Konyks Dallas Easy test: easily add color to your home with this WiFi LED strip

Our opinion on the Konyks Dallas Easy tape

Konyks Dallas Easy: WiFi LED strip


Price as of: June 30, 2022 2 h 50 min

LED ribbons are still popular on our community, and this is quite normal since they combine the useful with the pleasant. Today, we are passing the ribbon on our test bench Konyks Dallas Easy.

If you are one of our loyal readers, you are bound to know Konyks, the French Tech brand from Toulouse which offers many devices compatible with voice assistants. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. the Dallas Easy tape is logically also fully controllable with the oix.

Konyks Dallas Easy: the easy-to-connect LED strip


The front side announces the color for this ribbon! Thus the capacities of the LEDs are clearly displayed on a packaging showing the colors of the brand. The Easy functionality is highlighted with the Bluetooth pictogram, as well as other features such as music mode or compatibility with applications running under Tuya environment like the home application Konyks or Smart Life.

On the back, although the cardboard is a little dented, this does not prevent reading the different characteristics listed with some details such as the length of the ribbon 3 meters, Or adjustable white temperature from 2700K to 6500K.

On the side functions including ease of installation with the system Quick And Easy.

In the box, it is a cardboard folding set that holds the LED strip in place and a small box, also in cardboard, contains the accessories.

WiFi LED strip

As previously stated, the Konyks Dallas Easy is 3 meters long for 1.2 cm wide. The LEDs are of two types, the 5050 which will handle the RGB for the 16 million possible colors to create and the 3528 which will support warm or cold whites. Although they are under a silicone protection, and we will come back to this, the tape is not intended for outdoor use.

It begins, or ends as desired, with 6 pins to be connected to the control box. A cutout is provided every 10 cm, on the copper strip, in order to be able to connect the tape at this point. On each fraction, there are 3 LED 5050 and 3 groups of LED 3528.

Regarding the accessories delivered with the ribbon, we find:

  • Le Quick Start Guide including a QR code referring to the Konyks site for installation in detail.
  • THEAC adapter and a bead of 1.5 meter.
  • Le control box acting as a remote control. In addition to On / OFF, a short press will cycle through the 8 pre-programmed atmospheres while a long press of 5 seconds triggers the reset function. She is small with her 6 cm x 2.7 cm x 1.3 cm . The cable exit is barely 10 cm.
  • Un fixing kit with 5 plastic clips translucent which must be screwed with 2 screws each.
  • Un 3M adhesive to fix the control box to a wall.


  • Brand : Konyks
  • Models : Dallas Easy
  • Dimensions : 300 cm x 1.2 cm
  • Durée de vie : 20 hours
  • Connectivity :
    • 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
  • Engime : 15W
  • Luminous flow : 220lm
  • Food :
    • Input: 220 / 240V, 0.5A Max, 50/60 Hz
    • Output: 12V, 1.5A, 18W
  • Use Case : interior
  • Functionalities :
    • White temperature : 2700 K - 6500 K
    • Colors : 16 million
    • 8 automatic programs pre installed
    • Music Mode with synchronization of smartphone
  • Compatible with voice assistants : Yes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The description is promising with the Music function, which, it is true, so much to democratize but we remain on a bitter taste concerning the finishes.

Installing and Using the Konyks Dallas Easy Tape

Konyks uses an in-house application to manage its products operating under the Tuya environment. It is thus possible to install the brand's devices either on the Tuya application available on Android ou iOS, either with Smart Life also available on both platforms Android ou iOS or the Konyks application just as available on Android which iOS. It is also the latter that we are going to use, having already installed on our smartphone.

First, connect the tape to the socket and if necessary switch on the control box. It lights up for a few seconds in solid white, then flashes in blue indicating that it is in pairing mode. Activate GPS and Bluetooth on your smartphone.

If you want to install through the app Smart Life, we invite you to get started by referring to our tutorial Smart Life.

If for you, the Konyks application that we are going to use is your first use, like any new application it requires the creation of an account with an email address and a password. Once on the home page, click on the "+" at the top right, then on ... ah bah no, the ribbon is already detected thanks to bluetooth!

Click on "Go to Add". Enter the password for your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.

The integration goes very quickly and the stopwatch does not last very long. There you have it, the Konyks Dallas Easy ribbon is installed on the application. It changes back to solid white and, if you have already activated the Konyks skill, Alexa tells you that she found it.

