OxaOxe NX-SP202 connected socket test: a repeat place!

Even today, the Alexiens have been looking for a grip that will bring you added value, a grip with a little extra something. Well this time, mission doubly accomplished!

Is the OxaOxe plug a connected plug like the others? No ! It's a double connected plug! And with consumption monitoring in addition! So that's not it at all !? Especially since its characteristics are very good.


OxaOxe NX-SP202: doubly practical!

Our double plug is hidden in a small brown cardboard box, simple but quite sturdy. In addition to our acquisition, there is a small advertisement and an English, French and German user manual. It is rather well done, in color and invites us first to download SmartLife then explains the procedure in detail. The FAQ is also well found.

So there, design level, it is really unusual for a connected outlet! As you can see in the photos, you do not have a single outlet, nor a power strip itself, but two takes! And these are not empty words because we have on each side a physical button to turn each outlet on or off.

In terms of finishes, we are on the standard but quite solid: white and thick plastic but no apparent defect. It is quite light despite its double plugs for a little over 100 g. On the other hand, no surprise for the LEDs: they give the status of the socket (on and off) and cannot be deactivated via the application.

For this type of plug, the size is quite small (handles more than a basic rectangular connected plug): 5 cm in width, 10,5 in length and a thickness when connected of about 5 cm.

Regarding its characteristics, they are very good for once: 220-250 V, 50/60 Hz and an intensity of 16 A max or 3520 Watts! It has 2 poles + the earth for the male plug and the female plugs are of type F (therefore for mixed socket of type E / F). For Wi-Fi, no surprise, 2.4 GHz network only, IEEE802.11b / g / n.

OxaOxe NX-SP202: a good sur… taken!

To make its catch work, OxaOxe has decided to approach a safe bet: SmartLife, the Swiss Army knife of applications for connected devices. So in principle, no real difficulty installing and configuring it, we are in familiar territory. And of course, the routines and scenes functions are available.

Okay, so far, nothing new. But we have two surprises with this take, surprises after take what ...

- Each outlet can be controlled individually and as a whole. This means that you will be able to pilot it by giving it a global name, but you can also only pilot one of the two, by naming them as well. So there, we will have to rack our brains a little.

- Another surprise, the monitoring of consumption! And that is a real big strong point. We have instantaneous and daily consumption, but also, by developing the menu, graphs of consumption over the month and total. What is quite interesting is to see not only the consumption in KW / h but also in mA, the voltage and the power used. On the other hand, the values ​​noted are the total values ​​of the two catches and it is not possible to have them individually ...


This double take is really good. We are on a set of two sockets, individually controllable, with consumption monitoring. However, the price is a bit high because it is close to a power strip, but without consumption monitoring. So, mission accomplished?

OxaOxe NX-SP202 connected socket










Price quality



  • High performance application
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Design
  • Double take

The lessers

  • Price a bit high
  • Total and not individual consumption monitoring
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