Philips Hue White & Color E14 flame test

The Alexians that we are, do not all have E27 bulbs (big base). Some of us are still equipped with devices equipped with small bulbs categorized E14. And these are not really common. Fortunately, if you've given in to the Philips Hue, the range offers three references : the " Philips Hue White "," White Ambiance "and" White & Color Ambiance ».

It is these that we are testing for you today: Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance E14, which promise us 6,5 Watts and 450 lm. They are sold individually, or in sets of 2 which can be over-packaged by 3 depending on promotions. Count around 50 € per unit excluding promotion (€ 93,99 per set of 2 on Amazon. Fr). At this price, what are they really worth?

PHILIPS Hue White & Color Flame E14: a small bulb with a nice design

These bulbs arrive in a thin cardboard packaging featuring the fuchsia of the Philips Hue range color on most of the package. It is imaged, in glossy printing, and we find there as usual the main characteristics of the product. Inside, the bulbs are well secured by a thicker cardboard and high enough to protect the so-called flame part.


After this quick tour of the packaging, let's take a look at these bulbs, because it is for them that we flashed and not for their packaging. And there, as usual, Philips does not disappoint us. They are really beautiful. The glass flame is relatively large compared to the size of the bulb, which announces a good dispersion of the light but also a good dissipation of the heat. The base is made of good quality plastic. The finishes are excellent for the bulbs tested. The weight is moderate with barely 50 grams and a size of 3,9 cm in diameter for 11,7 cm in height (therefore remove an average of 2,5 cm once in place). In short, we are on a relatively qualitative product that gives confidence.

This E14 bulb is class A +, like all LEDs on the market. The advertised power is 6.5W or 40 Watts of our old incandescent bulbs for 470 lumens. So there indeed, it is not heavy… Suffice to say that for an auxiliary lamp it works, if it is for a chandelier, it is necessary to provide several. It's quite a shame, but not that surprising given the format.

Its strong point is that it is possible to vary the light intensity, but also the temperature of the egg whites 2000 to 6500 Kelvins (warm white to daylight). They also have a strong color potential since they announce 16 million (yes, yes, again). Enough to vary the atmosphere! It is given for 25 hours of use and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80. For information, the IRC is the ability of the lamp to make us differentiate the colors. From 90 it is very good, the maximum being 100 for daylight. LEDs have an average CRI between 75 and 85. Our bulb is therefore average. We expected no less.


Philips Hue White & Color E14: works with the Hue bridge or a Zigbee hub

If you are already converted to Philips Hue bulbs, you probably already have the ad-hoc bridge necessary for their operation. If this is not the case and if you want to get started, we invite you to refer to our first full review of Philips Hue White and Color in order to know the characteristics. The other possibility, since the release of the Echo Plus and Show 2 which embed the Zigbee protocol under which these bulbs work, is to use your device to install and control them. But be careful, in this case, you will not have access to the functions of the Hue application (installation of a Zigbee bulb Hue White E27 on Echo Show / Plus).

Let's detail the installation via the Hue Bridge. You will also need the Philips Hue app to Smartphone (available on the stores) and the Philips Hue skill on the store Alexa. If you are just starting your discovery Alexa and Philips Hue, you will need to create an account to access the configuration of your bulbs.

The next step will be to have your bulb (s) recognized. And it's childish! In the Hue app, go to “settings”, “room setup” and then “light setup”.


Dance "Room configuration" choose the part intended to receive your bulb: enter the name and / or click on type of part, select the destination room (the same) and press the check mark at the top right to save the configuration.

Go back to the previous page to this time choose "Light configuration", the lamp search is displayed. It is simply necessary to switch on the bulb, no pairing mode to implement. And there you have it, the bulb is detected. (You can then change the name of the bulb for easier use).

All that remains is to assign it the destination room by returning to "Configure a room" and choose the bulb and the part that should be associated.

It is now necessary to have it detected by Alexa. It's even easier. Once the skill is activated (with the credentials of your newly created Philips Hue account), select the cross at the top right "Add a device" (by choosing the type of device "Philips Hue"). Tadaam! Finished ! Your White and Color bulb is installed. All you have to do is make the desired settings to configure it to your liking.

Here are some examples of rendering with the bulb used alone or on a chandelier:


In use, it appears that the colors are deep, well differentiated and really stunning. We are really on excellent quality. Indeed, these bulbs are much more expensive than the others, but the rendering is exceptional. And that's without counting the predefined scenarios that the Philips Hue app makes available to you.

To conclude, this Philips Hue White and Color Flame E14 multicolored connected bulb is of excellent quality both in terms of the finishes of the object as such as the light quality. What we can fault, however, is the low light intensity, of only 470 lm, which is quite little for the price. Now it's up to you to make your programming according to your imagination. In writing, in any case, we were once again delighted by these Philips Hue bulbs.

Philips Hue Connected bulb White and Color flame E14

About 50 €









Price quality



  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Beautiful colors
  • Blanks adjustable as desired

The lessers

  • Price really too high
  • Low light intensity
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.