Guirled test: Tuya compatible electric garland / Smart Life

Guirled - Garland connected to Alexa /Google Home

Garland: compatible connected garland Alexa Echo and Google Home AssistantIn this period when we start to think about preparations for the end of the year celebrations: what are we going to put on the plates or who are we going to invite for New Year's Eve, we often think of the decor last ... So Les Alexiens to help you not waste time on this last subject (we'll let you take care of the rest eh) have tested a garland for you Garirled, connected of course and compatible with the 2 voice assistants that are Google Home and Alexa obviously thanks to the application Smart Life on which it comes to match.

Our garland within (it is not waterproof) is a product of Garirled, a French company created in 2002 which ensures the design, assembly and distribution of its products. Not bad huh? She sells her products either on Amazon in "ready-made garland" mode or on its site directly where it is possible to personalize your garland. It is this 2nd choice that we made. We composed our garland according to the configuration we wanted: different possibilities are available. Let's see if the French quality is there.

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Guirled: a curvy garland


We open our delivery box (large enough by the way) to discover our order. This contains the box of our garland and that of the external battery that we have chosen to take to free us from the sockets. We will be able to place our garland wherever we want. Our smooth rectangular brown box containing the chosen light ornament (16 balls) is provided with a cutout covered by a thick translucent cellophane offering us immediately a visualization of what we have ordered. Immediately, we have the rendering in front of us.

The first glance is nice. The Alexians

The box is sealed with a large sticker bearing the words: voice control compatible Alexa and Google, mention also made under the brand Garirled placed on the upper part of the box. Finally a stamp indicating a 3 warranty is affixed at the bottom right of the box.

Let's turn our box over to see what we'll find there. Well, it is nothing more or less a 4-step methodology. The installation of the bulbs each on their connector and the connection with the plug to be fixed on one of the 2 USB ports. Good initiative this double USB port, because we can at the same time operate the daisy chain using one port and recharge the battery with the second port. A third diagram shows the ON / OFF button.  Finally, the fourth drawing tells us that this garland will work in Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz only and with the fetish app that The Alexians have affectionately dubbed the Swiss Army knife of the connected home: Smart Life.

As said previously, we also opted when ordering for an external battery, which allowed us to free ourselves from taking. This is delivered in a small, smooth white cardboard box on which the battery photo is printed. On the front face a visual of the battery is printed as well as its stored energy capacity: 6000 mAh or as also indicated by the small logo next to it represented by a chronometer: 70 hours of use possible at 25%. Above, a pink pastille informs us that it will be necessary 5h charge to obtain this autonomy. On the back of our small box, we find, as on the large box, four diagrams which indicate that we can connect the garland to it thanks to the USB socket which ends it. Finally, the information indicating that the battery can be recharged with the supplied cord connected to the socket since it has 2 USB ports

At the back of the boxes, we find technical information: LED bulbs (guarantee of low consumption), connectivity, as well as materials used for the outer structure of the balls: cotton thread. Finally, a pellet representing the hexagon indicates that a french company (from the south and more exactly near Nîmes) is at the origin of this product. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

[…] A French company […] is at the origin of this product The Alexians


Now that the packaging is done, let's get down to the basics… Our garland!

We take the 16 spheres which are well wedged in the compartmentalized box. They are respectively 6 cm in diameter each and are developed in translucent polycarbonate to allow LEDs to diffuse their luminous flux. Each is covered with a braided cotton of the color that we chose when composing our garland (the choice is vast among a palette of 30 colors). On the underside of the ball, we have a hole to insert the LED. It only consumes 1.6W.

In the right part of the box, we find the block taken in a translucent plastic bag. This has 2 USB ports and displays the CE marking, as well as the mentions "Input: 100-240V AC - 50 / 60hz - 0.2A" et Output: 5V 2A. Our garland at the CE, UL, FCC and RoHS certification (UL and FCC standard for North America). We can be quiet and even travel with her! Note that this is however Made in China, like most electronic products.

The daisy chain cable, arranged in the same cell, has a total length of 3.20 m, 1.60m with the boulesWith spheres 10 cm apart each. On this one is obviously the ON / OFF switch which will allow us to pair, but we'll get to that in due course. We also find enclosed in the box two small booklets, one offering various presentations and products available and the other being the user manual.

Let's continue our inventory. After the contents of the big box, let's see what contains the smallest of the boxes that of the battery: the battery! And the USB cord which will be used to recharge it…. Unstoppable logic. Note that a wrist strap is attached to the battery. A nice little extra that will allow it to be hung from a branch of the tree, for example, so that it does not drag on the ground.

Now that we have detailed our garland, and before moving on to its installation, here is the traditional technical sheet.


3,2 meters (16 balls), 4 meters (24 balls)
Length between first and last ball
1,6 meters (16 balls) or 2,4 meters (24 balls)
Distance between two balls
10 centimeters
1.6W (16 balls), 2.4W (24 balls)
Transparent plastic (polycarbonate) surrounded by woven cotton - Safe for children
Diameter of a ball
6 centimeters
421 g for 16 balls (battery included)
USB adapter
2 USB ports 5V up to 2A max
Specific uses
indoor use only
3 years all over the world

Garland: installation of the connected garland

First, you have to install the 16 spheres on the garland. Nothing complicated, you have to clip them on the supports provided. Then connect the cord to one of the 2 USB ports of the socket that will be connected to the electric current. The pairing procedure will be able to start once you have pressed 5 seconds on ON / OFF button all translucent too. Once done, the garland starts flashing quickly and starts configuration mode, ready to be recognized in the app Smart Life. Alexians know this application well and it is far from being the first connected object that we are adding to it. If, for you, this garland is your first installation under Smart Life, take a look our tutorial. As far as we are concerned, we go directly into the application on " add " and " lighting ". After entering the SSID and password of our network 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi,  our garland is quickly recognized. We can then rename it, as generally allowed Smart Life, and even change the icon using the pencil at the top right. This will make it easier to locate it on the home page of the application if necessary.

When we click on our garland we have a light bulb that appears. So, it's a shame, but it's only one bulb. A single bulb that will dictate the behavior of the 16 LEDs of our garland. We will therefore not have 16 individually configurable bulbs, but the possibility of activating more or less the intensity of the light from this icon, and even by clicking at the bottom on " schedule »To make programming

And with Alexa ?

Well no surprise, our garland is recognized as a light bulb by Alexa and all possibilities will be offered to use it in a routine. It will thus be possible to be greeted in the evening, when returning home, by a routine immersing us in the atmosphere of the end of the year celebrations (but not only).

In short, it is a beautiful decorative product, developed in France, and compatible Alexa. What more ? Garland is available on Amazon. Fr in ready-made configurations and in 24 balls at the price of 34.99 € (no 16 balls format proposed for the voice control) to which must be added the battery at a price of 15.99 € - or on the site: if you take the same configuration as us in 16 balls and in "I create" mode (30.99 € + the battery 14.99 € + 3.49 € delivery costs because our order is less than 50 €).

Guirled: test of a gurilande connected with Alexa

USB LED cotton ball light garland

from 24.99 €









Price quality



  • Possibility to create a personalized and compatible garland Alexa on the website
  • Very decorative object
  • Very easy to install
  • Designed and assembled in France

The lessers

  • a bit expensive but it's a French company
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.