Innr test Smart Candle Comfort: ZigBee E14 bulbs

Innr Smart Candle Comfort E14

INNR - Connected bulb type E14 - ZigBee 3.0

Price on: July 5, 2022 18 h 25 min

We have already introduced you to bulbs Innr E14 Smart Candle white which only offer one white at 2700 K. But as very often, after the fact, we are looking for even more possibilities and create more cozy atmospheres ... This is why we invite you today to discover the Innr bulbs Smart Candle Comfort. Sold for around € 33 in a set of two, they offer a temperature of white dimmable from 2200K to 5000K. Let's take a closer look at these new connected candles!

Innr Smart Candle Comfort E14: we say yes to ZigBee!


Red is part of the identity of the Innr brand. It is therefore no surprise that we find the color on the packaging with a visual of the two Innr Smart Candle Comfort and colors illustrating the temperature range from hot to cold.

On the sides, the various technical characteristics and functions are included. Below, the energy class label indicates: A +.

Inside, the bulbs Innr Smart Candle Comfort are wedged between two perforated cardboard strips to hold the pellet and flame in place. They are accompanied by a flyer mentioning on one side the safety instructions, and on the other an invitation to refer to the deck's instructions for pairing. But you also indicated the procedure of reset : switch on switch off 6 times at 0.5 second intervals.  You also have an advertising flyer

The flame type ZigBee bulb measures 11cm x 3.8cm x 3.8 cm and is made of plastic with an opalescent flame of 5.5 cm or 50% of its length.

In addition to the CE marking, the body mentions the ZigBee logo but also a QR Code which will be useful for further pairing.


  • Brand: Innr
  • range: Smart Candle Comfort
  • reference: RB 248 T-2
  • Type: Dimmable E14 LEDs
  • Material : plastic
  • Dimensions: 11 x 3,8 x 3,8 cm
  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Luminous flow : 470 lm
  • Power : 5.8 W
  • Supply : 220 - 240 V / 50-60Hz
  • Blank temperature:  2200K - 5000K
  • IRC :> 80
  • IP : 20
  • Beam angle : 300 °
  • Average life :> 25 h

Innr Smart Candle Comfort: installation and use of bulbs

If the use will always be the same, the installation may differ depending on whether one uses the ZigBee bridge of a device Amazon Echo as Echo Show 10, (others Pregnant Amazon Echo are provided) or that you go through an external bridge, see if you want to integrate it via a home automation box such as Homey Pro ou Homey Bridge.

Via a hub Amazon Echo

Position the bulb Innr Smart Candle Comfort and plug in the lamp, then just ask " Alexa, detect my devices". After a few seconds of research, she announces to you that she has found a new device: "third light" in our case. By clicking on "third light" it is possible, but not required, to rename the bulb to a smaller name that is easier to use.Alexa execute the command

Returning to the application of Smartphone you will find your bulb in "all devices" and "lights". By clicking on it you can, with the virtual button, turn the bulb on / off, adjust the intensity or even change the white temperature.

Please note: although the five shades are available, only four are effective. Indeed, cold white is not transcribed. But this is not abnormal since the heat capacity stops at 5000K.

The Innr bulb Smart Candle Comfort can then be easily integrated into the routines.

Via Innr Bridge

If you have performed the previous pairing, it is necessary to reset the bulb before proceeding further.

We also tested the installation via the new pont ZigBee Inn Bridge recently released. As easy as light bulbs Innr Wi-Fi White And Color, the procedure is identical for the mode by QR Code but the installation can also be done manually by indicating the type of bulb to be installed, in this case ZigBee. We used both procedures for both bulbs.

The lightbulbs Innr Smart Candle Comfort take place on the home page of the application regardless of the type of protocol or brand since thanks to the Innr bridge it is possible to add bulbs (but sockets would also be) from other brands. By clicking on the desired bulb you can adjust the temperature to the nearest degree since it is displayed above the ruler. For the other application parameters, please refer to the Wi-Fi bulb test.

With Amazon Alexa

The bulb goes up in theapplication Alexa as indicated by the notifications received during pairing, this time having installed the Skill Innr and link the accounts. The management remains identical to that seen previously.

With Google Assistant

Google speakers such as Nest audio or Nest Hub cannot directly take into account ZigBee bulbs because they do not have gateways unlike many devices Amazon Echo. So we used the brand bridge in order to be able to use the bulbs Innr Smart Candle Comfort with Google Assistant.

They go back easily in the application this time having installed theInnr add-on and linked the accounts. Management remains identical to Alexa : temperature change (here 6 are proposed, but only 5 really respond to a change of tone), brightness and the possibility of create routines.

With Homey Bridge

Innr bulbs Smart Candle Comfort can also be integrated into a home automation box such as Homey Bridge who has a Innr official app supporting all brand devices.

Visit " More " and "Apps" and type the brand: Innr. Click on "Install" . The mark takes place in the list of installed applications.

Homey Bridge, a new home automation solution at a low price!

Go back to "Devices", click on the "+" at the top right and on Innr. There choose the bulb model to pair, here Dimmable e14 Bulb. Confirmation of the selected model is to be made ...

For pairing to take place, the bulb must be disconnected from the ZigBee bridge to which it was previously connected. To do this, the reset procedure must be carried out if you have already used it. As soon as this is done, the search for the device is carried out very quickly and it takes place within the house.

The management is done as in the applications of the voice assistants. One click on the bulb and it is possible to adjust the brightness or the temperature.

It is also possible to integrate Innr bulbs Smart Candle Comfort at Homey Flows more or less sophisticated.

Homey Flows tutorial: creating home automation scenarios (part 1)

Small preview of four shades of white obtained using voice commands Alexa.

In use, ZigBee bulbs Innr Smart Candle Comfort can be integrated and managed perfectly whatever option you choose. The different temperatures available are lower via the application of the voice assistants (as often) than with that of the home application or even Homey, but the reactivity is excellent on all the methods tested.

In conclusion, Innr Smart Candle Comfort are excellent ZigBee bulbs which improve lighting by providing a color temperature adapted to each moment of the day. Their light output of 420 lumens is perfect for a auxiliary lighting. From cold light during the day to promote concentration to relaxing warm light ideal for cozy atmospheres in the evening, these E14 flame-type bulbs will delight all ZigBee home automation users, whether their installation is simply managed by an Innr Bridge, a Philips Hue hub, or by a home automation box. We gave special mention to the very successful Innr app, which supports both Wi-Fi and ZigBee. Offered at around 33.00 € for both, their price / quality ratio is excellent and we recommend them to you.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.