DiO Rev-Shutter test: the top of the range connected switches for shutters

Our opinion on the Dio Rev Shutter switch

DiO Rev Shutter

REV-SHUTTER - WIFI connected shutter switch

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The connected switches for roller shutters are among the key elements of a connected interior. What could be more pleasant than opening or closing them by voice, at specific times or whenever you want? There are a lot of them, but too many are content with the minimum: open and close. We therefore offer you the Rolls of the sector, the one that will make you change all those you have already installed: the DiO Rev-Shutter!

Developed in Belgium by the group's subsidiary Chacon - Dio, the latter combines both a sober design, an excellent quality of manufacture, an efficient use of the voice and above all the possibilities of use that only it can do natively. The best we've tested? This is what we will see ...

DiO Rev-Shutter: unboxing

For those who do not know, Chacon is a Belgian brand created in 1977 and specializing in electricity products, with a high-end focus. In 2008, the brand DiO was born with a positioning in home automation and launched its box in 2015. The group was bought by cabasse group in 2018. From the start, quality and novelty have taken precedence and products can be found on online sales sites but above all in specialized supermarkets (DIY, etc.).

Delivered in cardboard packaging and plastic insert, the product is visible directly. The tone is set with connectivity Wi-Fi, voice use (logos Alexa and Google Assistant are present), centralization with DiO 1.0 (box and remote control). Black and blue make it both sober and designer. The name “Rev-Shutter” could be translated as “reversible shutter”.

"The Rolls of the shutter switch"

You will find in the box the switch and two instructions, quite well done. No screws, however. Made in ABS, the DiO Rev Shutter is totally different from most of the competitors: no glass front but a much more traditional design better suited to our traditional mechanical switches. And it does. The rounded and curved cover in the corners gives a harmonious whole.

The DiO Rev-Shutter does 85 mm side for 37 mm depth. It therefore has a completely standard visible surface. However, pay attention to the transplanting block which is 5 cm on the side and 3 cm deep. With its square shape, it can hardly fit into some junction boxes cluttered with wires. It's a standard size, but it's still very fair.

For installation, you can use screws on the sides and top of the metal plate, or the claws on the sides (like a socket), but you will have to disassemble the knobs for this. What is very good are the pads for neutral (N) and phase (L) which are opposite. No particular risk, especially since we are on closed and unopened systems (remember our test where the switch burned out because of wires touching the card).

You also have a QR code that you will scan to download the application required for installation (DiO One).

DiO Rev-Shutter: characteristics

  • Maker : Chacon - Dio
  • Model : DiO Rev-Shutter
  • Origin : Developed in Belgium, European cloud, made in China.
  • Dimensions in mm : 85 x 85 x 37. Transplanting block: 50 x 50 x 30
  • Engime : 600W max
  • Connectivity :
    • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
    • Radiofrequency 433,92 MHz by DiO, for use with the brand's remote control for example
    • Compatible with the DiO 1.0 range for use with the DiO home automation box.
    • IFTTT compatible
  • Application : DiO one
  • Voice use : yes, via the Skill One 4 all for Alexa and the add-on One 4 all for Google Assistant.
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Type of engine : compatible with 3 or 4 wire motors (with earth). Not compatible with radiofrequency ones like Somfy.
  • Programming : Yes, via the app. Presence simulator (yes, the switches also simulate ...) and possibility of managing the opening percentage

Looking at the specs, the differences with other switches are obvious. First of all, the DiO Rev-Shutter offers multiple connectivity, namely Wi-Fi for use via the application, but also in radio frequencies with the brand's remote control, attached to a DiO home automation box or via IFTTT. It is much more than the competitors, even if it is strongly linked to the in-house ecosystem. The roller shutter switch can also be attached to third-party home automation systems with the appropriate add-on. You are free to do what you want with it.

The other point, which we are going to detail, is the possibility, via the application but also by voice, of choose the degree of opening of the shutter : louver, half or as desired.

DiO Rev-Shutter: installation and use

DiO has developed its own application and its own Skills to operate its devices. And great good has taken him. Scan the QR code behind the socket or go to your usual store. Create an account with your email, a password and the validation of a confirmation by email.

You are now ready to move on toinstallation of the DiO Rev-Shutter. Turn off the power (with GDPR you can no longer afford to "lose" readers) and plug in the switch.

