Roborock H7 test: is the case in the bag?

The second edition of the cordless vacuum cleaner

Roboroch H7 - Cordless vacuum cleaner

Roborock H7 - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 160AW 420W 90 Minutes

A few days after the announcement of the new vacuum cleaner Roborock dyad, we realized that we still hadn't told you about another family member: the Robo Rock H7.

After a first successful broom vacuum cleaner, the Chinese company has in fact been offering a new iteration for a few months now, based essentially on its achievements, but still offering a significant surplus of power and an astonishing system with or without a bag. So, is the case in the bag? This is what we will see ...

Roborock H7: an unpretentious evolution


Presented in packaging that is as neat as ever, the Robo Rock H7 is at first glance very difficult to differentiate from its predecessor. On the front side, we find the brand logo and the model of the device, a visual of the product and its main characteristics: a significant autonomy, for an bag holder dust, a easy storage of accessories and powerful suction now increased to 160AW (Air Watts), 20AW more than the H6!

At the opening, we face like last year a large number of accessories. Roborock has not forgotten anything, or almost nothing, since the absence of a Fluffy type brush is still to be deplored on the European livery. Even in the land of Aubusson tapestries, such an accessory would not have been refused because many of us have hard floors. Nevertheless, the high-end appearance of the set does not disappoint.

When unpacking, we find a vacuum cleaner body well-known multi-cyclone design and equally familiar accessories: rigid hose, carpet brush, motorized mini-brush, flexible hose, crevice tool, dust brush, without forgetting a power supply.

So far it has been difficult to differentiate the Roborock H7 from its predecessor, especially since even its metallic red has not changed one iota… Which is nevertheless not to displease us.

Completely redesigned, the Roborock H7 MagBase ™ support is now much larger, but also more discreet. It is a shame. Indeed, this dock serving as charging station is now longitudinal and, above all, magnetized. Once fixed, it is almost forgotten. Better yet, you no longer have to wonder which way to present the accessories to hang them, just place them on the support. It is very practical, although sometimes a little messy. You will excuse us for the term.

“From a design point of view, the Roborock H7 is as successful as ever. "

From a design point of view, the Roborock H7 is therefore still as successful, our opinion remains the same as in 2020. Its grip remains one of the best on the market, its buttons falling alone under the fingers and its handling is done most naturally in the world. Why change a winning team?

What else is new in the Roborock bagless vacuum cleaner? Dust bags, indeed!

"But why the hell offer a bagless vacuum cleaner with bags?" "

But why the hell propose a bagless vacuum cleaner with bags? The answer is simple: against allergens… In this time when breathing deeply is a challenge, the Chinese brand is hiding its vacuum cleaner…

Trend? A little, perhaps, but the effort is nonetheless commendable, the allergic people being more and more numerous. Unfortunately, this will go hand in hand with big concessions on suction power and of course additional consumable costs. Especially since they will have to be replaced frequently, the bags of the H7 being of at least small size.

Let us now see, in detail, each element of this beautiful vacuum cleaner and its performance after a quick review of its technical characteristics.

Roborock H7 Datasheet

  • Brand : Roborock
  • Model : H7
  • Battery : 3610mAh LiPo
  • Motor : MagLev 480 Watts
  • Aspiration : 160 AW - up to 25 kPa in max mode (5.8 kPa in Eco and 9.8 kPa in Normal)
  • Size : 284 x 111 x 23 mm
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • Autonomy : up to 90 minutes in Eco mode (20 in max mode)
  • Loading time : 2.5 hours
  • Sound level : 84dB max
  • Charging station : wall mount accessory holder
  • Tank-Jug : 500 ml
  • Accessories : HEPA filters x1, brushes x3, nozzle x1, flexible hose x1, tank x 1, dust bags x 2
  • Other : Power supply x1, holder x 1, dust bag holder x 1, user manual.

Roborock H7: a discreet evolution

The body of the vacuum cleaner

Of type multi-cyclonic, the vacuum cleaner body remains compact and light for a device of this type since it only displays 1.43 kg on the scale (2.4 kg with rigid tube and carpet brush). It measures 28.4 cm long (battery included) for 23 cm high (barely a centimeter longer than the H6) and its 500 mL reservoir (it is 100 mL better than H6, i.e. 20% more) presents a 11.1 cm diameter. In other words, it is neither bulky nor heavy, just like its predecessor.

