Innr OPL 130C test: ZigBee terminals to brighten up the garden

Our opinion on the Innr OPL 130 C garden lighting

Innr Lighting OPL 130 CP

Innr Lighting OPL 130 C Landscape lighting OPL 130 C, Light pole, Black, IP65, Mains, 220-240 V, 3 pc (s)

Price on: July 4, 2022 22 h 17 min

Innr, brand recognized in lighting for the quality of its products, offers lighting for our long summer evenings ZigBee for the exterior in the form of bollards or, more exactly, of posts. Capable of taking on different shades among 16 million possible, they are obviously compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Offered to €159.99 out of promotion, let's see if it's Innr OPL 130C worth the expense ...

Innr OPL 130C: beautiful poles for beautiful ZigBee lighting


It is in a pretty flamboyant red card that the three connected terminals that make up the basic pack. Note that up to five more can be added on this same circuit.

On three sides, there is a visual of the posts showing either a color lighting, a White among the range between 1800 K to 6500 K. The fourth side indicates, in addition to the reference, the technical characteristics and specificities of the system, capable in particular of automation.

Inside, the Innr OPL 130C terminals are very well protected and individually packaged in boxes. The largest of the boxes contains the electrical wiring and the ZigBee control / relay module.

The terminals are themselves packed in plastic bags. They measure 40 cm in total height, of which 13 cm will be buried, for a diameter of 6 cm. Their weight is 225 grams each. Their transplanting cable going to the main cable makes 30 cm. The set is entirely in matt plastic whether it is the black body or the illuminating opalescent tube.

The lighting consists of 7 LED to spread white dimmable from 1800 K to 6500 K and 7 others for the colors, i.e. 14 LEDs that each pole loads individually to deliver a flow of 215 lm. It may not seem like much, but frankly no, Innr OPL 130 C bollards illuminate an aisle very well or perfectly illuminate a garden area.


In the box of the power supply we find:

  • The mains unit : be careful, he only benefits from a hint IP44. It will therefore be protected from humidity.
  • The control box : its characteristics are 24V DC 14.5W. The cable coming out to the power supply unit is 2 meters and the one going to the first terminal is 1 meter. It is through him that the orders pass. It must therefore be installed outdoors at least 15 cm from the ground and at most 10 meters from a ZigBee element. indoor (or outdoor if you already have a ZigBee bulb in place). Do not install it at the height of a low emissive glazing (Low-e) because the waves will be blocked. In this case, it will be necessary, if necessary, to place the module either above the glazed area, or below, but always respecting the minimum distance from the ground. Its range outdoors is 30 meters.
  • 3 cables of 2 meters long, 2 of which are fitted with a T for the fittings. Each connector is protected by a screw-on moisture-insulating cap.
  • 1 installation guide, 1 flyer for outside connection advice, 1 advertising flyer


  • Brand: Innr
  • Model: Innr Lighting OPL 130 C
  • Form: post
  • reference: OPL 130C
  • Dimensions L x W x H:  40 cm x 27.2 cm x 6 cm
  • Post weight: 225 grams
  • Number of posts in the basic kit : 3
  • Possible extension : yes up to 5 additional posts
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Pole Protection Index: IP 65
  • Electrical block protection index: IP 44
  • Power Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Ouput food: 24V 1A (24W max)
  • Power : 4.5 Watts
  • Incandescent equivalent:  30 Watts
  • Luminous flow :  3 x 215 lm
  • Colours: 16 million
  • Whites: 1800 - 6500 Kelvin
  • IRC :> 80
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Lifetime :  30.000 hours
  • Beam angle : 110 °
  • Reaction time : <0.5 sec
  • Energy class : A
  • Operating temperature : - 20 ° - 40 °
  • Protocol : ZigBee
  • Voice assistant compatible : Yes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Installation and Use of Innr Lighting OPL 130C poles

As this is a luminaire incorporating the ZigBee protocol, it is quite possible to install the lighting directly via the ZigBee hub of a device Amazon Echo like Echo Studio, Echo Show 2, Echo Show 10 or even echo 4. However, we did not choose this option since it is recommended to pair the module directly to its final location to ensure that the connection is correctly received. This would imply for many to carry one of the devices mentioned above in addition and to also connect it on the spot.

We therefore opted for the simplest solution, namely to use our smartphone and the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue: installation of the hub and use

To begin with, make all the necessary connections, position yourself as recommended outside for the installation and connect the plug to the mains. The lighting turns white without flashing. It is automatically in pairing mode and should not be a problem for the future. If a reset was necessary, plug / unplug the plug 6 times.

