GLEDOPTO outdoor lamp test: a pro version for the garden

We recently presented a set of OSRAM outdoor lamps to you. Quite small, they might not satisfy people wanting more powerful lights. We are therefore interested in the famous Gledopto brand, renowned for its unbeatable quality / price ratio. And we found you the " Outdoor lamp GLEDOPTO GL-G-001P ». Why P ? Because in pro version!

Like all Gledopto products, this outdoor spot is connected in ZigBee, compatible Amazon Echo show2, Studio or Plus, but also with Philips Hue, Osram bridges… At 51 € each, these lamps with 16.000.000 colors and variable warmth of white will perhaps become your best friends for your outdoor trips…

Outdoor lamp GLEDOPTO GL-G-001P: light up your garden with the ZigBee

Unboxing and presentation

The packaging of this product is not lacking in that of the Gledopto brand and its black background. You will find there: the brand of course, the characteristics and the various important data (consumption, voice control)… The box is 15,5 cm square for a height of 11 cm.

From the opening, you are dealing with this rather imposing outdoor lamp, which takes up almost the entire visible surface. You will also find a notice in English. No hub or remote control in this pack, this garden lamp working with most bridges on the market (Philips Hue, Lightify, IKEA Tradfi, Amazon Echo…). You can get the remote control with the purchase of a starter kit Gledopto, but also individually (on the fact for example).

Included in the pack, you will also have a base for fixing the GLEDOPTO outdoor lamp to the ground. This foot is 16 cm high. The power cable is directly attached to the body of the product and this hermetically to justify an IP65. You can also easily see the 12 LEDs which will constitute the lighting island of the product.

The materials are of excellent quality:

  • Aluminium for the support and the body of the lamp.
  • PMMA (poly (methyl methacrylate)) or plexiglass ® for the "facade". It is UV and weather resistant… and is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use.

It is a product without any apparent defect observed: no flaws, deburring or other. She is quite imposing and weighs almost 950 grams, 30 cm high with the support (14 cm without), 12 cm in diameter et 6,1 cm thick. Almost a projector say so!

GLEDOPTO GL-G-001P Outdoor Lamp Data Sheet

Here is what we can take away from the technical characteristics:

  • Power : 12 W for whites, 6 W for colors
  • Output voltage: 12 W
  • Input voltage: 220 V
  • White temperature: from 2000 to 6500 K, that is to say from the luminous heat of a candle to that of a flash.
  • 16 million colors,
  • Luminous flow : 850 to 900 lm depending on the chosen wavelength illuminating at more than 10 meters
  • Lifespan: not communicated
  • Lighting angle: 25 °.
  • IRC: the Color Rendering Index is over 80, which corresponds to very good color rendering. The light does not interfere with the natural light of objects.
  • Energy class: not communicated
  • Protocol: ZigBee ZLL and 3.0
  • IP: 65
  • Cable length: 3 m. E / F type male plug.
  • Compatibilities: controllable with third-party applications and ZigBee hubs (Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Amazon Echo, etc ...), controllable by voice (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) and skills compatible in direct coupling with the Amazon Echo 4, Show 2, Plus and Studio.
  • Various: RF remote control on frequency 2400 - 2483,5 MHz and 2 year warranty

As it is a pro version, this lamp can be controlled with the Gledopto Soposh RF 2,4G RGB + CCT remote control. It will allow control up to 6 groups of bulbs by RF. We have coupled it to a sub-unit of the remote control and over time, it is possible to say that this function, which may seem anecdotal, takes precedence over the application and over voice control. This is a real plus!

Outdoor lamp GLEDOPTO GL-G-001P: installation and use

All Gledopto products are ZigBee ZLL and 3.0 compatible. Thus, you can associate them with different bridges from various brands such as Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Tradfi from Ikea… But also with generic Tuya bridges / Smart Life.

Please note, depending on the bridges used, not all functions will be available. We present here the use with the Philips Hue bridge, but be aware that for use with a hub Amazon Echo 4 for example, all you have to do is ask it to search for devices. With a hub Tuya / Smart Life, it's a bit like with Philips Hue. We refer you to our previous ones home automation tests for more details.

We refer you to our tutorial to see in details how to install Philips Hue products. But in summary, it is necessary to bring the lamp into pairing mode (plug and unplug it 5 times) then go to the application settings Philips Hue, in the room you have created, and select "Add lights".

Once recognized, change the name if you want and you can then use the different possibilities offered by the application such as the Lab, the routines or the global or specific control of the bulbs in a room. You can use the pre-loaded scenarios per device, create them yourself or simply select the color (to choose from 16 million) and intensity.

But at this point, you cannot use it by voice. For that, you have to go through Alexa or Google Home.
With Alexa, once the skill is activated, the light goes up automatically. Otherwise, you will have to bring them up by searching through the application. Change the name so that it can be used by voice. Once done, you can ask Alexa to turn on or off the light, choose the color. However, you only have 15 different colors, much less than with Hue.

Sous Google Home, the operation is exactly the same once you search for Philips Hue in the settings and "Works with Google". Usage is exactly the same as with Alexa, but you have more color possibilities… The other advantage is that Google Home will directly bring up the groups created in the Philips application. Thus, no need to make a local group or to change the name, unlike Alexa.

If you also opt by using via remote control, nothing's easier. Once the lamp is paired, unplug it and then turn it on again. Within 3 seconds, press the ON button of the sub-group to be assigned and hold it down for a few seconds. Nothing very complicated then. Thanks to this, you can change the color, vary the intensity ... with your fingertips!

We cannot stress enough, but of course you can both control your lamp by voice AND with the RF remote control. Which is the advantage of the Pro range of the Gledopto brand.

As Gledopto we got used to, LEDs are very responsive thanks to ZigBee technologies. Use with voice assistants is just as responsive as well with Amazon Alexa which Google Assistant. The color rendering is simply superb! As well as indoor bulbs. The 850 to 900 lumens are really present and allow really good outdoor lighting. You will be able on our test these deep reds, these harmonious blues, these captivating greens and these blinding whites… No complaints at all. It's amazing!

Outdoor use is very good. ZigBee connection is relatively stable. The lamp is also resistant to bad weather, as our test done in weather conditions close to rotten has shown. Good resistance to rain, wind and more. Due to its weight, it stays in place. It tolerates humidity well. Really, nothing to say about it.

“Good resistance to rain, wind and the like. " The Alexians

Watch our video test to see the light in action, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

What to say in conclusion? That we have not found a defect in this product? Well yes… it is. Quite affordable (51 €), it is really at the top with its 900 lumens, 16 million colors, variable warmth of whites, IP65, ZigBee and its pro version! The remote control is always an asset of the Pro versions which it is difficult to do without. We can only advise you on this product which will brighten up your garden!

Outdoor lamp GLEDOPTO GL-G-001P

around 52 €







Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • Works in ZigBee
  • Stunning colors
  • The remote control is a real asset

The lessers

  • RAS
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