Flipr AnalysR test: monitor the water quality of your swimming pool or spa

Our opinion on the Flipr AnalysR connected water analyzer

Flipr AnalysR - Pool and spa connected assistant

Flipr AnalysR - Connected assistant - Pool and Spa - Continuous water analysis 24/7 - Clear and Clean Water All year round without Effort - without subscription

Price as of: May 24, 2022 13 h 20 min

Because testing the pH by drinking water, measuring chlorine by looking at the redness of the conjunctiva, or even taking the temperature with a leg thermometer has not really been proven effective, it may be good to check it out. equip with a connected water analyzer, especially at the start of the summer period. After the Ondilo Ico tests and Eco Iopool, today we are interested in a very French brand, Flipr AnalysR and its connected swimming pool assistant.

Available in two versions, between 199 and 349 €, Flipr can be used in swimming pools and spas, processed at chlorine, bromine or salt. Easy to install, precise and usable with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, it has it all on paper.

Connected swimming pool: 5 connected objects to control water quality

Flipr AnalysR: an assistant for connected swimming pools


Created in 2015 by three French people, the brand put its first version of Flipr on sale in 2017. Based in Toulouse and Perpignan, it now has more than 12.000 users. Including us!

Regarding the packaging, we can not say that the brand has given itself thoroughly. the Flipr AnalysR comes in a 39 x 19,5 x 8,5 cm white cardboard box with the brand logo. Only one sleeve presents the product and its characteristics: accounting, application, connectivity, etc. The Max version stands out from the Start version with a Max sticker on it…

The pack contains:

  • Le Flipr AnalyzeR module
  • Un pH 4 flask
  • Un pH 7 flask
  • A strip (only one).
  • A mouthpiece to be exchanged for the installation in the water.

La connected probe for swimming pool Flipr AnalyseR is quite bulky because it is 28 cm high, 13,5 wide and 7,5 deep for a total weight of 628 grams. It's the biggest device we've tested so far.

Its round shape, shark fin, allows it to be used in swimming pools with closing flap, without it getting stuck there. The brand has decided to use ABS plastic for the body of the analyzer. It is a plastic that is very resistant to UV and chemicals. It has openings on the side and top which give it optimal flotation.

The bottom of the flipr unscrews. Be careful, do this by holding the retractable part upwards (you see a small lug, you have to turn in the opposite direction), because the block in place contains liquid for the preservation of the probes. Once the calibrations are done, you will only have to replace it with the perforated "nose" supplied with it.

We are talking about the Flipr AnalysR, Start, Max, but what are the differences?

In any case, you can:

  • Monitor pH, disinfectant level (Redox measurement) compatible with Chlorine, Bromine or salt treatment and temperature some water
  • Vision via the application of the outside temperature, weather...
  • Receive Alerts gel, TAC, Hardness and stabilizer
  • Follow us! of the water temperature with a photo
  • Service book : history of treatments and alerts.
  • Manual data update, up to 20 updates / day via Bluetooth


But with the Max, it goes further because you will have the Inifinite subscription for life.

This subscription (€ 4,99 per month or € 49,99 per year) allows you to take full advantage of your Flipr:

  • Automatic update and at distance monitoring and values ​​via Sigfox (up to 20 measurements per day), or in Wifi with the Wifi Connect accessory (sold separately at € 39,99)
  • Notifications on Smartphone
  • Water quality alerts, with advices precise dosages and equipment uses
  • Weather Alerts and recommendations for actions on the basin
  • Alerts optimal operating time of the filtration pump
  • Product stock alerts
  • Raw data access pH, Redox, temperature via Expert mode
  • Customization of alert thresholds : high pH, ​​low pH, Redox, low temperature
  • History of readings and predictions Flipr Predict : it is a system which gives you the estimated temperature of your water in x days, as well as the pH or the Redox according to the measured parameters and external data.
  • Compatible Alexa and Google Home
  • API access (for Jeedom, Eedomus connection, etc.)
  • Compatible with Flipr Hub (in the case of automated assays). The Hub is sold separately at € 99.

Even if, as a base, it is quite possible to use Flipr 100% local, if you want advice on personalized dosages or actions, you will need the Infinite subscription.

