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Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition

Echo Wall Clock - Disney Mickey Mouse Edition | See your timers at a glance | Compatible Echo device required

Price as of: May 24, 2022 18 h 08 min

Echo Wall Clock, a Bluetooth clock working with an Echo speaker, arrived in France at the end of 2019. Relatively basic and unadorned, we could blame it for this lack of madness making it sometimes very dull for an interior. Amazon seems to want to solve this problem by putting on the market a new version, more successful and much more colorful, the new Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition.

As its name suggests, Walt Disney's mouse is in the spotlight. This has something to delight fans of the franchise, but also those looking for a colorful and fun clock as a decorative object. For 49,99 € on Amazon. Fr, it has evolved a little compared to its eldest, but remains exclusively usable with a device Amazon Echo associated and not alone.

Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition: unboxing

Amazon has clearly worked on the packaging of his clock to leave aside the black cardboard and blue support of the original version. We have 'blue Amazon ”With a visual of the new Echo Wall Clock on the front. On the back you will find an explanation of the product and its use. Rather successful and quite compact: 26 x 26 x 4,5 cm.

Inside, attention to detail has been taken to setting the clock in a sleeve in black cardboard with glossy black Mickey Mouse heads, also serving as a support for the user guide. It is also protected in a recyclable plastic bag.

As is, Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition is the same size as the basic model: 25,4 cm in diameter by 4,1 cm thick for 480 grams. In terms of design, let's be clear, nothing to do with this basic model, white and tasteless, which perfectly finds its place in a dental office. It is really successful with its silver plastic frame and its beige background highlighting a Mickey with twirling hands. Note that this edition is entitled to a protective polycarbonate "glass".

These are the arms of our dear mouse that will serve as needles. The 1935 Mickey Mouse was used as a model for this clock.

The back of the Wall Clock is made of black molded plastic and features a battery compartment and a blue pairing button. What is unfortunate is that in general, plastics are not of exceptional quality. That said, it is not totally illogical because once in place, it is not a product that you manipulate all the time. But for 50 €, we could expect better ...

Amazon also provides 2 packs of 2 LR6 batteries (the clock works with 4 batteries) and a hardware kit (screw and plug).

The first grip and really very pleasant, in particular thanks to the design of the clock. It is still quite simple but even the drawing of the numbers is nice.



  • Brand: Amazon
  • product: Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition
  • Dimensions : 254 x 254 x 41 mm
  • Weight : 480 grams.
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.2

Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition: Installation and use with Alexa

You have to understand what this product is. It is not a stand-alone clock nor even a connected device itself (even if there is a note "works with Alexa ”On the packaging. THE'' Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edition will pair in Bluetooth with one of your compatible Echo devices (all but Echo Sub, the Fire TV Stick and Cube or the Fire HD tablets).

This clock is therefore a perfect complement to Echo devices without screen or display such as the new Amazon Echo 4 for example. By connecting to them via Wi-Fi, it will display the time accurately, because it is based on that of your internet network, but will also allow you to follow the notifications you receive on your device.

First, open the back cover and put the 4 batteries in place. Then go to the Echo which will serve as a reference and ask « Alexa, configure Echo Wall Clock ».

Then stay then press and hold the pairing button for about 10 seconds blue next to the battery compartment. In a few seconds, it's good.

The following minutes, your Clock will come and set itself on time alone and in silence (no ticking with this product). How pleasant it is to watch the time go by in leaps and bounds… Once on time, everything is ready.

Note that you have an LED in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head located above the number 6. The latter will take several colors:

  • Blinking blue : in configuration
  • Fixed Blue : paired and functional.
  • 3 flashes : disconnected
  • Red : fill the tank

Keep in mind that the clock works in Bluetooth. It must therefore be placed at maximum 9 meters de l 'pregnant Amazon Echo with which it is paired.

Talking about use is a big word because your Echo Wall Clock remains above all a visual vector between you and your Echo. Its primary function remains to tell the time, we don't draw you a picture, you have understood how. But it also goes further, if you have Echo without a screen, and it is not possible for you to know how much time is left without asking, this is where your pendulum will play another role, that of 'timer display.

We did not tell you that, like its elder, Echo Wall Clock Mickey Mouse Edtion is equipped with 60 LEDs, one opposite each line of the minutes. These red lights will light up in 2 different ways:

  • Bright light: for the remaining minutes of the timer,
  • A softer light: to pick up the seconds of the last minute.


The clock therefore acts as fun and visual countdown. And that's not all, the LED in Mickey's head also goes notify you of receipt of notifications by lighting up in yellow. If you see this, ask your Echo (and not the clock) « Alexa, read my notifications ».

To see, on the other hand over time, if the battery consumption is a little less voracious than on the previous version where it was a real black spot.

You can get a more precise idea of ​​this product via our video test. Do not hesitate to Like and subscribe to our channel.

In conclusion, this Echo Wall Mickey Mouse Edition is a real visual treat (not complicated with regard to his eldest). It is above all a clock but not only. It will allow you to view the timers and your notifications. It is therefore a perfect complement to devices Amazon Echo without screen for which it will also serve as a visual vector, but it is also quite simply a very nice decorative element, even if you have devices Amazon more evolved. Mickey Mouse fans will be delighted, and others will find a real decorative clock out of the ordinary. She is indeed from fairly basic quality, and his price from € 49,99 may seem high, but this can be understood with the Disney Trademark. A price therefore more justified than for its original version, really basic, at € 29,99. Hopefully this successful variation gives Amazon the idea of ​​offering real Echo Wall Clocks in the future. Of those that we do not hide in an office ...
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