Innr test Smart Outdoor Spot: illuminate your garden with the colors of the ZigBee

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Innr Smart outdoor spot

Innr Smart Outdoor Spot Light Color, connected LED RGBW, IP65, Philips Hue * & Alexa compatible (connected hub required) THE COMPLETE SET with Control Box, 3-Pack, OSL 130 C

Price on: July 5, 2022 19 h 58 min

Bringing light to the garden responds to one of the following two issues: having a light source for a passage, for example, highlighting a location pleasing to the eye. If to respond to the first of the situations of simple connected bulbs will do the trick, to highlight a pretty corner of the garden we will rather use spots. Today we invite you to color your garden with its Innr Smart outdoor spot.

Sold in sets of approximately 3 €140 excluding promotion, these ZigBee IP65 spotlights are compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but also certain home automation boxes such as Homey, Jeedom or Home Assistant… Founded in 2012 by two former directors of Philips, the Dutch company Innr has set itself the task of putting quality connected lighting in ZigBee as in Wi -Fi available to all thanks to competitive prices.

Innr Smart Outdoor Spot Light Color:


It's in a - relatively - small box of  28 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm that the three spots are delivered. Small, but sturdy, it still weighs 1,670 kg. A visual of the illumination is proposed on a red background, color attached to Innr. On the sash, you will find an installation sketch with the different measurements as well as the energy class A to which belong the Innr Smart outdoor spots. On the side, we typically find the technical data and the main functionalities.

In the box you will find two other smaller boxes:

  • In one, the three spots composed ofaluminum and black plastic individually bagged and each wedged in a compartment.

Each Innr Smart outdoor spot measure, 7.2 cm wide (front with screws) x 6 cm high x 7.7 cm depth to which must be added 4.9 cm corresponding to the anchoring system. This is drilled in its center to allow the fixing nut to be passed to the stake. At the back, there is a cord of 30 cm with 5-pin male plug for connection to the main cable. A spot weighs 152 grams.

LED type RGBW are protected by a glass pane. You have 14 LEDs distributed half for lighting in white dimmable between 1800 K and 6500 K and for the other for the 16 million possible colors. They will broadcast a flow of 230 lumens per spot. It may not seem like much, but it is more than the Innr OPL 130C terminals that we had tested previously and which had a very good rendering with yet only 215 lumens. This should therefore be more than enough.

  • In the other box, all the tools and wiring each individually bagged:
    • 3 stakes
    • 3 uprights
    • Le mains unit : Attention it is IP 44
    • Le ZigBee control box : 24V DC, 14.5W.
    • 3 cables of 2 meters, of which 2 equipped with connecting tee
    • 3 small nuts for fixing the rear support either on a wall, a concrete floor etc… or on the post as an extension of the post but we only have 2 washers provided.
    • 3 screws and wall plugs
    • 2 Allen keys or Allen of different sizes
    • 2 times the same assembly instructions (which also indicates 2 cables of 2 meters and 1 of one meter) ... If necessary, you can find online the manuals on the Innr website. An advertising flyer is also attached.

The connection between the mains unit and the ZigBee control box is made by a cable.2-pole cable of 2 meters. The one on the other side of the control box measures 1 meters.

The junction between the main cable and that of the spot is made at the level of the T and tightness is ensured by a clamping nut made of plastic that covers the two end caps.

The stakes are in two parts to be screwed. The stake itself measures 15.7 cm and the upright 15 cm. They are made of aluminized metal which makes them extremely light.

Note that the quality is not the highest. The finishes are raw, not always deburred. Pay attention to the grip. Nothing to do here with the irreproachable spot quality which do not suffer from any defect.


  • Brand : Innr
  • Reference : OSL 130 C
  • Model : Smart Outdoor Spot Light
  • Form : Spot
  • Spot dimension 7.2 cm 6 cm x 7.7 cm
  • Stake dimension : 15.7 cm and 15 cm for the upright
  • Spot weight : 152 grams
  • Number of spotlights in the basic kit: 3
  • Possible extension : up to 2 additional
  • Materials : Plastic and aluminum
  • Food : Wired
  • Spot protection index : IP65
  • Protection class of the electrical block : IP44
  • Power Input : 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A
  • Outpu power supplyt: 24V, 1A, 24W
  • Engime : 4.5 Watts
  • Incandescent equivalent : 32 Watts
  • Protocol : ZigBee
  • White temperature : 1800 K - 6500 K
  • Colors : 16 million
  • Luminous flow : 230lm
  • Durée de vie : 30.000 hours
  • Reaction time : <0.5 seconds
  • IRC: > 80
  • Operating temperature : -20 ° - 40 °

Innr Smart Outdoor Spot: installation and use

Make all the necessary connections and plug in the plug. The spots light up in white. They remain fixed. No worries, it goes into pairing mode on its own. In case of need to reset, turn on and off 5 times.

With a hub Amazon Echo

Innr Outdoor Spots can be installed by pairing them directly to a apparatus Amazon Echo having the integrated ZigBee bridge : echo 4, Echo Show 10, Echo Show 2, Echo Studio, Echo Plus 2nd generation.