Please note that the clamping screws must be at the bottom once the module is mounted.
We refer you to our tutorial install a connected switch for roller shutters and Youtube to find out how. If you put the studs on top, you will have an inversion when using via the app and / or in physics. Turn on the power again and give it a try.

For the rest, we advise you to put yourself in the dark because the LED under the central button is hardly visible.

In the app, tap the "+", and " Automation " and choose "Inter Volet Dio Connect". Follow the instructions, including pressing the center button for 3 seconds to put into pairing mode. Look carefully to see if the light is flashing quickly. If so, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and let it be.

It may not work, it was our case and so we used the alternate method.

La alternative method consists of making the switch enter a specific mode by pressing the middle button for 3 seconds then the same button twice. The red LED will flash slowly. Enter your Wi-Fi info and when requested, find the switch's Wi-Fi network in your Wi-Fi settings. Return to the application and let it be.

Le DiO Rev Shutter will connect to the internet. It is quite long, allow about 1 minute. You can then baptize it (be careful, this is the name that will then be used in the voice, so stay humble) and associate a piece with it. Once done, wait again for the changes to take effect and it's over!

The application is really very well done and offers you a plethora of settings:

  • Control : it is a remote control for your shutter.


  • Planning : several interesting things in this section.

o Timer : open or close your shutters after a determined time. You can also open it only partially.
o Presence simulator : choose time slots (or totally random over a period) where your shutters will open and close, in whole or in part when you are away.
o Program : come and determine fixed opening and closing times for your shutters, with the opening percentage. In unlimited number. However, no possibility of opening or closing at sunrise or sunset or with specific conditions (temperature for example). In this case, you have to go through routines Alexa, by IFTTT or your home automation box.

  • Presets : it is the best and the big plus of this product. You can come and determine the percentage of opening and closing of your shutter. And this via presets, but also with your finger by virtually closing your shutter. It is necessary to calibrate your device by calculating the opening and closing times via the application. The duration being known, the latter will operate the shutter for X seconds to close it or open it by Y%. The shutter or caveman mode is yours. It's awesome !

And of course you have the possibility of managing shutter groups, devices by room… It's an excellent application.

Using the DiO Rev-Shutter

With Amazon Alexa

Activate the Skill One 4 All available on the French store ofAmazon Alexa. Once done, let the app search for compatible equipment. Your switch will appear in your application.

You will be able to choose the opening percentage of your shutter by varying the virtual slider. But it also works by voice! « Alexa, opens shutter at 67% ". And There you go ! No more need for the notion of a break with a routine, it is in fact useless. A real pleasure !

And you can do a routine to open the shutter with the sunrise for example.

With Google Assistant

To use it, activate the All 4 One. Google Home recognizes your account and the switch is directly available. However, no virtual cursor to manage the opening with the finger. We only have voice use, but at the same level as with Alexa : "Hey Google, open the shutter to 50%".

The daily use of the DiO Rev-Shutter is quite close to that of a more basic switch, but the fact of being able to choose whether you open fully or partially your shutter is just awesome and hollow a gap with the competition. If you are a fan of IFTTT or a user of a Home Assistant home automation box, you can program a shutter closing if the outside temperature exceeds 35 ° C for example, use the sunrise and sunset times, etc.

Another advantage isno permanent lighting on the switch avoids lighting the room at night (it is normally off). Although it is not very visible, the LED will also enlighten you on the status of the device:

  • Steady red : no connection established
  • Blinking blue : connected to Wi-Fi
  • Solid blue : connected to the cloud and becomes white again
  • Solid white : Operating,
  • Fixed purple : the module's Wi-Fi is disabled
  • Blinking green : being updated

We invite you to see it in operation on our video (like, subscribe, it's nice!):

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In conclusion, Chacon offers us a real connected switch Premium with its DiO Rev Shutter. High-end, it is thanks to its quality finishes, Its advanced functionality such as its variable opening, by voice and via the application. It is one of the only ones to allow an opening to 70, 10 or 57% of your shutters natively, without routines or scenarios. It also allows a presence simulation, planning of openings… In short, happiness! Pay attention to the installation a little surly and a bit big transplanting block. Some basic settings in the application would also have been welcome, such as openings under specific conditions (time of day, temperature, etc.), but an OTA should handle the problem.
Available at 28 € on Amazon. Fr, DiO Rev Shutter is rather accessible given the final quality. Fully integrated into the DiO ecosystem but also with third parties, it will make you want to update your own installation. This is by far the best roller shutter switch we have tested!
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!