By clicking on "Next", you can rename it by pressing the pencil and integrate it into a part.

Click on "Done", it takes place on the home page of the application and it's done!

Let's get to the heart of the matter with the features of the application.

Four menus share the top of the page. They become visible once the ribbon is turned on either through the virtual button, bottom center, or with the button on the remote control.

You can thus manage:

  • White. : by moving the round pellet on the arc of a circle, you will change the temperature from hot (on the left) to cold (on the right) and adjust the light intensity by modulating on the slider below. The bulb in the center then taking the shade of the ribbon corresponding to the settings.
  • Color : same principle as for white adjustment with the addition of saturation adjustment.
  • ambience : 8 in number, these are pre-set scenarios varying the colors of the ribbon in different tones and rhythms.
  • Music : Give permission to Konyks to listen to your smartphone and there you will have the ribbon which will come alive to the rhythm of your favorite play-list or radio station. The Konyks app must be left open (even in the background) for this to work.

At the bottom of the page, timer programming is possible.

On the right, by clicking on " More " it is possible to configure the ribbon for a:

  • Sleep plan : It will switch to the shade defined at the time indicated and will turn off after the time indicated while decreasing in intensity. A very pleasant function to allow you to sink into the arms of Morpheus gently without fear of forgetting to turn off the lighting. .
  • Scheduled wake-up : there, conversely, it is the morning start with the ribbon that you are going to configure. Set the time in the clock where you want it to be 100% active and the time before commissioning. So for an alarm clock at 21:01 p.m. (yes, that's an example) it will activate 30 min before (defined in Fade Fade-in) and will stop 15 min after (last time). With this function you have a dawn simulator with the start-up which takes place in a gentle and increasing intensity. And as the morning is always speed, there is not even to foresee the extinction since it is already programmed.

These two functions are very pleasant and provide soft lighting at the most difficult times of the day. The different time parameters can be set between 5 minutes and 2 hours. The summary of each of the programming thus carried out can be found on the function access page.

  • Planning : You can program a schedule, with sending notification of execution to turn on or off the ribbon. A summary of the different schedules is also provided for this function.
  • Power on memory : you define how you want the ribbon to light up after a power failure.
    • Default: default color and intensity (cool white and 100%)
    • Memory: returns to the last color and intensity used.
    • Custom: It's up to you to define the parameters.

The Scenario menu, accessible from the home page, allows you to automate even more personalized programming.

With Amazon Alexa

As we have seen previously, if the skill Konyks is already activated the ribbon goes directly into the application Alexa, otherwise go find it in Skills and games and link your account Amazon to that of the Konyks application.

Go back to "All devices" and you will see that the ribbon is present. You can via the app Alexa manage it at a minimum. The virtual button allows you to turn it on / off, change the intensity or the color by selecting one of the five whites or the fifteen available colors. By clicking on the star wheel, the name of the ribbon can be changed.

Finally, routine creation is possible.

With Google Assistant

To use the ribbon in voice command with Google Assistant, you must install the Konyks add-on. Click on the "+" at the top left, then on "Configure a apparatus " et “Works with Google”. Once installed, the tape rises easily and can be integrated into a room. Intensity and colors (always more numerous than with the application Alexa) are adjustable. Integration into routines is also possible in On or OFF mode.

In use, the installation is as advertised: easy. And that we like! Konyks LED strip is perfectly responsive to the voice commands of the two voice assistants.

Konyks offers nice settings in its application, in particular with the sleep and wake functions. By virtue of the functions offered and its size, the Konyks Dallas Easy becomes perfect for dressing a headboard. And with the music synchronization function… ..

The small remote control is really discreet and does not take up space. Be careful, however, if you use it, the button tends to stay pressed which causes the ribbon to go back to pairing mode - and allowed us to find the reset function at the same time.

The color rendering is very good, here are a few examples.

Cold and warm white:

The colors are clear and the shades of blue are present between blue and cyan:

In conclusion, the ribbon Konyks Dallas Easy is, as the name suggests, easy to install. The use of Bluetooth to facilitate the pairing procedure is a rich idea, especially as it bodes well for future compatibility with the specification. universal home automation Matter. In addition, the integration of the LED strip within the application is excellent, with a host of options and a very nice music mode. In short, at € 29.90, the Konyks Dallas Easy tape remains a product that deserves attention and we can only recommend it to you.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.