Philips Hue test Smart Button: a practical and aesthetic ZigBee switch

In the category " smart bulbs“, A famous brand wins all the votes: Philips Hue. You will probably object to us that the brand is far from accessible and its prices frankly high, we absolutely agree, but after many connected bulb tests, the conclusion is clear: they are by far the best. And this assertion is all the more true as Philips Hue is probably the brand offering the richest connected lighting ecosystem on the market with bulbs of all kinds, but also many accessories. For several months now, the family of Hue accessories has grown with the arrival of the little brother of the famous Dimmer Switch and the Hue Tap: the Philips Hue Smart Button. It is the latter that we have chosen to present to you today ...

Philips Hue Smart Button: a compact switch

Unboxing and presentation

The packaging of Smart Button is not surprising and uses the codes of the rest of the range. We therefore find the Philips logo, that of the Hue range and, of course, a visual of the product. Simple and efficient packaging, clean and high-quality… We expected no less from Philips.

At the opening, in addition to the traditional documentations, we finally discover the accessory. The big novelty of this Smart Button lies mainly in its design: small and round, this one wants to be much more discreet than the Dimmer Switch but above all, the cover plate is compatible with French flush-mounting boxes. You can therefore replace your current switches and get an impeccable finish unlike the Dimmer Switch which was in US format.

“[…] The cover plate is compatible with French flush-mounting boxes. " 

Philips Hue Smart Button: test and full review

The coating is rubber, a little surprising at first touch, but ultimately quite well correlated with the design. Surprisingly this one neither attracts nor sets dust that much. It will remain to be seen whether this material will not deteriorate or yellow over time. And that is not won!

Unboxing the Philips Hue Smart Button

It also comes with a self-adhesive circular magnet holder allowing it to be fixed to the wall, or elsewhere, for a most discreet effect. The button being magnetic, it is also possible to put it directly on a metal surface, as we did the chamber of our front door.


Philips Lighting
Philips Hue
Smart Button
Wireless dimmer switch
Plate: 7.6 x 7.6 x 0.6 cm; Button: 3.20 x 1.45 cm: Mini holder: 3.2 x 0.3 cm




Philips Hue Smart Button: wireless switch configuration

Easy configuration

Button configuration is simple and if you are familiar with the Hue environment, you will definitely not be fazed. To start, we add an accessory:

A simple press is enough to activate the button, then you just have to let yourself be guided by the application.

Once the button is paired, we can move on to configuring it. At this point you have the option to choose what you want the button to control : Lights, Rooms (limited to 2), or Zone (new in the last update of the Hue application, zones are no longer in beta and can therefore be used as part of accessories).

Once the lamps to be controlled have been selected, we must choose the expected behavior of the smart button. There we can choose between “Timed light” or “Scenario cycle”.

  • The timed light " allows choose the type of lighting according to a defined time slot. For example, if I press the button between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., the bulbs light up dimly (for example). Then between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., they will light up, and so on ...
  • The " Scenario cycle " will apply a scenario to the bulbs depending on the succession of pressures exerted on the button: for example the first press for a dimmed lighting, the second for a powerful lighting etc etc.

Finally, it remains to configure the reaction of the Smart Button with maintained pressure. There three possibilities: brightness gradation, lights out ou no reaction.

Intuitive use

In use, the Philips Hue Smart Button wants to be quite intuitive, you just have to learn to use it differently from the Dimmer Switch, for example: where the Dimmer has two buttons for dimming the light (one to increase, the other to decrease), you will have to compose with the single button that makes up this new Hue accessory. We saw more practical, at first glance, but in the end it is rather simple to use.

“[…] The Philips Hue Smart Button wants to be quite intuitive " 

This new switch is also easier to place in our interior because much more discreet. The only real regret we would have against him is that he is not suitable for outdoor use and above all, that Philips still does not offer a model fulfilling this function (after the appearance of the Outdoor Motion Sensor, we were eagerly awaiting a switch in the same line).

Our opinion on the Philips Hue Smart Button

Le Smart Button turns out to be a very good alternative to the Dimmer Switch. As far as we are concerned, we fell in love with this simple and minimalist design, but very effective. The functions offered are basic, but more than enough for daily use for my taste. The price around 20 € on Amazon. Fr seems correct to us for a Philips Hue product, it remains to be seen if the rubber coating will hold up over time. Note, all the same, that a first button installed on October 22 is always impeccable, it will therefore be necessary to see over a slightly longer period ...

We leave you with a little video test of the Philips Hue Smart Button:

Philips Hue Smart Button, smart connected remote control button and light dimmer

NS. 20 €









Price quality



  • Design
  • • Features that will suit most users
  • Correct price

The lessers

  • • Rubber coating to be monitored over time
  • • Some may find the proposed settings insufficiently extensive.
  • • Still no outdoor model offered by Philips