With the Start version, we are therefore on an analyzer that will help you manage your pool on your own. If you want to have access to voice management, you will also need a subscription, just like API's management for fans of home automation box.

At 349 €, we are therefore at the price level of competitors providing services of the same ilk (see less).

However, be careful with the network SIGFOX. It is a network like that of the GMS, adapted to connected objects and covering 93% of the French population. You can test your eligibility. If you are in a uncovered area (like us), you still have the option of acquiring the WiFi-Connect brand or use it only in Bluetooth.

Flipr AnalysR: the technical sheet

The Flipr module has the following technical characteristics:

  • Native operation Bluetooth, but the range was considered a bit short (about 5 m)
  • Optional Wi-Fi operation with the purchase of a € 39,99 relay connected to the network Sigfox with the subscription to the Infinite service.
  • Can be used in swimming pools and spas treated with chlorine, bromine or salt.
  • Battery life of 2-3 years. Not rechargeable. Yes, you read that correctly, not rechargeable. The product is made to last two years without being recharged or calibrated. After this period, it will no longer work and you will have to buy a battery (also not rechargeable) at 30 €. And start again 2 to 3 years later.
  • 3 sensors:
    • A sensor of temperature
    • A sensor of pH
    • A sensor redox or ORP

The sensors are to be changed every 3 to 5 years. You will find them at the price of €70. We must therefore add around twenty euros in costs per year in consumables ...

We give you some basic chemistry concepts for your guidance. Let's start with the pH or potential Hydrogen which represents the acidity of the water.

Le ORP sensor will measure the redox potential and is measured in mV (millivolt). It is the ability of a substance to oxidize or reduce a compound by donating or taking back electrons. It is very useful in disinfection because oxidation will destroy microorganisms by removing electrons from them. And for this, we use disinfection products, these being oxidants such as Chlorine:


And calcium chloride or salt, for the ignorant:

It is considered that to be efficient and stable, your bathing water must have a ORP of 650 mV mini but that it is too oxidizing beyond 750 mV ..

The characteristics of Flipr are really very complete and of a good standard. The choice of Sigfox is quite popular if you do not want to overload your Wi-Fi or if your pool is far from your box. The point that bothers us the most is changing the battery pack every 2 to 3 years. The environmental aspect raises questions.

Flipr AnalysR: installation of the water analyzer for swimming pools and spas

Flipr has developed their own app, and they have had great luck! It is relatively simple and the installation of the module is really easy. You must create an account (email, password and validation by link sent by email). You then go directly to the installation.

Choose the FliprStart and follow the instructions, namely start by entering the identification code of your module (present on the box, inside) and calibrate the probe with the pH7 bottle then the pH 4. Count 2 to 3 minutes by calibration.

Then use the only strip provided and enter the colors found in order to communicate important information on the TAC, the stabilizers… It is said to refer to the strip color guide which you do not have and whose reference you do not know either!

And there you go, it's done. You can now launch your Flipr. He will make a first analysis which will take 2-3 minutes. Then, you will come to inform the information about your pool or your spa, including of course the volume, but not only (location, shape, type of coating, etc.). It is indeed very simple. We advise you not to throw away the pH solutions right away if you ever need to redo a calibration in the hours or days that follow (unlikely but good).

Let's take a closer look at the application, knowing that we are on the Flipr Max version, therefore with all the possibilities (except the Sigfox which does not come with us…).

First, the home page displays the temperature water, air, theUV index, weather forecasts, pH and chlorine level (in our case). By pressing the waves at the top left, you open the settings.


The maintenance book lists all the alerts, actions, treatments and changes made to your pool or spa. But by pressing the + at the top right, you will be able to manage your cleaning products.

By going to "add product", scan the barcode your conditioning of chlorine or bromine or other and it goes automatically recognize it, whatever the brand.

By going to " Adding product to the pool », Enter the treatments you have done. With Flipr, you are not locked into treatment products from a single brand, great.

Le Flipr Predict will both present you with a curve of your parameters temperature, redox and pH (time, days and season), but also show you the evolution and projection of these parameters over time taking into account the current parameters and external values ​​(temperature, weather, etc.).

