Konyks eCosy test: a connected controller for electric heaters full of advantages

Connect your electric heaters to Wi-Fi

Konyks eCozy

Connected controller for Konyks eCosy electric heater, Compatible Alexa and Google Home, 6-order Pilot Wire, Mode lights, Easy automation ...

Price on: July 5, 2022 12 h 31 min

Winter is approaching and you will soon be cold! Finally, not necessarily right away if, like us, you benefit from the oceanic climate of southwestern France… Nevertheless, for many others, the time has come to think about heating and, with the incredible increase in price electricity this year, everyone will be keen to save money in this area, especially those equipped with electric heaters. To do this, a connected solution is recommended, which is why today we present the Konyks eCozy, a reasonably priced Wi-Fi controller ...

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Konyks eCosy: control your pilot wire electric heaters

Unboxing and presentation

Faithful reader, you will easily recognize the brand of which we are presenting you today a product that is a little out of the ordinary, the Konyks eCozy being in fact a controller connected to pilot wire electric heaters, a first for the Toulouse company.

Talking about a connected thermostat would be a bit overrated here, but we are not far from it with this small module capable of controlling any electric heater, if it is not too old and has the famous pilot wire. You know, black?

The device reminds us of a certain Heatzy Pilot, which is quite normal, the two French companies having worked together to develop this device. Good news for the French Tech !

Unsurprisingly, as with the competitor-friend, we will be able to control an electric heater over Wi-Fi using an application, Konyks or Tuya / Smart Life is your choice, but also your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. We can already see your smirk ...

When unpacking, beyond the compactness of the device that we were able to perceive due to reduced packaging, we are pleasantly surprised by the controller discretion. It will blend seamlessly next to our radiator.

Measuring 116 mm x 82 mm x 46 mm, the Konyks eCosy weighs only 116 grams. Screws and wall plugs are provided, but the double-sided tape will probably be your preference. Ours, in any case, that's for sure.

Le Wi-Fi module for pilot wire radiator is made of a plastic with excellent quality. The finishes are impeccable and the black part surrounding the device conceals a series of LEDs that will indicate the state of the radiator to which it will be connected.

A connection to cable with a length of 50 centimeters which can be done via a good old domino, or it is even better with a Wago, each wire being provided with a terminal.

The installation being very easy, place to the software installation and to the daily use ...


  • Brand : Konyks
  • Model : eCozy
  • Reference : HZTY001
  • Connectivity : 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Modes : Eco / Frost protection / Comfort (1 and 2) / Off
  • Compatibility : all class 2 electric radiators with pilot wire
  • Control : application and voice (Alexa and Google Assistant)
  • Consumption : 2W
  • Dimensions : 116 mm x 82 mm x 46 mm
  • Food : 220 - 240 Volts - 50Hz
  • Weight : 116 gr.

Konyks eCosy: installation and use


The connected controller for electric pilot wire heater Konyks eCosy is very easy to install with the eponymous application, but also via Tuya and Smart Life. It's up to you!

If you do not know these applications, you can go to our tutorial Tuya / Smart Life:

Tutorial Smart Life: how to use the Swiss Army Knife

Let's go on…

Once the installation procedure is complete, we are faced with a simple, but effective screen showing several heating modes well known to users of electric heaters: Comfort (C, C1 and C2), Eco and Frost Protection, On / Off.

"Konyks eCosy is very easy to install"

As we noted above, it is not strictly speaking a question of connected thermostat and it is therefore not possible to adjust the temperature of each mode from the application. The controller Konyks eCosy is indeed based on the adjustment carried out manually on the radiator thermostat.

Netatmo test: a connected thermostat with Starck design

"Eco mode corresponds to 3,5 ° C less than Comfort mode"

Note that Eco mode corresponds to 3,5 ° C less than Comfort mode, it's always good to know, but we also have two sub-modes Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 allowing the temperature to be lowered by 1 ° C and 2 ° C respectively compared to that of the comfort mode. Indeed, the Konyks eCosy supports six-order pilot wires, unlike the Heatzy Pilote which only manages four (for now). Or when the student overtakes the master ...

Concerning programming and automation, you'll find a familiar interface that lets you do just about anything you need to do.

We find two tabs:

  • Planning: allows you to adjust the heating schedule and determine operating time slots according to the days and / or weeks.
  • Vacation : allows you to choose a number of days away from home during which the radiator will remain in frost protection mode, before resuming its normal programming. Very practical for our weekend ski getaways and other vacations in the tropics.

Voice assistants

Another valuable function, the compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is no problem. As usual, with regard to the Tuya / Smart Life, you can count on excellent responsiveness and easily create routines, or just use voice commands...

Voice commands Alexa :

  • Alexa, turn on Konyks eCosy;
  • Turn on the bathroom radiator in heating mode;
  • Food in cool / eco mode;
  • Turn off the heat.

Google Assistant voice commands:

  • Ok Google, turn on Konyks eCosy;
  • Hey Google, start "bathroom-heater" in heating mode ";
  • Launches "bathroom heating" in cool / eco mode;
  • Turn off "Bathroom radiator"

Our opinion on the Konyks eCosy

In conclusion, what to say after a year of use? Well, how sorry we didn't tell you about this sooner because the Konyks eCosy has been of great service to us.

Our accommodation being equipped with a gas boiler, it is on a towel radiator that the Konyks Wi-Fi controller has taken its place and made itself indispensable on a daily basis. Indeed, what could be better than entering a perfectly heated bathroom in the morning and leaving the shower with a hot towel, but above all always dry?

An electric towel dryer being nothing else than an electric heater, eCosy has allowed us to go much further than the simple time schedules that this type of device offers. Thanks to the automations of its application, it is indeed controllable from anywhere and you can, for example, activate it at the end of your winter sports session and run in the shower without hanging out, or even say simple " Alexa, I'm going to take the shower »After creating a routine that includes your connected radiator.

As far as we are concerned, we particularly appreciate being able to activate the heating when we wake up when we ignore our alarm. Echo Show 5… The second awakening in the shower is a little less brutal!

In short, you will understand, we can only advise you to purchase such a device. Whether you have several pilot wire radiators to connect or a simple towel warmer, the Konyks eCozy will render you proud services and will also allow you to save energy heating only when really necessary.
Offered from 54.90 € / unit, you can also benefit from decreasing prices on the Konyks official website which offers 5 € reduction per unit from 2 eCosy purchased, 8 € reduction from 5, and up to 10 € for 10 and more!
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