Echo Show 5 test (2021): a 2nd generation focused on video

Our opinion on the new Echo Show 5 2021

Echo Show 5 - 2nd generation - 2021

New Echo Show 5 (2nd generation, 2021 model) | Display connected with Alexa and 2 Mpx camera | Anthracite

Price on: July 6, 2022 10 h 08 min

The little Echo Show 5, born May 29, 2019, has grown up in two years and already sees itself as the parent of a second generation. Offered at a price of €84.99 on, this new opus is still small and versatile. The main difference is played on a camera with improved resolution which goes from 1 to 2 Megapixels. That's all ? Not quite. So let's see in detail this new Echo Show 5 (2021)...

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Echo Show 5 (2021): a greener 2nd generation!


The e-commerce giant still takes great care in the presentation of its equipment. The latest comer, Echo Show 5 (2021), is no exception to the rule with an always so pleasant box set, giving pride of place to blue, but with a more ecological touch this time since 96% of its packaging is made of wood fiber from eco-responsible sectors. This is the famous Climate PledgeAmazon, a very good initiative for the planet in view of the worldwide success of the loudspeakers Alexa.

If you take a good look at the visual, you will see that it is a new color: a beautiful blue type " blue jeans". A color that suits it very well, we can not wait to take it in hand! On the back, we find a scenario photo with some examples of voice commands Alexa.

My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

At the opening, the famous logo of the brand welcomes us. It's not much, but it's always nice to be received with a smile! Two small booklets accompany the device, one with safety instructions, the other a very complete manual for a good grip.

And now the famous Echo Show 5 (2021), protected by a recyclable cellophane, is revealed to us in her beautiful blue dress. This new version is accompanied by a 15W white power adapter with a cable length of 1.5 meters. We would have preferred it to be the same color as the device. Too bad.

Echo Show 5 2nd generation has exactly the same dimensions as its ancestor, namely 14.8cm wide x 8.6cm high x 7.3cm deep, and the same weight of 410 grams. A small size that makes it ideal to place on a night table for example, which many members of our community have indicated to us that they have privileged as a location in order to be able to take advantage ofAlexa from morning to bedtime with routines adequate according to the schedules. The screen of 5.5inch or 14cm diagonal is surrounded by a black band. Still no screen edge to edge, it's a shame, but a news 2 MP HD camera. This is the main novelty of this 2021 version.

Not to mention this new color which is really great! The Wow effect is there and not overplayed. It is a very beautiful blue, discreet and elegant. In addition, its coating is now composed of 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics. The device is also made from 30% recycled plastic and 100% cast aluminum. In fact, Echo Show 5 (2021) benefits from the Climate Pledge Friendly badge like all of the new generation and those to come. A very good point!

On the top, we find the different commands (from right to left on the photo below):

  • The mute button:
    • mute the microphone and so you can be sure that your privacy is respected. When the microphone is muted, a red stripe shows you this status at the bottom of the screen.
    • disable also the camera and prevent viewing, on another device, if you ask Alexa to show you [name given to this device]. When the stream is broadcast on another Echo, a banner informs you that a "Household member is viewing the feed from your camera". In the lower part, a green stripe that is displayed. You are thus always warned whether to smile because you are being filmed!
As a reminder, Amazon is sensitive to the protection of the privacy of users of its devices. On the app Alexa, you just have to go to the More menu at the bottom right, then go to Settings> Alexa and your personal information. You will then find the recordings, past voice commands and actions performed on your home automation (a new menu recently appeared), etc. It is also possible to say " Alexa delete what i just said " or " Alexa, delete everything i said" page (in French).
  • The button "  - «: To decrease the sound volume
  • The "+" button : to increase the volume
  • Camera shutter : a cover covers the lens. When the cover is in place, instead of the camera, there is a white stripe, easily identifiable from a distance. On the upper band, the button area is then displayed in red. So you can easily identify when the camera is on standby.
  • The microphones : Two in number, they are positioned in the center.