It is very difficult to differentiate them, but placing them side by side shows the very slight increase in size in the Roborock H7: less than a centimeter of difference!

In use, its weight remains light, a very big advantage over its competitors which allows it to be handled for long minutes, but also to easily reach the most difficult areas by holding it at arm's length without tiring too much. It is very pleasant.

Whatever the position, the buttons of the Robo Rock H7 fall naturally under the fingers: one to select the suction mode (Eco, Normal, Max), For a lock the suction, a relaxation of put in function.

THE1.3 inch OLED display is always very easy to read and indicates the most important elements: suction locked or not, percentage of battery remaining or time remaining during operation, and of course the mode used (eco, normal or max). It is not the most complete on the market, but it is effective and ultimately we do not need more.

"The Roborock H7 still has nothing to be ashamed of against its illustrious competitor Dyson ..."

From a power point of view, the H7 displays interesting figures! It is still not the most powerful on the market, but its 480 Watt motor deliver all the same 160 AW and offers much more suction power. Performance worthy of the best stick vacuum cleaners which means that the Roborock H7 still has nothing to be ashamed of against its illustrious competitor Dyson.

Air-Watts, denoted AW, correspond to the ratio between air flow, suction and power consumption. They therefore indicate the efficiency of the engine and allow the devices to be compared with each other.

Le dust bin, with a capacity of 500 mL is a little bigger. It fills up fairly quickly, but very easy to open, its emptying does not require disassembling the body of the device thanks to a opening button cleverly placed just above the battery. The OLED display also warns us of the need to empty it, or to clean the filters.

Emptying is fast and the positioning of the hinge towards the front rather clever because it prevents dust from spreading everywhere as you have seen on other models. This design also has the advantage of not putting our hands in contact with the contents of the collector. So hygienic!


Le multi-cyclonic filtration system is him too easily removable and washable, which allows easy maintenance of the filters. Filtration carried out over no less than five levels, each made up of several cyclones, to which filters are added.

A cyclonic filtration system separates dust from the air by gravity. Heavier, the latter is then redirected into the collector. On the Roborock H7, this air treatment is carried out several times for more efficiency, hence the name multi-cyclone.

Some HEPA filters, or High Efficiency Particulate Air, allow to "Filter" the air sucked in by the vacuum cleaner before he is thrown back into a room and capturing 99.97% of particles (down to 0.3 microns), even the most microscopic pollens and molds.

The first, made of fabric and foam, has a good density and comes off very easily to be washed in water. Just like the second which is even more accessible since it suffices to unscrew the upper body of the vacuum cleaner to remove it. It is therefore easy to type it or brush it regularly in order to unclog it. Also cleanable with water, Roborock promises us that it will still keep 99.7% efficiency after 20 washes !

In terms of autonomy, this broom vacuum cleaner is not left out either. Her 3600 mAh Li-Po battery, very compact and light, gives it a battery life of up to 90 minutes in eco mode, 60 minutes in normal mode and a little more 15 minutes in max mode. This is much more than on a Dyson V8 or V10 and it allows you to comfortably clean around 100 m² at one time, more if you are equipped with a breathing machine who will have sided the work. Roborock has particularly worked on this point and has chosen to equip his H6 with a Lithium Polymer battery, the very first on a stick vacuum cleaner.

Compared to Lithium ion batteries, LiPo batteries have many advantages:

  • weight / power ratio: for the same power, they are much lighter, which allows the H6 to be particularly manoeuvrable and to weigh only 1.43 kg.
  • constant power: they have no discharge stage (no Peukert effect) and retain all their power during use. Concretely, you will have the same power at 100% load as at 20%.
  • lasting power: you know, batteries erode and lose their efficiency over time, sometimes quickly. The Roborock H6 Lithium Polymer battery retains 85% of its power after 600 cycles, that's huge!

La Lithium Polymer battery of the Roborock H7 is recharging 37% faster than the H6 and now takes 2.5 hours, compared to 4 hours for its predecessor.

“The Roborock H7 Lithium Polymer battery recharges 37% faster than that of the H6. "

Noise level, the Roborock H7 does not shine with its silence, but how can you blame it for a powerful vacuum cleaner? Silence is indeed rarely a quality of these devices and our measurements are still quite reasonable since we noted 70 dB (A) in economy mode, 74 dB (A) as standard et 84 dB (A) at maximum power. Note that our measurements were taken above the device, at 1 meter, with the crevice tool which is far from being the quietest due to the very small surface area of ​​its mouthpiece.

