Govee H6159 test: a breathtaking Wi-Fi LED strip!

Our opinion on the Govee Wi-Fi Led tape

Govee Wi-Fi RGB LED Strip Light

Govee LED Strip Smart WiFi LED Strip 5m RGB Multicolor App Control, Light Strip Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, Home Decor Kitchen

Price as of: August 10, 2022 15 h 33 min

What we like above all about Les Alexiens is being able to present new products and / or new brands to you. Today, it is precisely a new brand (for us) that it is about: govee. This one offers many connected devices, but we decided to submit their Govee LED H6159 RGB tape from 5 meters to our Lab '. Operating on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, it is sold 26.99 € on Amazon and obviously offers a compatibility with voice assistants. Ribbons, we have already tested some but let's see if this one offers more particularities ...

Govee is a Chinese brand established in 2017 owned by Shenzhzen Intellirocks Teck Co. Ltd. which carries out research and development of its products with a constant concern for customer satisfaction while demonstrating daring and passion.

Govee H6159: Wi-Fi color LED strip


It is a very small thick cardboard box of 12.7 side x 6.6 cm from above and 287 grams that we receive. Dark in color, in mauve / midnight blue, the whole is nicely offset by the illustration of an illuminated ribbon of multiple colors. Taking into account the two voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is also miss forward. On the back and on the sides, the various technical characteristics and functions are included.

Friendly welcome when you open the box with thanks from Govee. Everything is tidy. On the top plate the tape and the manual, below the accessories.


The box contains:

  • Le 5 meter RGB Wi-Fi LED strip.
  • THE12V power adapter without earth connection with DC plug. The cable length is 1.70 meters.
  • Le control box otherwise called remote control.
  • Un corner fixing kit (5 clips with 3M adhesive on the back and 5 screws).
  • Un alcohol swab to clean the surface to which the tape will be attached.
  • A small business card as well as another explaining schematically the fixing and the incompatible supports: woolly fabrics, dusty walls, rough plastic surfaces and granite glass surfaces. Finally a User Manual multi languages ​​including French.

The Wi-Fi LED strip

Govee presents a 5 meter WiFi RGB LED strip (red, green, blue) capable of illuminating 16 millions of colors or in a warm to cold white without specifying the temperature range. The 150 LEDs of type SMD 5050 for "component mounted on the surface of 5 mm side" in French, are spaced 3 cm from each other. Their use is exclusively indoor, having no silicone sheath covering them. A cutting area is provided every 10 cm.


The remote control

It has 3 buttons:

  • Up the button "Power" to turn on / off.
  • In the middle, the one for the color change: each press changes the color. We thus noted a disc proposing 9 different colors.
  • At the bottom, the one supporting the music mode and the brightness adjustment: a short press for the rhythm or a long press for thelight intensity among the 6 available.

On the edge, a microphone captures the surrounding noises and allows the tape to come alive in rhythm. On the back, a 3M adhesive allows to fix it on a support. The length of the cable connecting it to the ribbon isone meter. It is a 4-pin type connector that provides the link. A "clip" on the sheath surrounding the pins allows attachment without fear of it coming loose from the tape. The other cable, the one for the power supply, is DC type and measures only 16 cm.

Fixing hooks

Little more appreciable, Govee provides 5 hooks and their fixing screws, in particular to pass angles. On the back we find adhesive 3M.


Technical Sheet

  • Brand : Govee
  • Model : H6159
  • Length : 5 meters
  • Number of LEDs : 150
  • Colors : yes 16 million
  • White temperature : NC
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Engime : 18W
  • Luminous flow : 520 lm
  • Log in : Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n

Govee H6159: Installation and use of the LED strip

Govee has its in-house app Govee Home available Android ou iOS. It is the only compatible application.

Plug in and press the button Power of the controller. Do not forget to activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone. The ribbon flashes in multicolored.

Open the Govee app. Accept the terms of use and you are on the home page. Click on "+" top right. In the first menu on the left LED Strip Light, select in the center the reference of the Govee tape H6159 (there is even the logo Amazon Alexa). Strangely, it's only now that you are going to create an account. Enter an email address and go to it to retrieve the verification code that was sent to you and carry it over to the next step. Create your password. When these different steps are completed, the application requests GPS access to your position. Accept and the procedure will begin. You find the reference of the ribbon, the search for Bluetooth connection then that of Wi-Fi. Your network appears and all you have to do is enter your password.

