EXTSUD test Connected E14 bulb, 5W: an E14 that holds up

When looking for smart bulbs, you can easily find E27s, but E14s are more complicated. Until recently, there was almost no choice and the only solution was an E27- E14 adapter… But in general, the E14 bulbs are quite small and that was a problem… Then some brands started to offer them and there , with the law of supply and demand, it stung the eyes a little. And yet, at the present time, the choice is limited and prices soar quickly (it is not uncommon to find more than 30 €) or otherwise they are attached to a hub system (which does not is not the cheapest either).

We have therefore sought, sought, sought ... and chose to present you today a good quality / price compromise: the connected bulb EXTSUD, 5 W, E14 base, Wi-Fi, autonomous, 650 lm, multicolored (16 million of colors, like everyone else).

EXTSUD: Connected with the Swiss Army Knife of the home automation application: Smart Life


Our bulb is delivered in a very small and fairly resistant cardboard packaging (you can see it in the photo) which includes the bulb and instructions. This manual is in English / German and explains how to have your bulb detected by Alexa, via images and concise explanations. Smart Life can be downloaded with a QR-Code but there is no explanation for its use. If you're not used to it, check out our different tutorials, it's a tip.

But in summary, it is necessary to create an account on the application and then to download the Skill on Alexa. The activation is quite simple: screw the bulb, turn on and off using the switch 2 to 3 times to make it flash and follow the instructions of the application. And as always, only 2.4 GHz network, that is to say almost all non-hacked home networks. There is a good chance that the firmware of the bulb will be updated once it has been recognized.

EXTSUD E14: a small bulb, but good power

This bulb is class A +, like many LED lamps. It has a power of 5W, therefore not very greedy. Its theoretical operating life of 20000 h (more than 2 years of permanent operation or 27 years if used 2 hours per day). Big highlight, its luminous power of 650 lm and up to 6500 K. That is to say that it is a little brighter than the average of E27 which are themselves at 600 lm. And for its size, it's good, very good.

If we look at its design, it is on the other hand very basic, or not that great. It is a stainless steel and white sandblasted cylinder at the level of the bulb as such. We can not say that this is its strong point as well as the quality of the finishes. Let's say it's a bulb that will rather go behind a wall lamp or a lampshade. It is bigger than a standard E17 but in the low average of the connected E17 (4 cm in diameter and 9 cm when screwed) for barely 100 g.

It works with Smart Life, which, I must admit, is getting better and better. It will allow you to adjust the intensity and heat of the light in color as well as in white. There are also a number of pre-programmed scenes each with their own particularity (Night (orange), Reading (cold blue), Party (red), Leisure (warm blue), Soft (green), Rainbow (slow color change). ), Bright (flashing red) and Magnificent (rapid color change). Each is then configurable. There is also a programmer or even scenarios allowing you to turn the light on or off depending on the time, external element and to play on the type of ignition.

The possibilities of changing colors via the application are much wider than that of the skill. But for voice piloting, you will see that the 15 colors and 5 whites of the skill are already more than enough.

To conclude, this E14 multicolored connected bulb is a good surprise because even if we are not on the premium, we are on an affordable mid-range, with a beautiful brightness for the E14. A good surprise.

EXTSUD Connected E14 bulb, 5W








Application (NA)


Price quality



  • Quality / price ratio
  • Very good power
  • Beautiful colors

The lessers

  • Design
  • Notice a little light for people who do not know
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