TOGAVE starry sky projector test: a home nebula with Smart Life

Our opinion on the Togavian starry sky projector

Togave Starry Sky Projector

TOGAVE WIFI Galaxy star sky projector compatible with assistants Alexa and Google Home

Price on: July 5, 2022 17 h 16 min

Some products are in principle useless but become essential once you have tasted them. And this is the case with this starry sky projector TOGAVE. Indeed, being able to project stars and a nebula onto its ceiling is not the priority of many, but frankly, what is it pleasant!

Offered to 39,99 € on Amazon. Fr, this projector RGB (for the nebula) + laser (for the stars) will delight young and old.

TOGAVE starry sky projector: travel to the heart of a galaxy


Le starry sky projector TOGAVE comes in a glossy printed cardboard box with lots of images, not bearing any visible markings, and making 20,5 x 21,5 x 8 cm. Promoting connected use via Smart Life, as well as vocal use can be found on the front panel. The back shows you possible uses.

Wedged in a cardboard insert, you will find the projector, a multilingual user guide (including correct French) and a 1,8m power cable. The latter has a DC male plug and ends with a USB plug (without adapter included).

The TOGAVE starry sky projector is quite big because it makes 16,2 cm in diameter for 6,8 thickness and a weight of 493 g. It is not very pretty either but it has the advantage of being simple enough. Indeed, you only have one and only one button which will be used both to turn on and change the lighting modes but also to put it in pairing mode. It is made in ABS plastic with flame retardant and no finishing problem was found.

To make it stand, there are four small transverse bars at the base that will not only allow it to stand up without it rolling up but also to choose its most suitable position (more or less directed upwards) . On the back you have the DC female plug to put the cable in. To feed it, you need 5V 1A.

On the front, you can't miss them, you have the two projection devices:

  • A dome under which you have RGB LEDs (red, green and blue). They are the ones that will give the colors to your nebula, but to gain visual impact, the background of this dome is irregular, to diffuse and blur the rendering.
  • A class 1 laser transmitter (without impact on health, even looking from the front, even if this is not recommended): dozens of small green dots will appear on the target surface. They represent the stars.

And for an even more immersive rendering, the set (light and laser) also goes rotate on itself 360 ° (or 2? radians for high school graduates).

What will the button on the side be used for?

It's simple :

  • Pressing 6 sec will bring the device into pairing mode,
  • On each short press, repeatedly:

o Switch on,
o Laser and blue background
o Laser and red background
o Laser and green background
o Laser and multicolor background (best)
o Laser only
o Switch off

It is not possible to have only a bright background without laser through the physical button. This requires the application which will also allow you to manage brightness and saturation from the whole.


  • Brand : TOGAVE, in this case.
  • Origin : made in China.
  • Dimensions in mm : 162 x 162 x 68.
  • Engime : 5V 1A for the power supply. NC for consumption. Connects to 100-240 V AC, via an AC adapter not supplied.
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Application : Smart Life / Tuya
  • Voice use : yes, via the Smart Life for Alexa and the add-on Smart Life for Google Assistant.
  • Remote upgrade NC
  • Programming : Yes, via the app. As well as the playback of pre-established scenes.

Installation and use of the TOGAVE starry sky projector

The TOGAVE starry sky projector works with theapplication Smart Life, the Swiss army knife of connected objects. It also benefits from the installation Friction Less, that is to say with direct recognition of the device (but for that activate your Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth. It takes place as for a light bulb (because at bottom, it is one).

Open the app, press the button for 6 seconds projector and wait for it to appear. Select it and let it happen (enter your Wi-Fi ID…). Finally, give it a name that will also be the one that can be used with voice assistants. It is very simple. We refer you to our tutorial Smart Life if you encounter disappointments.

Once installed, go to the device and from there, you can configure it as you wish.

There are 3 main sections:

  • White:

It is this view that will allow you to manage the stars, so the laser. You can come and modify the brightness (therefore their visibility) and rotation speed from the whole. You have at the top right a small slider which allows to completely turn off the laser and keep only the nebula aspect.

  • Color:

This is where you go vary the color with the colored ring. You also have the possibility to manage brightness and saturation colours. It is a subtle mixture that you will have to make to achieve the result that you imagine. Setting the brightness to full is not necessarily the best because the nebula will be paler. With saturation, you may or may not show color gradients and underlying hues. Like the White part, you have a small switch at the top right to turn off the nebula part and keep only the stars.

  • Scenes:

At this level, you have the possibility to select defined atmospheres. In general, this consists of regular color changes, tints ...

And of course there is a virtual button down to turn the projector on or off, but you also have a choice of a countdown timer (handy for turning it off if you put it in a bedroom) and a power on and off schedule.

With Amazon Alexa

Activate the skill Smart Life available on the store Alexa French. Once done, let the app search for compatible equipment. The Togave starry sky projector will appear in your application.

You will be able to choose the color (but be careful, solid colors) and the brightness of the projector. It is therefore quite limited because it is not possible to turn off the laser or manage its power for example.

With Google Assistant

To use it, activate the add-on Smart Life. Google Home recognizes your account and searches for the projector. The operating mode will be the same as with Alexa, with the same limitations.

In addition, only the multicolored physical mode makes it possible to have a mixture of the nebula type. Voice assistants only allow changing the single color. They will therefore be used more to turn the projector on and off than to actually control it.

Daily use of Togavian starry sky projector is a real pleasure. You spend a certain amount of time finding the color / brightness / saturation setting that suits you. Then, you will decide if you project it on a wall, a ceiling, a room, the TV corner… But, in the end, the rendering is really excellent. The lights and the mixture, with this blur, gives a real feeling of a nebula in motion. Everything is straightforward, with good demarcation and good color rendering.

If the stars bother you, you remove them or you tone them down. We are at the same time on something relaxing but also hypnotic.

We invite you to see it in operation on our YouTube video (like and subscribe of course !) :

In conclusion, this TOGAVE starry sky connected projector will allow you to create a cozy and hypnotic atmosphere. Working with Smart Life de Tuya, it can be controlled by voice via Alexa or Google Assistant, although the integration could have been further. Relaxing and hypnotic, with its rendering of very good quality, in principle it is not used for much and that is what makes it essential! Even though the price of € 39,99 excluding promotion can curb some desires, once the step is taken, you will not regret it !
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!