Here it is finished. It may be suggested to perform a firmware update. The latest version available is 1.07.02 which adds more music mode. Once this is done, you are on the ribbon management page then going back to the main one of the application where the ribbon with its factory name appears.

The Ribbon Icon (with the small logo Alexa) is accompanied by the On / Off buttons and the affected connection modes: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The least we can say is that the Govee application is colorful and displays tones ranging from pastel to those with more pep.

A click on the bulb allows you to discover in more detail the possibilities of the Govee H6159 tape.

Govee skillfully staged and illustrated the configuration page for his luminaire. You no longer know if your ribbon is on or off? Certainly you can make a visual with a device Echo Show in the same room but if you have your smartphone in hand, open the app and go to the ribbon. Is the window lit or not? Depending on the state, you have your answer. Clever, original and simple. We love !

When the LED strip is on, all available functions are displayed.

You then have:

  • Effect lab : a classification by theme (18) ranging from basic colors through animals, port or gourmet with sub-themes for each. We let you discover the multitude of color tablets listed.
  • Timer : To be honest, we haven't found its function. It is only possible to activate or not. But in either case, the scenarios, which we will see later, are launched.
  • Brightness : adjustment from 1% to 100%
  • fashion : it is here that you will select the use of the ribbon among the four which are proposed ...
    • Music:
      • The acoustic source : the smartphone or the ribbon environment.
        • In mode Smartphone an equalizer is displayed and three rhythms are available: Party, Dynamic or Quiet. If you turn off automatic colors, your personal settings are up to you.
        • In ambient sound mode, choose a type of flashing among: Rhythm (the flashes make a kind of walrus), Push (a kind of dance of the LEDs), Luminous (the LEDs play beep beeps). For each of the options, it is possible to modify the settings as desired by clicking on the pencil.
      • The sensibility is done on the ruler

The settings are practically infinite so many possibilities… .. Stay in this mode so that the ribbon interacts.

    • Colours: either you are satisfied with eight colors available, either ruler, either to you color pallet… And there it is a real freedom of creation! You have a first color disk (the one found on all lighting applications), but by sliding the screen from right to left, you access a second disk, a kind of internal zoom in colors with names assigned to areas such as Mysterious for mauve / purple or Happy for green. And that's not all since the zones are themselves cut into six divisions to complete the choice of lighting. And since Goveee doesn't stop there, you also have a theme color classification and there are not less than 22 Do you like some colors more than others? It suffices either from the palette of the to select and return to the previous page and click on "Save color" or click on the pencil in " My colors To make your selections on the palette and save them. How much you can record ? 200 ! When you select them, the cursor of the slider above is positioned in the corresponding zone.

In short, the application is very very supplied with multiple input modes: basic colors, to be chosen from the palette, or by theme.

Regarding the whites, not against, the Govee H6159 LED tape is a little fishy. Here the adjustment is only done via a slider and it is in fact much less precise. In addition, no temperature range is mentioned. We really found that three shades of white with a strong yellow for warmth, a daylight white in the middle and a bluish white in cold bench.

    • Scene : choose the one that suits you among the four themes and a large number of submenus available for automatic lighting management. Here you can also select your favorites to access them with a click of your finger.
    • DIY : the proposed scenes do not suit you? Create your own. Name them, set the effect between: Fade, Jump, Glitter or Combo, choose the colors and voila, you have your custom scene. Are you proud of your creation? You can share it.
Govee has skillfully staged and illustrated the configuration page of its H6159 LED strip.

Let's go back to the main page:

In the upper part, the tab "Intelligent" allows by clicking on the "+" scenario creation / automation:

  • Wi-Fi control:
    • Calendar : allows you to create a scenario to turn on / off / change color or intensity at a determined time (titi)
    • Communication class : allows you to create a routine (yoyo)
    • RGB class: allows you to create a personalized scene from the ribbon color setting page with in addition here the introduction of a timer and the repetitive routine (foo)
    • Activation class : function accessible if several devices to be managed (lili)
  • Bluetooth control:
    • General Category : allows you to create an On / Off shortcut button corresponding to a recorded personal scene. (mimi)
    •  Same model : same as above but according to a mode selected between: music, color, scene or Diy (lala)

The different buttons created take place on the page "Intelligent". By clicking on the four □ on the right, you can change the display of the page. The squares become ≡. Click it again to return to the other display mode.

