Roborock S7 + review: simply the best?

Roborock S7

When asked what is the best robot vacuum cleaner At the moment, we used to often hear Neato or Roomba respond, until a brand slipped onto everyone's lips: Roborock. It must be said that the Chinese company is shaking up with its innovations a sector more engaged in the last ten years in a patent war than in R&D. It is also on this last aspect that the Beijing firm has staked everything, which has delivered to us, every year since its creation in 2014, a new ever more efficient model. After the S5 and S6, here is logically the Roborock S7 and his Self-Empty Dock.

Does this robot deserve to be called the best robot in 2021? This is what we will see ...

What is the difference between Roborock S7 and S7 +? It's very simple, the new name Roborock S7 + designates the robot with its Auto-Empty Dock.

Roborock S7 +: innovation as a leitmotif


After more than thirty robot vacuum tests over the past two years, we might as well tell you that we are sometimes a little jaded by exercise. A feeling that fades, however, when we receive a Roborock. True Proust madeleines from the High-Tech tester, the Chinese brand's models never disappoint and the two main novelties announced this year give us hope once again for a good vintage.

Always elegantly presented, the Roborock S7 + does not really shake up the codes and partly takes up the brand's signature design. If we were a little reserved on the stylistic evolutions of the S6 MaxV, this is no longer the case here with an S7 more than ever to its advantage and which appears to be a perfect synthesis of its predecessors.

The vacuum robot

Still measuring 35 cm in diameter, it also peaks at 9.65 cm because of its laser rangefinder. We are on familiar ground.

A synthesis that incorporates the design elements dear to the manufacturer with a metal gray frame always so elegant, a touch of orange on the button of the water tank as on the laser rangefinder which, it is new on the other hand, is now highlighted with subtle waves. We could not tell you if this was the intention of the designers, but like last year these details are not without reminding us of a shark ...

But, by the way, where have the eyes of the Roborock S6 Max V? Is the camera hidden elsewhere?

No, there is none left. As with Evovacs, the front camera doped with artificial intelligence has simply disappeared this year… For what reason? Only the brand knows it, but perhaps it is reserved for a Roborock S7 Max V?

Parenthesis made, let's get back to our Roborock S7, the new features of the year are no less interesting.

A sonic wash

The first concerns the whole new washing system mop and, to say the least, is that Roborock has not skimped on the question, the cleaning plate of the S7 now animated by sonic vibrations.

How it works? Well, like our sonic toothbrushes, an engine running up to up to 3 rpm oscillates the part in the center of the cleaning plate.

The Chinese brand explains that the pressure applied to the ground has almost doubled compared to what, for example, a Roborock S5 Max ! Better yet, the system is motorized and able to raise his mop in order to get over rugs and carpets without getting them wet! Awesome, isn't it?

Navigation remains on its achievements

For the rest, the main elements of the Roborock S7 are quite classic. There is, of course, a slew of sensors (no less than 14!) Intended for navigation and a laser rangefinder, said PreciSense ™ LiDAR, which allows the robot to map accurately its environment and to carry out millimeter movements. If you know the brand, you know they are good at it.

Three buttons are located next to it: one for the spot cleaning, one for theswitching on / off which can also be used to launch a complete cycle of cleaning and the traditional button dedicated to returning to the station. Perfectly assembled, they are both discreet and very practical.

A stripe enclosing an LED breaks the monotony of the design and gives it a resolutely modern touch. The LED turns white when the robot sucks, blue if it washes the floor, green if it is charging… As for the orange, it means a failure or even a blockage which requires human intervention.

Let's turn the beast around and take a look at the other elements.

We obviously find two driving wheels whose travel will allow the robot to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm. They are accompanied by a small omnidirectional wheel bordered by the power spindle.

Next to the right wheel, the side brush is still in order. As you will know, it allows the vacuum robot to dislodge the most stubborn dirt and has several rotation speeds adapted to the type of floor up to 1350 rpm. The same design as in previous years, it features 5 blades and was developed in collaboration with DuPont, a pioneer in plastics and polymer materials. Everything suggests that it will be as effective as the S4, S5 Max and S6.

