Philips DiamondClean 9000 review: the high-end connected toothbrush

What could be more beautiful than Alexians with a dazzling smile and immaculate teeth? We still wonder ... For this, we conduct many tests in High-Tech oral-dental. You certainly remember those of theOral-B iO series 8 (mechanical brush above all) and Oclean X Pro (sonic toothbrush), well this time we are going to talk about the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000. Even if the Dutch brand is not the market leader, it has nevertheless done strong with its series of DiamondClean premium connected brushes.

These products work according to the sonic technology, with specific brushes, and connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the Sonicare app. For 260 € the bundle of 2 or 200 € each, are you really going to keep smiling?

Philips DiamondClean 9000: unboxing and features

Our test focused on the pack of 2 white toothbrushes reference HX9914 / 55. Philips has opted for a fairly imposing packaging (25,5 x 17 x 11 cm) and highlighting the high-end appearance of its brushes, while remaining very simple: one side with the two brushes highlighted and the load glass (the little extra of the brand), one of the sides and the rear will highlight the characteristics (pressure sensor, replacement brush, the brushing modes ...) and on the other side, the content with photo. All in glossy printing, white and light blue, quite nice.

But the premium aspect stops there. By opening the box from above (with a easy opening cereal box type), you will find a container made from recycled cellulose fibers such as egg box with a cover of the same kind. Only one of the two brushes is put forward a little because it is inserted into an opening, but the rest of the content is loose in plastic bags, or in neutral cardboard packaging. The high-end bellows has just deflated… Especially since it is noted, on a sticker delicately balanced across the first brush, that before using them, they must be loaded and that it may take 24 hours… Fortunately, it seems that Philips does not make batteries for electric cars!

What do we find in this pack?

  • The two toothbrushes rechargeable.
  • 2 type C3 brushes,
  • 2 induction chargers
  • 1 brush holder to come put on one of the chargers,
  • 1 glass of charge,
  • The "user guide" 100% drawn in black and white ... and very brief.

We are a little bad language with the choice of Philips to use for its guides, guarantees and internal packaging, only low quality materials ... Because we must recognize that the whole is 100% recycled or recyclable, and that is very good. But one does not prevent the other: ecology and promotion of products.

The quality of the brushes is nevertheless excellent. They are made of ABS-type plastic, with perfect finishes, or almost. The material, in addition to being strong and a beautiful color, is silky and very pleasant to the touch. On the other hand, they are relatively large since they display 142 grams for 25,5 cm of height (with brush heads (about 9 cm) and 2,7 to 3 cm on the side. In the end, it is the largest and most massive electric toothbrush that we have tested (1,5 cm more than the Oral-B The heads have a completely standard gauge, comparable to that of a basic toothbrush. And that's very good!

The brush does no display screen as the Oral-B iO 8 or Oclean X Pro Elite. Is it good? Difficult to say, it's a choice, but it's true that it does right away less premium and simpler. Philips has in fact chosen to have purely manual settings. You will change brushing mode by pressing the solid white button (the one at the bottom). Press to switch to the next mode. To change the brushing force, turn the brush on with the ON / OFF button and once on, press the select button again to change the power. Once your settings are made, they remain in memory.

This electric toothbrush is therefore very easy to access in the sense that there is only 2 buttons and that's it: ON / OFF and selection. But the visual aspect is still successful. The selected mode will be highlighted via internal LED lighting. It is the same with the power which each level will come to light up.

As announced, the brushes are quite interesting, and this on several levels. First of all, they are nothing like those of rotating brushes. They indeed have a appearance very similar to standard brushes. But behind this unpretentious look lies efficient technology. They do not exist one but types of brushes, with different hair implantations, each dedicated to a type of brushing. Thus, the W3 are those for a powerful whitening brushing, the C3, a powerful cleaning,… You choose the head adapted to the desired action. The brand offers you nearly ten (all Sonicaires are compatible) at a price varying between 30 and 40 € excluding promotion, which remains quite expensive.

Another technical aspect, each head will automatically be recognized by the toothbrush and the latter will choose the type of brushing in connection with the brush head. It's technology BrushSync, which also lets you know when to change it (they are given for about 180 cycles).

Induction chargers do not stand alone. It is indeed mandatory to put a support to come and put the brush there. Philips offers you two: a basic plastic support in which to insert the handle and a second, much more upscale and innovative. You have indeed in this pack (but in all the packs in the end) a loading glass. More precisely, it is a thick and quite large glass glass (320 grams, 8 cm high and 8,3 cm sideways). To charge ? Put your brush in the glass and that's it. But the question that arises is: why only put a loading glass in a two-pack considering the selling price ? Not to mention that the plastic support is really trinket next.

The charging time is quite long the first time (max 24 hours) but they are then charged for 14 days ! And of course, without connectors, if the brushes or the supports are wet, this is not a problem.