Le Flipr Expert will allow those who want to go further to have precise values (to the hundredth) of the various parameters but also of modify the threshold values ​​to adapt the control to your needs. You also have the possibility to make a new strip test (good luck to find the reference), redo the calibration or even trigger a measurement on demand (2 to 3 minutes of waiting, especially at the beginning).

The "product" area will allow you to see your stock for each of the processing products you have scanned. The "equipment" function allows you to notify if you have a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the bottom (and therefore when to put it into operation), broom, landing net ... The shop tab refers you to the Flipr shop for consumables (battery, probes ... ) while the swimming pool module allows you to modify the records you have already entered relating to your swimming location.

With Amazon Alexa

To use it by voice, activate the skill in the application Alexa. You will be asked to choose a speaker Amazon Echo referent. This choice does not really matter because finally, the skill will launch on the Echo to whom you will speak. Then enter your Flipr identifiers.

There is no Flipr device that will be created in the application (as for the Netatmo weather station for example), you will have access to it by asking " Alexa, open Flipr ". You can ask temperature, pH and disinfectant level.

The skill makes perfect sense when you use it with a device with a screen. You will have a visual on the essential parameters: temperature, pH and Chlorine (or Bromine or Salt) as well as the alerts. Alexa will also give you the information orally, with a little humor. It's really cool and the best skill of its kind!

With Google Assistant

The installation is quite specific in the absence of recognition of the module. In Google Home, or directly in voice assistant mode, ask " OK Google, ask Flipr for the water temperature Or something like that. Google will tell you that it is necessary to link your Flipr account.

Then you can ask the voice for the different parameters, as with Alexa. You also have a visual of the data. Rather nice!

Attention, in all cases, the values ​​that go up in the connected assistants are those of the application. If you are not on Wi-Fi or Sigfox, remember to approach your Flipr regularly to have updates via Bluetooth.

Using the Flipr wizard

We have seen that even before the first launch, it is necessary to do a strip test and pH calibration. Once done, it won't be necessary to go back to it. This may explain why there is only one test strip provided. Flipr is therefore based on these initial parameters, the feedback of measurements and also knowledge of treatment products (in particular the presence of stabilizer) in order to give you its various alerts and advice.

The first bars are relatively long because more than 2 minutes. Which is quickly very painful when you use it in Bluetooth, especially since you have to be quite close to the module. However, over time, this duration decreases and reaches a few tens of seconds. But despite everything, this remains an area for improvement.

We are not going to go back to the displays and information given by the application and we refer you to the installation part for that. We sought to know if the'connected assistant for Flipr swimming pools is precise in its values. So we compared it to two other such modules and it turns out that the temperature and pH are the same or the average of the three.

For the redox (expressed in mV), the comparison is a little less simple. However, it turns out that it tends to give values ​​between those of the other two, below the average. However, one of the competitors gives relatively high values ​​(over 100 mV compared to the one giving the lowest results). Flipr therefore seems fairly representative of reality.

During this test, we did not have a personalized treatment proposal because our bathing water was in good pH and redox conditions. We have, however, received tips for keeping the water in a satisfactory condition depending on temperature and weather. This involves, for example, increasing the filtration time.

For best results, the Flipr pool sensor should be placed closest to the skimmer and the data will be more representative when taken in water being filtered. So take this into account when reading.

In use, the Flipr is really simple and intuitive. The measurements are clear, the treatment advice relevant… A real pleasure. No doubt best probe for swimming pool that we have tested.

If you want to see the Flipr in action, watch our video test. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like, it's nice!

In conclusion, the French brand Flipr has made a great product, maybe even the best in the business. It is versatile for water treated with chlorine, bromine or salt. We tested it in its Max version, the most complete one that provides a exhaustive follow-up the quality of your bathing water, personalized advice, but also a Sigfox connectivity and the ability to use its API's. Usable in vocal with Alexa and Google Assistant, it has everything to please thanks to its precise values and predictive data. The Start version is more basic (simple follow-up), but upgradeable thanks to the Infinite subscription. We would have preferred a rechargeable battery (why this programmed obsolescence?), Shorter measurements and a few strips in advance ... But if you are looking for a simple, effective and extremely complete system, Flipr AnalysR is for you.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!