MAXCIO ceiling light test: put diamonds and stars in your lives

Our full review of the Maxcio Wi-Fi connected ceiling light

Maxcio connected ceiling lamp

Maxcio Connected LED Ceiling Light, Smart WIFI Ceiling Light, Waterproof RGB 24W Starry Sky Crystal Effect Compatible with Alexa/ Google Home, Dimmable for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living room, Child

Price on: July 5, 2022 16 h 38 min

Connected bulbs are the very basis of a connected interior. But they don't always match what you want! Lack of power, appearance… A connected ceiling light can meet your expectations. We have tested the new Maxcio LED ceiling light ZDXD0002-002. This last, sold for € 49,99 on Amazon. Fr, can be connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and offers 2400 lumens, RGB + CCT and compatibility with voice assistants… Not to mention its crystal and starry sky effect. Interesting ?

MAXCIO ceiling light: an LED luminaire connected via WiFi


Maxcio is a brand, created in 2017, specializing in fairly standard connected products but at an affordable price, of which we have tested several convincing products (taking et essential oil diffuser).

The Maxcio ceiling lamp is delivered in a blue box of 27 x 27,5 x 11 cm, with a visual of the product on the front face and some important characteristics on the sides and the back (voice control, RGB…). It is quite basic but inside, the product is well wedged with corner foams. You will also have a fairly clear multilingual installation guide and a bag of screws (3 screws and 3 wall plugs).

The Maxcio ceiling light is in aluminum material for the background which will be fixed to the ceiling and acrylic for the globe. It measures 35 cm in diameter and 8 cm thick for 870 grams. The base has 3 holes to receive the screws and a fourth to pass the wires.

Be careful, as the bottom is flat, it is in your interest to place the ceiling light to coincide with the exit of the wires from your ceiling, otherwise, it will not work ...

Inside, the white and colored LEDs are embedded in a PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate acrylic) matrix. It is a cast and transparent plastic which will be used for a better diffusion of the light. The larger ones are dedicated to white light. But where some manufacturers do not put PMMA on color LEDs, Maxcio decides to put it on each for a more intense rendering.

You have 3 transplanting plots: phase, neutral and earth. The fixing system with cruciform screw tends to turn a little in a vacuum given the depth of embedding. So use a thin, flat screwdriver instead. But once that's done, it's really solid. You can take the opportunity to see the CE logo and some usage information.

At the level of the globe, it has a rather particular shape with a cut rim crystal type (hence the effect of the same name) and small negative impression stars on the face. Be careful, as the edges will diffuse the light with an iridescent appearance, the stars will only be visible by looking at the illuminated globe. There is no no stellar projection on the ground. Which is not worse. Tastes and colors cannot be discussed, but the design is worthy of the best Chinese restaurant.

“The overall quality is quite good and the whole gives a feeling of robustness. "

To set up the globe, the Maxcio ceiling light has a system of plastic nipples on which to put the notches and turn to fix it. Quite easy to put on and take off, it's quick and easy to use. The overall quality is quite good and the whole gives a feeling of robustness.

Technical specifications

These are the characteristics of the Maxcio ceiling light:

  • Brand : MAXCIO
  • Model : ZDXD0002-002
  • Class : A ++
  • Engime : 24W, or 150 W in equivalent
  • Durée de vie : NC
  • Number of cycles : NC
  • Light power : 2400 lm max, rather good-
  • Type : RGB + CCT
  • Colors : 16.000.000 colors
  • White : warm white to cool white, 2700 to 6500 K.
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Connectivity : 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
  • Temperature range : -10 to 40 ° C
  • Humidity range : IP54, so OK for a kitchen or a bathroom
  • Illumination angle : 160 °
  • IRC :> 90 (therefore a natural color rendering)
  • Food : AC 220-240 V at 50/60 Hz.
  • Connectivity : Smart Life

We are therefore on a product that seems quite interesting with its 2400 lumens neighborhoods, are the IP54 which means that you can put it in a damp room, its 24W for reduced electricity consumption, its IRC greater than 90 and its use CCT (changing color temperature).

Installation of the Maxcio ceiling light

With the application Smart Life

Maxcio ceiling light uses the Tuya cloud Smart to connect their devices. If you've never used this app, take a look at our Tuya tutorial / Smart Life.

First of all, connect your phone to your Wi-Fi and activate GPS and Bluetooth. The ceiling light supports installation mode EZ, a procedure "Friction Less« . You can either install your ceiling light directly and then configure it or you can configure it before by attaching it to an extension cord from which you have stripped the wires. It is this option that we have chosen to avoid setting up a product that might not work.

