container once it is opened,
  • The second to slide the filter, once the tray is open.

You will notice the small area provided with a brush in order to collect the dust from the filter when opening the bin and let it fall into the collector and not on the ground. It is detail certainly, but it shows the quality of the product.

Let's talk about utensils. You will have in the pack:

  • A brush for animal hair: 10 cm wide and 5 cm deep, it is equipped with an anti-hair coating which will allow them to be hung easily,
  • A nozzle to be able to pass in the smallest spaces. It also has the characteristic of having a removable comb system in order to be able to recover dirt more effectively.

Let's see it charging base more ready now. This is relatively compact. It is 22 cm long, 1,5 cm at the widest and 23 cm high. She also has a 1,8 m power cable without the plug.

It has three parts:

  • The dock for the vacuum cleaner on the first part,
  • On the middle promontory, you will find a place to insert the second battery,
  • A support on the back to put the nozzle or the brush.
  • You have a charging LED that flashes while charging and stays steady when charged.

Shark Wandvac WV251EU: the characteristics of the hand vacuum cleaner

Characteristic level, the manufacturer is a bit stingy in terms of information… No suction force available, no very clear power. It's a shame, but in use, we quickly see that we are way above the others.

Let's take a closer look at what we have:

  • 10,8V LI-ION battery. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy. This choice of battery is therefore logical in the case of a vacuum cleaner like this: very strong suction sought.
  • 115W motor,
  • Amperages: 10,6 A
  • High performance brushless motor, or brushless motor. This type of motor with magnets allows a specific power and a lifespan markedly greater than the other motors. It is advertised as twice as powerful as other products on the market.
  • Washable dust filter.

It is this high performance motor and the powerful enough batteries that allow the Wandvac to release an exceptional suction force given its size. It is a huge asset.

Regarding the filter, we are a polymer filter but not HEPA. It will not retain the smallest elements such as allergens for example. The filter can be removed very easily in order to be washed under water.

The batteries are advertised for a 16 min usage time and charging time of 2h30. It may not seem like much, but we will see later that it is relatively suited to the product.

Shark Wandvac: Using the Cordless Hand Vacuum

We tested the Shark Wandvac WV251EU several weeks and as much to say that we are really very surprised. Shark's announcements under fully validated. First of all, the handle is very ergonomic and, together with its low weight, allows you to vacuum without discomfort or pain (we are thinking of people with a problem with carpal tunnel, tennis-elbow or the like) .

The suction is excellent. Where other hand vacuums will hardly suck crumbs off a fabric tablecloth (not to say spread them miserably), the Shark will be tempted to vacuum the tablecloth with it! We also cleaned a car with it and really, nice job. The brush goes everywhere is aptly named, sand and small pebbles are sucked up very easily. Even a vacuum cleaner does not achieve this level of cleanliness because it does not restore enough force. On the contrary, the suction is so important that the return of air could make you a hair dryer!

Autonomy is about 15 minutes, which may seem weak, but ultimately with two batteries, there is no real problem. In addition, the recharge time is relatively acceptable at around 2 hours 30 minutes. The two batteries can be charged at the same time by putting one in the vacuum cleaner and the other in the base.

La emptying with a simple button is very well seen. We press, the bin opens and everything falls. Perfect. The base, which takes up very little space, is also a great asset as it serves as both a charging and storage dock. It is very well found.

Watch our video presentation of our Shark Wandvac:

In conclusion, Shark offers us a product of excellent quality true to its brand. the Shark Wandvac WN251EU is a small vacuum cleaner, with a very modern design, very elegant combining a significant suction force thanks to its Brushless motor. The autonomy of 16 min per battery is sufficient, especially with the pack of 2 batteries. We were really blown away by the quality of this product. We can, however, deplore theno HEPA filter that would have been normal to have for a vacuum cleaner of this range. The noise is also a bit high because of the power. The price is ultimately in line with the intrinsic quality of the product. Offered with a battery for 129 €, the pack of two batteries 156 € on Amazon. Fr seems to us to be preferred.

Shark Wandvac WN251EU: hand vacuum

from 129 €









Price quality



  • Aesthetics
  • Final quality
  • Excellent suction

The lessers

  • No HEPA filter
  • A little noisy
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