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EcO Iopool

Water analyzer - Connected pool and spa probe - iopool - EcO Start- Pack Including probe, Maintenance products and Application

Price as of: August 10, 2022 2 h 52 min

With the beautiful days, the swimming pools will break up, the spas will heat up, and the algae will develop! But no, not if you have a connected water analyzer, which will not only take measurements on your bathing water, but also give you sound advice! You may remember our probe test Ondilo ICO ? Today we present a solution from Belgium, from a young team helped by Jocelyne, their unicorn, who aims to be # 1 European.

For this, they created a EcO start Pack including cleaning products, accessories and the EcO Iopool analyzer for 199 €. Can be used in swimming pools and spas treated with chlorine, bromine or active oxygen, it is very versatile. It is advertised as being simple, secure and economical. We'll check that out right away.

EcO Iopool: a connected probe for swimming pool or spa


Analyzer EcO Iopool is packed in a basic individual box : a visual of the product in greenish print and that's it. No frills or premium packaging.


Treatment products are included in the pack:

  • 1 Kg of pH +
  • 1 Kg of pH -
  • 1 kg of rapid chlorine
  • A shovel to dose

You also have multifunction strips with a reading card:

La EcO Iopool swimming pool sensor as such is well wedged in its packaging. She does 22 cm long et 5 cm at the widest point for 150 grams. The brand has decided to use ABS plastic for the body of the analyzer. It is a plastic that is very resistant to UV and chemicals. With its beige and blue / green color, it will blend with the color of the liner. Even if its shape is very basic, we do not find any particular finishing problem except for the stripes on the top.

The main body is in fact a scabbard in which the analysis module, with the electrodes and the battery, is inserted. Its flared shape at the top will allow it to float easily, while the bottom is actually hiding place which will protect the electrodes. There is also electrolyte in the cache, which should be taken care to empty before putting it into operation. The removed cap will snap back into place upside down to allow water to pass through while protecting the system.


The EcO Iopool module has the following technical characteristics:

  • Native operation Bluetooth with a range of 10 to 20 m.
  • Operation in Optional wi-fi with the purchase of a relay in the form of a 59,90 €.
  • Usable in swimming pools over 5 m3 and spas.
  • Battery life of 2 years. Not rechargeable. Yes, you read that right, not rechargeable. The product is made to last two years without being recharged or calibrated. After this period, it will no longer work and you will have to buy back a module / battery (also not rechargeable) at 89,90 €. And start again 2 years later ...
  • 3 sensors:

o A sensor of temperature
o A sensor of pH
o A sensor redox or ORP

For those who have skipped physics lessons, here are some remedial concepts. Let's start with the pH or potential Hydrogen which represents the acidity of the water.

Le ORP sensor will measure the oxidation-reduction potential and is measured in mV (millivolt). It is the ability of a substance to oxidize or reduce a compound by donating or taking back electrons. It is very useful in disinfection because oxidation will destroy microorganisms by removing electrons from them. And for this, we use disinfection products being oxidants such as chlorine:



Or active oxygen:

It is considered that to be efficient and stable, your water must have an ORP of 650 to 800 mV but the optimum is around 720-740 mV.

The characteristics of the EcO Iopool probe are therefore both very interesting with a product suitable for all types of disinfectants, except salt, for one fairly low price compared to competitors, but next to that shows real limitations such as operation in exclusive Bluetooth or planned obsolescence at 2 years. It is therefore a product that will cost you € 100 per year for the first 2 years and € 45 per year with the purchase of modules.

The fact that it does not work on Wi-Fi can be problematic for people wishing to have information about their swimming pool remotely, such as for the swimming pool of a holiday home, in order to request remote treatments (via people or other). For those who want to use it with their swimming pool or spa at home, the operation in Bluetooth will be sufficient because it is enough to be 10 or 20 m from the analyzer to have the information. On the other hand, we can blame him for not having a push message alert system to inform of treatment to be done.

The point that bothers us the most is the fact that we only have a product that is only meant to work for 2 years. In addition to the'environmental aspect which is far from understandable, it would have been possible to set up a simple system of changing the electrodes if necessary. Nothing justifies that after 2 years the values ​​are no longer representative.