A new central brush

The second novelty concerns the central brush. Roborock has abandoned the traditional soft bristles and provides a silicone roller. The advantage? This allows the robot to block itself less by inadvertently sucking up wires or other objects lying around, but it especially makes it much more efficient on carpets, or even with animal hair ...

It takes place in a housing identical in every way to those of the brand's other high-end products with a perfect seal achieved by a silicone gasket. All of this enables the air flow to be increased quite significantly at equivalent power, the Roborock S7 engine generating always 2500 Pa, or 25% more than on the S6 and S5 Max.

We are also familiar with the dust container. Of a 470 mL capacity, it is not the widest but remains in the average of the sector. It is the same as on the Roborock S5 Max. Sadly, once again, no anti-return tab and nothing obstructs the inlet opening, so be careful not to overturn it when removing it.

We find, with pleasure, another system borrowed from the S5 Max: a 290 mL water tank. A comfortable capacity that allows several parts to be washed without having to recharge it, this is excellent news, especially as the electronic management of its peristaltic pump (or roller pump) offers us the choice between 3 water flow rates: low, medium, large.

The brand announces that it will clean a 70 m² apartment more than 3 times or a 240 m² house In one time.

And here is the charging base. More compact than that of the S6 or S4, it is unfortunately devoid of cable cover. It's a bit of a shame, we must admit, especially on such a high-end robot. Fortunately, Roborock thought of fitting the cable with a Velcro. It's already that.

However, this is not really a problem since we will not be using it, the Roborock S7 also being equipped with the accessory that has the most the wind in its sails in recent months in the sector: a dust collector!

Roborock S7 +: the Auto-Empty Dock in addition!

It was without a doubt the most anticipated novelty this year: the famous Roborock Auto-Empty Dock which gives the S7 its +! Allowing the robot's contents to be sucked up in seconds, it spares us the tedious almost daily emptying of the dust container. The brand announces up to six weeks of autonomy, which seems fair to us. Indeed, it is so easy to empty that we finally never waited for it to be full to do so ...

Measuring 22,9 x 38.1 x 55.9 cm, this automatic station may seem massive at first glance but is actually less deep than that of the Roomba i7 + or the Dream Bot Z10 Pro. Its design divides a little, some finding it too flashy, but in writing we love this slightly futuristic look that goes perfectly with our stick vacuum cleaner of the same brand ...

Anyway, it seems all the more interesting to us because Roborock had the excellent idea of ​​designing it without a bag! Or almost…

Indeed, if a disposable bag is provided, it is mainly intended for allergic people for whom the transfer of the contents in a trash can be problematic. Those who, like us, are not highly sensitive to dust will still be able to use it without: the planet will thank you!

La Roborock station moreover comprises several stages of filtration with a cyclonic system ou a dust bag on the right - yes, it's one or the other, of course - as well as a HEPA filter to the left. Tested by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO 20743: 2013 standards, the system is able to capture particles down to 0.3 micron and certified effective against Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli.

All this is reminiscent of stick vacuum cleaners Robo Rock H6 and H7 and it seems so logical… Yet it is the first vacuum cleaner manufacturer to have thought of it! Amazing, isn't it?

Finally, note that the robot is only supplied with a single mop, but all the same a HEPA filter spare accompanied by the traditional instructions for use and technical characteristics… Here it is!


Roborock S7 +
Drums :
5200mAh Li-Ion
2500 Pa
35 cm x 35.3 cm x 9.65 cm
3.67 kg
200 minutes (in silent mode)
Loading time :
less than 6 hours
Remote control:
app and voice control
Charging station :
dock type
Accessories :
HEPA filters x2, brushes x1, dust container x 1, mop x 1
Dust container:
Water reservoir :
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
Cleaning tool x1 and user guide

A finally efficient washer!

