Govee Neon Rope Lights review: the RGBIC LED strip that bends to your desires

Govee Neon LED

Govee Neon LED Strip Light

Price on: July 5, 2022 12 h 51 min

After LED ribbons, lamps, immersion systems and decorative lighting, Govee is back with a new product. A ribbon that is out of the ordinary and which, although flexible, takes on thickness and reminds us of a neon. RGBIC type, and therefore capable of displaying several different colors along its length, the Govee Neon LED Strip Light may well seduce you. If it is not without reminding us of the Philips Hue Gradient Ambience, its price is quite different since it is offered at only € 69.99 excluding promotion.

Govee Neon LED: an RGBIC gradient ribbon


The thick cardboard box echoes the brand's dear mauve color. On the top, a visual of the cordon (or "rope" in English) Govee Neon LED is highlighted and in several colors as allowed by the RGBIC technology (Red, Green, Blue, Independent Control) which, thanks to a special chip, allows the management of several colors simultaneously on different portions. Support for voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant is also well put forward, which always pleases us.

On the back, there is obviously some technical information and the QR Code referring to the Govee Home application to download if it has not already been done. Finally, on the side, the pictograms show the functions of the application such as the mode DIY or Music mode, as well as the IP 67 allowing the tape to be placed outdoors. After having invested in our interiors, would the Govee brand wish to win our gardens?

Govee Neon LED

The ribbons Govee Neon is made of silicone and not vulgar plastic, which gives it the flexibility which allows it to be twisted at will and to take the shape which pleases us. With a comfortable length of 3 meters, it gives free rein to our imagination!

The neon part is 0.6 cm high x 1 cm wide while the one intended to fix it has streaks.

Not easy to realize but the neon is curved like the edges of the smartphones. This is what makes it possible to have the lighting diffused on the three sides.

On the one hand, the Govee Neon LED is connected to the control box (also acting as a remote control) by a 50 cm electric cable. The other part of the cable, to be connected to the mains, is only 15 cm long and has a DC plug.

At the other end, the neon ends with a silicone stopper. It fits the two parts together and a point of glue prevents it from being withdrawn and the end from taking water in the event of outdoor installation.

The control box

The Govee Neon LED is easily controlled using a small box placed directly on its power cables.

The three buttons have the following functions:

  • On / Off
  • Selection of one of the 9 preconfigured colors
  • Short press to activate Music mode / Long press for change brightness with 6 intensities available

On the edge, a sound sensor allows the cordonde to move to the rhythm of the music.


They are multiple and are placed under the ribbon tray.

First of all we find:

  • The mains adapter, without earth plug, 24V, 1A. The length of the electric cord is 1.5 meters
  • The user manual, including French.
  • A business card, with contact details for contacting assistance.
  • 4 alcohol swabs to clean the wall support on which the tape will be attached.

Then you have the fixing kit:

  • 10 U in which the lower part of the ribbon will fit together. They are 3 cm long, are drilled in their center to receive the screw and covered with 3M adhesive.
  • 10 screws and wall plugs

Technical sheet :

  • Brand : Govee
  • Reference : H61A0
  • Model : Govee Neon LED
  • Type : RGBIC LED strip
  • Protection sign : IP67 for the ribbon (but not for the control box or the mains adapter)
  • Dimensions : 3 mx 1.7 cm x 1 cm
  • Materials : Silicone
  • Colors : RGBIC
  • Food :
    • input : 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60Hz, 1.2A
    • Output : 24V, 1.5A, 36W

Installation and use of the Govee Neon LED

Govee, as you know if you are a loyal reader, has developed its own app to support its features. This is available on Android ou iOS. To get started, we refer you to our test of the Govee tape H6159.

Before definitively putting the cord in place, perform the pairing. Start by connecting it to electricity and it should light up with successive colors. If this is not the case, see if the control box is on On.

Open the application, click on " + »From the home page, select 3m RGBIC LED Neon Rope Lights, (activate Bluetooth). It should then be discovered and the app will ask you to press the ON / OFF button on the remote control. All you have to do is enter the password for your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and the “neon” ribbon takes place on the home page. This done, Alexa tells you to have found it, proof that it takes care of it.

Without further ado let's go to the Govee H61A0, its code name.

As with the previous presentations, the various functions are only visible when the ribbon is on.

