Govee Immersion test: highly efficient ambient TV backlighting at an attractive price

Govee Immersion, the inexpensive Ambilight for everyone?

Govee Immersion

Govee Immersion WiFi LED TV Backlight with Camera, Smart 3,8m RGBIC LED Strip, LED Strip Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, App Control for 55-65 Inch TV and PC, Music Mode Scenes

Price on: July 5, 2022 7 h 36 min

Want Ambilight, but not at all costs? Do you have well-established brand solutions pushing you towards organ trafficking? We have found you a very good alternative offered by the brand Govee, which you may already know for its RGBIC LED strip or for its very efficient light bars Govee Flow Pro.

System Govee Immersion allows you to set up a system of backlight for your television in order to restore a luminous atmosphere in connection with the dominant colors of your screen. For less than 70 €, you can dress your TV from 55 to 65 inches with 16 million colors via RGBIC technology.

Govee Immersion: an Ambilight-like system finally accessible?


The Immersion Kit is delivered in packaging with the brand's color code: dark blue and visual of the product. The main characteristics are highlighted: RGBIC, Alexa, Google Home, Bluetooth (for the installation and the room) but also, on the side, 16 million colors, music mode, DIY and others. There is even a QR-code for the app.

Inside you will find a complete kit including:

  • An RGBIC LED strip. The RGBIC is a Red Green Blue system with a independent control (IC). That is, the ribbon will be able to'' display multiple colors, via segments, where you normally have one. It is thanks to this that it is possible to restore a color rendering fairly faithful to what the screen displays.

Le Govee Immersion is quite nice with its black color and its rather thick sheath. Note that it is resistant to humidity. Marketing characteristic without any interest when you stick it behind a TV ... unless it is the name "Immersion" which leads to confusion? Hmm… it's actually made up of 2 sections of 70 and 120 cm separated by a wired part which will be used to make the angles. It is therefore suitable for 55-65 inch TVs. Please note, it is important to note that it is not not breakable. So if your TV is too small, go your way ...

The ribbons Govee immersion will hold on the back of your device thanks to a double-sided, which is not very sticky besides. The 5050 type LEDs are of very good quality, as we will see later.

  • A 1080p ColorSense camera. The latter will stick to the top, or the bottom, of your television in order to film your screen and communicate the dominant brightness to the LED strip at different points.

Govee Immersion is therefore a totally different system those with an HDMI box such as Philips Hue Sync, the industry benchmark, or Ambilight televisions. This explains a lower price than this latest technology, but you have to admit that having a camera on your equipment is a real weak point. It's ugly ... let's be honest. Again, a double-sided will make it stick.

  • A control box. The latter will stick to the rear center of your TV. You will connect the ribbon to USB-C, the camera to USB and the DC power supply.

It has three buttons:

o On / Off : need to explain?
o Brightness / intensity : amplify or reduce the light intensity
o Changing colors / fashion : choose the mode you like. We will come back to that.

Let's be clear : these buttons have absolutely no interest! We are talking about a module that will be stuck behind your television. Do you see yourself turning your TV over or lifting it off the wall to press down on the module? We neither. Fortunately, they will be useless because the Govee Immersion is fully controllable via an application. Otherwise, the test would have stopped here.

  • Power supply with DC 12V power adapter.
  • Hanging systems to hold your tape on the back of your TV.
  • Orange pads (8 pieces) which will be used to calibrate your screen via the camera… unless it is the other way around.


Here is what Govee offers us as characteristics.

  • Camera :
    o Resolution: 1080p
    o Technology: ColorSense. The colors of the TV screen are filmed, recognized and automatically applied (conversely) to the LED strip
  • Headband:
    o Length: 70 x 120 x 70 x 120 cm. For TV between 55 and 65 inches
    o 16 millions of colors
    o White temperature range: NC
    o Technology: RGBIC or lighting control by segments. There are 15 segments in all on the 380 cm strip, each of which can take on its own color.
    o Water resistant: yes. Very useful if you put your TV in your shower, you never think about it enough. One wonders why…
  • Control box :
    o Power: 12V, 2A, 24W.
    o Manual use: yes, but without any interest.
    o Use by application: yes, via theGovee app.
    o Use by voice. Yes, via Alexa, GA and Siri.
    o Connectivity: Wi-Fi and bluetooth. Bluetooth is required for controlling the module via the application. For the rest, it's 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi.


The brand is quite shy about the characteristics given for its product. That said, we are on a mood LED strip, which will not be used to illuminate a room or other. Also, lumens, Kelvins and other white ranges are of little interest. It turns out that the system seems quite promising with its 15 independent segments and its HD camera. Above all, voice piloting is a real plus in theory. To see in practice… and this is what we are going to do.

Govee Immersion: installation and use

The brand has created its own application to control its kit. If you do not already have the application installed, we refer you to the Govee H6159 LED strip test for a first grip. Of course, you will have previously put the camera at the top or bottom of your TV, in the middle. You will also have installed the ribbon on the back of your screen and connected everything to the control box, under pressure. The installation is done in the same way as the ribbon, in Bluetooth essentially… at least at the beginning. Indeed, once you have baptized your kit (which comes from the Greek "Baptein" which means "to immerse", which is not bad for the Govee Immersion) and entered the Wi-Fi parameters, you will need set up the camera.