This is it, we are there! Here are the results of our highly anticipated Roborock S7 test during which the star of the year will have performed 50 cleaning cycles on a surface m² 1647 during more than 36 hours. Yes, at Les Alexiens, we really use connected objects before telling you about them… Especially when we like them. 😉

Installation on the Roborock application

It is with pleasure that we have found the Roborock app. Once again, it couldn't be easier than installing this robot. From launch, it is indeed automatically detected, so just click on it, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and let's go, the smartphone connects to the device and transmits everything to it before it performs its installation.

One minute later we can use the Roborock S7 +. We already knew it, but it is always worth repeating: this installation procedure " less friction »Commands respect!

The home screen has changed a bit in recent months, but the app is still so simple and intuitive.

We find :

  • At the top right, a small "+" allows you to add different models (if the detection is not automatic),
  • In the center, finally, you can enter the heart of the beast and access all settings of the S7 +.
  • At the bottom, a navigation bar provides access to the space Notifications, To thecentral screen, or your User profile.

Let's go into the settings of the S7 where we find a screen that is rather familiar to us with in the center the map of our home and the main functions of the robot.

  • Three areas are displayed at the top:
    • "Cleaning area" with the cleaned surface in m²,
    • a gauge of "Remaining battery"
    • The "Cleaning time".
  • In the middle, you find the map. This will only be recorded after a first complete cleaning of your accommodation. Let the robot do it, it's a bit long, but absolutely essential to set it up properly and see it navigate efficiently.
  • Below, a second pictogram is used to select the suction power delivered by the Roborock S7 (delicate, quiet, balanced, turbo or maximum) and the water level (a little, a lot, madly, not at all), but also to customize the default settings for each room. And that, we will see, it is simply brilliant!
  • Below the map are three options:
    • " room " which allows you to send the robot to a particular room,
    • " all " which starts an automatic cleaning and leaves the robot free to do as it sees fit,
    • "Zone" to select the perimeter of your choice.
  • On the bottom of the map, two buttons allow you to customize the cards: you can recut them if necessary, add prohibited zones, but also assign intensity levels for suction such as washing for each room and define a cleaning sequence (the order in which the robot will perform its tasks).
  • At the bottom, finally, two big buttons allow you to send the robot to recharge or start and pause cleaning.

Top right, take place the classics three small dots allowing you to access the robot's advanced parameters.

  • Dance « vacuum cleaner settings« , various options are offered such asmapping recording, saved map mode (beta) which makes it possible to modify a plan or floor (creation of invisible walls or prohibited zones, etc.), Indicator light to deactivate the robot's LEDs when it is parked (it is better), the Carpet mode (for more powerful suction on carpets and rugs, etc.), the time zone setting, NDP mode for " do not disturb "Car where you can program automations, Accessories and maintenance which informs you about the usage time and the remaining life of the main parts of the device, the remote control which serves to transform your smartphone as a remote control and control the robot, and finally an option to locate the robot if it got lost in your 800 m² or more likely if you can't find it because it got stuck under a bed, for example. You can finally choose the robot tongue, set the volume of his voice (rather high to the max, moreover) and carry out any firmware updates.
  • Un "Station parameters" menu appears if you are also the proud owner of the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, the famous automatic emptying station ...

Always precise navigation

As we said above, if there is something that differentiates a Roborock from another robot vacuum, it is its navigation. The brand excels in this area, this is nothing new, and the Roborock S7 + Fortunately, it is no exception to the rule: its cartography is precise and its movements efficient. At this game it is probably the most precise on the market.

“Its cartography is precise and its movements efficient. "

La multilevel mapping is easy to customize by modifying the automatic cutting in the application, and even by defining default parameters for each part that the robot will apply systematically unless there is a counter-order.

Another strong point, it is possible to personalize the cleaning sequence, in other words to define the order in which to clean the parts. Roborock has also created a mode called SnapMop allowing you to select a cleaning intensity according to the rooms: more water for the slightly oily kitchen, less for the laminate flooring in the entrance, etc.

A powerful suction

Let us come to a crucial point: the suction power. Capable of treating an area of ​​approximately 100 m² in one hour, the Roborock S7 + engine generates a 2500 Pa depression. This is a gain of 25% compared to the S6 and it shows in use: its efficiency is now equivalent to those of the best in the sector. A very good point.