You find:

  • The effect lab.

And there is the effect, Wow !! Govee, had accustomed us to a painting gallery offering, like a painter's palette, all possible colors, but this time, they found a way to add scenes mixing the audio with the visual. Immersion guaranteed! Three additional chapters adorn the section. In addition to the traditional " color gallery" , we have now : " Effects lab", "Game library " and "Harmonic library" page (in French).

Note that in Effects lab, the "Sunrise" or "Sunset" scenes are programmed to start up (or switch off) during the 15 min preceding the action to be performed while "Standby" (in Life) offers 3 types A, B or C of visual effect.

It's in Harmonic library that you will be able to play on sound and light effects. The proposed scenes will, in addition to playing colors, do so in rhythm with the music. If, however, you only want the light, cut the sound by putting it on pause ... But that would be a shame because, as far as we are concerned, we love it!

The “Effects Lab” offers a lot of scenes, all more pleasant, but our crush goes to “ Mouette »Which gives you the feeling of being by the sea… Without the risk of receiving dejection on your head!

The application allows you to rate creations and even leave comments, a good initiative that proves once again that the brand listens to the wishes of its customers. Well done Govee!

  • The timer, which we presented to you earlier in the Aura H6052 lamp test allows you to program the power cord on or off.
  • Brightness adjustment


The trends :

  • Music : we find the possibilities of synchronizing the ribbon either with the smartphone, or with the ambient microphone on the remote control.
  • Colours: the ribbon having the RGBIC function it is segmented and it is therefore possible to assign up to 15 different colors and to modulate the intensity of each with "relative luminosity." We have introduced you to the functionality in detail in the Govee RGBIC tape test.
  • Scene : many illuminations (and there only illumination) are proposed although some are duplicated with what is present in the Lab.
  • DIY : you have not found the scenario that suits you? So do it yourself by creating the scene that looks like you.

With Amazon Alexa

As seen during installation, the ribbon Govee Neon LED is supported by Alexa as long as the skill Govee Home is activated. From the app Alexa, it is possible to turn on / off via the virtual button, to modulate the intensity or to change the color among the 5 whites and 15 colors available.

But what Govee offers besides the Stage and Music mode. Thus the "sunrise" scene can be performed by Alexa. To simplify voice interaction, we recommend that you rename the ribbon.

The creation of routines Alexa is possible, in the same way as a light bulb but with the Govee particularity, namely, the possibility of selecting a scene to be performed. So for sunset, you have to put on On and at the defined time, the countdown starts and the ribbon will gradually be extinguished after 15 min alone without further intervention.

With Google Home

Like with Alexa, no surprise, the Govee Neon LED is Google Home compatible if you have previously activated the add-on linked to your accounts. Google Assistant allows you to control a virtual on / off button, adjust the brightness and as always offers a large choice of colors, but not all of them can be used in voice.

Our opinion

In use, what to say? We find pure Govee: easy to install, easy to use, but complete with a rich application and full voice control. The most "difficult" remains the installation of this extremely malleable cord, but which makes the exercise a little perilous.

We recommend that you model the shape you want to make on the floor, or on a table, before placing it on the wall. And, although it is not heavy at all, to do so two for a better result, especially if you want to achieve an original shape like those put forward by the brand on his website. Not so easy to reproduce, as you will see.

Note that you can also install it outdoors, the Govee Neon LED strip being IP67, but be careful because this is not the case with the control box and the socket. So we did the installation indoors and frankly without regret, we can enjoy it at all hours of the day and night.

As for the RGBIC, it allows you to create light animations very simply like, here, with the Mermaid, New Year's Eve scenes and a personal creation with the "boss" next to it.

In conclusion, you will have noticed it, Govee never ceases to delight and amaze us with its always brilliant lighting! The only regret, if he had to have one, would be the dimension of "only" 3 meters. This may seem big at first glance, and it is for a ribbon that is going to be placed lengthwise in a very classic way, but more length would not have been refused in order to be able to create more original shapes. . ButIf you are looking for a ribbon that is more original and more aesthetic than a simple flat ribbon, the Govee Neon LED open its arms to you! Usable without a hub, it offers a quality of lighting and a multitude of scenes worthy of the best brands, all for a very reasonable price for this type of product since it will cost you less than 70 €… The competition had better watch out!

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.