Govee Flow Pro test: an RGBIC backlighting in WiFi at the top!

Our opinion on Govee LED bars


govee Smart Flow Pro LED Bar, WiFi RGBIC Backlight with Camera, Game Light Sync with Music, Works with Alexa Google Assistant, Lightbar Play PC TV 27-45 Inch

Price on: July 6, 2022 2 h 16 min

Watching a film with a light animation based on the image on the screen, it exists, it's nice but it often costs an arm and a leg. So we looked for an alternative solution for you to the famous Philips Hue Play bars, expensive products and requiring a ZigBee gateway. And that's how we found the Govee Flow Pro, LED light bars managed on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Let's see what they offer us for their attractive price of only 80 €.

Govee Flow Pro: easily synchronize light and image


It is a large box which contains the entire device. In glossy cardboard with a nice gradient of mauve, it presents the LED bars Govee Flow Pro illuminated. All this is reminiscent of the leader in the connected lighting sector ...

The main characteristics are highlighted with the RGBIC technology that we had already discovered during the Govee RGBIC test, an LED strip capable of dividing its lighting into portions of different colors. We therefore find here also this capacity which promises us beautiful things.

The lighting capacity of warm whites to daylight is mentioned without reference to the temperature of the colors which are, not surprisingly, the number of 16 millions. Finally, and this is ultimately the most important for us, we find compatibility with the two main voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. On the back you find the model reference and on the sides the features.

Govee H6159 test: a breathtaking Wi-Fi LED strip!

Inside, several boxes contain the bars Govee Flow Pro, the control box, the camera and the power supply, but also the bases. A third level contains the accessories. Wait a minute ! Did you say Camera? Yes yes, a camera! It is through her that the magic will operate, but we will come back to it when the time comes.

Let's go, let's unpack!

  • Govee Flow Pro: long 25 4.5 cm x cm aside, the Govee Flow Pro are composed of a black polycarbonate shell, the face of which is in opalescent ABS in order to allow a 400 lumen flux. On the back of each, notches for fixing with the adhesive vertical support. The USB-C type power cord connecting the two bars is 2 meters long with 1.80 m of individual cable. Enough to leave plenty of room for the installation.
  • The power supply and the control box: the mains unit without earth connection supplies the control box via a DC socket.
  • The remote control has three buttons function :
    • A haut : On / Off
    • Between : The button to change the colors. 9 are available: white, orange, red, yellow, light green, green, blue, sky blue, purple.
    • Below :
      • Support short : activates the Music function.
      • Support pronounced : change the light intensity.

Below an LED operating indicator indicates according to its color:

  • Red : not connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Blue : successful network connection.
  • Off : no power or problem.


  • Reflection supports and films: Govee offers two types of supports for its bars and that's great. Everyone will be able to use them according to their configuration.
    • A triangular shaped support to snap the bars into and put them down. The base is slightly narrowed, so as not to completely insert the lights and let the cords come out. Under each of them, two non-slip silicone bands hold them in place.
    • A support to fix them vertically on the back of a television or on a wall for example with a very large 3M adhesive to keep them in place

In orange, 8 foam squares corresponding to the reflection film. 7 are to be placed around the TV screen or the computer if you are gamers. They are meant to be used for calibration during calibration.

  • The camera : she is perched on a 8.5 cm mast inclined behind which overlooks the 7.2 cm x 2 cm support for the widest part, (the one which rests on the upright of the tv) x 3.6 cm. A large 3M adhesive is provided so that the device does not move. The USB cord measures 1 meter.


  • Brand : Govee
  • Reference : H60543D1FR
  • Bar dimension : 25 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Materials : Polycarbonate and ABS
  • Luminous flow : 400lm
  • Colors : RGBIC

Installation and use of Govee Smart LED bars

Govee has its own in-house app for Android ou iOS. To get started, we refer you to our test of the Govee tape H6159.

Connect the various cables to the control box and connect it to the power supply. Both bars light up in warm white. Position the camera centering it on your screen.

Open the application, click on " + »From the home page, select Govee Flow Pro H6054, (activate Bluetooth). They will be discovered immediately and Alexa will even tell you that they support them.

From there a configuration guide is offered to you, with to start confirming or rejecting the left / right placement of the bars. To do this, turn on and off the virtual button next to each one and if the location does not comply, select "Change Position" then confirm.

Enter your Wi-Fi Password and check “Save it” to be safe in the future.

If you haven't already, place 7 cubes around the back edge of your screen or not. We attempted to perform theinstallation without using them and we did not have no difficulty in continuing. Calibration can begin.

