Frient test Smart Mini Plug: a small multitasking ZigBee plug

Our opinion on the Frient socket Smart Mini plug

Frient-Smart Mini plug SPLZB-132

frient Smart Plug Mini | Smart Plug | Small Electric Meter | Remote On / Off Switch | Continuous Charge of 10A | Zigbee | Works with SmartThings and Homey

Price as of: June 29, 2022 16 h 57 min

The connected sockets are legion because it is one of the most common and accessible home automation devices. But it is sometimes not easy to find the one that best meets your expectations: consumption monitoring? Wi-Fi or ZigBee? Voice assistant and / or home automation box? We have therefore tested for you the Frient socket Smart Mini plug SPLZB-132 by Develco.

Un ZigBee socket which will potentially fill those who seek the rare pearl. It is small, it is ZigBee, Jeedom, Homey compatible, SmartThings, Google Assistant and of course of course Alexa et Amazon Echo (even if it is not noted) and it has in addition a follow-up of conso. For 34 € excluding promotion, it can be very interesting.

Frient Smart Mini Plug: your ZigBee girlfriend


Frient is Develco's consumer brand, a Danish company of around fifteen people based in Aarhus or Århus (pronounced Orhous) in Jutland, the second largest city in Denmark. With more than 3 million products sold since its creation, the brand relies on quality, simplicity and… Danish design. From there, expect something sober and practical. No color all over the place or anything superfluous.

La Frient Smart Mini plug is delivered in a green packaging (8 x 6 x 5 cm) with a visual of the plug and an explanation of its use. Also highlighted are its compatibilities with SmartThings, Homey, Google… It's actually a sleeve hiding a pistachio-colored cardboard asking you to say hello to your new friend (Say hello to your new frient). The SPLZB-132 is well wedged in a recyclable plastic shell. You will also find an installation guide in English and a second, multilingual, more concise.

The Frient socket Smart Plug Mini exists in two versions which can be used in France, depending on the female part:

  • Schuko or type F version with side metal bands and earth stud,
  • French version or type E with only the earth stud. It is the latter which is the object of our test. However, you can also connect Schuko male plugs to it without any problem.At our, there are also K (Danish) and G (UK) types.

The French version of the Frient Smart Plug Mini is relatively compact with its 6,5 cm long (including the 2 cm of male plugs) and its 4 cm diameter for 47 grams. Once in place, it will come out 3 centimeters (standard built-in socket). The male part is of the Schuko type, therefore suitable for all installations.

Made of glossy white ABS-type plastic, it does not suffer from any problem with the finish. It is to put forward a particularly small size for this ZigBee product. You will also notice the “child” protections at the level of the female plugs, giving it the right, in part, to CE marking.

At the base of the flared part of the socket, there is a physical button that serves as both LED, ON / OFF and reset button.

This LED will inform you of the status of the device:

  • Flashing red (1 x sec): pairing mode
  • Solid green: connected
  • Off: in off.

In the event of a network failure, the outlet will resume last state mode before the incident. You can of course use it to cut the electricity to the device connected to it by pressing ON / OFF.

In short, we are really surprised both by the quality of the product and its size. This is one of the smallest, or the smallest, that we have tested.

Let's take a closer look at the features.


Here is what the SPLZB-132 offers us:

  • Tension: 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Intensity : 16A at the maximum or 3840 W. But 10A in continuous. Be careful to measure the intensities of the different materials that you will be connecting so as not to exceed the maximum power.
  • Operating temperature : 0 to 50 ° C.
  • IP : 40
  • Maximum humidity during operation : 5 - 85% RH non-condensing
  • Overvoltage and overload protection : Yes
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption : Yes
  • Compatible ZigBee HA (Home Automation). So no last generation ZigBee 3.0, more stable and secure. It is equipped with a router.
  • Hubs : Jeedom key, Jeedom atlas, Home automation box like Homey or Third Party Hubs such as Compatible Echo Devices (show 2, 10, Echo Studio, echo 4…). Attention, not compatible with Tuya gateways / SmartLife.
  • Compatibility : Jeedom, Home Assistant, Homey, Amazon Echo et SmartThings.
  • Voice assistants : controllable by voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Consumption: 0,4 W standby

The technical specifications are interesting in several aspects: first of all, the multi-media support. By this mean, both Home Assistant, Jeedom, Homey, Smartthings, Amazon Echo… The ZigBee socket is therefore not limited to a few users. Another point, the consumption monitoring. However, we can deplore the only ZigBee HA and no ZigBee 3.0. Even if in principle, if your gateway or key works in 3.0, there is no compatibility problem. the 10A in continuous intensity is a bit poor compared to what is being done on the market.