The Philips Hue application has recently undergone a graphic redesign but the background remains the same. If you have not yet installed the application, you will find it on the stores Android ou iOS according to your needs. To get started, we refer you to our tutorial  Philips Hue: installation of the hub and use.

To install Innr posts, start by going to " settings " at the bottom right, then click "Lights "Then, on the" + »In the blue dot at the top right. In " Add lights", Select" Search". As soon as Innr devices are found you will also receive a notification from the app Alexa (if the skill is already installed and the notifications granted) advising you that the lighting has been taken into account.

We did not meet no worries for outdoor installation by respecting the instructions. The three Innr OPL 130C bollards are recognized under the unique factory name “extended color light 1”. The three elements are in fact one. Management is therefore common to the three posts and cannot be individualized. It is obviously possible by selecting it and then clicking on the pencil to rename it as well as to change the representative icon, for faster visual recognition in the application.

The device is part of those who do not yet have an assigned room. To assign it to a new room, come back to the " Home »At the bottom left to return to the home page, then click on the three small dots at the top right. Select " Add a new room or zone »Then determine which of the two will be (for us it will be a question of creating a part). If the proposals do not suit you, choose " Other »And enter the desired name. It will then suffice to check the lighting (s) corresponding to this new location by opening the " unassigned lights" page (in French).

By clicking on our "Lawn", you enter the management of the "room" where you can find the selected scenario (s) from the vast gallery offered in the upper part. For each selection a thumbnail will take place on the page. By clicking on the stamp of the room, we find the classic management of the luminaire: for color, white and intensity.

With Amazon Alexa

As said before the skill Philips Hue is necessary. If you haven't yet installed and linked to your account Amazon, it's time to do it. If, like us, you already have it, you could see that the lights are already reassembled in the application Alexa as soon as they are installed.

The Innr OPL 130C having been recognized very quickly before changing their name in the Hue application, they will have to be renamed by clicking on the toothed wheel at the top right. From the application, the touch controls allow you to change the colors. They are still twenty in number: 5 shades of white and 15 colors.

La creating routines Alexa is quite possible, although it is not offered from the lighting page. Application bug? It is possible to define the On / Off mode, the color and the intensity of the lighting. This will allow you to schedule a routine for the stakes to kick in at sunset.

Do routines without getting bored on Amazon Alexa

Service orders Alexa

  • « Alexa light up [Given name] "
  • "Turn on [Name given] in [color available on the application]"
  • "Turn on [Given name] at [X%]"
  • "Turn off [Name given]"

And you will see your stakes, like all other bulbs, change their appearance. Wow effect! guaranteed.

List of orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

With Google Home

You must also have installed the Add-on Philips Hue so that the lighting goes back into the application. If it has not yet been done, find it by clicking "+" at the top left, then on "Configure a device" and "Works with Google". There, find the Philips Hue app and link the Google account to that of your Hue app.

By returning to the home page, you will see that the device is present and even thatwith it, the new added part is imported also. Here you can also manage the colors from the application, many more than what is offered from the application Alexa with no less than 42 colors offered, but not all vocally respond to the command, as well as the intensity of the flow. Routines Google Home are also possible.

In use

The installation of connected terminals Innr OPL 130C does not pose any problem if the instructions concerning the distances for the placement of the control module are observed. Also be sure to connect the socket out of the rain since his clue IP44 only allows it to withstand small splashes of water coming from all sides.

If you need, to keep the socket safe, extensions of 2 or 5 meters are available and you can add up to 5 additional poles to the device while respecting the maximum limit of 35 meters in length.

In use, the voice commands work well as well as the routines. The colors are beautiful and the diffused luminous flux makes it possible to move around without any difficulty. If you have a corner of the garden to showcase, stakes are perfect and don't swear in the landscape.

Here is a nighttime preview of night tones with warm orangey white and clinical cold white.

The cyan is pronounced although it appears slightly whitish in the photo. The green is straightforward and the red is very… firecracker!


In conclusion, Innr offers us here a high-performance connected lighting device with a pleasant design. The price of 159.99 € excluding promotion is admittedly a bit high, but this is the price of quality lighting, in ZigBee, compatible with voice assistants. Possibly take advantage of promotions to offer them to yourself, or more exactly to offer them to your garden… Because it is well worth it, isn't it? Either way, you shouldn't regret it!
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.