Indicate the location of the camera (above or below the screen), then place the various reference points as described without crossing each other. There it's finished. It remains to update the firmware. Currently the version is 1.07.02.

The Govee Flow Pro take place on the home page of the application. We find the quick action buttons: ON / OFF.

Those who already have Govee devices will not be lost when they see the different themes offered. Indeed, the bars Govee Flow Pro H6054 include the different items that we have already presented to you with the RGBIC tape since these bars also have this concept.

We will not take all the possible configurations already reviewed. Instead, we'll talk about what's new and dedicated to bars.


In terms of modes:

  • Music:  it offers four different tempos which can be synchronized either via the sounds perceived by the smartphone or directly from the control box equipped with a sound sensor:
    • Vif : 6 color segments come to life in ascent or descent.
    • Rythm : unicolor flashing.
    • Chock : 2 of the 6 segments are more pronounced and come to life when they collide.
    • Spring : rising parade of color


  • Video. Here is a new menu that integrates with the application. This is THE menu for your visual device!

Select your screen type and one of two viewing modes: game or cinema. If you want soft lighting, leave “sound effect” inactive. If you like rhythmic lighting, indulge yourself by turning it on.

Now you have a bright atmosphere that accompanies you for your evening.

  • Color : Here again Govee hit hard! As for the RGBIC tape, the setting is "sectoral". It is not a color that can be animated on each of the bars but 6 segments which can be programmed as desired in color or in white temperature or even in brightness. A click on the check mark of the segment or under the bar allows the selected setting. Remember to deselect before moving on to the next one. And if you want to turn off some LEDs, select them and check the ⌊⁄⌉ box below.



  • Scene : Govee offers 12 predefined lighting programs: Reading, Movie, Candle Effect (which is our favorite), Romantic, Dawn, Breathing, Energetic, Snowflake, Seasonal, Flur, Crossover and Rainbow.
  • DIY : Do It Yourself, or let your imagination run wild and do your programming.

By clicking on the toothed wheel at the top right, access to the settings allows you, among other things, to:

  • Change Position : have you cleaned up and the bars are no longer in their original place? No need to redo everything, click on this parameter and the left / right inversion will be done by itself.
  • Calibration : if you need to redo the settings following a change of television for example, you can come here to do them.

“Govee once again offers a rich application while remaining easy to use. "

With Amazon Alexa

No surprise since we have seen it previously the Govee Flow Pro bars go up in the application if the skill Govee Home is activated. Warning, they go up, but are only processed in one ampoule to Alexa. If you haven't renamed them in the Govee app, you'll find them here as H6054. Not necessarily easy for voice management. It is therefore necessary to change its name by clicking on the toothed wheel.

Govee offers full integration with Alexa with the choice of either a color, a scene or video mode or music mode. Routines are also possible and configurable according to multiple criteria.

With Google Assistant

Install the Govee Home add-on and link accounts as per Alexa. Here, too, you may have to rename H6054 to a more "understandable" name, but be careful, do not choose "bars" because Google will want to show you everything that corresponds to bistros! So you need to be more creative. The name change is done via the toothed wheel if you had not made a change in the Govee application. Here too the Govee Flow Pro can only be managed as a single bulb. The creation of routines is also possible but remains very basic.

Our opinion on Govee Flow Pro

In use, the Govee Flow Pro light bars are a real pleasure. The installation is always so simple and fast allowing to benefit from it as quickly as possible and, on a daily basis, it is a real pleasure to have an auxiliary lighting of this type.

The integration of a new mode: video, in the application allows to have an Amblilight type system at a much cheaper price than the Philips Hue system. Admittedly, the latter uses the ZigBee protocol unlike Govee which remains on Wi-Fi technology, but the rendering is similar, if not identical.

Regarding voice assistants, we see that with Alexa integration is much more extensive than with Google Assistant.

Small visuals

  • in Music mode
  • In Video mode
In conclusion, Govee Flow Pro are a success and credible competitors to the famous Philips HuePlay. Aesthetically sympathetic, their camera system for capturing the video stream effectively emulates an Amblilight type system with a RGBIC technology convincing. Supported by voice assistants and delivered with a handy remote control, they are also ideal for creating indirect lighting behind a screen and reducing visual fatigue. We recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer. With, in addition, Wi-Fi connectivity and a rich and powerful application, what more could you ask for? At only 79.99 €, we do not see and we can only recommend that you acquire them if they tempt you ...

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.