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EcO Iopool installation in a swimming pool

The brand highlights a simple product. And that's the case. The installation of the EcO Iopool probe is really simple. It is therefore necessary to use the eponymous application and to create an account (email, password and validation by code sent by email). You will then be asked to come enter the characteristics of your pool or spa (shape, size, volume…). You can return to these parameters later to enter your filtration type ...


In order to start using your EcO, you will need to scan the Qr-Code which is on the A4 sheet accompanying your pack. Then do this for all of the products you have received.



You have therefore saved your items in the application. You must now activate and pair with the module. Press on "Do you have an EcO? " et activate your Bluetooth and your GPS. Then take your module in hand and turn it over and put it right side up again, like a moo box. You will hear a beep. This means that Bluetooth is activated. Do not touch it any more, do not flip it again, this would restart the installation from the beginning.

Within seconds it is detected and activated. Once done, you will prepare the probe EcO Iopool by removing the bottom cap, emptying it, turning it over and putting it back in the inverted position to its original position.

Once in the water, you can use it directly. You see that it could not be simpler! Let's take a closer look at the app before we get into the usage.

The "" part is used to modify the parameters entered from the start (size, volume, etc.), but also to switch EcO Iopool to wintering mode, install a Wi-Fi relay, see thehistory of water treatment in your pool or spa, but also check the latest tab results 6 tests.

The logo with the badge gives you access to treatment recommendations to do that the application gives you based on a number of parameters that we will come back to. The quantities to be measured are given in spoonfuls, with reference to that supplied with the pack. There is also a detailed explanation of how to do this.

The "Products" section allows you to follow your consumption, but also to order more with a direct link to the Iopool store.

The "More" section is a set of perimeters which you will visit quite rarely, but you have a very practical chat with the Iopool after-sales service if you need to.

Using the pool sensor

Before you can use your EcO Iopool, it is necessary to test your water with the 6 test strips provided. These will not only measure the pH and free and total chlorine, which are directly and indirectly measured by the probe, but also values ​​like thealkalinity (its ability to buffer and maintain a stable pH), hardness andcyanuric acid (a chlorine stabilizer).

Once the test is done, enter measured values via the colors of the strip, by referring to the card supplied with your pack. It is not the ppm values ​​that should be noted, but the number of the corresponding box. You must then wait several minutes so that the application does not use both these measurements and the values ​​recorded by the connected pool probe so that the first recommended treatments are offered to you.

EcO Iopool is not only based on the results of its sensors, but will also take into account the variables of the strips to anticipate potential problems and provide you with valuable assistance.

You have access to the measurements of your Iopool probe directly from the home page, which also gives you a view of the weather forecast for the coming days. To get the latest values ​​displayed, approach your module with your phone's Bluetooth and GPS enabled. At a glance, the color code in green, orange or red will give you an overview of the quality of your water.

During our test, the brand updated its app and in particular how to present pH, ORP and temperature values ​​over time. By pressing from the home page on the desired parameter, you will have access to daily weekly, monthly or quarterly curves. For each value, there is also a reference line allowing you to judge for yourself the quality of the parameter.

In use, the Iopool EcO system is really simple and intuitive. The measurements are clear, the treatment advice relevant… A real pleasure.

But is it reliable? We compared the results with those of a competitor device and with a probe thermometer. The pH and Redox values ​​agree on both devices. On the other hand, concerning the temperature, Eco Iopool overestimates the measurement by 0,8 at 1 ° C. This was confirmed both with the competitor system, but also by the pool temperature sensor. So be aware that the water is colder than it looks. Apart from that, the values ​​are therefore reliable and representative, which is the main thing.

As it does not work in Wi-Fi without relay, you will not receive a notification with treatments, low water temperature or other. Likewise, no link with voice assistants unlike some competitors (Ondillo Ico particular).

If you want to see the pool sensor in action, watch our video test. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like, it's nice!

In conclusion, the Belgian brand Iopool provides us with a very good product, easy to use and very versatile at an affordable price (2 times cheaper than some competitors). The simplicity announced by the brand is real, both for the installation and the use of the analyzer. The app is really pleasant to use and very well made. The values ​​are consistent even though the temperature is a little overestimated. On the other hand, we can reproach certain concessions made such as the fact of having only a basic functioning in Bluetooth (relay at 59 €) and an application which does not generate a notification. The point that grieves us remains planned obsolescence of the product at 2 years and the obligation to buy back a measuring block at 90 € to continue to use it. If you are looking for a simple and effective system, this is the system for you.
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