On the back, we find the connection. Reduced to two ports on this second generation, the 3.5 mm stereo audio output which allowed the connection of the smart to an enclosure has disappeared. Some will regret it, others will not, but Amazon probably must have noticed that it was ultimately used very little to stop this choice. To be honest, we never used it in our case… As for the USB port, if you try to connect it like us, you will certainly see a Fire folder appear (Echo Show uses Fire OS), but without being able to do anything what's more. The USB socket also cannot be used to power the device electrically, so it is only a maintenance port.

Below, an opening allows the sound of the 1.65 ″ (4.2 cm) full-range speaker. This is placed slightly obliquely so that the sound is not muffled by the surface on which the Echo Show 5 is placed. Finally, to ensure good stabilization of the device, a large non-slip rubber strip covers almost the entire surface.


  • Brand : Amazon
  • Model : Echo Show 5 (2nd generation - 2021)
  • Processor : MediaTek MT 8163
  • Size 14.8 cm 8.6 cm x 7.3 cm
  • Weight : 410 grams
  • Screen : 5.5 ″ touch screen
  • Resolution : X 960 480
  • Camera : HD 2 Mpx, integrated camera cover
  • Connectivity : 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity Bluetooth : A2DP, AVRCP
  • Audio : Built-in 42mm full-range speaker
  • Available colors : Antrachite, White, Blue

Echo Show 5 (2021): installation and use

Always so easy to install

This second generation is just as simple as the first and the installation is done in a few minutes if it is not registered by Amazon beforehand. If you want to offer it and you forgot to specify it when ordering, just deregister it in the device settings on your app Alexa.

  • Electrically connect your Echo Show 5 2nd generation,
  • Enter by tapping on the touch screen:
    • La language of use,
    • The SSID and password your Wi-Fi network,
    • The username and password of your account Amazon.
  • Here it is, it's ready, installation is complete !

You will now move on to the actual configuration part.

Alexa asks you to confirm the time zone, and daylight saving time (so that the alarm clock is at the right time), if the information concerning your address is correct (they serve as a geolocation point for the weather and the state of the traffic. Then you can designate the room where Echo Show 5 (2021) is installed and integrate it into a group, but it is also possible to skip this step and do this later from the application.

The device appears under its generic name which it is obviously possible to modify. You can choose personal photos as wallpaper from Amazon Photos or upload one later from your smartphone.

Finally, you are offered to activate the functionality of home monitoring compatible with all Echo devices equipped with a screen (but not with all smartphones!).

Echo Show: access your cameras remotely!

Using the new Echo Show 5 (2021)

Its morphology has not changed, Echo Show 5 (2021) is still suitable for bedside tables, but not only. You can indeed place it in a kitchen in order to follow a TV program on Molotov (free) while preparing the meal, or finish your favorite series on Netflix (with subscription) or Prime Video when you go to bed.

If you are wondering about the older features and obviously included on this latest model, we invite you to consult our 5st generation Echo Show 1 test, because we will only focus on the main novelty: the new camera !

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd generation Echo Show? The resolution of the camera goes from 1 to 2 Mpx. Echo Show 5 (2021) offers better definition, so the picture quality is better, but to be completely honest the difference is not that obvious. Obviously, it is above all your interlocutor who will benefit from it. Anyway, an improvement is always good to take, especially when there is only 5 € of difference between the two like today ...
In conclusion, Amazon continues to bring improvements to its connected screens and this can only be beneficial to users. If you do not have one yet, this Echo Show 5 (2021) is to be preferred over its first generation since it is offered at € 84.99 against 79.99 €. For only € 5 more, you have a device with the Climate Pledge Friendly label, the possibility of opting for a new frankly very nice blue color, and above all a camera inflated to 2 Mpx. If you already have the first generation, on the other hand, the usefulness of changing it is far from obvious ... In short, it's always the same, a little better and a little greener!
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.