Panamalar Tuya NX-SM200 review: when compactness rhymes with efficiency

The editorial staff of the Alexians are beginning to have a certain habit of connected sockets. With nearly twenty models tested, it is clear that if some stand out from the crowd by their quality of manufacture and finish, they offer more or less all the same functions. Either it's about Zigbee connected sockets or Wi-Fi, they are often just simple switches. Some offer you, of course, monitor your electricity consumption or recharge your USB devices, but in the end they perform more or less the same role: that of opening or closing the power supply of the device to which they are connected.

Consequently, we can wonder about the criteria that will appeal to consumers and trigger the purchase. The first, you can imagine, is without question the price. The second, more subjective, seems to be the design. And this is undoubtedly what most differentiates the different models that we have had in our hands. Indeed, if the first tested were often massive and unsightly, it seems that the manufacturers have understood that an elegant and compact design can make the difference. It is therefore these two criteria that we have decided to use when choosing a new model to present to you. And this is Panamalar, which we had already tested a nightlight model interesting for the youngest, who caught our attention with this Panamalar NX-SM200 Wi-Fi socket. Let's see what it is.

Panamalar NX-SM200 connected socket: elegance and compactness


When opening our package, in addition to the fact that it was damaged by the postal services, we are faced with a basic packaging and not "branded". White, the latter visually presents the model along with its main functionalities. We also find the logos Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, reassuring us about its compatibility. It's simple, but effective. One thing strikes us however: the compactness of this packaging receiving four copies of this Wi-Fi socket.

It is with pleasure that we note that this plug is by far the most compact that we have been given to test in recent months. Almost cubic in shape when inserted into your wall outlet, the ridge of this socket only measures 4.5 cm. Its total dimensions, including male plug, are therefore 8.4 cm x 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm . Ultra light, it displays barely 90 grams on the scale, a new asset.

White in color and simply featuring the Panamalar logo in gray letters, this "Mini smart plug" has a power button with discreet LED which testifies to the status of its food without emitting an annoying light. We are therefore dealing with a plug that is both elegant and compact, something to please any Alexien. It remains to examine its technical characteristics.

Technical specifications

As is often the case, this connected socket is based on the Wi-Fi technology to connect to the Internet to Tuya's servers Smart and its famous application Smart Life. Of type E / F, or Schutz-Kontakt for close friends, its plugs will be perfectly compatible with almost all of our equipment and will fit perfectly into our French type E sockets. For those who still have doubts, we invite you to read our file on the subject. Unsurprisingly, it is only compatible with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band and supports 16A under alternating current AC100-250V.. Finally, despite its compactness, this socket allows you to monitor power consumption Definitely, it has everything to please!

NX-SM200 (EU-SP004-White)
8.4 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
90 grams
AC 100V-250V
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
Consumption monitoring

Panamalar Wi-Fi sockets: intelligence and efficiency

Monitoring of electricity consumption

Why qualify an outlet as intelligent when it only allows you to open or close the electrical circuit remotely? The name seems a bit overrated. Nevertheless, this Panamalar NX-SM200 connected socket merit perhaps more than the average since it offers you the possibility of monitor your electricity consumption.

The effectiveness of Smart Life

Everything will be done, as often, via the famous application Smart Life of Tuya Smart. Available on Android or iOS, it also allows you to perform different programming, to control everything via your smartphone, and of course with your voice assistant preferred by activating the skill Smart Life.

The installation is, as always with the Tuya system Smart, simple and efficient. We will pass on the subject which we have approached on numerous occasions, this one not presenting the slightest difficulty. You can nevertheless refer to our tutorial on installing a connected bulb with Smart Life, apart from the type of device, the procedure is strictly identical.

In conclusion, what to say about this take? First of all, that we have been seduced by its design both simple and elegant, but above all very compact. It's rare enough to be stressed. Then, that his consumption monitoring features and its Tuya platform Smart make it a very effective product. Finally, that for only 24 € the set of two or 46 € the set of four, in short, this is an excellent deal and one of the best takes we've come across so far.

Panamalar NX-SM200 connected sockets (set of 2)

24.99 € (set of 2)









Price quality



  • Sober and elegant design
  • Really compact mini size
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Little price

The lessers

  • Basic packaging (you have to find something)
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