Not the quietest

Regarding noise, while we expected an equivalent sound volume due to a very similar design, it must be recognized that the new flagship brand is a bit louder than its predecessors.

A remark to put into perspective, all this does not play out much since, compared to the S6 that we had measured between 56.6 dB (A) and 71.4 dB (A) for the max mode, the Roborock S7 poster from 60.2 dB (A) in delicate mode to 74.6 dB (A) in maximum mode, with a 67.1 dB (A) for balanced mode which is generally the most used.

Finally, when it comes to the resort, expect a sound volume up to 79 dB (A). It's not the quietest, but not the loudest we've encountered either. Note, moreover, that you can use the "do not disturb" mode if you want to prevent the robot from making noise at certain times.

Always good autonomy

Like navigation, autonomy is a strong point of the Roborocks. Although still equipped with a battery 5200 mAh lithium-ion, the Roborock S7 + is nevertheless a little worse than the S6 with 75 minutes of battery life in maximum mode, 90 minutes in balanced mode et up to 170 minutes in gentle mode.

Measurements below the 180 minutes announced by the manufacturer, but they were carried out within normal conditions of use and not ideal: with different types of floor (parquet, tiles, fitted carpet and rugs) and a full water tank attached to the back which, by increasing its weight, necessarily impacts its consumption.

In short, it is more than enough to cover at least 200 m² in one go and Roborock S7 should be suitable for almost all users. Otherwise, the robot will go to recharge itself anyway before finishing its cleaning.

Finally a really convincing wash

Like Ecovacs on its Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI, Roborock has responded to the biggest flaw in 2-in-1 robots that still happen, for the most part, to vulgarly wiping the floor, by equipping its new model with new sonic cleaning. Add to this a system allowing the mop to be placed on the floor with a force of 600 grams and the result is finally up to our expectations, even more convincing than its competitor.

Obviously, this is not always as effective as a good manual mop, but we can finally qualify the Roborock S7 + as a good robot mop ! We also liked the fact that he was able to lift his mop on his own by lifting it 5 millimeters. It may not seem like much to you, but it is enough.

The best automatic station on the market!

To conclude this almost perfect copy in style, only one thing was missing: a automatic dump station ! And, here too, Roborock hits hard by offering neither more nor less than the best on the market.

"[…] The Roborock Auto-Empty Dock is super practical and formidable in efficiency […]"

Its installation is extremely simple since it suffices to remove the previous base, to connect the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock and place the robot on it. That's all ! Immediately, you will find the corresponding box as well as the dedicated menu in the Roborock application.

Be careful, however, before using it because you will need to change the dust container. As is the case with most models on the market, a new bin with a hatch allowing air to pass is provided. Also, be sure to remove the small plate in plastic (" air inlet »In English) that you may have already noticed.

Contrary to what we may have heard, it is obviously not necessary to replace it after each use… It would be nonsense!

Last but not least, station maintenance has never been easier. Fully removable, both its tray and its filters are washable with water ! Where the competition still uses consumables in 2021, Roborock offers us the opportunity to do without them. It is a very good thing.

Our opinion on the Roborock S7 +

As usual, the Chinese manufacturer does not disappoint and the Roborock S7 appears both as a synthesis of the innovations made in recent years and as a response to the two main demands of users: more efficient cleaning and an automatic emptying station.

Perfectly at ease with the mop game, the S7 + now deserves the name of robot mop with very convincing results and close to what devices dedicated to this task can do. With this ready that it is also one of the best vacuum cleaners of the moment. So it's a perfect 2-in-1.

As for the eagerly awaited Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, it is super practical and formidable in efficiency. Obviously a little noisy, this station is undoubtedly the most powerful in our lab, but also the most practical because it is very easy to maintain and does not require no consumables. Our only regret will remain that it is not compatible with the previous models because many people hoped it for their older robots. Otherwise, it's all good!

In conclusion, the Roborock S7 + is for us the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021. The S7 robot alone being offered at around € 549 and its station € 299, it is not the most affordable, but it is also the price of undeniable quality.
Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.