We have performed direct pairing to our Amazon Echo by staying inside. By just asking Alexa to discover our new devices, in a few seconds, our three Innr Smart Outdoor Spots are recognized as a light bulb. Attention, the management of three spots will not be done independently of each other, they only go back to a single entity. You can rename it from the Echo Show screen and integrate it into a group.

This being done, we placed the spots ,. On the application, although it is indicated that the device is not responding, you can quite manage the On / Off, the brightness and the colors (5 whites and 15 colors) in touch or by voice, just like integrating the luminaire has a routine. It works very well. We were thus able to ask Alexa Switch on / off, change color or intensity. The most important is the placement of the control box. It should be at least more than 15cm from the ground, but the higher it will be, the better for the link for which you can expect around 10 meters of range (with a hub inside).

Attention, the management of three spots will not be done independently of each other, they only go back to a single entity.

Now let's see with the Philips Hue bridge v2 if that brings a plus, apart from the use with Google Assistant ...

With Philips Hue

The Philips Hue app allows for more color management than by pairing with a Amazon Echo as well as accessing or creating predefined scenarios.

For the initial use of the Philips Hue app, we refer you to our Philips Hue tutorial.

From the home page, click "..." at the top right, then select "Add lights". Although these are three spots, these are only considered as one bulb. The whole is very quickly recognized and signifies it by flashing in color. .

All that remains is to rename the set of three bulbs, assign it a more representative light icon and integrate it into a room.

By returning to the main page of the application, you will find your Innr group Smart Outdoor Spot integrated into the newly created room.

By clicking on it, you will be able to:

  • Select one of the 41 proposed scenarios in the gallery or if you can not find the shoe to your feet create a personalized one.
  • Manage shades whether for colors or white temperatures (from 1800 K to 6500K) as well as the brightness by adapting it to the strip on the right.

Un click on the "..." at the top left and selecting " light parameters »Then information on the bulb allows you to find the references of this one.

With Amazon Alexa

You must first install the Philips Hue skill corresponding to the bridge on which they are paired. Once the accounts are linked, the bulb (representing the three spots) should appear on its own. If this was not the case, doing a new device detection should fix it.

And here we must admit that we have fallen from our chair many times. If the spots are taken care of by our favorite voice assistant and the bulb instantly goes up correctly, this is not the case in terms of functionality. Indeed, here no management of brightness, or colors. Just an On / Off function! For several days, we installed / uninstalled, tried to go through the Hue Essential application (just in case), but nothing to do… Skill problem? OfAlexa ? The latter taking all the functionalities in direct pairing, we are tempted to say that the problem does not come from it, nor from the product for that matter since the functionalities are well available ...

Basically, make the settings in the Hue app and use Alexa than to turn on or off ... It's very restrictive, there is therefore no point in going through the Philips Hue bridge this time, since the Innr Smart Outdoor Spots are much better managed directly. The only restriction is the number of colors… But, on the other hand, we ask more for a so-called basic color such as red, green, blue, orange than a more complex shade as can be done via the Hue application.

With Google Assistant

It is different for Google Assistant where the Philips Hue bridge is, this time, indispensable. The Philips Hue add-on must obviously be installed for the bulb to rise. You can find it by clicking on the "+" at the top left, then on "Configure a device" et "Works with Google". There, search for Philips Hue and link the accounts. As soon as this is done, the bulb should appear in the devices and, if you have created a new room for it in the Philips Hue app, you will also find it in the app. Google Home.

The colors offered are always more numerous on the application, but not all vocally responsive. Routines are hugely possible.

Daily use

In use, the Innr kit Smart Outdoor Spot blows hot and cold a bit. The installation, which is not a priori the most complicated, becomes a puzzle when we look for why all the functions do not go back to the application Alexa via the Philips Hue app. And it must be said, it is total incomprehension. Is it related to the Philips Hue skill? Possible, not to say probable, since everything is going well on Google Home. Philips is currently making numerous updates for its future compatibility with the Matter home automation protocol, it is possible that the skill is not up to date ...

However, in direct use via the ZigBee bridge of a device Amazon Echo, no difficulty is to be noted. The same goes for home automation boxes that perfectly manage this lighting with ZigBee gateways. The placement of the control box is the most important thing to respect for a good ZigBee connection, but you can use signal repeaters if necessary.

Render level, the most important point, the rendering is excellent. The colors are very good, very clear and stand out perfectly, highlighting our connected garden. As you will see, the red / green / cyan and mauve are well marked and vivid as desired.

"These connected garden spots provide perfect lighting to enhance your garden"

The cold and warm whites are also quite distinct and offer a more elegant lighting in our opinion ...

The Innr Starter Kit Smart Outdoor Spot contains three spots:

And you can add up to two additional spots:

In conclusion, the set Innr Smart Outdoor Spot provides beautiful lighting. Although the finishes of the posts are not neat, Innr spots in themselves do not suffer from any defects and are rather inconspicuous. Colors are crisp, the green is very pronounced and does not draw on the yellow, the red is pleasant to perfection, the whites are very fair and elegant. Light scattering is efficient thanks to the reflectors and the 230 lumens of each spot are put to good use and sufficient. The one and only concern is therefore the ascent in Alexa with the Philips Hue Bridge. Passenger bug? Probably since everything is going well with Google Home. Anyway, for 140 € on Amazon. Fr, these connected garden spots offer perfect lighting to enhance your garden and we recommend them to you.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.