Frient Smart Plug Mini: installation (s) and use (s)

Whatever the installation mode, it will be necessary to put your socket in pairing mode. Nothing could be simpler: plug it into the mains and the red LED starts flashing 1 / sec. If you need to do a reset, press a few seconds on the physical button until the red LED flashes. It then goes into pairing mode.

With Tuya / Smart Life

We tried an installation with two Tuya gateways / Smart Life (Earthsmart Wireless Mini-Hub and Earthsmart ZigBee ZMHK-01). Without success. You can try with other third-party gateways, but we do not make any guarantees as to possible compatibility.

The problem will probably be resolved with the arrival of Matter in 2021, but for now the taking Frient Smart Plug Mini is not compatible with Tuya.


We then went via the ZigBee hub of an Echo Show 2. And there, the installation goes smoothly. The on-board hub detects and installs the outlet fairly quickly.

To do this, in the application, go to the devices tab, the "+" top right, " add a device " and choose " Socket ". Put the mark " Others " And click "Discover devices".

Once found, rename it for easier voice use. You can now retrieve it from the list of your connected objects. It is also possible to install it by addressing an Echo with Hub and asking it: « Alexa, detects my devices ». The purpose will be the same.


Be careful, however, because use will be limited. You will only be able to turn the socket on and off, by voice or via the application. Alexa. Consumption tracking will not be available. At least not yet, because this is foreseen in the Energy Dashboard long awaited. It will greatly simplify a number of uses. In any case, even if Frient does not put forward Alexa as a source of use, know that it is possible.

Amazon Echo : low consumption mode and energy table on Alexa

Association with Jeedom

We will explain the installation with Jeedom and the box Jeedom atlas specifically. For the other boxes, we refer you to the associated operating modes. We refer you to our ZigBee Jeedom tutorial to know how to install a ZigBee device and have it recognized by Alexa.

We have associated the Frient Smart Plug Mini to Jeedom via the official ZigBee Plug-In in order to bring it back to your Jeedom ecosystem. You can then put it on your DashBoard after attaching it to a room. To bring it up under Alexa, for this you need the Plug-in Alexa and the appropriate subscription. But no need to go through a "Virtual".

Among the available commands, in addition to On and OFF, there is consumption monitoring. The latter will appear directly in the Dashboard but just in instantaneous consumption.

Jeedom Atlas test: the plug and play box that simplifies home automation

By clicking on the "Power" part, you will open a consumption monitoring graph. By default, it is an “area” type curve. You will be able to zoom in on the entire use of the socket, or also the last 30 minutes, hour, day, week, month or year.

But you have the possibility to change the type of graph and the data displayed by selecting the second green button after the date, on the graph: " Open in Analysis / History ". From there, you can determine your chart type (line, tune, or bar) and what information to display. It goes from consumption at time t to one annual average going through a daily sum. You can do whatever you want with it.

We have chosen a bar type chart with no grouping, that is to say the live consumption. This allowed us to see that the cooking of the fries at midday in the BlitzHome air fryer consumed 3500 W and it took 1100W to run the Qi-Aerista connected teapot.

We cannot assure you that these data are reliable, but in any case it gives a good idea of ​​the devices which consume the most and can thus allow you to save energy.

In use, the Frient ZigBee socket is very responsive and also captures the network very well. It is particularly compact, so you can place it wherever you want. Its shape and design make it go everywhere. It will only be on if it is in operation, which is a plus if you want to have a visual overview and not have to endure a permanent light (annoying if it is placed in a room for example).

In conclusion, the ZigBee plug Frient Smart Mini plug might just be your new best friend. It combines a boilerplate design, a size really mini, a featherweight, a consumption monitoring and multi-platform use with Jeedom, Home Assistant, Homey or even SmartThings. She is also anti-overload and overvoltage for the sake of your equipment. It is however limited to 10A continuously (16A max peak) but for a simple plug, nothing disturbing. The use of ZigBee HA and no 3.0 shouldn't bother too much either. Although she is a bit expensive, this is justified by the many advantages it offers.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!