MOES wireless switch test: spoiled for choice in ZigBee mode

Our opinion on the ZigBee MOES ESW-OZAA-EU connected switch

MOES-ESW-OZAA-EU connected wireless switch ZigBee

MOES - Zigbee Smart Wireless Switch - 4 Buttons

We are going to talk about a switch, but not about those that fit into a box on a wall. No, there we go to the level above. We are talking about a wireless switch with scenarios or automations. It's not one, not two but four buttons which composes it and each will allow you up to 3 settings. But it can also serve as a ZigBee remote control.

Le MOES ESW-0ZAA-EU (yes, thank the brand for this name goes everywhere) works in ZigBee via the application Tuya / Smart life, via a dedicated gateway. Wireless, it can be placed where you want and it will allow you to control all your devices with your finger and eye via 12 scenarios or like remote control. For € 17,99, is that a good deal?

MOES wireless switch: a ZigBee scenario remote control


Moes was created a little over 5 years ago by lovers of connected products and since then has strived to provide innovative products in accordance with the wishes of their customers.
THEMOES switch ESW-0ZAA-EU comes in a cardboard packaging of 10 x 10 x 2 cm, white and golden green, the brand's color code. The front panel shows a visual of the product and how it works with Tuya. The highlighting of the scene modes is present on the sides and its very name. ZigBee operation is confirmed by a hand check mark on the back (the product is also available in Bluetooth). Yes, a check mark in hand… even in a Hi-Tech company!

This Moes switch exists in 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons (the one tested), in white, gray or black, ZigBee or Bluetooth, that is to say 24 possibilities.

In terms of dimensions, it makes 8,6 cm side for a thickness of 1,3 cm. count 73 grams with the battery CR2430 (not included). This weight allows it to be fixed to the wall with the supplied double-sided strips. You will also have an installation guide in English and German.

The design is pretty cool. The rounded angles make it versatile. Just like its white color. The back is a gray plastic cover that can be detached to insert the battery. No finishing problem observed.

The facade presents 4 mechanical buttons with a Green led below each. These lights will come on each time the associated pushbutton is activated. The set is really nice and exudes quality in both materials and workmanship.

You can place it wherever you want thanks to its standard size. Let's look at its characteristics.


  • Brand Name : Moes
  • Origin : developed by Moes, made in China
  • Dimensions in mm : 86 x 86 x 13 for 73 grams with batteries.
  • Food : CR2430 battery, not supplied. 730 days of autonomy.
  • Connectivity :
    • ZigBee 3.0, 802.15.4 protocol
  • Application :Tuya/ Smart Life. Via a ZigBee Tuya gateway /Smart Life.
  • Range of use :
    • Temperature: -10 to 50 ° C
    • Humidity: 0 to 90% RH
  • Voice use : No.
  • Remote upgrade :OTA
  • Programming : Yes, it is even in his interest. 3 possible scenarios by buttons. Possibility of using it as a ZigBee remote control.

MOES wireless switch: installation and use

Moes decided to create products " Powered by Tuya ". So they are fully compatible with ZigBee Tuya hubs or Smart Life. For our test, we used a gateway Earthsmart Wireless MinHub, but the operation will be the same with another brand.

To install it, first install the battery and then you have to enter your hub and then do " add a sub-element ". Press minimum 10 seconds on the button at the bottom left to enter theswitch in pairing mode. The 4 LEDs will light up to show entry into this mode. Let the app search for your new gear. You can press the button again during the search if you wish. Once detected, come and change its name if you wish and it's over.

No particular problem therefore.

By returning to your switch, you have the choice between two possibilities of use:

  • Comme ZigBee switch. In this case, you will need to enter the ZigBee bulbs (and only ZigBee) in pairing mode and then select on your device the button that will be used to control it.
  • Comme scenario remote control. For each of the buttons, you can associate a scene to launch by pressing " CreateIntelligence »At the selected button. From there, choose the trigger and the action to take. There are 3 initial possibilities: single click, double click and long press. Each one allowing to launch a different scenario, you will be able to create 12 of them.
Warning, you cannot use the switch as both a remote control and a scenario launcher. It's one or the other.

Do you want examples? Nothing's easier. Take the case of setting a button with a single click to control a bulb with the ON / OFF function. This means that depending on the status of the bulb, a simple click will turn it off or on. Very practical.

In " Select Condition », Choose the type of trigger (clicks). Then, at the level of " Task », Choose what you want to do. Here, select " Device »Then choose your bulb and then the action to be taken (ON / OFF in this case).

Using the same logic, you can make a single click to turn on a device, a double click to turn it off, a long press to turn a group on or off ...

But you can also launch automations. It is a little more complex and we refer you to our tutorial Smart Life to find out how. Once the automation is created, follow the same path but instead of choosing “Device”, select “ Enable or Disable Automation »And come and choose the one you have created. Thus, by pressing the selected button, you will launch your action.

You are free to create them for all the buttons. Why not connect them to your electric shutters and open or close everything at once? Turn off all the lights when you go to bed? There is no real limit. Oh yes, one. All devices to control, whether ZigBee or Wi-Fi (yes, you can vary the pleasures in the scenarios) must be installed via the app Smart Life. Unless, of course, you have a home automation box, in which case the possibilities are even wider ...

Very easy to use, this MOES wireless switch is responsive. But beware, while for ZigBee devices, there is no real latency, for Wi-Fi, execution will depend on your network. The weak point remains the same as for all products of this type: the double click is quite capricious in the sense that it is not easy to find the right timing.

We invite you to get a more precise idea of ​​this switch via our video (like, subscribe, it's nice):

In conclusion of this MOES wireless switch test, we are really enthusiastic about its versatility. Operating in ZigBee 3.0 (802.15.4 protocol), it can be used as ZigBee remote control after pairing your ZigBee bulbs or as scenario / scene launcher via each of its 4 buttons. With the possibility of making 3 actions per button (single, double or long click), it is not less than 12 opportunities available to you. It will thus control your Wi-Fi or ZigBee devices running Tuya / Smart Life thanks to a ZigBee hub attached to this application. Only the double click is a bit tedious and choosing either remote control or scenario mode can tarnish the experience a bit. Home automation box users will also know how to get the most out of it with their gateway.

At € 17,99 at Domadoo, it's a Excellent value and the possibilities offered are very numerous.

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