Below, the world map allows you to access the global Govee community and use the creations DIY other users!

Next to, compass gives access to the community forum where you can submit your ideas.

To the right, the character gives you access to the application's messaging system and the creation of widgets, whether for the ribbon itself or for scenes. Once selected, go to your Widget page of your smartphone and you can install it on the home page of it.

By clicking on the toothed wheel at the top right, you access the parameters which allow you to choose to display the application in dark in the " Theme", But also to apply a" holiday theme »(No choice of dates) or to select the display mode of the12 or 24 hour clock.


Govee delivers a very highly developed application, with seemingly limitless configurations. 

With Amazon Alexa

To control the tape vocally, you must of course activate the skill Govee Home and link the account Amazon to that of the Govee application. Once this is done, the ribbon goes up by itself in the application. And there it is Wow! If we conventionally find the control elements such as On / Off with the central button, the management of the brightness or that of the colors with 5 whites and 15 colors (note the check mark does not remain active on any of the whites, but the ribbon displays 5 different tones, this is the main thing) we are surprised - and pleasantly - by the other two configuration proposals.


Indeed, it is possible to select one of the 80 scenes proposed and one of 3 modes for the pace of scrolling !!

And of course the routines are possible and configurable at will ... Please understand that the 80 scenes can be integrated into a routine as well as 3 rhythm modes or more than 240 possible combinations. On the other hand, a routine scene takes precedence over the choice of a color even if validated (as here cyan). Logical, it is the “programming” inherent in the scene which is going to be played.

Otherwise, more basically in voice control, you can:

  • Switch on switch off no problem with a color name like Cyan,
  • Asking to light a scene.
  • Request a% brightness either for a color or for a scene
  • Request a scroll mode, the 3 music modes are well recognized even if for "Push" Alexa a little more difficult to execute.

Frankly here is a tape that can be controlled vocally by Alexa and in multiple ways !! We love. It is the first of its kind that we find and it must be recognized that Govee has made it big with Alexa.

With Google Assistant

Here too, you must install the Govee add-on that you will search for by clicking on the "+" at the top left, then on "Configure a device" and finally on "Works with Google". There, search for Govee Home and link the Google Home and Govee accounts. Instantly the ribbon is recognized.

By returning to the home page you will find the Govee H6159 ribbon and by clicking on it, it's a surprise! There is no stage or rhythm machine here, only the colors (always more numerous than in the application Alexa, but not all vocally recognized) and brightness are manageable. Finally, routine management is possible for a basic Activate / Deactivate ...

If the integration in Google exists it is only superficial compared to what is done with Alexa.

Govee H6159: daily use

The installation is done very simply without problem. Govee has developed a very rich application with in particular a incredible number of scenes that you have to take the time to discover.

Vocally, Govee H6159 tape reacts well, but for the voice assistant to take care of it, it must be given a unique name, no compound word. Very often this is what can cause problems with the execution of the voice command. But where Govee is strong, is to have succeeded in importing into the application Alexa the scenes (not the ones you create via the DIY), rhythms and that they can be mixed into routines!

The small LEDs illuminate well even if 520 lumens are sufficient for mood lighting only. Obviously, it will not be used for main lighting in a large room. Do you want to have a dancing floor at home? The ribbon will be the ideal accessory for a good colorful evening. The colors are very well rendered, even in the greens, which often catch on in connected luminaires.

The little extra is the remote control offered, and the angle fixing hooks.

Hot and cold white vocally requested from Alexa are well differentiated.

In conclusion, Govee not only offers an RGB tape, but also one of the most efficient applications that we were able to meet and all for a very reasonable price since it is offered at only 26.99 € on Amazon. Fr. Many much more expensive tapes do not have such extensive application. Maybe it is too much? No, because it is better to have more and take the time to discover that not enough! The multiple scenes available or to be created make the lighting possibilities endless. The only point that the brand would have to improve in the application is in the management of blanks which is not efficient at all. Voice assistants show you the ribbon more clearly in white than through the app. And what about the integration of so many scenes and rhythm modes? It's frankly a great performance. So if you are looking for a 5 meter RGB ribbon in Wi-Fi, with very good color rendering which has nothing to envy to much more expensive brands and for which you want to embark on the creation of scenes, it fulfills the specifications. In writing, we are a fan!
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.