Oral-B Genius X test: finally a quality and accessible connected toothbrush?

Our full review of the Oral B Genius X toothbrush

Oral B Genius X toothbrush

Oral-B Genius X Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 1 Artificial Intelligence Handle, Black, 1 Brush Head and 1 Free Premium Travel Case

Price as of: May 24, 2022 20 h 15 min

What could be more important than a bright smile under your mask? Yes, your oral hygiene concerns us and that is why we seek the best quality / price ratio of connected toothbrushes. After the very attractive O'Clean, the high-end Philips Diamond Clean and the overpriced Oral-B iO Series 8, here is one in between: the Oral-B Genius X.

The world leader in the sector offers you, from € 100, a toothbrush (or BD for close friends) using rotary and vibratory brushing technology with their in-house brush heads, follow-up on the Oral-B application via connectivity Bluetooth and 6 brushing modes. Let's go for a test full of bite!

Oral-B Genius X: a Bluetooth electric toothbrush


Our brand Oral-B (B for Brush) was created in the 60s in California and is now owned by Procter & Gamble. His name is now associated with Braun. We should therefore speak of "Oral-B Braun". It has been a few years since the world leader created electric toothbrushes and is positioning itself more and more in this market of connected toothbrushes top of the line.

Like he usually does, the brand takes care of its packaging. The 25,5 x 17,6 x 10 cm box of our Oral-B Genius X comes in a blue glossy print with a visual of the brush and travel case. The information is in English and German, sometimes with a little French. The AI, the pressure sensor, the interactive color display system, the 2-minute timer, long battery life, the 6 modes, etc. are announced on the face. On the sides you will find the contents of the pack and a new presentation of the main features. The back goes into more detail on AI, daily coaching ... of course, all through the app.

Well wedged in a polystyrene shell, you will discover your toothbrush as well as the whole of this pack:

  • 1 brush. Yep, for the price, it's a bit tight.
  • 1 travel case.
  • 1 induction charger.
  • The user guide in different languages, useless or almost.

Let's talk about quality. It is excellent and we expected nothing less from the brand. The Oral-B GeniusX has a pretty massive design but looks good. She does 24 cm with the brush (3,5 and 3 cm in depth and width) and weighs 137 grams. The handle has two distinct parts. The top on which to put the brush which presents a luminous ring once energized, the Smart Ring. The latter will take the desired color via the application but also turn red if you press too hard. The speed of rotation will also decrease in this case.

The front panel does not present a screen, which justifies a more affordable price, but a visual of 5 brushing modes that you can choose from by pressing the lower center button when powered on (up button). Each press will select a mode among intense +, softness, whiteness, gum care and cleanliness of the tongue. the 6th (cleanliness) is only available through the app.

The rear of the Oral-B Genius X is covered with a adherent coating in order to prevent the brush from escaping you during brushing and coming out through a nose hole. It's quite practical and it really hooks.

Note that unlike the iO, the brushes that can be used with the Genius X are the brand's standard brushes. Above all, they are much smaller than those dedicated to the high-end Oral-B. And in use, it is much nicer than their big sisters giving the impression of brushing their teeth with a Strasbourg sausage. They are also much cheaper. Count around 30 € for 8 brushes on sale.

In addition, the method of attachment is good more hygienic. Just the double metal rod for the rotation system well encased in a plastic shell. No water entering it, so no mold.

The travel case is very basic and of quality close to mediocre. It opens and is used as a glasses case where you can put 2 brushes and the toothbrush (aside). We will quickly go over it.

The Genius X is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery giving it a 14 day battery life (2 brushings of 2 minutes per day). Pretty good.

Characteristics :

  • Brand : Oral-B, design by Braun
  • Model : GeniusX
  • Dimensions : 24 cm long (with a brush) for 3,5 deep and 3 wide at the handle.
  • Weight : 137 g
  • Available colors : black, white, pink but also variations with prints.
  • Functionalities :
    • 6 modes of cleaning:
      • o Intense +,
      • o Sweetness,
      • o Whiteness,
      • o Gum care
      • o Cleanliness of the tongue
      • o Cleanliness (via the app)
    • Timer 2 minutes,
    • Screen : no
    • Pressure management intelligent
    • Artificial intelligence for the recognition of the type of brushing
    • Customization of the light ring
    • Application with live tracking brushing and challenges.
    • Rotational brushing brush and vibrations
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth
  • Magazine : induction technology

Oral-B Genius X: everyday use

It is possible to use the Oral-B Genius X either locally, i.e. not connected, or via the Oral-B application with a bluetooth connection. This application is the same regardless of the connected models. But it is this app that will allow you to follow the brushing live, the challenges to be undertaken to win medals, personalized explanations… We advise you above all to charge the brush before starting, the full charge for about 5 hours. Once done, open the application, activate your GPS, your Bluetooth and let yourself be guided.

