Jimmy HW8 Pro review: the first floor washer at Xiaomi

Our full review of the Jimmy HW8 Pro mop

Jimmy HW8 Pro PowerWash

Jimmy HW8 Pro PowerWash Smart Vacuum Washer Cleaner 15000Pa

The passage of a robot vacuum cleaner often leaves a taste of unfinished because even in washing mode, the floor is not nickel. And this is due in large part to a lack of mechanical action, the microfiber cloth only dragging itself miserably over it. So you have to go through the good old mop to make the floor shine. So Jimmy decided to tackle the problem by bringing out his first floor cleaner, the Jimmy HW8 Pro PowerWash, a complement to the vacuum cleaners of the range (H8 pro, H9 Pro, JV85, JV85 Pro…). They had already touched the subject of the finger with the JV65 More, a stick vacuum cleaner with an associated wipe, but this time go further with a 15 KPa floor cleaner, double water tanks, 300W Brushless motor, Auto Wash system….

The Pro version offers it additional accessories and better autonomy for a price of 340 € at Geekbuying but often in promotion towards 300 €.

Jimmy HW8 Pro: an automatic floor washer!


Le Jimmy HW8 Pro is packaged in the same conditions as the other products of the brand, that is to say a rather weak white cardboard, a visual of the product in glossy printing, a starving synthesis of the characteristics of the product… Nothing very foolish. And as usual, no photo of the packaging because it does not support transport quite well. Come on, make an effort, use cardboard, not paper ... Fortunately the different elements are well wedged and totally protected because it is obviously the most important. However, it is relatively imposing with × × 783 220 318 mm et 6,65 kg.

The Pro version of the HW8 comes with accessories that we will come back to as we go along. But first of all, let's take a look at the product itself. It looks like an old cycloneless stick vacuum (which it does) and is therefore relatively massive. He does 1m16 high, 23 cm deep and 27 wide (the dimensions of the brush) for a weight of 4Kg 250. It is therefore relatively massive but this is explained by its operation. On the other hand, it will lose maneuverability quite drastically.

It cannot be dismantled in the sense that the handle purple colored aluminum (quite successful, as the brand is used to) plugs into the body of the cleaner itself but is connected by a cable. It is actually in one piece. The handle is important because there you will find a "trigger" for spraying the cleaner and two buttons for use.

The button ON / OFF will allow you to turn it on and off. Attention, for the OFF function, there is a 2-3 second delay between pressing and actual shutdown. The button I / II will change the power between Standard and Max. So there is 2 powers and no auto mode. But by pressing this button for 3 seconds, you will activate the mode. Auto Wash which we will come back to.

Le Jimmy HW8 Pro Power Wash  is above all a floor cleaner before being a vacuum cleaner. Its 15 kPa are quite poor even if they are not ridiculous. For this washing function, it is equipped with a system of double reservoirs. You will have on the back a tank for clean water of 450 ml.

You can put water, of course, but also cleaning product, detergents or products for washing floors. You can see that there is also to avoid sucking up dirt that could clog the spray system.

On the front, under the LCD screen, there is the dirty water and suction residue collector. It is a rather particular tank because the light elements will tend to rise while the liquid will come to bring everything back into the tank. This means that in use, if you only vacuum without washing, you will quickly saturate the collector filter.

Talking about a filter is a big word because there is simply a black foam which will stop the coarsest dust. It is therefore not made for dry use but with the water washing system.. Moreover, this dirty water will go up through the cannula in the middle, connected to the brush and will accumulate in the bottom of the tank. So you will have a mixture of washing liquid with dust and other things that are not very sweet. It has a total capacity of 35 cl.

This double tank system is interesting because the clean water will be sprayed and the dirty water collected and stored separately. You won't be cleaning with stale water and that's a big plus.

For this to work effectively, it is necessary to have a strong system to come and clean the floor, scrub it, mop up the water and project it into the suction duct. For this, Jimmy has equipped his HW8 Pro witha roll covered with a terry cloth in order to absorb at best. There is also very short and very hard fiber spots which will scrape the ground to loosen the dirt. Another proof that the Power Wash is dedicated to cleaning more than vacuuming.

To remove the brush, with a pivot system, it is necessary to remove the cover above which serves above all to spray the water coming from the clean tank. A spray will be sent between 20 and 40 cm in front of the brush that you will come to mop up by passing over it.

To make it all work, the Jimmy HW8 Pro is equipped with a 3000 mAh Li-ion battery offering him a autonomy of 35 min in standard mode and 25 in max mode. This removable battery, therefore interchangeable for a greater longevity of the product, comes to be put in a compartment at the back of the cleaner.

To complete it all, the brand provided a multi-use charging base. Indeed, it is not a simple base. Of course, you can charge your HW8 Pro by inserting it into the holder. The latter being connected to the power cable of about 2m. It is necessary to count 5 hours for a full charge.

The other use of this charging stand is a function " Auto Wash". You will notice a bulge on its front. By pressing button I / II for 3 seconds, the Jimmy HW8 Pro will start up and spray clean water / detergent on this bulge, the water will then be collected by the roller which will turn at maximum speed, and which is bubbling in it, to then be returned to the dirty water tank. And this three times in a row in order to clean the roller which quickly clogs up during use. It is very effective as you can see on our video test below.

You will also have a 500 ml can of Jimmy brand detergent with a “clean stuff” scent. Very nice gesture to start using the cleaner as soon as it finishes charging. With the pro version, you will also have a roller for washing the floors in advance. This comes in handy because you can let one dry after the Auto Wash while you use a second. The goal is not to leave the wet roller in place for too long because it can stink quickly, like a damp mop left in a corner.

