Neatsvor X520 test: our mixed opinion on this 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

Our opinion on the Neatsvor X520 robot vacuum cleaner

Neatsvor X520

NEATSVOR X520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2022 Version) - 3 in 1 - Power of 6000 pa - Connected WiFi and Remote Control - Google Assistant and Alexa - 55dB Quiet - Pet Hair Remover

Price on: July 6, 2022 8 h 03 min

Robot vacuums are everywhere! In order to continue our exploration of the sector, today we are testing the Neatsvor X520, little brother of the model Neatsvor X600 already passed through our lab. Sold for €347 excluding promo, it is compatible with voice assistants. But let's see if he's really competent.

As a reminder, the young company Neatsvor aims to design and manufacture world-leading robot vacuum cleaners in the global market and focus on quality assurance. By integrating the entire value chain, the company aims to provide its customers with quality products at a lower cost. Relying on technology, it has already obtained more than 100 patents in the field of robot vacuum cleaners.

Neatsvor X520: an accessible 2-in-1 robot


Le Neatsvor X520 comes in a box of approx. 5 kg, sober, brown, well protected, where each element is tidy.


Exactly like its big brother the X600, this robot is made mostly of plastic, except for the top which is covered with a black tempered glass. Sadly, no Lidar or laser rangefinder here, so we should not expect a precise map in which the robot will evolve. It's a bit of a shame, because it restricts the possibilities of use and therefore we will not have the possibility of sending the device to clean a specific room or even to prevent it from going to certain areas with virtual barriers …

Apart from this difference in size, the Neatsvor X520 is like its big brother with a switch and two control buttons.

The button " taking »Will be used for:

  • Do return the robot to base when he cleans
  • Stop charging

The button " Power " will allow :

  • D’light up the X520, with a long press,
  • Ofswitch off, in the same way.
  • Launch a cycle cleaning with a short press.
  • put cleaning on break and resume when it is in operation
  • Do exit sleep mode after 10 min of inactivity;
  • Do it enter pairing mode with 5 seconds of pressure, with the help of the application.

Each button displays a specific status. For example, when fully charged, the LED on the Power button is solid, but flashes while charging… The "plug" button flashes when the robot returns to its station or when it needs to be recharged.

The robot Neatsvor X520 as such 33 cm in diameter, 7,5 cm in height and 5 kg approximately, a bit heavy. It is equipped with a 5200mAh lithium battery which provides 3 hours of cleaning. Like its cousins, it obviously has bumpers or “bumpers” and anti-fall sensors. He can handle 2cm drop. In addition to the main brush, it has two side brushes, left and right whose function is to bring dust and other waste to the large main brush.

Built like its big brother, the dust bin is located at the back of the robot and has a HEPA filter, which is the norm to ensure optimum filtering. There is therefore no hood that opens on this model. It's a 600 ml container, therefore quite sufficient to pass the robot several times without needing to empty it. It is very easy to remove with a pull button.

Un 350 ml water tank is also in the game, since the Neatsvor X520 also provides washing in addition to suction. Unfortunately, however, he will not be able to do both at the same time.

Below, two toothed wheels frame a central brush composed of slats and bristles in alternating and V-shape which will allow the dust collected by the two side brushes. At the front, the omnidirectional wheel allows the robot to maneuver with ease.

Le loading dock is of standard form, the robot vacuum cleaner coming to recharge itself there at the end of its work or in progress if necessary.

Finally, a very complete remote control and very easy to use. Rarely equipped with remote controls on robot vacuum cleaners connected with mapping, we have unfortunately understood why it is necessary...

The first impression is therefore good, the Neatsvor X520 is sober, classy, ​​seems solid.

Technical sheet :

  • Brand Name : NEATSVOR
  • Model : X520
  • Certification : CB / CE / ROHS
  • Origin : China
  • Voltage (V) : 14,4
  • Suction power : 6000Pa
  • Dust bin : 600 ml
  • Water reservoir : 350 ml
  • Variable power : yes, silent, normal and max.
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Features : Vacuuming, cleaning and washing
  • Filter type : HEPA
  • Navigate : LDS laser navigation
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Brushless motor : Yes
  • Cleaning planning : YES
  • Autonomy : 90-120 min depending on the area
  • Charging time : About 4 hours
  • Battery : 5200MAH Lithium Battery
  • Voice operation :  Alexa and Google Assistant via the app.
  • Application : WeBack.
  • Charging station : contact dock type
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Accessories : 2 x HEPA filters, 2 x pre-filters, 4 side brushes, 2 washing cloths, 1 cleaning tool, 1 remote control…


Neatsvor X520: installation, WeBack application

Do not jump on the application of the brand name that you could find on the stores, you have to go through the application WeBack. which, a bit like Smart Life by Tuya, allows you to control a wide variety of devices ranging from the simple light bulb connected to the robot vacuum cleaner. A regrettable choice, but inevitable for the user.

After the step of creating an account on WeBack, it took us dozens of tries to successfully pair the robot. The procedure always failed at 100%, an error message with a multitude of causes displayed. Incomprehensible, and yet it is not for lack of habit of connected objects.

When the robot was paired, it was an indescribable relief! We then made room in the lab, put the chairs on the tables, avoided leaving too many things lying around in order to give the Neatsvor X520, then launched a first cleaning… The map is drawn on the application!

Whoops ! An obstacle not bothersome for the other models of robots used in our lab paralyzed the X520. Danger eliminated, we press the “take” button so that the robot continues to discover the lab… But the cartography starts from scratch!

Let's be patient, everyone has the right to fail the first few times. We also notice this astonishing algorithm, close to random, that the X520 uses for discovery... Either, considerable waste of time compared to some cousins, the main thing will be the result. Several hours later, which seems like a lot to us, the mapping is finished!

We quickly navigate through the menus, and want to test a few options, such as cleaning a specific area. But oh misfortune, the cartography is erased, and starts again from zero! False manipulation, on our part? No, it's normal, this robot is not equipped with a laser telemetry system and does not memorize its maps. It uses an older, more basic and less expensive technology, called systematic cleaning. It's a bit of a shame because, at this price, there are still models

After a break of several days, we are relaunching our test campaign, determined to tame this X520, and the application update gives us good hope.
The robot displaying "offline" despite the stable network, we decide to start over, erasing the robot completely from the application.
We will never be able to successfully pair it again, chaining error messages, or this “offline” label…

In conclusion, if you put aside its more than perfectible application, the Neatsvor X520 keeps its promises of autonomy and cleaning, both in suction and in washing. A little lazy in silent mode due to reduced suction power, the result is however quite acceptable in normal mode. It can therefore be quite suitable for daily use, provided you do not expect mapping and areas, and look first for a robot that is easy to use and affordable.
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