PETKIT EVERSWEET 3 water fountain test: it goes without saying

Our tests on the PetKit Feeder Fresh Element P512 feeder and PetKit Smart Cozy for cats and dogs did you like? Yes surely ! Well we have decided to present you a complement of the range, if you have already started to equip yourself for your pets. We always stay with the well known Brand PETKIT, one of the leaders in the pet device market. It has just released the third generation of its water fountain: EVERSWEET 3 !

This 1,36-liter fountain is advertised as low-noise, intelligent and ensuring the quality of the water for your animals (cats and small dogs in particular). However, be aware that it is not connected or compatible Alexa. The goal is to present you a complementary product to those you have seen in our previous tests. Follow us !

PetKit Eversweet 3: water fountain for cats and dogs

Unboxing and design

Our PetKit Eversweet 3 water fountain is delivered in a cubic box with a side of 22 cm. As usual, PETKIT has taken care of the packaging of its product: glossy printing highlighting the product alone on one side and its use on another. On the third, we find the characteristics of the product. The xSecrure system logo in silver print also has its effect.

“As usual, PETKIT has taken care of the packaging of its product […]” The Alexians


The fountain is wedged in polystyrene. When we say fountain, we must understand its different constituents, namely: the basis, for an 1,5m woven USB cord (without mains plug), the main body of the fountain with its motor, a filtration plate, a filter and the plate where your animal will come to lap.

And here again, we are under the spell of both sober and classy design that PETKIT has made a specialty of. The fountain looks like a small cylinder, compact, round and shiny white, enhanced by the stainless steel of the bowl. The quality is still there, and this at all levels:

  • The plastic is Tritan ™, a polyester, BPA free. It is robust and resistant, virtually unbreakable, very light, dishwasher-safe and has a fairly long lifespan.
  • Le power cord is made of woven material, which really gives a high end look.
    - The water tank and the filtration plate are in food grade stainless steel 304 (food industry but avoid contact with acid and chlorine products)
  • Le filter supplied (to be changed every 60 days) is based on microporous cotton fiber, activated coconut charcoal and ion exchange resin to filter debris, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, heavy metals ...

Le xSecure system is the fact that the fountain will require the installation of 5 AAA batteries. Thus, if there is a power failure, the fountain can operate for up to 7 days. Once mounted, count a fairly small footprint: 19,5 cm in diameter for 16 cm high.

PetKit Eversweet 3: installation and use of the water cooler

First of all, it is necessary to assemble the different elements of the fountain, after a little cleaning (soak the filter in water for a few minutes to rinse it). Connect the base to the mains after inserting the batteries. We can already see here a first strong point when using the PetKit Eversweet 3 water fountain : the bowl of the fountain is removable and it is therefore not necessary to unplug everything to fill with water. This base is equipped with a connector on which vianda can be inserted the tank. It really is a big plus.

Then put the inner stainless steel tank into the outer tank. At the bottom of this tank, you will find the pump, already installed. Fill it with water based on the maximum and minimum limits. Then insert the filter into the filtration plate and screw the plate on top. And finally, drop everything on the top of the pump, in the stainless steel tank. It couldn't be simpler.

Let's take a closer look at the plinth. You will see on it a button that will allow you to choose between the mode Smart or Normal. the mode normal will consist of a permanent filtration of the water. the mode Smart will, meanwhile, alternate filtration and non-operation phases in order to save energy. Thus, the filtration will start regularly and stop if there is a lack of water. An indicator, a red LED, will indicate a lack of water, a green informs you about the battery charge in the event of a power cut and a third informs you about the eminent filter change. It really is the brain of your fountain.


As soon as you place the bowl on the base, the PetKit Eversweet 3 water fountain will start to work. And there, the first surprise: the sound! We hear nothing, absolutely nothing. Personally, yours truly, or rather that of his cats, has tested several of these devices. And frankly, this constant buzz quickly becomes unbearable. So much so that in the end, it ends up unplugged, especially as cats are quickly annoyed by this noise too. Well there, none of that. It is as quiet as can be. Perfect.

Another relatively interesting feature is the water flow (the "jet" of the fountain) will vary in intensity depending on the particulate charge of the water. If there are hairs in it, the flow will increase and thus more easily empty the plate where your animal is going to drink. The hairs will be ejected into the bin and filtered.

By the way, let's talk about the plate where the jet will flow. Unlike other fountains which only stir the water, this one will allow the liquid to flow over a small thickness (there is 3 to 5 mm of water), which corresponds exactly to what 'like cats (who like to drink in puddles or the like) or small dogs. This also prevents the animal from soiling the water too quickly with slime.

In conclusion, although not connected, this fountain is a great product. PETKIT still offers us a qualitative, careful and technical product. It integrates perfectly with the other devices in the range. The EVERSWEET 3 has a lot of strengths such as an extremely low noise level, a very good filtration and intensity management system, not to mention that this fountain is not fixed in the sense that it can be "disassembled" for be filled or cleaned. In use, we did not encounter any problem. It's a great product for an affordable price. In any case, here, the main users adopted it as soon as it was put into service.

PETKIT EVERSWEET 3 water fountain

NS. 69.00 €







Price quality



  • Aesthetic
  • Final quality
  • Easy installation
  • No noise
  • Easily adopted by animals

The lessers

  • Nothing !
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