Now let's see what the accessories are ...

Many accessories

This is one of the characteristics of high-end vacuum cleaners: they are generally delivered with several essential accessories. Roborock has understood this and offers, as with the H6, a plethora of accessories for his H7. We received the “Europe package” which offers five, but still ignores the Fluffy type brush as mentioned above.

A rigid pipe

The Roborock H7 comes with a rigid pipe from 75 cm here clips very easily to the various accessories intended for it. You will notice two pins which allow, you can imagine, to supply the elements which require it.

Motorized carpet brush

It is the most voluminous of the packaging, the one that you will probably have to use the most. It measures 29 cm long connection included. The brush part is 25 cm long for a width of 10 cm. Made of good quality plastics, it lets us easily observe the scroll. This is handy because it allows you to see if something has stuck, or for the lucky ones to know at a glance which brush they are dealing with. Indeed, Roborock offers a second type brush "Fluffy" for the most fragile soils, but unfortunately it is still not included in the European package ...

Turning it over, we see that it is composed of a roll with two types of hair : black soft and hard white. In addition to two wheels placed at the level of the handle giving it perfect stability, the brush is also equipped with two small wheels to protect your floor from possible scratches and rubber slat allowing nothing to be left on the way.

We are indeed faced with a brush intended for rugs and carpets which, thanks to its two rows of hairs with very different characteristics, will be able to deeply unclog dust. Well designed, it is easy to extract thanks to a cap that can be unscrewed with a screwdriver, or even a simple coin.

Driven by the depression created by the main motor, that of the brush develops a power of 50W and is formidable in use. The tank fills up very quickly and the Roborock H7 leaves nothing behind.

This motorized brush is also equipped with a soil sensor allowing it to detect rugs and carpets and adjust accordingly its suction power. Once back on hard ground, it returns to normal in order to save energy. This was already the case on the H6, of course, but it should be emphasized.

A mini brush

Roborock has not forgotten the mini brush, the perfect ally of the stick vacuum cleaner. Very similar to that found in the competition, it allows you to clean cars, sofas or mattresses. Combined with the filtration system, it is very useful for hunting down mites and removing the dead skin they are fond of.

“The mini-brush, the perfect ally of the stick vacuum cleaner. "

Nozzle, dust brush and flexible hose

We obviously find the most traditional accessories: nozzle et dust brush. Comes with a very practical flexible and extendable hose, they make it possible to make dust everywhere. Every element has its interest and the whole point of the Roborock H6 is a truly complete stick vacuum cleaner.

[…] The whole point of the Roborock H6 is a truly complete stick vacuum cleaner.The Alexians

Finally, we find the brand new Roborock MagBase ™ wall bracket . More compact than its predecessor, it serves as a charging base, but allows you to hang or unhook accessories even more easily by magnetizing them to your body. It's ingenious, and even if we weren't convinced to start first, we must admit that it is very practical on a daily basis. You will no longer have an excuse with your other half if you leave an accessory lying around, it's so simple and fast! Note, Roborock should offer a support to pose, a kind of foot which will be fixed under this support.


“The all new Roborock MagBase ™ wall mount. "

In conclusion, the Chinese company has effectively updated its stick vacuum cleaner and the Roborock H7 does not disappoint. No major innovation which would justify changing its H6, but an appreciable evolution which remains a good argument to acquire it in place of its predecessor.

More powerful, the H7 is even more efficient than the H6 and really formidable on all surfaces. We particularly enjoyed the autonomy gain of its battery and its much faster recharging, but also the 100 mL more from its reservoir. It is not much, of course, but the 20% difference is noticeable on a daily basis.

As for the presence of dust bag, we are more than reserved about it. Indeed, its small size means that it fills up very quickly and its unusual format forces you to find models intended for it. We especially regret that this leads to a loss of power of the order of 30%, but this is not surprising since it fixes instead of the very efficient cyclonic system. Nevertheless, it will probably find its use in the homes of people allergic to dust, but not being, we could not judge ...

In short, this cordless vacuum cleaner is overall a success, in particular thanks to its light weight which gives it great maneuverability and exceptional comfort of use, its ergonomics being remarkable in our opinion. Its new MagBase ™ support is also quite successful and very practical on a daily basis.

Offered to 299 euros at Geekbuying (see code below), the Roborock H7 is a great cordless vacuum cleaner which we can only recommend to you. It is, moreover, the perfect complement to the Roborock S7.
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