Except for the clean water tank, the quality of the Jimmy HW8 Pro is excellent. The finishes are very good and qualitative. The plastics are of very good quality and the aluminum parts perfectly painted with the purple color specific to this product. Indeed, the brand always uses a specific color code for each reference. Very good first impression, even if it is quite massive.

Technical specifications

Let's look at the technical characteristics of our cleaner:

  • Brand : JIMMY
  • Model : HW8 Pro
  • Battery : Li-ion, 8 for 3000 mAh. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy.
  • Engine power : 300 W
  • Suction force : 15.000 Pa.
  • Dimensions in cm : 116 x 23 x 27
  • Weight : 4,2 kg
  • Autonomy : up to 35 minutes in standard mode and 25 in max mode
  • Loading time : 5 hours
  • Sound level : 70 to 75 dB max
  • Charging station : accessory holder stand, charger via contactor and Auto-Wash.
  • Tank-Jug : 450 ml for clean water and 350 ml for dirty water / dust
  • Accessories : 1 can of cleaning product and 2 rollers for the Pro version.
  • Other : Power supply x1, storage / charging stand x 1, user manual x 1 and tool to remove hair and hair around the rollers x1.



The HW8 is also available as a standard version with only one roll and less power (220W, 7KPa via 2500mAh battery). The Pro version is therefore to be preferred even if you see that with 15 KPa of suction power, without notion of Air watt, it is clear that this is not its main characteristic. Strictly speaking, there is no dust collection and cleaning the floors is its hobby. However, the fact of vacuuming will make it possible to avoid dragging dirt (hairs, hair, dust ...) on the ground when washing and therefore more dirty than anything else if you do not vacuum.

Daily use of the Jimmy HW8 Pro

The big question is: what is a cleaner for? Well, as said in the preamble, it will simplify the passage of the mop by automating it. Indeed, after passing a vacuum cleaner, there are often traces, encrustation on the floor, dirt on the tiles or parquet. And it is also simply necessary to wash the soil thoroughly and remove organic deposits, microorganisms and the like therein. But it's painful to put water in a bucket or the sink, wet the since, put it on the broom, clean, remove it, rinse it and put that damn wassingue back in place ... And you put your fingers in the filthy, slightly flavorful ground juice. A cleaner makes this much more hygienic and faster.

And how does it work? For a good result, it is necessary to properly dose the water flow. Fill the tank with clean water / detergent, turn on and squeeze the trigger on the handle to spray water on the floor and dirt and roll the roller. The water must be carefully measured because if the roller is dry, it will not clean, if it is too wet, it will aquaplaning and cleaning nothing. Of course, you can do a standard wash of the floor of your entire house or apartment but also focus on targeted soiling.

We thus carried out tests on liquids (milk and coffee) and frankly, it goes by itself. Wet the floor and the roller well to avoid just spreading the liquid on the floor. We then tested on ketchup and mayonnaise. Again, no problem. Spray soil and stains well for impeccable results. Of course, the ketchup will make the roller redden and the Auto-Wash will serve well. To see him do it is quite amazing.

Finally, we spread peanut butter with chocolate inclusions on the floor. Okay, there we pushed it to its limits because it's fatty, sweet, very sticky… You have to sprinkle it, pass it two or three times but it goes. On the other hand, there is paste residue on the inlet of the discharge pipe due to the viscosity. We are of course on a relatively tough and unusual type of job, but use a very good detergent for this type of soiling.

The Auto-Wash system has shown all its interest following these high-level cleanings. And there again, good surprise, the roll which was pink of ketchup has regained its immaculate whiteness, or not far away. However, it goes up to not far from 75 dB during the 3 cycles. You will be amazed at the color of the rinse water ... This system is therefore very efficient!

On a daily basis, you will rarely have this type of use, but you will be more confronted with traces of feet, cat or dog paws, small leftovers of meals and this does not cause him any concern. If the stains are dry, let soak in clean water and then iron over them. By alternating the standard and Max mode, we were able to hold 30 minutes maximum during our different uses. It is still sufficient to clean a surface of more than 100 m². It is the same for the reserve of clean water. The 450 ml allow you to clean the same surface. And even on a floor that you make clean, you will see that your dirty water lives up to its name! The results also depend on the type of soil : on floors that adhere a little, cleaning will be more effective than very smooth and slippery floors.

We have nevertheless put forward things to improve such as the fact that it is relatively heavy and not easy to maneuver : it turns with difficulty in a small space, not easy to pass in the corners because as soon as the handle is vertical, the Jimmy HW8 stops… The dirty top bin clogs up quite quickly with dust, fibers and others that remain in the filter or when the cannula is opened in the reservoir. It must therefore be washed under water at each pass. He will also have the same difficulties as a standard mop in the sense that if the ground presents too much dirt (dust, hair…), the dirt can be moved from one place to another because the water will stick them. But in the end, it cleans very, very well!

Get an idea of ​​how it works thanks to our video test (do not hesitate to like, to subscribe, it's nice). You will see in particular the cleaning tests on various types of dirt.

In conclusion, the Jimmy HW8 Pro PowerWash, is a practical and hygienic useful floor cleaner. It combines a 15 KPa suction system with double cleaning power for your floors. Equipped with a clean water tank where you can put detergent and a collection tray for dirty water and dirt, it allows you to wash cleanly. His Auto-Wash system, via its storage / loading stand, will guarantee optimal washing of the device and rollers to keep them clean. His 35 minutes maximum of autonomy is a bit tight, it is also heavy and unwieldy, but in the end it works very well and will tackle stubborn stains or keep your parquet or tiles in an ideal state of cleanliness. It is an excellent complement to robot vacuums and stick vacuum cleaners. Once tested, you will keep it, believe us!
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