At the first connection, the dome light will start to flash slowly, announcement of EZ mode. If you need to, you can get it back to this state by turning your switch on and off 3-4 times. Once done, launch the app Smart Life. And there, surprise, your ceiling light appears directly. It was automatically detected. Press on " Go to Add », Enter your Wi-Fi code and let it be. At the end, you can change the name because it is the one that will be used for voice use.


For use via the app, we are on basic. It will be used like a light bulb.

  • For whites : variation in heat and intensity. On the semi-circle, you will choose the warmth of the whites. Warm white to yellow and cold to blue. For the intensity, vary the small ruler at the bottom with the percentage.
  • For the colors : same as the whites. Come and choose the desired color on the circle. You can also vary the intensity and the saturation with the two lower sliders.
  • Scenes : you can come and apply pre-recorded modes such as brightness for reading, work, color changes for the evenings… You can also modify them as you wish.
  • Music : leaving the phone on next to a sound source, the ceiling light will change rhythmically. Pretty cool.
  • To turn on and off the Maxcio ceiling light, it goes through the ON / OFF button at the bottom center.

And of course you also have the options of scenarios in order to turn on your ceiling light at a fixed time, turn it off after a certain time. By going to the "More" tab, you have access to other options.

  • Plan and Schedule : Set up routines to turn your light on and off at specific times, times, or conditions.
  • Rhythms : It is the taking into account of circadian cycle. Activate the option and your light will come on and vary its brightness during the day to match the optimal natural light. Good if you are locked into telecommuting ... You can even set the start and end times of the cycle.
  • Power-on Behavior : very practical, come determine the state of the ceiling light when it comes back on after a power cut : default mode, last mode set or custom mode.

Operation with Alexa

It is of course necessary that you have activated the skill Smart Life to be able to raise the ceiling light under Alexa. If you have, the product will come back up on its own. Otherwise, you must search for it after activating the skill and ask Alexa, by voice, search for your devices or use the little + at the top right, in the devices section.

In use, the Maxcio ceiling light will work as a connected bulb. It is possible to choose the intensity with the small slider on the main page and the colors / whites by pressing the color “button”. You have access to five whites and fifteen colors. The name in front of each is the one you will need to voice call to use it. In use, the connected object is reactive and the colors announced are in agreement. Just say " Alexa, lights cellar at 50% ».

Works with Google Assistant

The principle is the same as with Alexa. You must first activate the extension. Smart Life in " works with google And let Google discover your devices.


Also very easy to use with the brightness management system via the central circle and the colors available with the color button. " OK Google, turn on the cellar in green », And presto, let's go.
So nothing to say about operation with Smart Life which is very good and with very interesting options like "Music" and "Circadian Rhythm". Voice usage is quite basic and will allow you to turn it on, off, change colors and light intensity.

The Maxcio ceiling light for everyday use

Once set up, the 2400 lumens of this Maxcio ceiling light can illuminate a room with a fifteen square meters no problem, especially in cool white. Of course, this brightness decreases when you switch to warm tones and colors, which is quite logical and common with smart bulbs.

In voice, the maximum warm and cold whites ofAlexa and Google Assistant are far from those available with the application Smart Life. This is all the more unfortunate that this ceiling light emits a permanent whistling when it is not on the maximum warm and cold white setting. This noise more than painful however disappears when you switch to the colors. A big weak point, even prohibitive, if you want to adjust this light in soft whites or daylight ...

Extremes are really good. Very marked whites. The colors are not to be outdone: they are intense and very present. Above all, the difference between green and yellow is well marked, purple is not blue, proof that the color rendering is of quality.

The red and blue are really intense!

The starry sky aspect is quite discreet and as announced above, it is purely decorative. The general rendering is rather pleasant even if design level, the rim in "crystal" can put off more than one.

Watch this Maxcio ceiling light work in our YouTube video (don't forget to subscribe to our channel and to like, that goes without saying!).

In conclusion of this test of the Maxcio ceiling light, we are both pleasantly surprised and disappointed with this product. With its warmth of whites ranging from 2700 to 6500 K, warm white to cold, and its 2400 lumens, it will allow to light a room without problem because of its 25 W (150 W equivalent in). Its IRC of 90 allows a good color reproduction and it can be used by voice with Alexa and Google Assistant. His colors are intense and well differentiated but beware, it is subject to whistling in the whites, except extreme whites… Which is a real shame! The design cannot be discussed, even if it is very Chinese restaurant, because it is a matter of taste. In any case, it is responsive and gives good results and at 49,99 €, it is a acceptable price / quality ratio.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!