For that you need to come place on your screen the orange stamps presented at the beginning. Put one at each corner, then 3 more at the middle of the widths and length. That is to say 7 in all. Then choose where the camera is located (up or down) and the direction of light flow. Take a good look at where your headband begins and where it ends so you don't go wrong. From there you will have a visual of what the camera sees and you will need to come and make the blue points coincide with the 4 angles then the orange points with the medians. Once the calibration is complete, you will have an update to do.

Congratulations, you have just installed your backlight system. Let's now look at what the application allows us to do, in general terms. The home page gives you, on the upper part, the possibility of coming to set up a timer and to vary the light intensity of your ribbon. The effect lab is a kind of beta zone to test specific luminosities. Enough to see what your gang can do. But that's not the most interesting. It is the “Mode” part which is the real added value of the application.

The trends :

  • Music : the headband light goes vary in colors and animations depending on ambient noise. You have several possible choices of synchronizations: energetic, rhythmic, musical spectrum and rolling. Thus, you will have either fast and frank changes, or softer and slower changes, without going to black ... Very appreciable to set the mood while streaming music.
  • Color : you will come here change the color of the segments of your ribbon as desired. You can also vary the intensity by segment. However, at this level, only two colors can be used together.
  • DIY : have fun changing settings here and there to create your own lighting atmosphere. So this will add scenes, but it will be yours.
  • Scenes : You have 12 preset scenes.
    o Sunrise: for 10 minutes, the brightness will gradually increase from a yellow light to almost white.
    o Sunset: well it's the opposite ...
    o Film: slightly blue color to go in the background of a video.
    o Rendezvous and romantic: an alternation of warm colors, more or less luminous to brighten up an evening between lovers.
    o Sparkle: the name is representative. The colors will sparkle and change more or less quickly.
    o Candle effect: a crackle and glow effect like an evening by candlelight.
    o Energetic: alternating bright colors, at 100% brightness and fast.
    o Breathing: no change to black between colors. It turns on, rises in intensity, falls and the cycle begins again with another.
    o Snowflake: twirling, white / blue light passing from one side of your TV to the other.
    o Crossing: luminous circles, with several colors at the same time, pass on either side of your screen. Fast and energetic.
    o Rainbow: a bit the same, but much softer.

We kept the "Movie" mode for the end because it is the one that will ultimately interest you the most. You can also pair with music mode but also make the strip work in segment mode or give it a solid color, in connection with the dominant color. Of course, the "partly" mode is the most interesting.

The camera will film your screen and reproduce the dominant colors at the back of your television, by segment (with “partial” mode). Green on the left and presto, a beautiful green on the left of your TV, on your wall. A beautiful blue sky, and presto, a blue wall above your screen. Really nice.

A video of a fireplace and you will have alternations of purple, yellow, white and other warm colors that will sparkle on your wall. Guaranteed atmosphere! So of course we lose a little responsiveness compared to an HDMI system, but we still have to admit that the duration of treatment is very satisfactory. There are also sometimes missed in the restitution of colors, but again, nothing bad. It is indeed important to note that in order to function well, you must be in total darkness or almost. If a light illuminates your screen, this will be understood by the camera as a color present in the transmission and will therefore restore it in its color rendering.

And you also have a video game mode! It does not work badly but the camera will have more difficult to manage color changes because of the rapidity of viewpoint changes. Especially for nervous games.

The quality of the light output is excellent. The colors are frank, intense and very immersive. The very quality of the LED strip is of a very good standard. And that's good because if the greens and yellows or reds and purples are not differentiated enough, the whole backlighting system falls apart because of a more than passable immersion. Nothing to say about this, Govee Immersion is one of the best LED strips we have tested.

But at this point, you cannot use it by voice. For that, you have to go through Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. For Alexa, come activate the Skill Govee on the app Alexa. For GA, go through Google Home and choose the Govee add-on. In all cases, use your credentials from the brand application.

Via the application, in touch, you can come and define your modes among the 12 existing scenes, the music mode and of course the "Movie" mode. You can also come and modify the solid light, its intensity and turn everything on or off. However, by voice, it is simply possible to turn on, off and launch the Music or Movie mode. Unable to launch scenes.

Watch the test in detail with this video to get a good idea of ​​the rendering (and don't forget to you subscribe to our YouTube channel, it's nice).

In conclusion, we found this Rather convincing test of the Govee Immersion system. Providing backlighting 16 millions of colors and working with the ColorsSense camera, this camera system allows you to reproduce on the back of your television a light atmosphere linked to the colors of the image. Thanks to RGBIC technology, the LED strip can offer several colors at the same time along its entire length. Be careful, however, because it is only suitable for TVs between 55 and 65 inches, which is quite restrictive. Thanks to the Govee app, you can change the modes to launch various scenes (12), from DIY, a mode for colors and of course Movie or Music modes. It also works by voice via Alexa, GA or Siri but only to turn it on and off and launch Movie and Music modes. The colors are very good, frank and intense. Rendering and tracking the brightness of your screen is very efficient, even if not at the same level as a Hue Sync box for example. This comes from the operating mode with a camera which is necessarily less precise than management by HDMI. It also makes a wart on your TV. It is also necessary to be in the dark for optimal operation because the reflections on the screen will be seen on the choice of colors projected. It is despite everything an excellent product at a very good price / quality ratio.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!