Characteristics :

  • Brand : Philips
  • Model : Sonicare, DiamondClean 9000
  • Dimensions : 25,5 cm in length (with a brush) for 2,7 to 3 cm on the side
  • Weight : 142 g
  • Available colors : White or black
  • Functionalities :
      • 4 cleaning modes :
        o Clean: daily cleaning
        o White +: to whiten teeth
        o Gum Health: so as not to attack the gums and massage them
        o Deep Clean +: thorough and powerful cleaning
    • 3 powers
    • 2 minute timer, unchangeable
  • Screen : no
  • Pressure management : yes, via app display and vibration
  • Application : yes, but limited.
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Magazine : induction technology

Daily use of the Philips DiamondClean 9000

You might as well say it right away, the Sonicare application is very perfectible. It is quite possible to use the brush without using it so much she brings few things. After downloading the app on your Smartphone (iOS or Android), you will need to create an account. We had some difficulties at this stage because it was impossible to validate the account… After restarting the application, it was. Then come install the toothbrush. Activate your Bluetooth and your GPS and turn on the toothbrush (just press the function button). Leave it to the application but if that does not work, as in our case, open your Bluetooth settings in parallel and look for the brush. Once done, log in and come back to the application which now allows you to finalize the installation.

Let's see what the application will bring you through its different parameters:

  • progression : this is the home page. Here you can see the number of times you brush your teeth per day, the average duration and the pressure level. These three pieces of information are presented in a global and daily summary. Want more info? We will have to come back because there is only that ...
  • Tools : here you have what to record your appointments with your dentist and what to buy products ...
  • My brush head : display of number of cycles remaining to be done with the head and… a link if you want to buy some products… Philips is really worried that you might run out of brush heads it looks like…
  • Product, my handle : you will find here all the parameters of your brush, namely the model (no interest), if the Bluetooth works (no interest because otherwise, the information does not appear), the charge level, the brushing mode, the type of brush, the brushing intensity and the possibility of updating the brush ... No change in intensity or mode here, it's just information.
  • Profile : link to your account but also to the handle (and therefore redundancy with what we have just seen.
  • Parameter : it's just confidentiality ...

As you can see, this or nothing is a bit the same. And that's not better when brushing ... As soon as you turn on the brush (with ON / OFF) to put it into operation, the application changes and displays a simple timer… And if you press too hard, a message telling you to take it easy appears. That's all !

"[…] The application has virtually no interest and to say that the DiamondClean 9000 brushes are connected is an extrapolation…" The Alexians

As you can see, the application has virtually no interest and to say that the DiamondClean 9000 brushes are connected is an extrapolation. Don't expect to see a live brushing tracker to know if you're going well everywhere, that doesn't exist. Ditto, no brushing program to achieve a targeted level of whiteness in x weeks or even fun challenges ...

But the most important thing is still the behavior of the brush in use, because it is brushing the teeth that we use in the end, right?

Regarding brushing, the technology used is sonic scanning. Which means the DiamondClean9000 will vibrate 62 times per minute, which will allow the creation of air bubbles in the fluids that are saliva and toothpaste. These bubbles will allow deep cleaning between the teeth or even loosen tartar. Moreover, they are advertised for remove 10 times more dental plaque than conventional toothbrushes (in conjunction with the brand's brushes).

La feeling of freshness is really present, the rendering is perfect, we feel a real impression of cleanliness. It is also clearly one of the best that we have tested to date. In addition, the sonic technology does not harm the gums, so there is no unwanted bleeding if you are prone to it. There is little mechanical action and the standard size of the heads means that the DiamondClean 9000 is suitable for all body types.

We note all the same a design flaw, nevertheless perhaps linked to our copy. The junction between the handle and the heads is indeed too wide, which means that during the brewing, you will have toothpaste residue (but not only) which infiltrate it. Even by cleaning the elements after each brushing, they accumulate there and are released from time to time. From a hygienic point of view, it's pretty average.

Here is our video test to get your own idea. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss a test!

In conclusion, lThe Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 toothbrush is excellent but presents rather incomprehensible defects. Her sonic technology in fact one of the best that we have tested, it cleans very well, does not attack and leaves the mouth clean and fresh. It's undeniable. But to say that it is a connected toothbrush is too presumptuous in our opinion. The application has indeed no interest and brings absolutely nothing. Add to that a small head connection defect, the fact that it only offers 4 cleaning modes and that it is only delivered with one glass / charging cradle for two toothbrushes, lets us think that the price / quality ratio is not really there. At 200 € a pair, it is therefore really expensive, even if it is undeniably an excellent product. Wait for a promo like, today for example, where it is offered at 149 € the pair on Amazon. Fr… Or opt for the single unit with storage case that also doubles as a charger.
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Philips Sonicare HX9911 / 09 DiamondClean Connected Electric Toothbrush 9000 Series










Price quality



  • Design
  • High performance brushing
  • BrushSync
  • Loading glass (single)

The lessers

  • Price
  • Unnecessary application
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