Bluetooth is activated by default as soon as you turn on your brush. Launch the application, turn on the Genius X and it goes straight up. Once the recognition is done, the application will display the visual of your brush by asking you to validate if it is indeed the right model. It takes 5 seconds. Then create an account, if you haven't already done so, to validate with a code sent by email.

Let's look at the application in more detail via its different parameters:

  • Home : up to you live brushing ! Open the app and turn on your brush. It is directly recognized and you will see its progress live on a stylized dentition. Divided into 6 parts, these last go change from dark blue to white when you have spent the necessary time on it. If you press too hard, they turn red and a message informs you to stop pressing like a brutal so as not to damage your tender gums. It's really well made. But it also goes further. You have the possibility of determining a treatment course on which we will come back. Then, after each brushing, you are asked questions: have you had bleeding gums? the color of your teeth ... So, this will allow the AI ​​to offer you adapted brushing methods. There's also an incentive to brush your tongue and mouthwash (with a bit of advertising).
  • History: in this section, you will see the history of your brushings with your average score and data by subcategory. You will be able to follow the surface covered during your brushing, the pressure, the brushing time, the impact on the gums, the routines… Very well done to follow your statistics on week, month and year. By tapping on a specific date, you have access to Guided Brushing, which is the pattern of your stylized brushing. But only on condition that you have used brushing with your Smartphone. In case of non-connected use, the data can be fed back later, but you won't have all the data.


  • challenges : it's here fun part of the application. Oral-B has created a number of goals for you to achieve such as brushing your teeth at such a time (no interest), getting a score of 100% or, and that's the point, dental care pathways. You can thus start a treatment course on 5 days or 2 weeks. There are several related to breath, dental plaque, teeth whiteness... or orthodontic care (if you have a device). Each successful challenge gives you a medal. It's up to you to collect them.
  • Plus : it is a catch-all part but allowing to set up your brush. You will find your account, your notifications, the management of your brush (put the start date of use and the application tells you when to change it) and especially the part "Your Brush". Here you can change the color of the ring of your sleeve (for fun) as well as choose the brushing mode. Please note, if you have embarked on a dental treatment course, the brushing modes that are not used are rendered unusable (even in offline mode). The sessions part will allow you to choose a few options such as the duration of brushing, the vibrations, the different signals ...

This application is the strong point of this brush. It is very well done, fun and visual. But beware, there are weak points despite everything such as not being able to connect several brushes to the same account. One brush will inevitably uninstall the other. And it is necessary to start again the installation.

You can of course use the brush by offline mode. In the absence of a screen, it will be necessary to be based on the vibrations of the brush and the smart give us a call or send an e-mail. Regarding the vibrations, you will have it at regular intervals to ask you to go to the next segment (one of 6, 3 up and 3 down) because it is clean. At the end of the 2 minutes, 4 vibrations will inform you of the end of hostilities. No vibration in online mode. the Smart Ring will take on a red color if you press too much and will be a standard color under normal pressure. However, unlike the iO range, no color change if you don't press hard enough. Which is quite a shame.

But in the end, does she brush this Oral-B Genius X well or not? Well yes, and very well even. Indeed, there is a real feeling of cleanliness. Even if it is not equipped with sonic technology but with simple vibrations and rotations, the result is very good. This is largely due to the quality of the brushes and their shapes suitable for all types of mouths and teeth. It is very pleasant to use and to go further, a real pleasure. One of the best, clearly.

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In conclusion of the test of this connected toothbrush Oral-B GeniusX, we can say that we are on a very good product. Its brushing methods, its gum protection, Its 2 weeks of autonomy and its integrated AI allow cleaning adapted to your needs. Its connectivity brings a real plus. The fact that it only works with rotary brushing technology, without micro-vibration or sonic technology, and that it does not include a screen, allows the brand to offer it to an affordable price. And finally the result is just as excellent. We would still have liked advance brushes and a better quality travel case, but for a little over 100 €, it's a Very good value for money.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!