Oclean Air 2 / S1 test: sonic brushing and UVC sterilization on the program!

A few months ago, we presented the Oclean X Pro test, a connected toothbrush that had simply impressed us with its efficiency. Using it on a daily basis with always as much satisfaction, it therefore seemed interesting to us to look at two new features of the brand: the new Oclean Air 2 toothbrush and an amazing sterilizer named Oclean S1 Smart UVC ! And, you will see, although these are not connected objects, we once again did not regret these astonishing experiments ...

Oclean Air 2: an electric and sonic toothbrush

Unboxing and presentation

Like its big sister, the little news is presented in an elegant cardboard box with excellent perceived quality. A thousand places from the very medical packaging of the market leaders, the electric toothbrush Oclean Air 2 toothbrush comes in calming packaging with natural accents.

At the opening, the impression is confirmed and we discover a electric toothbrush white in color. Made of plastic with a satin finish, the new Oclean air 2 First of all, it strikes you with its compactness and lightness. The brand, which obtained a Red Dot Design Award for her product, claims that she is 30% smaller than its competitors. Indeed, it only measures 235 24 mm x mm and displays a very small 95 grams with its brush. It will therefore be ideal for travel.

In addition to its compactness which allows it to be easily placed in a toiletry bag, this brush is delivered with a very small magnetic USB charging cradle. If, as for Oclean X pro, you will need to find a 5V / 1A USB port to recharge it, 2 hours 30 minutes will allow you to use it for 40 days ! Very energy-efficient, the Oclean Air 2 indeed incorporates a comfortable 800 mAh lithium battery with really super fast charging technology.

But the technology is mostly hidden in its Maglev type brushless micro motor able to oscillate at 40 rpm. Very discreet, it generates a sound volume of less than 45 dB, which is more than appreciable on this type of product. It is one of the strengths of sonic cleaning, specialty of Oclean, which by the simple act of ultrasound removes dental plaque gently. Cutting-edge technology then!

The brushes are not left out in terms of technology since they are composed of high quality Tinex Brilliance fibers made by the famous DuPont company allied to the Pedex Triangle Diamond which allow to gauge the state of wear. Something from the experts, but it seems to be the best! We also have a surface dedicated to cleaning the tongue, a good point. Let's see what it looks like on a daily basis ...

Oclean Air 2: daily use

Sadly, this toothbrush is not connected. To be honest, we didn't realize it at the start and we struggled more than once to add it to the Oclean application… In vain of course! It is actually surprisingly simple to use since it only offers two cleaning modes: normal and deep. Both are punctuated over two-minute sequences and still offer really convincing results thanks to sonic technology, which we believe is the most effective on dental plaque.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a toothbrush simple but effective, the new electric toothbrush Oclean Air 2 is made for you! Its small size makes it particularly suitable for travel or children and, although it is not connected, it is nonetheless formidable against dental plaque! Offered at 32.99 € on eBay, it is undoubtedly the best choice for those who wish to benefit from the advantages of electric and sonic brushing without spending a fortune.

Oclean S1 Smart UVC: a sterilizer for your toothbrushes

This second product is also surprising since it is a sterilizer for toothbrushes, whether Oclean brand or not, connected like the X Pro or not, electric like the Air 2 or not. You can even place a razor with blades!

Discreet, this UVC sterilizer is surprising by its super compact size of only 15 x 15 x 5 cm and its neo-retro look which is reminiscent of old desk lamps.

  • The interest: simply sterilize and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Indeed, thanks to its system UVC LED, the sterilizer Oclean S1 eliminates 99.96% of germs, bacteria and other viruses in only 5 minutes ! And you are not without knowing that our mouths are true cultural broths ...
  • The installation: it couldn't be simpler. Comes with a self-adhesive surface, you just need to place the holder wherever you want. The ideal is, in our opinion, to put it next to your bathroom mirror so that you can grab or put your brush in a gesture. With a 3700 mAh battery, you will only need to recharge it about once a month. It can be dismantled in a gesture and charge in 2 hours 30. Its advertised life is over 8 hours, you are not ready to replace it anytime soon!
  • Operation: it's very simple, just place your toothbrush, or your razor with blades, in one of the three locations and pull on the string. A blue lamp goes on running for 5 minutes - protect your eyes and avoid looking at it, it is powerful UVC we remind you - and eliminates all traces of microscopic life by breaking down the DNA structures of organisms. In addition to this sterilization that you activate manually after brushing or shaving, the device turns on itself for 2 minutes every 6 hours in order to avoid eliminating the recalcitrant.

Oclean S1 Smart UVC: our opinion

Is it really effective? We cannot be formal, of course, but the Oclean S1 sterilizer Smart UVC has gone well in the laboratory and benefits from a 99.96% efficiency certificate ! Being a cutting-edge startup in oral health, we have no doubts about their results, especially since the company founded by a Frenchman is a major partner of Xiaomi for whom it produces the same type of devices. .

As far as we are concerned, after more than a month of use, it is clear that our toothbrushes have remained particularly clean and that this system is also very practical for storing and protecting toothbrushes. Very aesthetic, it fits perfectly into a bathroom and does not fail to intrigue visitors. Moreover, ours will be delighted to learn that the Oclean S1 sterilizer is now available at a price of 19.99 € on eBay.

Oclean Air 2 - Electric and sonic toothbrush

29.69 € instead of € 32.99

Note globale



  • Superb design
  • Super compact toothbrush
  • Very efficient ultrasound

The lessers

  • Not connected to the Oclean app
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