IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 review: the multicolored 600 lm ZigBee bulb

We presented to you, a few weeks ago, the IKEA TRÅDFRI LED bulb test E27 1000 lm that the Swedish furniture giant offers for sale in its connected lighting department. Today, here is the third installment of our acquisitions at IKEA, the light bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 600 lm.

This time, it is a color model as evidenced by the pastille affixed to the box. Let's see what it is right now and if they are worth the detour on the shelves of the furniture giant ...

IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14: a multicolored and warm white ZigBee bulb


All IKEA packaging is made in the same way, namely packaging with holes to see the contents. The white cardboard lets you guess the content: a connected bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14. Around the periphery we find the symbol "wireless", the possibility of control by remote control, as well as a color disc reflecting those taken into account and the power 600 lumens for 8.6W, the technical information on the cover of which we will retain the longevity of 25000 activations and the warmth of 2700K in white.

Once out of its box, we discover the bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 in bulb format. It is in opaque plastic for the lighting part, while the middle part is in polycarbonate and the screw-in part is in aluminum. If the packaging does not contain much reading, the body of this bulb teaches us through the inlaid symbols that it complies with CE standards, that it can be paired and paired with a remote control and that it offers a power of 8.6W (equivalent to 48w for an incandescent bulb).

Technical sheet :

6cm wide x12.9cm high
Add content here
220-240v - 50 / 60Hz
> 90
2700 kelvin
Luminous flow
600 lm
25 000 hours
Energy class
ZigBee 2.4Ghz

IKEA TRÅDFRI: installation on appliances Amazon Echo with ZigBee hub

Although our previous attempt to install the IKEA TRÅDFRI E27 bulb at 1000 lm directly on a device Amazon Echo equipped with an integrated ZigBee bridge failed last time, we tried the experiment again by starting with this pairing mode. As a reminder, the devices Amazon Echo equipped with an integrated bridge are: 2nd generation Echo Show, Echo Studio, Echo Plus (2nd generation) and now the new Amazon Echo 4 ! And, this time it was a success. Alexa recognized her perfectly entitled "Fifth light". A test by clicking on turn off made the IKEA light bulb react.

To get the pairing, we first started the voice command « Alexa, detects our new devices ” then put the bulb in pairing mode by turning it on / off 6 times until it flashes once. AlthoughAlexa announced to us not to recognize her (this is not the fault of the IKEA product but of the voice assistant who does not indicate the recognition performed), our bulb appears under the title: umpteenth light. However, only the functions turn on / off and intensity adjustment are possible. Fortunately, you can also integrate it into routines.

But, there is a but, we wish we could have access to colors… Let's see if going through the Philips Hue bridge that we have that allows it.

Installing the IKEA ZigBee bulb with the Philips Hue bridge

To integrate the bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 at Philips Hue bridge, we must again bias and go through the Hue Essentials application. We refer you to our previous one IKEA TRADFRI E27 bulb test for the installation of the application and the recognition of your bridge.

In fact, after clicking on "Devices »Represented by the logo of a bridge (bridge or footbridge, it's the same thing) at the bottom of the home page, then having selected the bridge, we will proceed to the bulb recognition via Touchlink button.

One click then, as it should reset bulb, we will turn it on / off 6 times, it will flash, it's time to click "Search for lights"... And there you have it, before the app even informs us that the new lighting is recognized, it's our favorite voice assistant - Amazon Alexa, ed - which sends us a notification to inform us that it is installed on the application (with the generic name: Color light 1)… Hmm, let's continue,

In L'Philips Hue app, the IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 bulb is also integrated with the same denomination and can be renamed. This time, we will call it "my boat" ...

And we can see that in the Philips Hue app, IKEA's E14 bulb does have the advertised colors that can be managed in the palette. The scenes, limited to seven, are also available.

And in Alexa ?

As mentioned previously, once the installation is complete in the Hue Essentials application, Alexa indicated to us the rise in the bulb. Here too, it is possible and even desirable to change name for easier day-to-day management. We can thus interact with our voice assistant and request the change of color or light intensity. We have the same number of colors available as for the other types of bulbs and that's great news. Obviously, it is possible to integrate it into creation of routines Alexa.

And with Google Home?

The assistant Google Home Directly goes back to the name we gave to our bulb in the Philips Hue app: "My boat". Here too, the intensity and the colors (always more numerous than in the application Alexa) are displayed on the screen of the Google Nest Hub and are voice controllable.

Our opinion on the IKEA TRÅDFRI LED E14 bulb

It's a great discovery. If you are a user ofAlexa, it is better to pair it with a Philips Hue bridge than directly to that of a Amazon Echo in order to fully benefit from the possibilities of color changes. In addition, the indication by Alexa that there is no new device discovered is misleading and has enough to disorient or even tear your hair. The height of the bulb, quite long with 12.9 cm, is to be taken into consideration if you do not want it to protrude from the lamp (it's ugly).

Although the colors during the day are not the most frank, some like the blue drawing a little on the white at night, the effect is really successful for ZigBee color bulbs at only € 19.99. Note that there is another E14 model of 600lm shorter, but only offering 3 colors at 12.99 €.

It is of course possible to pair it with the IKEA TRÅDFRI remote control, but once the bulb is paired, it is no longer possible to control it by voice from the Philips Hue bridge (this obviously works with the brand's bridge, however). On the remote control, the up / down buttons allow you to change the intensity, while the left / right buttons will be used to change the colors.

To conclude this test, here is a small photo gallery for the color rendering at 100% brightness:

Here the blue stands out perfectly in a dark space and the white bursts with intensity.

The red is brilliant. The green is a little less pronounced than the other colors.

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